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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2015

See schedule here.

"Come see for yourself or stop making a fuss
You don’t really know Summer ‘less you’ve spent it with us" - Summer's Eve

New Kids on the Block: 10 am Additions

Just when we thought we had things set for the Summer, we added two new athletes on the regular to the 10 am session.

First we have Julie Anderson.

Julie is the cousin of Ryan and Kyle Anderson - and also knows Murley and Emma from their LaSalette days - and current student who will be studying abroad in the fall. She came in to test out the parents team workout on Jurassic Park day. She joined the 10 am crew last week and got off to a good start.

Next up, we have Khalil Wallace, former classmate of Alexis Hilliard.

Khalil was a former football athlete at Lamphere High School and currently goes to OCC. He came in to test out a workout last week and decided to join the 10 am session on Friday. So far, he picks up on movement very well and should progress quickly once he gets his conditioning up.

Cause of Death: Chippers

chipper (adj, informal) - cheerful and lively.

No. No no no. No. I don't know about you, but I always feel anything but cheerful and or lively after a chipper. The exact opposite actually, more like sad and dead.

Yeah that's more like it.Jack hitting one of the more infamous chippers, the Filthy Fifty, in the fieldhouse Summer 2012.

We've had a couple chippers in the past couple days:

This monstrosity:

80 squats

70 push-ups

60 lunges

50 sumo deadlift high pull

40 overhead squats

30 handstand push-up

20 thrusters

3 rope climbs, 15-ft. rope

and another one that ended in rope climbs from last Tuesday.

25 lunges

20 pull-ups

20 box jumps, 20-inch box

20 double-unders

25 ring dips

20 knees-to-elbows

30 kettlebell swings, 2 pood

30 sit-ups

20 hang squat cleans, 35-lb. dumbbells

25 back extensions

30 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball

3 rope climbs, 15-ft. rope

What do chippers have in common that make them so God awful? Nothing. The answer is nothing. These workouts are like the worst grocery store list ever. Instead of following a certain rep scheme, the athlete goes from exercise to exercise, cursing their existence along the way. Chippers are grinders. They are meant to test your engine a little more than your muscles. The weight is generally a little lighter so you can keep trucking along with less rest. Even though you feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and nausea after completing these guys, I gotta say that the only chippers that make me truly happy are chocolate chippers. 

What's your strategy for chippers? Do you go speedy until you can't anymore, or do you focus more on keeping a steady pace? How do you maintain your form?

New Graduate: Alexis

Usually when graduations happen, they are either during a warmup or after the session is over. The incident at the 10 am session this morning was a completely different story. Alexis Hilliard made her way through the entire chipper only to find herself face-to-face with the rope. Murley had instructed the group to do lay-downs as the substitute for climbing the rope, but Alexis must not have got the message because in her first attempt, she climbed all the way up the rope - making it the first time she has done so.

Keep up the good work Alexis. Pull-up and push-up are next to come.

Beast Mode: Like Father Like Son

The afternoon sessions on Friday were a little desolate as expected, with 5 pm being our most populated with three. However, two of those in attendance at 5 was Mr. Carey and Ricky - and nothing brings me more joy than pitting two family members against each other. In this video, we have the reigning Athlete of the Week vs. Most Improved Parent. Here's what it looked like.

Sunday Highlights: Shark Attack

Since we had limited numbers at the parents session today at noon, Murley decided to adjust the sharking procedure. Instead of the relay in between exercises, there was a Sharking King of the Hill - if you will - at the very end. To make things more interesting, a few of the kids joined in.

Somehow, the moms always win.

Poll: Eating Clean during the Holidays

This poll comes from watching my dad tear up slightly as he turned down goodie after goodie during Christmas dinner with the family. He was in a "take-no-prisoners-eat-clean" mode and I just wanted him to take a damn piece of cheesecake so he would stop depressing everyone. I mean, it was Christmas for God's sake! So naturally yesterday, being a holiday, I loaded myself up with chips & dip, a hamburger, a hotdog, and baked beans just to round it off. Do you guys try and eat clean during the holidays? Or do you use it as an opportunity for a massive cheat meal?

Nothing says 'Merica like stuffing your face.

Recap: Hawaiian 5.0 / Shark Week 2015

Although most of you guys are out of town for the holiday weekend, we still had a great turnout for the second annual Hawaiian / Shark Week dual theme workout at the hill today.

Pictures can be seen here.

This year we changed the format, so each team had four minutes to complete as many reps as they could of each movement. This year's rep champions were Emma and Elizabeth with a total 387 reps!

We also tracked the shark attack activity in nearby waters... Based on carefully calculated statistics, this year's Shark Week kicks off with a look at the world's top 6 deadliest sharks, Champions Club edition:


Shark Week 2015 kicks off tomorrow night at 8 pm on Discovery Channel!