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Congratulations to Katie Shakes: Athlete of the Summer 2016

See her feature editorial here.

Pics of the Week: Hickey, Homecoming, and the Summer Hopeful

First up this week we have a DropBox entry from I'm assuming Mrs. Anderson. Ryan had his homecoming last week.

Next up, Mrs. Fitz was at the boys' Cross Country meet on Tuesday right at the finish line. When Hickey came across he made sure to pose for the camera.

And finally, Tim sent the Kavanaughs a little artwork he made and Megan kindly uploaded it to the DropBox.

Burpee Talk w/ Carl Paoli

We have been doing a good amount of practice with rope climbs as of late and today I tried to apply the same bowing action into the burpee. This, of course, is not an original idea, but instead it comes from Carl Paoli. Here's the original video he introduced it from.

In essence, there are a few basic shapes that our body goes through that show up in a wide variety of movements. That bowing back and forth (hollow rock/arch rock position) is something that happens in a lot of athletic movement like throwing, kicking, and jumping. By exaggerating it with the burpee and rope climb, we are adding skill to a movement that would normally be limited by our lack of strength. And it also reinforces that shape so we are more likely to be efficient with it in other movements.

New Kid on the Block: Mr. Piccin

In the 2+ years Katie Shakes has been in the Champions Club, she has never brought in anyone to the gym. That changed at the Mott vs. Dakota football game and now we have a New Kid on the Block. 

Let me introduce you to Dennis Piccin.

Mr. Piccin has been involved at Warren Mott since his high school days. He had kids that went there and has helped with various programs even after both graduated (he also had one son graduate from Bishop Foley). But up until a few years ago, Mr. Piccin weighed 500-lbs and could barely move. Now, he plays golf anywhere from 3-4 times per week and insists on walking every hole.

Shakes has been on him about joining for awhile now and the football game sealed the deal. So far we have finished two days of Fundamentals but they haven't been the traditional sessions. On the first day we worked a lot on squatting mechanics and he ended up going down to the 20-in. box without resting on it (pictured above). Earlier today we introduced jumping - something he hadn't done in years. After going through some improvised progressions he was able to jump to a single 45-lb. plate and his form was consistent enough to keep them in the workout - which also included kettlebell swings and modified push-ups.

So far, Mr. Piccin has been an absolute pleasure to coach. He is very eager to learn and put all biases aside, plus he's a little more athletic than he gives himself credit for. I'm not exactly sure where the next sessions are going to go, but I do know that Mr. Piccin will be ready for whatever comes.

We'll check back after Day 8.

New Graduate: Crawford

As promised we did handstand push-up progressions at the 6 pm session. Last time we did these with the 11 amers was over the Summer and Crawford landed on his neck. It was not pretty.

This evening, his progressions looked good so I had him go to the wall by himself. Here's how it looked.

Great job kiddo! More to come for sure.

Quote of the Week vol. 159

"Whoever said 'the customer is always right' was probably a customer"

- Steve Jobs, from the movie Steve Jobs.

From the Vault: HSPU and Back Squat

The night before Andy showed up last September Bubs and Kyle Anderson crashed the 7 pm session for the Hero Workout "Kutschbach" with Back squats and a few different varities of kipping handstand push-ups. Here's how it looked.

During tomorrow's 6pm mobility session we'll be doing some practice with handstand push-ups and different ways to scale up and down.

The Normal Poll

This conversation came up in the gym about a week ago, and the return of Cap'n Jack yesterday got me thinking about all of the weird people and personalities we have in here. So I was wondering...

Who is the most "normal" person in the Champions Club?

My vote might go to Mr. Carey but watching him try to dance makes me question that.