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Summer signup here.

Memorial Weekend Schedule + Summer Payment Reminder

The schedule for this weekend is normal except for Monday. Here's what it looks like:


9 am


12 noon (team workout)

1 pm (babies)

5 pm (kids)


9 am

5:30 pm


Also, June 1 is a week from today. I would prefer you guys not have to pay an extra 10 bucks for the Summer, so to lock your price in at $225 please get the payment within the next week!

Quote of the Week vol. 243

"Too often we judge someone by their worst actions, while judging ourselves by our best intentions"

- Conor Murphy, in response to this CrossFit Journal article about CF in a prison.

Beast Mode: Jennifer + Champions Club Track Gathering

I would like to take this post to give a special shout out to Jennifer Banet. Known as the drinking fountain from her 2015 Athlete of the Week post, and also as the forgotten Banet from just about everyone in the gym, Jennifer might also be known as the most athletic female we have in the Champions Club. This was on full display during the last two years.

Jennifer was a lifelong softball player in the spring, and even started on Mott's varsity as a freshman and sophomore. Then last year she decided she didn't really like softball. It was kind of boring and since she wasn't playing with her sisters any more, she'd try her hand at track and field. Over the last two seasons, she's been our most diverse female runner, trying everything from pole vault to the 2-mile. This year she really stood out!

She hit a pr in the 1 mile run last week at Regionals with a time of 6:06 - which was only 1 second away from qualifying for the Macomb County Championship meet. Then on Tuesday she pr'd in the long jump at the MAC Blue League Championships meet, jumping 14'2 on her final attempt, and finishing in 3rd place overall. She also hit 3rd place in the mile with a time of 6:08 at Leagues.

Today will mark the last meet of her high school career and I just wanted to give a shout to one of the favorite high school girls I've ever coached. I'm really proud of how she was able to apply her athleticism to 5 different sports through high school and end it on a good note. Jennifer will be running in the 4x800m relay, so try to catch her!

The Macomb County Track and Field Championships are tonight at Warren Mott High School (don't worry about the time, these meets literally last forever) and as luck would have it, there should be quite a few Champions Club peeps gathered. We'll have Jennifer Banet running in the 4x800m relay and Conor Fitzgerald running in the 110m and 300m hurdles for Mott, with Shannon coaching on the sidelines. Then we'll have reigning Athlete of the Winter Danielle Worden - a state qualifying powerlifter - running in Utica Ford's 4x800m relay. Izzy Barone will be doing the mile and maybe something else for Cousino. Robert Kroll is set to run the open 200m and a few relays for De La Salle. And finally, Marathon Matt Fecht is coaching at Cousino.

I'm headed to Mott after the 6:30 pm session if anyone wants to carpool. Should be a good group!

Poll: Favorite Fruit

This one was brought on by Jay last night, and trickled into the morning mobility session.

List the top 3 best fruits.

Sunday Highlights: Babies

You ever wonder what kind of coaching I do at the Babies session on Sundays? Not much, really. I just kind of throw a task at them, set one or two restrictions, then watch them do their thing. In Ender and Josh's case, they do front flips on their long jumps.

Maybe one day I'll start coach them. But as long as they do things like this, I'll just let them be athletes!

You Make the Call: Better Off Without Them?

One of the things I've always wondered is if you dread seeing someone, why does it make sense to keep them around? The following scenarios have to do with the "toxic" people - as Shakes calls them - and whether or not you can allow their negative vibe ruin everyone else's time.


Scenario 1

You are in the middle of a basketball season and your team has great chemistry and plays well together except for one player: Paul. Paul is physically one of your best players and is very talented, but doesn't take direction well at all and does not work hard. More than anything, he's one of those kids that sucks up a lot of your energy and you end up dreading practice because of him.

As the kids walk in for Sunday's practice you see one by one come out of the locker room, but no Paul. After a few minutes have passed, you get a text from Paul saying he's sick and won't be at practice. The following hour and a half proceeds to be the best 90 minutes of basketball your team has spent all season and the energy felt great.

What do you do next?

Scenario 2

You are a high school history teacher. Your class is full of 23 kids who range from very interested in history to not-really-interested-but-I'll-be-good-cause-dad-will-whoop-me. And then there's two little "shit kids" that make productive teaching nearly impossible. Andrew and Ellis are their names, and they're thick as thieves. Disruptive talking, public disagreements with assignments, and constantly bringing down the overall class GPA. Worst of all, they are professional punks; they know exactly how much to say and do that is disruptive but are clever never to do anything blatantly inappropriate. Most R-rated comments are hidden in inuendo.

As your 4th hour rolls in you notice both seats absent usually occupied by Andrew and Ellis, and you immediately change plans to do an interactive lesson you would be hard pressed to get away with were they present.

Considering it's only the 3rd week of classes for the fall semester, what do you do next?

Pics of the Week: The Geese Are a Thing Now

We got two submissions this week.

First off, don't you hate it when a stupid idea gets referenced a few times then becomes popular and a legit thing? My goose post was great and underappreciated and misunderstood. Literary genius it was. Welp, it appears Mrs. Bennis is playing along, because she sent me a picture of Stuart and Gil posted up on her lawn.

They are sticking around for the Summer guys. Just admit it.

Next up, Mrs. Fitz came back to us this week and it turns out she has been hooking up lots of Champions Club alums with some internships and job opportunities as of late. Here's a picture she got eariler this week at her work with Jacqueline Banet and Tim Asmar.

Hope to see Jackie and Timbo following Mrs. Fitz back here for the Summer.