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Congrats to Athlete of the Summer 2014: Jason Withorn

Mock Elections are in! See results here

Beast Mode: Crystal

This past Saturday, Mom's Club OG Crystal Reed ran in the Crim 10 mile race in Flint. The course was sprouting with hills - which Crystal mentioned were overcome with the help of the strength she gained from CrossFit. She finished the race in 1:31.31 which was two-and-a-half minutes faster than her time last year. Finally she asked me not to mentioned the place she finished out of humility, but ask her if you get a chance because it's quite impressive.

Crystal will be running in a Hanson's sponsored race on September 7th. But her main event will be the Free Press marathon in October - which she also particiated in last year.

Keep up the great work Crystal!

Theme Workout Announcement: Back to School

The final theme workout for the Champions Club Summer 2014 is...



You better know that sound! School is back in session, which means it is time to board the Hogwarts Express and finish up the Summer with the Harry Potter Workout. Remember, this workout is on Sunday at 11 am (not Saturday). Dress in your wizarding attire!

Second Harry Potter workout - Summer 2011 at the Fieldhouse.

Mystery Athlete has a Parking Violation

I walk to the gym and see this in Murley's parking spot:

Here are the hints:

1. This athlete attempted to steal Murley's car this Summer.

2. Diet Pepsi is a staple in this athlete's diet.

3. This athlete is playing some variation of foot/futeball this fall.

Post your guesses to comments

Beast Mode: K Shakes

Katie Braschayko has made some very impressive improvements this Summer - most notably on her running and Olympic lifts. Last week, she was the lone ranger at the 6 pm session for max effort split jerk. Here's her 1 rep max at 125 pounds!

Yes, she pressed out on the lift, but it was herfirst time doing the movement. Hopefully she'll be able to keep her attendance consistent throughout the school year.

Light Weight Calling pt. 2

We've been letting things slide the past couple weeks with technique and rx'd workouts. I didn't see too many instances of things getting to the point of bad positions, but I did see some bad habits forming - especially on pull-ups and squats. During the coming weeks (or months, depends) we're gonna be keeping the weight lighter and movement slower to clean up some movement patterns. The advanced session experienced this last week with the overhead squats and set a good example of how to treat the light weight. Check it out.

Practice Times, Scheduling, and Such

Kids, I am close to finalizing a fall schedule (which in reality means I have not even thought about it yet). In order to do so, I need to know your practice schedules for whatever sports you are in. College kids, let me know your class schedule and what general time would be the best to come in (morning, afternoon, night). Lastly, would a 7:30 pm/8:00 pm session be helpful to anyone?

So please post your practices/classes/thoughts to comments and I will try to settle on some kind of schedule that is hopefully more concrete than the Spring Chaos of 2014.

Hopefully nothing this crowded this fall

Beast Mode: Erin Kavanaugh

Erin Kavanaugh is making a case for being the best twin. Her latest exploit is her 1 rep max split jerk from Friday - topping out at 135 pounds.