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Turf, you ask? We have turf!

If you're a team in need of indoor practice space, see info here.


One Year Anniversary: Bewick

On this day one year ago, Nick Bewick joined the gym unsuspectingly; after a very prolonged phone conversation he stopped in for what he thought was a meeting with me, only to find himself sweating through his work pants after burpees and kettlebell swings.

Nick is what I like to call a chronic thinker. He believes he's smarter than most muggles so he'll ponder and articulate and accent his words and actions very percisely in order to illustrate this mental brilliance. The only problem is YOU JUST WASTED THE LAST 2:30 OF THE WORKOUT THINKING ABOUT BOX JUMPS INSTEAD OF JUST DOING THEM!

One of my basketball coaches always says "people are who they are" and for that reason, despite all of the teeth grindings he's caused me, I'm overwhelmingly grateful to have Nick Bewick as part of the Champions Club family. In terms of the earlier post about figuring out who is "one of us," Bewick is exactly what we need: an oddball who has his priorities lined up pretty damn well. He values technique and longevity in movement, is dedicated to mobility, and is starting his son, Cameron, off on a great note by throwing him to the cubs at the Babies session.

We've had quite a few good Nick moments over the past year. We found out he's strong as an ox when it comes to pushing and squatting. Running and jumping are much improved. He's now Casey Colussi's personal ring row coach. And the graduations:

First push-up: December 2017

First rope climb

First pull-up

You don't have to always like someone to be appreciative of them. And I know I can speak for everyone in saying Nick makes the Champions Club better and we hope he's around for many more years to come!

Congratulations and keep up the work my man!

Theme Workout Announcement: Thanksgiving 2018

Every year on Thanksgiving the Champions Club does their annual morning workout before we force feed ourselves later in the day. Last year featured the most in attendance we've ever had - Babies included. Here's the specifics:

Thursday, November 22

9 am

College Kids back from school, middle school, and Babies are all welcome.

Looking forward to a good crew this year!

Quote of the Week vol. 268

"You know sometimes I think we Sort too soon."

- Professor Dumbledore

Fantastic Beasts comes out on Friday!

Untitled/Unedited Rant from the First Night of Turf

For those new to the sight, U/UR are a series I started when Eminem was about to release Marshall Mathers LP 2. It's just me feeling compelled enough to write, but lazy enough not to edit. Once A period is struck on the keyboard, editing is off-limits. Here'stonight's. Dang it!


I know I'm a control freak. I've always known I was a control freak. But Christ On Ice I have never had a full appreciation for the extent that it is true up until tonight. Crystal's knees come forward on a lunge: okay let's fix it. (Or maybe she won't - she's going on 10 years and she's doing just fine.) Owen pulls with his arms early on a clean: okay he's new, it will look better over time. Josh Bennis is running around like a monkey on crack: still cool with it. The Bennis family is one of us. Random people coming into the gym not under the attention of me or the coaches: hair-pulling agony. I have not felt this uncomfortable since the wedding reception - which, coincidentally enough, was random people coming into the gym not under the coach's supervision.

There has to be something wrong with me, but I'm glad this is happening because good things tend to happen when I get outside of my comfort zone. Two parents already talked about having their younger kids come in for the Babies session, I started off two relationships with good coaches, and the gym will look realy good (I think) once it's all done. When will it be done, you ask? I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA! I am not in control of that -or, at least as much control as I want, so cue the control freak hair-pulling again.

So full disclosure here's what's going down. That heater. That old, ugly-ass "1942 heater" as Coach T calls it is the one domino that refuses to fall down. At this point, I'm all for using it as our next wallball target until it comes collapsing down on NuNu's unsuspecting head just so we can get the ball rolling. The main problem with it is that it's huge and ugly and hanging down right smack in the middle of a field that needs to have lights and netting going across the ceiling. We were supposed to get these new radiant tube heaters that take up less space and use less energy and warm things better. All good, except it was supposed to happen in October, and now not only is there a delay but also a pretty significant misunderstanding about who is supposed to pay for it. I took the initiative to get the ball rolling early on and Mr. Fitz was set to get the entire thing done on the fine afternoon of September 6. Alas. So right now myself, Mr. Bennis, a soccer team, and a baseball team are waiting for the dragons to come in Game of Thrones. I hope that was the correct analogy, I don't watch Game of Thrones, but I think I got the gist of it from South Park.

Like I mentioned earlier, the dyscontrol I have with the heater situation being in the building owner's hands is one thing, but it just compounds on the fact that I have such a difficult time separating the building and business from my actual self. 32301 Stephenson is literally all I have; there is no fallback or Plan B. That doesn't go through my mind when Crystal's knees come forward, but it does when strangers come in the gym. I have an unhealthy amount of confidence in myself to steer the ship where I want it to go. And where is that: well, somewhere in the general direction of the Bennis, Colussi, Nevarez, and Miranda families. Which was build on the Carey, Wonsil, Junkin, Fitzgerald, and Ellsworth families. Which is being lifted on a bar by Katie Shakes. We got it going on, man. We really do. This Summer showed that day after day. You know what could easily ruin that? A jerk. One yahoo who doesn't respect the place or people or coaching inside it. Will one person shut the gym down? No chance. But maaaan I really hate taking steps backwards, especially after it's taken 7 years for me to finally start to get it.

SO back to tonight. I know if I'm coaching a group I can distill the jerks down to their primal form, or otherwise discourage them from coming back. Shannon, Coach T, and Shakes have free reigns to do any private or group coaching they want because they get it. They get why Avery, Cecilia, and Ally are great fits to the Champions Club and some others aren't. And more importantly, they have not quite as much at stake in this place as me, but it's pretty close. And the more I go down the list of our roster for the last few weeks of fall, I realize how lucky I am to have like 60 people who understand this place.

I told Barry Brunke to go eff himself on Friday night repeatedly and at a high volume. The next day he cancelled his and Angie's Lifetime Fitness membership.

So finally back to tonight. For real this time. I can't pinpopint if it's liability or community or image that has my brains spinning. I picture the baseball kids trying to jump and grab the high rings, the soccer kids wearing cleats on our floor, or the parents seeing a ceiling light get hit on a soft toss drill BECAUSE THE HEATER SITUATION IS STILL NOT SETTLED YET. But I do realize that I treat this place like holy ground, and I'msure I need to ease up (not all the time, but sometimes) in order for us to grow. The main thing, however, that is sitting bad with me right now is that none of the 4:30, 5:30, or 6:30 sessions had my full attention tonight. And that is not okay. Tonight, at least. My mind will be nowhere near the 9 am mobility session on Saturday the 24th because Michigan vs.Ohio State, and that is perfectly justified. But on a night where the only college football game is Western Michigan vs. Ball State (#MACtion is god-awful to watch, but the way), I need to be all here.

And in next week's episode I will be

Unless we lose to Indiana.

Beast Mode: 5:30 Overhead Squat and High Box Jump

I go in waves with things that I want to emphasize and the latest one has been high box jumps. Aside from everything else good about them, I think they look cool. I also like the 1-2 approach because I think it helps us feel a flow - which is related to falling in running.

Pairing them with Overhead squats proved to be a pretty tough couplet especially when going relatively heavy. For the athletes that didnt have the capacity to do heavy OHS, they did AMRAP in 10 minutes of 10 overhead squats and 5 box jumps; keeping the effect of the box but adding reps to compensate for the light OHS. Our 5:30 session had a good mix of high schoolers, college kids, and parents. Here's how it looked.

Not the prettiest form we've seen on this site for sure. Considering what we were looking for, though, I'll take it and make note of what we need to fix in the future.

Beast Mode: Jesse

This weekend Jesse Junkin ran in the Officer Collin Rose Memorial race in honor of Veteren's Day. Held in Clinton Township, this race featured over 150 racers competing in a 5k, and our third-favorite Junkin managed to get himself a first place finish!

Jesse and his lady friend Shannon (whom has had the pleasure of sitting through multiple Mario Baseball tournaments)

His official time was 18:49 and came the day after a ton of GHD sit-ups and lunges. I'm not sure if he has any other races in the works, but we'll keep you posted. Great job Jesse!

Soccer Update from Cecilia

So I'm definitely behind on my Grand Valley Soccer posts; last I checked Cecilia was named the conference defensive player of the year and they were about to enter the conference tournament. Now they're 22-0-1 now, GIAC regular season and tournament champions, and have advanced to the Sweet 16 ofthe NCAA DII tournament.

Cecilia was reached for comment during their conference tournament run and seems to already have the coachspeek down at a young age.

Yeah, I'd say 3 goals in 2 minutes helps out the confidence too. Next game is against Ferris State on Friday at 2 pm. Keep up the good work Cecilia!