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Turf, you ask? We have turf!

If you're a team in need of indoor practice space, see info here.


Soccer Update from Cecilia

So I'm definitely behind on my Grand Valley Soccer posts; last I checked Cecilia was named the conference defensive player of the year and they were about to enter the conference tournament. Now they're 22-0-1 now, GIAC regular season and tournament champions, and have advanced to the Sweet 16 ofthe NCAA DII tournament.

Cecilia was reached for comment during their conference tournament run and seems to already have the coachspeek down at a young age.

Yeah, I'd say 3 goals in 2 minutes helps out the confidence too. Next game is against Ferris State on Friday at 2 pm. Keep up the good work Cecilia!

Pic of the Week + New Kid on the Block

The Bennis family went to visit Chicago and sent in a picture of Josh being Josh.

Also, we have a New Kid on the Block. His name is Evan Pugh. And he is clean shaven.

Please welcome Evan to the Champions Club with awkward rubs on his cheeks.

New Graduate: Danielle

In early June, Danielle said she had the goal to get a handstand by the end of Summer. It ended up happening later that day.

In late October I told her to start working towards a handstand push-up; she said it was never going to happen. After today's 4:30 session she stuck around to get some more practices and after about 20 attempts she nailed it!

Great work Woorden!

Money Revelations from an Unqualified Revelationeur

The way I keep my money records for the Champions Club is pretty simple: a shreadsheet table noting who paid, what amount, how they paid, and the date. Below the table I just tally up things I paid for that month like rent, equipment, or affiliate/insurance fees. I'm sure there's better ways, but this dumbs it down to help me never spend more than I make.

Not including regular monthly rent, I spent a little under $7,000 for the turf side of the gym in October. I have never spent $7,000 total (including rent) in any three consecutive non-Summer months, let alone a single month. To me, that is a lot of money. What is most surprising is my feelings towards spending that:


That's right, after spending the most money I have ever spent in my life (with at least one other $500+ bill coming soon I'm pretty sure), I am completely indifferent. This is not because I am, as Mrs. Tara put before going to Disney, "raking in the money." But it actually comes from something unexpected: Microsoft Excel stopped working on October 9. Just plum won't open, and neither will Word, Windows Movie Maker, or a bunch of other programs on my 6 year old laptop.

What I've realized is that I subconsciously set standards of what I want to make every month, and I also compare one month to another month, or year, or whatever. And man, $1,000 sure looks a lot better on paper than $900. But after spending $7,000 in one month, my day to day life has not changed. Literally not one single bit. I eat the same food, wear the same clothes, and drive to basketball practices, and coach at the gym. Here's a little mind game I was playing with myself as I looked at the price tags for turf, nets, and L Screens:

Without looking at the numbers, how long would it take to notice if someone took $____ out of your account?

This heater situation is going to be a pain in the ass. It was verbally agreed upon to be removed and replaced by October - at no cost to me - as part of the improvements made to the building. But (BIIIIG BUT as Mama V would say) we need something by next Tuesday and not one single thing has changed about either heater since probably 2009. To get this process in motion sooner rather than later, I'll probably be "encouraged" to pay for at least half of it. Could be anywhere from one $1,000 - $3,000. On paper, I look at that and be like, Jesus there goes a month's rent. But if Carter the Blob secretly snuck past old Carlene at OUR Credit Union and robbed $3,000 from the Champions Club account, I probably would not notice for 50 years unless I looked at my bank statement. This is an unbelievable luxury to have and is possible mainly because 1) an overwhelming majority of the time I only spend when absolutely necessary and 2) I know I have an "emergency" account for the Champions Club that I never touch. What the bolded question above has done for me, though, is taken away some fear of spending money.

Do I want to buy a new $3,000 something every month? Of course not. I would still rather not spend 10 bucks if I don't have to. But now I'd rather spend more for a good job or product than save 50 bucks and get a piece of crap.

Luckily for us, Mr. Bennis is the exact opposite of a piece of crap. And an extra $14,000 is a number that would not take too long to notice missing.

Quote of the Week vl. 267

Mr. Wonsil: "So you guys know what a group of crows is called right?"

Random people at the 6:30 session: "I don't know." "A flock?" "A murder?"

Mr. Wonsil: "Well it's only a murder of crows if there's probable CAWWS."

New Graduate: Schornack

This was a bummer because of how unexpected it was. Usually first rope climbs are cool to see at least from the halfway point. But during the warmup of yesterday's 4:30 pm session, Danielle Schornack started her leg wrap then kept climbing, and climbing, and climbing, until she suddenly found herself at the top! Shannon grapped her phone and caught the tail end.

Good work missy! Next up is your pull-up.


Guest Post: Olag's Brag and Beef Thread

Jacob has been putting in his time student teaching this semester at Hazel Parl High School, and I asked him to share his insights so far. He explains it in a style only Jacob is capable of. Enjoy!


After Bridgette submitted an illuminated view into her dreary world of an unpaid laborer, Chris asked me to share my experiences this semester. Firstly, Like Rachael, I think most of what I have to do as a student teacher is mindless circlejerking of the academics who decide what determines whether a teacher is proficient or not. Things like filling out paperwork using words I don’t understand (Appropriately accounting for my students’ funds of knowledge when designing a content-rich, authentic formative assessment), meeting for 6 hours to talk about said aforementioned 50 cent words, and paying 8,000 dollars to do so.

Although it has been talked about ad nauseam, I will restate it here once again: We are living in a social media driven world in which everyone has the ability to perfectly curate their public image. To me, this has been an extremely negative experience, and I am at the age where people are 1-2 standard deviations further along in their path to adulthood than I currently am. This has always been the main driver behind my bouts with anxiety and depression, unwillingly comparing where I am in life, to where I think I should be, and every free minute gives more time for those thoughts to creep back into my head.

To steal a phrase from my latest Bumble date (sup Maria?), I strive off productivity . Therein lies the beauty of having structured and long days. Whether or not I feel like I am being productive with my time, at least I am spending it doing what I believe I should be doing. Moving the needle in the positive direction towards where I want to go. Without further adieu, here is what I’ve been up to for the last 3 months

  • I wake up at 4 every morning so I can eat-workout-eat-shower before 645

  • Eat the same 4 meals almost every day (although lately it’s been halloween candy and cheesecake. Plus freaking Tom won’t stop force feeding me every Saturday)

  • Student teach a bunch of kids who have backgrounds worse than I would be able to deal with

  • Coach my powerlifting team and small group sessions with middle schoolers

  • Take classes about how to integrate technology into your lesson planning

  • Tell Faust that test boosters are a waste of money

  • Gamble on way too many games

I love every minute of every day and I’m pretty sure for the first time, in a very long time, I’m exactly where I want to be.