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Lifts 4 Gifts 2014

See info here.

Thanksgiving Workout

Signup here.


Thanksgiving WOD Recap

Good job to everyone who came out to the third annual Thanksgiving Workout this morning. The complete photo gallery can be seen here. The winning team this year consisted of Mr. Z, Sydney, and JZ.

We made some slight modifications to this year's version of the workout. The details and full results can be seen here.

Again, nice work to everyone that showed up. You earned the right to pig out the rest of the day and sit back and kick it with your family. As Ricky mentioned, there may not be a better way to spend the holidays than to relax on the couch with your family and watch Bob Ross. So here his Royal Majesty.

Quote of the Week vol. 64 + Thanksgiving Schedule

Thanksgiving weekend schedule as follows:


9 am



10 am

12 noon

6 pm



9 am

Anyone who says that full squats are "bad for the knees" has, with that statement, demonstrated conclusively that they are not entitled to an opinion about the matter. People who know nothing about a topic, especially a very technical one that requires specific training, knowledge, and experience, are not due an opinion about that topic and are better served by being quiet when it is asked about or discussed. For example, when brain surgery, or string theory, or the NFL draft, or women's dress sizes, or white wine is being discussed, I remain quiet, odd though that may seem. But seldom is this the case when orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists, or nurses are asked about full squats.

- Mark Rippetoe

New Graduate + Aaron Sexton Basketball Debut

James Rogers finished Fundamentals today by combining Day 7 and Day 8. The former high school state champion took very well to Pose running, and that translated well into Olympic lifts and unweighting. Fran was a solid 4:18 with 85 lbs and a skinny blue band. Look for James to be in with the group from now on.

Still lots of work to do on hip/ankle flexibility.

Aaron Sexton has his season-opening scrimmage at 4 pm today at Royal Oak High School. I will be going then heading right to the 6 pm mobility session. If anyone needs a ride, let me know.

Aaron Sexton - Halloween Workout 2014

Day Care Diary vol. 5: A Ballad for Connor

I have a 50 year old man in one of my preschool classes named Connor. At least, he’s 50 at heart but apparently five years old. He’s a really cool kid – smart beyond his years – but he cracks me up with some of the things he does and says. Today he was in rare form – obsessing over stray coupons, doing stretches on his own that looked like a pissing dog, and then explaining to me that it’s exercise because it “pushes the muscles back out.” He has been a character before, but nothing like today. So instead of the typical Day Dare Diary format, I am dedicating an elegant poem-like ballad thing in a language he would understand because that is the only thing that can do him justice.


A Ballad for Connor

Connor, Connor, perched on high

50 years old a fellow says I

Defyeth logic of age and time

With gut so puffy and shoes sublime

O loathe thee of exercise and jumping too –

Or tumbling forward thine feet made of glue

Connor, Connor, alone he stood

Much too smart for thou own good

No green mat can quell the aches and pains

So haphazard exercise all that remains

Looking like ye loyal hound at yonder fire hydrant

So out we go into the brisk

Bundled with mittens, boots, hats, gloves – anything whence diminishes risk

Lest comes the gustful rush of air

Leaves that flutter cross the skin so bare

But rush of night and gust of flight

Cannot replace thine lustful light

For shone betwixt the walls of stone

Was Connor hence so cold alone

Connor, Connor, alone he stood

Much too smart for thou own good

Tis not mine eyes deceive me tho

No balls bestowing Spiderman – curious, no

Venture to the leaves so still

One waddles like no words can quill

‘Fore I commence such cheery shout

Onto children who pout – that coupons are old, stale, 

Molded, and not to touch

“Ooh, Coupons!” He says, “I love them so much.”

Thus I give up on Benjamin Button

Not for another day I care

Should will and desire lead to sloth

He must roam and fine thou nearest chair

Connor, Connor, alone he stood

Much too smart for thou own good

Lining up to go indoors

Apathy peaks his daily chores

Though decent an athlete when want is there

Most activity thou dust not care

Knitting, puzzles, scrapbooks, pets

He’s the oldest five-year-old I’ve ever met

New Graduate from BMW

If you have participated in Lifts 4 Gifts before, then no doubt you remember Michelle Raphael. She's the one who deadlifted the building on her final set.

Anyways, she just passed her CrossFit Level-1 Certification test last weekend. Congratulations to our big sister and hopefully the ever-picky Jarrod Bell can find some use for her! Be sure to catch Michelle on December 13 at this year's Lifts 4 Gifts event.

Day Care Diary vol. 5: A Ballad for Connor* tonight at 8 pm.

*note: not that Connor.

Campus Improv - The Clean

Even though Kascha did recieve a New Kid on the Block post, there wasn't a lot of detail. I don't think Chris thought she was gonna stick around long, and to be honest, neither did I. So I guess it's time to introduce one of my housemates to the Champions Club. Kascha was a volleyball player (if a libero counts) for a countless number of years in her hometown of Traverse City. She's been working out with me for about two months now and is trying to get as many workouts during the week as a triple major can. Before training with me, she was limited to the workouts that her high school volleyball team did, running, and yoga.

Today was her first day of Olympic lifting EVER. Here's a quick snippet of one of her clean attemps. Any thoughts? Keep in mind that we did not make pose 2 mechanics a focal point of our workout today.

CrossFit Video Contest

The idea of a Champions Club video contest was brought up back in the Fieldhouse days on our message board. Now CrossFit is hosting one and the stakes are pretty high.

I sure wouldn't mind to have our affiliate fee waived. Anyone have any good ideas? Do you think any of our ones from this Summer would pass?