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More Program than Gym

See the editorial here.

Schedule change

8:30 am, 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm

Processed Foods Disease

Last week the CrossFit Journal published a great interview with Dr. Robert Lustig from UCSF. I linked the short version, but the 30-minute version is also available on YouTube if anyone is interested. Definitely worth a watch/listen.

Like some of the other videos like this I've posted on here, it's looking like we have a lot more control over things like cancer and diabetes than is perceived.

New Graduate: Dominic

For those who have been sticking around on Sundays after the team workout, you've surely noticed we've been having populated babies and kids sessions. For the ladder, Mr. Dignan's baseball team has been the main event for the past year and some change. This season, they brought in a few new kids to the mix, one of them being Dominic.

Dom is the best runner in the group and has caught on very quickly with his squat and push-up form. He's been at every session I can remember and his technique shows it. On Sunday, he got his first ever rope climb during the workout.

Great job kiddo!

Coach's Corner: Mr. Z's Double Unders

It is not often I point out for Mr. Z having good form, and it hurts me to do it, but I'll make an exception. The topic today is double unders and for the likes of Mr. Wonsil, Mr. Carey, and Carter these can provide an incredible nuisance during a workout.

Most of the issues I see come from the wrist timing; the rhythm gets rushed and the reps blend into each other, leading to a trip-up. To me, one of the most important things to get the timing of the double under is understanding that every rep is separate; you are not continuously/actively moving the wrist. Check out Mr. Z in the video below.

One snap. Wait. One snap. Wait. One snap. Wait.

His is really exaggerated but a great example of how to go through one rep at a time. Once you hear the whip of the rope, chill and let the momentum take care of itself, then when you are ready to jump get that snap going again. Or even better, just picture Mr. Z in your head while doing your reps. Visual learners tend to pick things up the quickest.

Pic of the Week: Bromm and the Boys in Blue

"Please dont ask if I cried after" - Katie Bromm. 7:42 pm tonight.

New Kid on the Block: Pat

Two Saturdays ago, a random guy walked in the gym during a mobility session asking if he could check out the place and see what we did. It is not often someone comes in to watch a mobility session and thinks, "This is the place for me." But whatever was going on during that session seemed to be appealing and we got ourselves a new member. His name is Pat Luetz.

Pat is an engineer who has strings of Bishop Foley ties and now has kids who go to Lamphere. He did some research on us before coming in, came prepared with a few questions, and was ready to get things under way with Fundamentals. As it turns out, he actually knows Mr. Warthman, so those two kicked it off on his first visit.

So far, Pat has been a very eager learner; he asks a ton of questions and is incredibly open to any direction I give him. He has aspirations of becoming a personal trainer after his engineer career is done, so is in complete student mode. Luckily for me, Mr. Luetz has been very quick to pick up on the skill of the movements. Push-up form, kettlebell swing timing, and jump ropes all improved over the course of the session. Much like our last Fundamentals graduate, Mrs. O aka "Pastor C," Pat's limiting factor is going to be his conditioning. Once that comes around, things will be looking really good.

I'll check back in after Day 8. 

Let the Countdown Begin

The weather appears to be breaking, spring sports are under way, colleges are wrapping up. It can only mean one thing:


Beast Mode: Shakes and Kris Modify

On Tuesday's max effort front squat, the limiting factor in some people was the mobility to stay in a good rack position. Most of the time, this is limited by the shoulders missing external rotation. For Kris Campbell and Katie Shakes this was definitely the case, so we modified things.

This variant of the squat is called the Zercher squat. Not sure where it came from, but I remembered we did them in 2013 after it was featured on the main site and those are not something you forget. Shakes's wrist was really bothering her in the morning so I tested the Zercher squat out on her. It went well so we used is in the afternoon for Kris and Reggie (not featured in the video).

Good job with the modifications and keep working to get a better rack position!