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"The Games is the least important thing that happens in CrossFit. There is nothing less important than The Games."

- Coach Glassman

Quote of the Week vol. 234

"What you reveal, you heal"

- Jay-Z

New Thinking Out Loud installment from VJ comes out tonight at 5 pm.

New Graduate: Laura

Laura Camargo is only a week and some change out of Fundamentals and already moves like she'sa seasoned veteran. This evening during the warmup of the 5:30 session, she got her first rope climb!

As you can tell by the picture, she was overcome with as much joy and emotion as Tim Duncan hitting a 6-foot shot off the glass. Cool, calm, and collected, and acting like she could have done another three or four climbs. Keep up the good work Laura!

Handstand Push-up Stuff

The workout we did yesterday was part of the CrossFit Open qualifiers, and for the people competing it included a different standard of handstand push-up that forced athletes to adopt a movement pattern that looks almost exactly like the standards we hold you guys too. With the exception of allowing you guys to count reps where you might be falling away from the wall a bit, I would bet our standards would have help up. I'm not sure about the exact measurements used to determine height of finish and width of setup, but most people got severely penalized for arched backs, wide hands, and head not going forward in a tripod position. Mike Warkentin wrote a really good article about it below:

How to Cheat at HSPU

What is even cooler is seeing how some of the HQ people reacted to the new standard and all the complainers.

🤳 @coachmattdsg ・・・ I must admit after I measured for my first attempt at 18.4 and my feet didn’t even reach the line when I was fresh I was frustrated. Then just out of curiosity I measured using last year standards. I was pissed to find out that last year standards and this year standards are off by 3 inches exactly. After an almost 6 minute Diane on my first attempt I was doing a lot of bitching. After a day of observing others and seeing that I was not the only one having this problem I came to realize. The true problem was not the new standard it was the old standard. The new standard forces me to do several things that I was doing wrong previously. Three ways this new standard will make all of us better for next year. Most likely a combination of all 3. 1. Your hands were too wide because of poor shoulder mobility. 2. Too far off the wall because your erratic kipp always makes you fall. 3. Over extended spine/ closed hips, could be weak midline or tight shoulders. None of those things are Castro’s fault. They are my fault and you and your coaches fault. Let’s stop being baby’s and complaining when someone asks us to step our game up. If the new standard is punishing you, you know what you need to work on. Most likely one of the 3 things I listed above. The OPEN is a test of fitness. But for those of us not going to the games the most valuable thing we can get out of it is what we need to work on for next year. Thanks @thedavecastro for once again helping me find my weaknesses. Be relentless in the pursuit of better movement. Make others better. #crossfit #crossfitopen #crossfitgames #crossfitgames2018 #18point4 @dirtysouthgyms #crossfitkingspoint #crossfitunmatched #crossfitgroveland

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The Champions Club spoils me, no doubt about it. It never occured to me that people act this way consistently when working out because I'm so used to how you guys respond to new, unexpected, and unfair things being thrown at you. Keep doing your thing kids, we are really doing CrossFit the right way!

New Kids on the Block: The Bennis Family

Josh Bennis is the crazy monkey ninja of the babies session who also has the coolest parents in the world. Well, they managed to get even cooler because both of them just signed up for Fundamentals.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennis have both been debating on joining for a few months now, and after the birthday party last week they decided to pull the trigger. So far we have finished 2 days of Fundamentals and are set to meet later this week as well. They have been nothing but a pleasure to coach and I can't see any reason for that to change in the near future. I'll check back in with you guys after Day 7.

You Make the Call: Family Business

According to the Notorious B.I.G., the 7th "Crack" Commandment is (so underrated): Keep your family and business completely separated. This is impossible with how we run the Champions Club; the exact reason why is unknown to me, but it just seems like as soon as we get one person from a family in the door, the rest follow in some way. Then when people are here for 4, 5, and 6 years, everyone becomes family.

The hardest part about owning the Champions Club - other than trying to get the moms to remember the names of the exercises - is walking the line between being a business and being a person. I could go black and white by the books and lose a lot of community feel, and I could also be laid-back with everything and lose the business. This edition of YMTC puts us in this scenario; black-and-white, or gray?


Scenario 1

Sam works at Little Caesars. The price for the Hot-N-Ready is a standard $5.30 with tax. However, Sam's cousin, Brandon, walks in one Saturday afternoon feeling rather brave; he wants to add the diarrhea sauce (garlic butter & parm) to the mix, but is not happy about how they jacked up the prices to 7 bucks for the extra oomph. So at the counter, Brandon asks Sam if he can get the diarrhea pizza without the extra cost. Both college students, Sam and Brandon have been very close since they were young, and Sam is just working this job until August, when she'll head back to school. Brandon just doesn't think dumping a clogged artery on a undercooked pizza merits an extra cost. 

If you were Sam, what would you do?

Scenario 2

Adam owns and manages an apartment complex that is in a populated part of Royal Oak. It is nice, clean, and Adam works his butt off to keep it that way, often doing a lot of the upkeep himself to save on the cost. The tennants notice this, and many of them have been there for 5+ years. As far as apartments go, this one is pretty tight-knit. When a vacancy comes up, Adam's cousin, Jessica asks to occupy the empty unit but cannot afford the asking price of $900 per month. She asks for $650 per month.

If you were Adam, what would you do?

Pics of the Week: Babies Birthday Party

Last weekend, Josh Bennis, standout at the Babies session and climbing ninja, held his 8th birthday party at our gym. Mrs. Bennis told me there would be 30 kids in attandance and I didn't believe her. She was wrong actually... there ended up being 31 kids. I had a blast and I hope they all did as well. Here's a few pictures from our opening circle, the station cycles, and the pinata (I don't know how to type out accents) smashing.

Big ups to Jennifer, Murley, Shakes, and Bubs for vulunteering to help out!

New Graduate: Mike Shaw

Yesterday morning, Mike Shaw finished his 7th and final day of Fundamentals with a 9:34 effort on Helen, modified with a 200-m run, 16k kettlebells, and ring rows. After the workout and in between gasps of breath the first words out of his mouth was, "That was so much fun!"

Mike has been an absolute pleasure to coach over the course of the last two weeks. The thing he struggled with the most was his shoulder strength and position, and that is something that might take some time to get where he wants. At first, his coordination and midline control seemed to be his weak suit, but we saw really quick improvements in those areas as Fundamentals went on - especially hollow rocks and Pose running. On top of that, Mike started off Day 5 with his first ever rope climb, making his way all the way up on the first attempt.

Mike is a cool dude, and is very easy to talk to. From the sounds of it, Mike will be hitting the 8:30 am sessions on most days and also plans to be in 6-7 days per week. Hopefully that will come to fruition, but either way, welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Pat Luetz with the tattoos of Mr. Fitz.