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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2015

See schedule here.

"Come see for yourself or stop making a fuss
You don’t really know Summer ‘less you’ve spent it with us" - Summer's Eve

This Week's Schedule + End of Summer Recap

The schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

11 am

3:15 pm

5:00 pm

6:00 pm

7:00 pm



11 am

6 pm



11 am

5 pm

6 pm

7 pm



9 am (mobility)



11 am (kids - team workout)

12 noon (parents - team workout)



I swear you guys are too much. Thanks to everyone who brought the food and games after the workout today. Big ups to Mrs. Carey for organizing and Murley for bringing the grill. I've said it before and today just reaffirms that. We have the best community ever.

Best Community Ever Take 3

Bye Bye Kasey

The Harry Potter themed workout was sadly Kasey's last with the Champions Club for the summer. As of today, she is packing up and moving back to Central Michigan University. 

Kasey was pressured encouraged to join the Champions Club by cousin Jay Junkin. For some reason, she decided to trust Jay and signed up for Fundamentals right before the summer started, and then jumped right in. Kasey had a rough stretch where every workout she showed up for sucked. 

Kasey: "What's the workout today?"

Coaches: "Murph."

Kasey goes MIA. Several days later.


Kasey: "So what's the workout today?"

Coaches: "A 30 minute AMRAP with 800m runs in it."

Kasey goes MIA yet again, and this time I'm not sure if she'll come back.


Kasey: "Oh god what's the workout? I know it's gonna be bad cause I'm here."

Coaches: "'s Chelsea."

"Why am I here???"

Luckily, she stuck around and had a consistent last couple weeks. Kasey's started moving very well recently and even got her first double under during the Harry Potter Workout warmup. Can't wait to see you post on Campus Improv! Keep those knees from caving in while you're gone...

Summer '15 Mock Election Results

Here are the winners of the Champions Club Summer 2015 Mock Elections.

1. Best Beast Mode - Matt Fecht on Murph

2. Best Accomplishment - Jay's Double Front Flip

3. Sweatiest - Mr. Anderson

4. Best Session - 6 pm Parents

5. Best New Theme Workout - Jurassic Park

6. Rookie of the Year - Kyle Anderson

7. Most Whiny - Sabal's Wife-type Substance

8. Best Dressed (Theme Workouts) - Nicole Murley

9. Most Popular - Ricky Carey

10. Best Pandora - 90's Pop

11. Class Mom - Katie Shakes

12. Heaviest Breather - Jennifer Banet

13. Most Clueless Parent - Mama V

14. Most Likely to "Miscount" - Carter the Blob

15. Coach's Pet - Jennifer Banet

16. Most Awkward - (tie) Carter the Blob and Jack Clouse

17. Comeback Kid - Joe Wonsil

18. Most Basic - Katie Bromm


For complete results, see the original post. The first five categories don't show results for whatever reason, so here's what we got:

1. Best Beast Mode: Matt (26), Elizabeth (5), Freaks (4), Carter (3), Other (2)

2. Best Accomplishment: Jay (20), Lauren (9), Faust (7), Khalil (2), Zach (1)

3. Sweatiest: Mr. Anderson (22), Faust (16), Kyle (4)

4. Best Session: 6 pm (28), 1:30 (11), 10 am (2)

5. Best New Theme Workout: Jurassic Park (17), Pirates of the Caribbean (14), 90's Theme (5)

Athlete of the Week - Mr. Carey

Ladies and gents, we give you the final athlete of the week for the summer of 2015: Mr. Carey.

There were strong performances across the board this week but none that impressed us more than Mr. C. While it's hard for the parents to be as consistent as the kids (seeing as they have big kid jobs and bills and stuff like that to pay), they make their time count when they're in here. Of course at the beginning of the week the dads spent their time talking shit to each other during Mr. Z's mic'd up session.

Unfortunately, Mr. C didn't make it in on Monday so we'll never know what his split jerk or push press would have looked like, but he came back with a vengeance on Tuesday. Both him and Mr. Z went the full 20 rounds on modified Chelsea and went 4 rounds before modifying the reps (one more than I told them to aim for). 

Thursday was perhaps the most impressive day. While it wasn't the intense workout of the summer, the box jump and pistol/lunge couplet was one made to challenge position. At the beginning of the 6 o'clock, I brought out a couple foams that I figured we'd need throughout the workout. Since Mr. C is a prime feet apart offender, I dropped one by his station and told him that he'd probably need it soon. With an indignant exclamation, Mr. C showed me that he could jump to a 24" box while keeping his feet together. I shrugged it off and figured he'd need it 50 reps in. I was wrong. Not only did his feet not come apart one time, but he kept his knees still as Chris during a workout. Mr. Carey kept up the strong performances with a deadlift on Friday that (rumor has it) bent the bar. 

Way to close out the summer! Let's keep it up going into fall.

Weekend Notes + New Graduate

The Champions Club Summer 2015 officially ends on Monday, August 31. There are a few bulletins I'd like to point out going into the weekend.

  • If you have not paid in full for the Summer (you know who you are), please get that paperwork in before the Summer is over. Talk to me in person if there is an issue.
  • Monthly fees resume on Tuesday for September. If you are unsure of what you will owe, talk to me.
  • Schedule stuff will be posted tomorrow. Next week we will have some kind of morning class to go along with the after-school schedule. And during September I plan on having an 8am(ish) class.
  • Mrs. Carey and Mrs. Pip are organizing that end of Summer food thing after the parents session tomorrow. I know the hours are precious to you, but I highly recommend hanging out to watch the Parents Sunday session at least once in your lifetime. They're my favorite group to coach.
  • Website business - here's what the posts for this weekend will look like:

Athlete of the Week - tonight at 7 pm

Mock Election results (w/special Katie Bromm reaction video) - tomorrow at 10 am

Fall schedule - tomorrow sometime in the afternoon

Athlete of the Summer + Final attendance - Monday at 7 am

The Days are Just Packed - Monday at 7 pm

Enjoy these last few days of freedom!



I have always said peer pressure can be a good thing. And today was no exception. After an entire Summer of failed attempts, Kasey Eason got her first double under during the warmup of today's Harry Potter workout with everyone watching. Great job kiddo!

Pic of the Week: Mr. Wonsil Target Model

This week's picture comes from right before Thursday's workout. Mr. Wonsil wandered in after his second day on the new job and posed for a picture with the measuring tape. Feel free to caption this one with his humor in mind.

Funniest Comments of the Summer

Note: This post is long, but DEFINITELY worth the read. These comments will make you laugh so hard you'll get an ab workout.


The 5 pm goons were some of the top commenters on the site this summer. Here's a recap of some of the gems they've graced us with over the past few months:

Faust's comment on Bye Bye Heather:

... and on Where Are They Now? with Meghan Murley

Mike and Jacob on I Didn't Chose the Binge Life, the Binge Life Chose Me:

Jay posting his workout results under Build a Champion. He's sure to have a good retest!

Many of the posts from this summer are filled with Jacob's and Brian's friendly banter. Here's one from the Whiteboard:

Poor Jacob also had an "alter ego" leaving comments here and there:

I still don't know which one is the real Jacob...

As we do every summer, a lot of us got our chance to roast Chris in the comments section. For some laughter at his expense:

From Quote of the Week vol. 100:

From Party at Murley's:

The "Helen" video from last year's advanced session was featured in From the Vault: A Day for the Ages 



The parents also stepped up their comment game this summer. Here are some of the highlights:



Some random comments:

From New Graduates: Sabal and Hannah


And of course, our site wouldn't be complete without the contribution of a few "guest" commenters, aka Jacob or Brian under yet another strange alias. Here were a couple of our favorites:


Finally, the single most well-known and influential comment in Champions Club history: