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New Graduate: Dawson Climbs the Rope

This afternoon at the 3:30 session, new kid on the block Dawson Bielski got his first rope climb during the warmup.

The rope climb is one of those weird skills where you can go from no progress to the full thing within the same session. The mental block for Dawson was the footwork kicking up after the initial hold. After a few attempts, he got it for the first time and used that to get all the way to the top. In fact, he even did modified half-climbs during the workout and finished his last round with a full climb in front of his pops.

Great job kiddo! Keep up the consistency.

There's so much in a name and so much more in you

Heads up. This post, and the article linked to it, contains explicit language.

Originally I thought this would be too divisive to post on here, but in light of the Coaching Guys versus Girls Poll, I think it might be interesting to hear what people have to say on this one. 

We've played rap at the box since before it was the box. Whether you know it or not, you've gotten more than your fair share of Lupe, Kanye, J Cole, UGK, Mos Def, Andre 3000, Atmosphere, Eminem, and others who I don't even know the name of. The reason?

This guy. Once Chris was allowed to graduate from Motown and Paul Simon, he threw himself into the inappropriate world of hip hop. Like, really threw himself in. Like has written this, this, and this threw himself in. After a while you learn to tolerate the constant bass and little white guy wandering throughout the gym bobbing his head, and hey, maybe you even enjoy it. Once I started adding some of it to my iPod my mom looked and me and Champions Club OG Sydni Golfin and goes,

"Don't you ever get tired of being called bitches in these songs?" 

I laughed and shrugged it off as only a teenager can do to their mom and didn't really think of it again. Until I read "What do Kanye and Kendrick Owe Women Listeners?". 

"But to belittle, berate, condescend, and reduce women to their disparate body parts over and over again is to risk being left behind — both in art and our history."

Now I'm sure that this article will get some classic JZ answers on it, but real talk. Is modern day hip-hop/rap... bad (degrading, disrespectul, offensive, etc) for those of us with two X chromosomes?

May Training Overview

Ok I'll make this as to-the-point as possible for a change.

Bad form. First off, form has been getting very sloppy. That is on me, not you guys. That will be fixed before the Summer. Expect for a lot of blocking movement, getting stopped during workouts, and stricter warmups. I'll make sure the workouts are still challenging, but there will be more re-doing reps. Just remember that good form = fast workouts and heavy lifting in the long term.


11 am, not 8:30. Starting now, there will no longer be an 8:30 am session. Instead we will be having an 11 am session on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 


3 on 1 off. Next fall we might be doing a few different things in terms of session times and workout days, so I want to do a test-run this spring. Starting probably the second week of May, we will most likely be experimenting with making different days mobility, not just Wednesday and Saturday. If possible, it will follow the same as 3 days on, 1 day off.

If you are confused, just know that during the month of May there will be a chance that a "regular workout" day could end up being a mobility day, and a Wednesday/Saturday might be a "regular workout" day.


Money. Finally, just one last reminder to add ten bucks to your May payment. It will cover you all the way through June 13.

On the Hot Seat UPDATED

Laremy Tunsil, a one-time University of Michigan recruit, played football at Ole' Miss for the past three seasons then skipped his senior year to declare for the NFL draft - no doubt a life-long dream of his. Last night, he was selected 13th overall by the Miami Dolphins.

Tunsil was projected to be the first overall pick only a few months ago, but some off-the-field issues raised some question marks for many teams. Minutes before the draft, photos of him smoking weed leaked to the public, and while he was getting drafted, a text message exchange between him and his college coach was leaked where he was asking for money to help his mother pay an electric bill (which is against NCAA rules).

Morals aside, what really got people's attention was the post-draft press conference. Instead of asking him about anything relevant to the game of football, most of the questions were directed at the leaked footage.

I think there is definitely a time and a place for a 21-year old kid to be questioned about that stuff, but I don't think 10 minutes after fufilling a lifelong dream qualifies. What do you think? What is the line between a reporter doing his/her job and them just being an a-hole?

UPDATE: As usual, Brian from MGoBlog has a great take on the topic.

Quote of the Week vol. 137

"Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn’t expect good things to happen overnight. Actually, getting something too easily or too soon can cheapen the outcome."

- John Wooden

Morning Session Poll

Like I said a few days ago, starting next week there will no longer be an 8:30 am session. I do plan on doing something mid-morning/early afternoon for the College Kids who are back, or maybe anyone else who is available. So what works best for you?

10 am

11 am

12 noon

Something in-between

I'm leaning towards 11 am, but it's your call.

Basketball, Steph Curry, and an Ankle Brace

Basketball people, you have already seen other basketball people poop their pants about Steph Curry's ankle/knee injury that's going to cost him at least 2 weeks in the playoffs. Non-basketball people, Steph Curry is a freakish human incarnate of a video game player with the shooting stats maxed out. So you can see why people who want his team to win are a little concerned. Here's the play that got him sidelined.

So Curry is out with a strained MCL and people aren't sure what to make of it. Then Tim Grover of The Vertical published The Truth about Steph Curry and guys... the rest of them might actually be catching on.

"...For Curry to make a successful return to playoff-caliber basketball, his rehab will have to restore his timing and conditioning because his game involves so much quick change of speed and direction; his style of play requires an extremely high level of agility. He’s not explosive like Russell Westbrook, but he’ll beat you with quickness, both physically and mentally, not just up and down the court but in all directions, at all speeds.

It won’t be enough for him to receive the inevitable verdict that he’s been “cleared for basketball activity.” There’s basketball activity, and then there’s Steph Curry.

Keep in mind, there’s also the ankle issue. Remember, before Sunday’s knee injury, Curry missed the preceding game with an ankle sprain. I know everyone is looking at the replay of the knee sprain and saying, “It was just one of those things.” But in this case, if you really look at how he tweaked the ankle, you’ll understand that it wasn’t “just a slip.” Without a doubt, that weakened ankle contributed to the knee sprain; when he slipped on the court, the ankle instability couldn’t help protect the knee. The entire body is a chain: one rusty link puts extra stress on the other links and weakens the entire chain.

Curry was wearing an ankle brace when the knee injury occurred, and it’s a reasonable bet that the brace jeopardized the knee. Why? Because while the ankle is immobilized, what's the next point of vulnerability? The knee. The stress moves right up the chain.

No question Steph needs the brace to stabilize the ankle, but there are risks associated with that. Ankle braces are supposed to prevent sprains, but what happens when you brace something? You’re giving added support from an outside source. When the body gets something from an outside source, it stops doing what it’s supposed to do naturally. So instead of the ankle protecting itself, it relies on the brace and ultimately weakens the entire chain up the body. End result: Increased risk of other lower-body injuries.

Ankle stability is everything: The stronger your lower legs, the more explosive you’ll be in all directions: laterally, forward, backward, vertical, stop and go. Think of yourself as a race car: Your horsepower comes from the calves up; your ankles are the tires. In the middle of a race the pit crew doesn’t change the engine, it changes the tires so the car can keep performing. Weak tires, weak race."

We've discouraged athletes in the past from wearing braces for this exact reason. But if there's anywhere to wear a brace, wouldn't it be the NBA playoffs? What do you guys think?