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Easter Beaster Workout. Saturday 9:30 am

Schedule Update: Spring Break vol 2 + Summer Stirrings

The schedule for this weel will be as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

12 noon*

3:45 pm

6 pm

7 pm



12 noon*

7 pm


*Note, I may be a little late to the noon session on Monday and Wednesday

**Also, if track practice is at noon, please let me know and I will just revert to the 2:45 sessions.

The Champions Club Summer 2014 Official Signup is now in the works and will be sent out in the near future. In the meantime, be sure to start reminding the old kids to get back at it and try to find some kew kids on the block who would be a good fit - especially for the 10 am session. You never know how they might turn out...

Pic of the Week Poll

We had a few worthy candidates for the Pic of the Week. Here's our finalists.

 1. Apparently all of the parking spaces were filled up before last Sunday's team workout, so David decided to take matters into his own hands.

2. Finding Nemo drawing - I believe done by Amy Potter and Bubs - done after the team workout.

3. Takeout at Culvers - also from last Sunday - after me and Ryan make a Home Depot run.

4. Cirque du Freak continued.

Post your vote to comments. Remember, open mobility tonight at 8 pm.

New Graduate: Maria

Earlier today, our new 6th grader Maria finished her accelerated Fundamentals. She did not do Fran, but went through a simulated session with a tough 10 minute workout of Running, Deadlifts, and Push press. Maria progressed very well through her five Fundamentals sessions and will be joining the group on Monday.

Here's how she looked on Day 4. This was the first time she ever performed a clean.

Deadlift form also improved.

Easter Update

The results and photos are now in for the Easter Beaster that took place earlier today.

There will be an open mobility session tomorrow (Easter Sunday) at 8 pm for anyone that wants to come in. Have a great Easter and don't forget to color your eggs.

Check back tomorrow for next week's schedule.

Easter Beaster Recep

Thanks to everyone who showed up at today's Easter Beaster workout. Results and photos will be posted later on today. Congratulations to the winning team of Elizabeth, Anita, and Megan.

Shortly after the winning ceremony, the Grand Bunny met an untimely demise from the swooping fists of one Tara Taylor. In the midst of her roid rage, our friend Tara Chris Brown'd the poor old Grand Bunny in what has become an Easter Tradition at the Champions Club. TMZ caught the incident on camera.

Team Selection: Easter Beaster Edition

The following are the teams for tomorrow's Easter Beaster workout. Winning team gets the Grand Bunny!

Note: decorative ribbon is not edible

Team 1: David - Pudge - EP


Team 2: Jason - Katie B - Erin Kav


Team 3: Ricky - Erika - Tara


Team 4: Elizabeth - Anita - Megan Kav


Team 5: Jacqueline - Emma - Alyssa


Team 6: Chris - Murley - James