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Volunteer Tutors Needed!

See the Champions Club Education Network for details


Pic of the Week: Regionals

Warren Mott was the place to be for the Champions Club on Thursday. Shakes was back from her softball game, Robert killed it on the track. Mrs. Kroll was in the stands (probably contemplating the next bathroom break), and Shannon was on the infield coaching 'em up.

Memorial Weekend Schedule Update + Summer Info

Couple notes:

Both Saturday (tomorrow) and Sunday will be workout days - seeing as they both fall in the 2nd and 3rd day of the 3-on-1-off schedule we are experimenting with. Saturday will be an individual workout and Sunday will most likely be a team workout. Times are still the same: Saturday at 11 and Sunday at noon.

Also, there will not be a 3:30 session on Monday. So the schedule for Memorial Day will be as follows:

11 am

5:30 pm

6:30 pm

Finally, I am still trying to organize a few details for the Summer. Just as a general FYI, the cost is still the same ($225) and it runs from June 13 through August 31. It's the specific session times that's up in the air. So hang in there and be on the lookout for an email and post sometime late next week.

ps. the first Theme Workout of the Summer has been decided on. As tradition calls, it's a new theme. Any guesses?

New Graduate + Robert Recap

Yesterday after the 5:30 pm session, Rashad Hopkins for his first kipping pull-up with the assistance of the green band.

While this might not seem like a big deal, it should be noted that during Fundamentals a mere two months ago, Rashad could barely hang from the bar - even with a band. He has been trying to get his first pull-up now for the last week or so and he finally got it yesterday. I mess with him a lot, but he really has been doing very well during the month of May. If he can keep it up through the Summer I think we can expect good things from Rashad on the field next fall.

In other news, the De La Salle 4x400m relay team won their race last night at Mott and finished first in Macomb County (Mott actually ran really well and finished 4th - behind a great 48 sec. anchor from Ty Redding). Robert Kroll had a great leg of the relay which brought his team from 7th place all the way up to 3rd. As luck would have it, we have it on video.

James Worthy and Kurt Rambis would be proud.

Quote of the Week vol. 141

"They must be from Brand X"

- Lots of people and coaches near Ramona, CA.

Jeff Martin, owner of Brand X and founder of CrossFit Kids, just wrote an interlude on their blog about how every time they go compete in fitness competitions or lifting meets, other coaches can identify Brand X kids simply from watching them move.

This is our goal for all of you younger athletes, except in your sports team's setting. Brian the Trainer was the first one to point this out when he was in charge of volleyball conditioning and saw Pudge, Hannah Kimmel, and Erin Whitman move like athletes. Now, Coach T always points out that Champions Club veterans like Collin, the Jabaras, and the Banets are models for the class. In addition, new kids like Kris, Rashad, and Dawson represent well and stand out with great form relative to the other non-Champions Club football players. As The Takeover spreads and we get to know more of the coaches, we know this tendency will continue.

Welcome Back: Heather

Look who stopped by the 6:30 session last night:

Champions Club fan-favorite Heather Kozlakowski is back in town for a few days after spending the last year and some change in California. The aspiring actress is doing some work for Warner Bros. and a few other part-time gigs. BUt she is back here because she is doing a comedy show at O'Mara's in Berkley tonight at 9:30pm. Anyone 21 and over is invited to go.

Either way. it's great to see Heather back!

Robert, Banets, and Jabara at Mott

There's a lot going on tomorrow afternoon at Warren Mott High school.

First, the Macomb County Track Championship Meet will be held at Mott starting at 4:00 pm. It will be the last meet Shannon and I will be coaching in this season, and it will also be host to Champions Club's own Robert Kroll. Robert is running for De La Salle and he will be in the 200m dash and 4x400m relay.

A few hundred feet away, the Mott softball team is playing their last home game before districts. It is senior night, so Alyssa Jabara and reigning Athlete of the Summer Elizabeth Banet will be honored among a few other seniors. And let's not forget about Jennifer the drinking fountain, who starts at 3rd. The first game is at 4:30 and the second one is right after, so hopefully you guys can make it up for a bit.

Beast Mode: Slick Rick

Ricky Carey has not quite had the winter/spring I was hoping for his senior year as far as conditioning, but his max effort numbers are the best they have ever been.

Last Friday, he topped out on his 1 rep max snatch at 155 lbs. Check it out.

Ideally we'd like him to go a little slower from Pose 1 to Pose 2 - which ended up causing him to be a little bit forward on Pose 3. But still a good lift and his position remained in tact.