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Halloween Workout 2014 Signup Here

Coach's Corner: JZ Is A Delicate Fairy Princess

Today at the 3:15 session, JZ worked his way up to a 5 RM Deadlift. We overshot the weight, and had to drop down a little bit. Still good for a pr as far as I know. Check it out.

Freestyle Connection and Movement Faults

Remember that the ultimate goal for our training is not just to have a perfect push-up, or an immaculate squat, or a PR on "Helen." The goal is for you to improve your movement and be able to transfer that movement to the real world. We hope that the positions you practice in a controlled workout environment will eventually become your default positions when you're free to move however you need to. One of the ways we can test to see if your movement ability is transferring is to put you in this scenario and see what happens. In other words, we let you play.

What positions do you see Sabal, Jennifer, Emma, and Erika adopting as they play dodgeball? Notice what happens to Erika's back leg and her arm as she prepares to throw, and compare that to Jennifer's positions. They look very different, even though when we train a lunge position or a press, we know their positions will look almost identical. Part of the reason for these deviations is freestyle, or the ability to adapt movement patterns you've learned formally to a new experience. But another part of the deviations is that in this high-speed environment, movement faults become more and more noticeable. 

If you think about the stable positions the shoulder can adopt, you see that Jennifer has both of her shoulders back in a pretty good position whereas Erika is internally rotated in her non-throwing shoulder and her other elbow is pointed way out. What other things can you see? If you can see the connection between the things you practice in the gym and the things you have to do in your sport, it will help you train smarter and become a more technically sound athlete. This will directly improve your performance, as we see when Jennifer dominates the dodgeball court over her older sisters.

Beast Mode: Crystal Reed

Word got back quickly this afternoon. Crystal Reed took a brief hiatus from the Champions Club this past month to concentrate on her marathon training. It seemed to serve her well.

Crystal finished the Detroit Free Press Marathon (that's 26 miles!) this morning in 4:19:57. That is good for a pr by 4 MINUTES! Plus, she also noted that she only got three hours of sleep the night before.

We're proud of you Crystal! Can't wait to have you back around here so you can tell us about it. You can see a brief recap from last year's race in this post.

From the Vault: Halloween Reminder

This is another reminder that Friday, October 31 will be the return of our annual Halloween Workout. For details, see this post. I've heard a few good costume ideas so far. Not sure if they stack up to last year's though...

...again, if you will be attending, please sign up via the comments in the post linked above.

Pics of the Week: Homecoming 2014

Here's the pictures that were submitted to us for this year's Homecoming. Most of them were from Mott, but we also got Mia's picture from Foley's Homecoming and Master P's from Lamphere - bowtie included.

Full photo gallery can be seen here.

Mystery Athlete Has Tight Hamstrings


1) Being away from the Champions Club this semester has been a disaster on this athlete's previously flexible hamstrings - as they now twitch involuntarily.

2) This athlete's primary sport was competitive complaining.

3) You can always count on this athlete to lose count.


Post guesses to comments.

Reunion Recap + Manbearpig

Much to my surprise, we actually had a decent turnout at our "reunion" day - especially around the 5:30 and 6:30 pm sessions. While the most of the turds did not work out, it was good to see them back in the gym.

Connor, Lil Kim, Meghan, Ricky, Katie B, and Ion made a lively atmosphere

Lest we not forget another slob who made his presence felt in a major way. Of course I'm talking of the lifetime ladies man Master P. He blobbed around the gym for about three hours dancing and seducing all any and all passers by. Not only that, he drew a spot-on recreation of Manbearpig.

Manbearpig, of course, is the legendary moster that poses the biggest threat to society. He is half man, half bear, and half pig, and Al Gore has been leading the cursade to destroy the monster since 2006. If you are not familiar with the story, see below.

The rest of the pictures from today can be found in the October '14 Daily WODs photo gallery as usual.