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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2016

See schedule here.

Pics of the Week: The Two Entrances

There was a magical aura in the gym this morning before the Harry Potter Workout.

Beast Mode: James Willis

Reggie and Arlene's youngest son, Josh, has beel getting a lot of attention in this Summer's 11 am rookie session. But if not for his older brother, James, he would not likely be able to have the consistent attendance he's shown.

James is a karate ninja who often spars with Josh before and after a session until Josh wilts away in shame. It's kinda goofy to watch, but cool at the same time. It's just sometimes hard to tell if they're just practicing or really pissed at each other, as I'd imagine brothers get. But James has also seen a radical improvement in his overall coordination and strength. The kipping pull-ups are still not his thing, but Pose running seems to be. And on the strength side, he was the only 11 am kid to work up over the 100-lb. mark in today's 3 RM deadlift.

His form topped out at 155 lbs. Check it out.

Last-Minute AED Contributions + Schedule Stuff

Our Summer schedule is still on through next week (August 29-September 2). The schedule after that will be different, and for those who are new to us this year: you do not have to sign up for a session. Everyone's schedule is a little more varied with sports and school so just make whichever one you can.

Last year, we had a class at 8:30 am. If anyone would attend a morning class around that time, please comment below.

The AED is going to get ordered next week. If anyone has any last-minute contributions they would like to make, I'll be willing to take them before Wednesday.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped out. You took quite a big dent out of that bill.

Saturday Reminder + CPR Opportunity + Mott Game Night

Remember, this Saturday at 11 am is the Harry Potter Theme Workout.

Also, Maria's mom will be taking me through a CPR and AED course after the workout. She said anyone who wants to get certified can attend. $40 bucks

Finally, Warren Mott is playing at Troy Athens tonight at 7 pm. I will most likely be heading there after the 7 pm session, so if anyone wants to carpool let me know. Mott will feature Champions Club athletes Kris Campbell, Dawson Bielski, and Tyler Jabara.

Quote of the Week vol. 154 + Our New Addition

During the burpee-hang clean-thruster complex on the round of 6 on Monday's workout.

Me: "Hustle up Mrs. Carey. Can't let Mrs. Pip beat you!"

Mrs. Carey, in perfect unison with the Ghostbusters Theme Song: "I ain't afraid of no Pip!"

The peeps at the 6 and 7 pm sessions yesterday heard the news, but in case you didn't catch wind, Shannon Marchant is now officially a coach-in-training at the Champions Club.

She had her first experience of it yesterday trying to teach Pose to a rowdy group of parents - including Mr. Z and Mr. A giving as much sass as possible. But the running looked good during the workout, so she must have been doing something right.

Shannon will be trying to balance the demands of her job and a new track coaching position with her new role at the Champions Club, but she is really excited at the opportunity. In the time we have spent together talking in one-on-one sessions in 2014 and around track practices this past spring, on top of her three years of experience at the gym, I know she has a lot to share with us. And now she has that opportunity.

Bye Bye Alyssa

At the end of Summer 2013, a kind gentleman named Mr. Jabara walked through our pull-up-barless garage doors asking about the possibility of his daughter, Alyssa joining the gym. It was a team workout, if I'm not mistaken, and the Banets had given me the heads up that he would visit - seeing as they talked to Alyssa during softball and volleyball. I heard really good things about Alyssa and was eagerly awaiting her to join.

5 months later, it happened. Alyssa Jabara and her brother, Tyler, signed up for Findamentals. They instantly became the worst jump-ropers I had ever seen in my life (an accomplishment only recently beaten by Robert Kroll and Parker Forrest.)

Nearly three years later, Alyssa is leaving us today marginally better at jumping rope and an envy to every girl in here who wants to lift heavy weights and sprint fast. In plain terms, Alyssa is a beast!

The sad thing is despite being as strong and fast and friendly as she is, Alyssa has managed to fly under the radar almost all of her time here (at least, from my perspective).

See, our gym is absolutely stacked with young girls who are fit so far beyond their peers. The Emmas, and Shannons, and Elizabeths, and Laurens, and Shakeses have been on top of that list at one time or another and received a lot of the spotlight - rightfully so. But unfortunately that means people like Murley, Kroll, [insert any other Banet here], and the Kavanaughs sometimes get the short end of the attention stick. Alyssa Jabara might have it the worst.

She came in during the generation of The Freaks and resided in the infamous 1:30 sessions of Summers past - filled to the brim with Banets, Bromms, and other burly beasts. They are a loud and exuberant group, so Alyssa's quiet nature often hid in the background until we looked at the whiteboard like, "Damn Alyssa... 165 lbs?!?" The Summer is where most of The Freaks shine, but this is also right in the middle of Alyssa's prime travel softball season; tournaments every weekend, trips out of state, showcases, and the daily practices have kept her from being as consistent in the gym as the rest of her session. So from this perspective we see the limitations, but if we look past this gym to what really matters - the softball diamond - we see another story entirely. I have been to probably 6 or 7 games since she's been here. I don't know much about softball, but her excellence is obvious. Everyone else on the diamond is playing catch-up. In that world, the does everything but fly under the radar. She is a standout.

However, this winter/Summer showed Alyssa at her CrossFit best. We wratched up the intensity during December/January/February, and now that she's been consistent with her attendance the heavy weights are rolling in just in time for her head off to Concordia.

Alyssa, keep up the great work and I know I can speak for everyone else in saying that we look forward to having you visit whenever you can and we'll be keeping up with your softball season.

Thank you for everything!

Theme Workout Announcement: Harry Potter

School is starting up very soon and that means the Hogwarts Express will be loading up on Platform 9¾ ready to take wizarding students to Hogwarts. This means one thing for the Champions Club:

Harry Potter Theme Workout!

As is tradition, we will be dividing everyone into four houses and they will be competing for the House Cup. Goblet of Squats, Hagrid's Hang Cleans, and Chamber of Sit-ups will be featured and reps will be counted up at the end.

Saturday at 11 am for the kids, Sunday at 12 noon for the parents. Be ready!