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The Goon and Goblin Poll vol. 16

Reminder, my latest editorial The Champions Club Checklist comes out tonight at 6 pm. It's a cool one.

This week's poll comes courtesy of Jacob the Goon, but was obviously influenced by Matt Morrow's recen obsession with Bane and the CIA guy.


What is your favorite Superhero movie?

Jesse the Graduate: The Good, the Bad, and the Tryout

Our little boy Jesse Junkin has officially graduated from Grand Valley. In the ceremony held on Saturday, his more talented brother, Jay, caught the precious moment on the stadium Jumbotron.

On the bad side of things, Jesse is now off in the world away from the friendly confines of Madison Ave. He will be headed to South Bend, Indiana where hewill be managing apartments and such. Unfortunately, he will not visit home before his departure.

As much as he will be missed at the gym, his absence may prove fatal to the Mario Baseball league supported by myself, Jay, and Jacob (the league's commissioner.) Since Jesse's participation in the league appears to be a thing of the past, we are in dire need of a pivotal fourth player. We are looking for someone who is well-versed in the Nintendo Wii, the rules of Baseball, Microsoft Excel, has access to endless AA betteries, and is preferably a male. While we perform a draft at the beginning of each season, Jesse's roster routinely expresses a heavy pitching bias while being partial to slap-hitters.

Not only that, the newcomer has to fill the technical and emotional void Jesse left. Were you to fill the "Jesse" role, you will be subject to occasional competitive banter, possible physical abuse, and may be exposed to occasional male nudity as a initiation ritual performed by the league's foul-mouthed commissioner. It should also be noted that in the case of a tie in voting, your vote would not count.

Regristration is open until further notice. If you are interested, please post your resume' to comments. We're gonna have tryouts...

Coach's Corner: Chris??

Since Brian put himself out to the dogs on his deadlift critique post, I figured I'd do the same.

On March 5, we did 3 rep max deadlift and saw pr's accross the board. JZ set his workout aside at the 7 pm session so he could help coach and then hit the deadlifts after. I jumped in with him and he got my last set on film. This is 360 pounds (which is Brian's warmup).

What was good? What was bad?

Pic of the Week: Field Trip Edition

As we are sludging away here in the climate-challenged state of Michigan, Emma and Murley are enjoying their time in sunny southern California. But their vacation did not take them to Los Angeles or San Diego, but instead a burnt down place of nothing called Ramona. What's in Ramona, you ask? According to them: two street lights, a supermarket, a warehouse "disctict" with two warehouses, and as many dirt roads as one could wish for.

Well, that and CrossFit Brand X; birthplace of CrossFit Kids.

Due to the generosity of Jeff and Mikki Martin, our young coaching prospects are getting to spend the weekend with the founders of CrossFit Kids and pick the brains of two of the best coaches on the planet.

CrossFit Brand X is known to have the best movers (form and technique) in the entire CrossFit community. I can't wait to hear a full report from them when they get back. Hopefully we can hold our own. But either way, you can expect some changes in form standards coming soon.

Morrow's Metcon Mayhem

As some of you saw on the sidebar recently, Champions Club OG and Handsome Gentlemen's Club co-founder Matt Morrow competed in a small competition in Lansing last weekend. Here isthe breakdown he sentme via email.


Not gonna lie, based on the qualifications for Intermediate, some of the people competing were WAY overqualified but whatever. I'm happy with the first WOD for never rowing. Guy on the rower next to me got off about 30 seconds before me, but I ended up catching him and beating him on the wall ball, so that made me happy. Just did not do well with the second workout. I'm not sure if I was just not mentally there or what, but it sucked. Killed the third workout, I was really happy with that result. The 115 lb push press felt like nothing. Double unders could have been a little better, but oh well. Overall, it was an interesting experience. I had fun, but I don't think I'll be competing again soon. Some of these people take CrossFit way too seriously. I just want to look good with my shirt off at the end of the day, not be a Games competitor. 

WOD 1:
Row 1000m
50 Wallballs (20 lbs to 10 foot target)

Time: 6:25
Place: 11/23

WOD 2:
0-2:00: Max Front Squats in 2 Minutes (135 lbs)
2:01-3:59: Rest
4:00-10:00: AMRAP 6 Minutes
6 Power Clean (135)
6 Bar Over Burpees

Reps for Front Squats: 28
Place: 14/23

Reps for AMRAP: 55
Place 14/23

WOD 3:
AMRAP 5 Minutes
5 Push Press (115 lbs)
15 Box Jumps (20″)
Rest 1 Minute
Max Double Unders in 1 minute

Reps for AMRAP: 121
Place: 9/23
Reps for Double Unders: 26
Place: 12/23

New Graduate: Jennifer Banet

So I was outside getting the 7 pm group ready for their run when I saw Alyssa Jabara running outside and screaming, "JENNIFER GOT A STRICT PULL-UP!"

I sent them off and rushed inside to see Jennifer perform a flawless strict pull-up without the slightest bit of struggle - similar to her first handstand push-up.

The youngest Banet is certainly a strange being, but we're glad she's on our side!

JZ is a Scrawny Boy So We Should Go Support Him

As you saw earlier this week, JZ hit a few bumps so far this baseball season. But good news he has worked his way back in the starting lineup on the state-contending Stevenson varsity squad. He has two games tomorrow, the second of which is against L'Anse Cruese - which starts at 1 pm.

Jacob and I are going after the mobility session and anyone that wants to tag along after is more than welcome.

Also, Elizabeth (pictured above) and the rest of her Mott softball team is playing in a tournament all day tomorrow at Troy Athens. The game times will be varied, but check it out if you're in the area.