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We added a 3:30 pm session; morning session moved to 8 am

See full schedule here.

Beast Mode: Adam Can Deadlift?

Yesterday we wanted to do tons and tons of reps on deadlifts at a weight that would feel heavy after doing tons and tons of reps. Most of you peeps did sets of 10. The purpose of this was to get you guys to the point where you can do heavier deadlifts during workouts - which usually come in sets around 10 or more.

The most amazing thing happened at the 5:30 session: in a group of 12 people I turned my back on Adam Bordoley while he was deadlifting 95 lbs in order to watch someone else because I knew his form was going to be good. I was in absolute blissful shock; just two weeks ago he couldn't deadlift 65 lbs without groaning like he was home alone with his laptop while his spine collapsed in a heaping mess. And yesterday:

Dude did 115 lbs!


There is no sarcasm or back-handedness to that. This is awesome. Much more to come!

Beast Mode: 5:30 Running, SDHP, Box Jump

Tuesday's workout was a quasi-sub for a 5k row and turned out to be a pretty tough lung burner. Our 5:30 session was a good mix of Summer rookies and veterans and had a really good showing. We had Mrs. Bennis, Schott, Coach Casey, Evan, Dylan Colussi, Mrs. Nevarez, Lira, Budo, Rylee, and Dillon. The athletes that I didn't think were going to get the timing of the sdhp during the workout just did regular deadlifts instead. Check it out.

Coach's Corner: Wallballs and My Baby Video

CrossFit is made of functional movements - which are defined a few different ways, but in essence they come down to movements that are likely to be useful in real life. Deadlifts, running, box jumps, and burpees are all very clear examples of this. Handstands? Snatches? Well, you have to do a little more digging to find the function in those. One of these "fringe" movements is a wallball. Squatting happens, using your hips to pop something over your head happens. But what could possibly be held in the hands in the sagital plane, squatted down all the way, then hoisted 10 feet in the air?

A child, as it turns out, is the correct answer to that - as I found out to my horror last week.

For Mothers and Father's Day this year my sister took all the home videos from VHS and converted them to DVDs; Sarah's videos were set up for my mom on Mothers Day and mine were set up for my dad on Fathers Day. I didn't see mine until last week and aside from a very embarassing rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, those were the two clips that caught my attention the most. 

First off, what the hell, dad!? There's an electric line right there! Secondly, my range unfortunately never extended much past where it was in the second video. Thirdly, everything we do in the weight room is an exaggeration of reality. That means we overemphasize things in the gym (feet together, neutral midline, ankle range of motion, etc.) on purpose so that when they come up in real life, they're more likely to be on the favorable side than the unfavorable side.

For wallballs, we exaggerate two things: loading order and core-to-extremity. Loading order: keep on sending the hips back back back so they do most of the work as opposed to the knees. Core-to-extremity: extend the hips all the way before the arms start pushing; the legs are stronger than the arms. On the slow-motion, you'll notice my dad do both - the loading order well and the core-to-extremity really well. On my basketball shot (for lack of a better term) it's the same. Though the exact specifics of a wallball will never be replicated in real life, the principles will.

Quote of the Week vol. 303

Me: "Yo where's your mom at?"

Mallory: "She's in Seattle on a work trip"

Dylan: "She's probably in Vegas gambling."

Theme Workout Announcement: Halloween 2019

This year we will be doing our Trick-or-Treat workout again for any of the babies or kids (or adults, I suppose) who want to participate. We've had a low turnout in the past, but I have a feeling we might get better numbers this year. Here's the breakdown:

Date: Thursday, October 31 (obviously)

Time: 6:30 pm

Format: All the kids meet at the gym around 6:30 or so, then go out and Trick-or-Treat around our neighborhood for a while while our normal 6:30 session is going on. Then come back to the gym around 7:45 or so to count the candy and start the workout.

Katie Bromm - Halloween 2013Hope to see you guys there!

CrossFit Health Conference 2019: David Diamond on Deception in Cholesterol Research

The final presentation from the CrossFit Health Conference I wanted to link was finally posted on the main site last week. This one, however, is not necessarily about health in the same way Zoe Harcombe's and Thomas Seyfried's presentations were. Instead, David Diamond details the the inaccuracies and the corruption behind cholesterol medication. The 15:00 mark shows studies that state how higher cholesterol (400+ overall, LDL 250+)  means you're more likely to live longer. Then the 28:00 mark shows how cholesterol drugs can advertise a 24% mortality benefit, despite the actual number being 0.4%.

Again, this presentation doesn't go as much into specific lifestyle habits like the other two, but for someone that usually finds science and statistics a cue to start daydreaming, David Diamond had my attention the entire time. This was also the specific presentation that led me to believe either 1) CrossFit has brainwashed an incredible amount of people, or 2) we are the single thing that is going to fix the world's health.

New Graduates: Ford Trio

Yesterday morning Brady Territo, Griffin Sharp, and Noah Bankston finished their 5th and final Fundamentals session with a 3 rounds run/dumbbell clean couplet to cap things off.

I have done a few Fundamentals in the past in a 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 setting, and this is the smoothest I can remember as far as scheduling. Brady did not make it in on Day 2 and made it up the next day, and other than that we had all 3 at every session. My takeaway is they are really, really out of shape. The good thing is they know it and are not looking to rush things. All three seem like really good athletes and are coordinated enough to get the hang of the movements very quick. If their attendance stays consistent I'll definitely need to buy more 45-lb. plates! Welcome to the Champions Club kids!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Brady = Jonah minus the ninja jump; Griffin = Mikey Peterson when he got more coordinated; Bankston = my cousin Alex Andreoli.