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New Editorial Sneak Peek: The Not Me's

I will be releasing my new editorial The Coaches: A Secret Society of Unreasonable Expectations on Monday, March 2 at 6 pm. This will be my first full-length piece since The Summer of the Sumo Deadlift.

Torso Position in the Squat

This picture was taken from the 7 pm session on Monday night's Thruster/pull-up Fran-type substance.

Notice how forward her torso is at the bottom. In an ideal world, the bar should be stacked up directly over the middle of her foot. If you were to draw a line straight up from her foot, you would see the bar is way far out in front. This puts extra stress on the back and arms and makes the athlete work extra hard to keep from losing the weight forward.

And in this case, I'm perfectly okay with it.

In our view, torso position is a progression in the same way that range of motion is. The more upright the torso, the more mobilioty is needed in the ankles and hips to maintain stability. In the picture, Heather has a neutral spine, stable feet, stable knees, and stable hips. If she were to have a vertical torso, one of those points would be compromised - most likely the feet and knees - and that is not something we are willing to give up for this workout. Instead, we kept the weight light and worked to the limit of her mobility.

This is a topic I have addressed multiple times with the group. A few weeks ago, I asked Ricky to film me with the 6 pm crew talking about it.

Also, I havea post coming soon that will cover the issue from a bigger picture. Stay tuned.

Guest Post vol. 13: Mama Said Never Talk to Strangers

by, Megan Kavanaugh

On Friday Erin and I, and a few friends went to the Garth Brooks concert at Joe Louis. We were sitting in the very last row with our backs against a brick wall. This was our view.

After getting settled, Erin and I and one of our friends went to go get drinks, while the others waited at our seats.  A random middle aged balding man stopped me at the bottom of the stairs. He started talking to me about the concert. Strange things like…

“Are you excited for the concert?...Do you like Garth Brooks?...Do your friends like Garth Brooks?... Why are your friends walking away and letting you talk to a stranger?”

Yeah kinda creepy, but I noticed a BIG ASS radio attached to his pocket. I knew something was happening.  I called Erin and my friend over and this man keeps talking to us about Garth Brooks and then asked…

“How many people are in your group?...Any guys?...Is he wearing a big hat?”

We had 5 people in our group, one guy (my friends cousin), and no big hats! Then he asked us some song trivia and then he said…

“It just so happens that I have these FRONT ROW TICKETS for 4 friends and a cousin, without a big hat, that are true Garth Brooks fans. Would you like them.”

We completely lost it! He gave us the tickets and this was our new view…

Life lessons were made that day.

Mama said never talk to strangers…


Quote of the Week vol. 76: The Crappy Ice Cream Parable

"Imagine you have a giant tub of delicious ice cream to share, and sitting next to it was one tiny little turd. If you try to mix the turd and ice cream, no matter how little the turd, nobody will want to eat the ice cream."

 - Jacob Augustine, quoting his baseball coach and relating it to the Champions Club's natural ability to weed out tiny little turds.


New Graduate: Jacob

Guest post by Megan Kavanaugh coming tonight at 8.

Yesterday during the 5 pm session, handsome gentleman Jacob Augustine got his first kipping handstand push-up.

Note: typical Jacob language used in the video

As you know, Jacob has been hitting one-on-one sessions three times per week with me and so far I am happy with the result. In this short time, he's just about fixed all traces of bad knees in a squat, improved his deadlift range of motion by about half (still work to go), did a freakin 16 minute Filthy Fifty, and now this.

All I can say is keep rollin!


Today was Mrs. Carey's 50th birthday! Mrs. Pip surprised everyone at the 6 pm session by bringing in a giant box full of balloons, cupcakes, and even a veggie platter to share.

Mrs. Carey has been a fan favorite for years and will continue to be. Keep up the great works missy and enjoy your special day. Just be thankful you missed the Filthy Fifty on Sunday.

Post your favorite Mrs. Carey memory to comments.

NFL Combine Silliness

In this edition of Annoy Chris Binno By Saying Footballers Are Better Than Olympic Weightlifters:

We have a world record broad jump at the NFL combine by some random defensive back on UCONN. Video was brought to my attention from The Blob's Dad.