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Workout of the Day - Saturday, July 7


Try to make Saporito do something



"Jurassic Smash 2.0"

4 rounds (8 of each exercise), complete as many reps as possible of:

Clean, 1 minute

Burpee box jump, 1 minute

 *divide into teams of two, alternate 2 reps of cleans and every rep of burpee box jump

**dinosaur attacks occur after each minute and are denoted by the following: 

1:00 = T-Rex attack: hold a motionless plank position for 1 min.

3:00 = Pterodyctal attack: hold active bottom of squat for 45 seconds

5:00 = Velocaraptor attack: designated sprint with 1:20 time cap

7:00 - Baby predator attack: bar hang for 30 seconds

***penalty for not surviving the attack is to sit out 15 seconds of next exercise


Compare to 6/20/2015

Post total score to comments.


Reader Comments (2)

Fry/Murley 154
Devan/Suyailim 120
Jen Ash/Kasey/Dylan 129
Luke/Elizabeth 134
Woorden/Cecilia 145
Erika/Jennifer 137
Jessica/Emily 95
Div/Shakes losers

July 8, 2018 | Registered CommenterChris Sinagoga

Div and I were somewhere around 130.

July 8, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterKShakes

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