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The Takeover - Coaches and P.E. Teachers

The Takeover is simply the process of getting local coaches and teachers on the same page with how we train. A full editorial on the process can be found below.

The Takeover FYI

We have been lucky enough to work directly with some of the best minds in the world of fitness; Carl Paoli, Kelly Starrett, Jeff and Mikki Martin. Our gym is the product of them sharing their best practices and applying them to our population - which is mostly teenagers. As a result our kids showcase the best form we have seen anywhere in Michigan and have some impressive numbers to back their work capacity. This is the result of constant dedication to the mantra, "Technique, Consistency, Intensity." In other words we drill the technique every day, we see that become consistent without our constant coaching, then - and only then - we increase the speed and load.

Our passion is coaching teenagers; we think it's the best place to build these habits. Unfortunately we have seen a lot of programs that set kids up for bad movement patterns, limited development, and ultimately injury. This is not because the coaches are trying to hurt kids or stunt their progress, but because they haven't been exposed to the stuff we have been taught.

That is going to change.

First Champions Club Coaches Clinic - December 21, 2015

Strength and Conditioning Corner

This section is dedicated with resources and reference material for the sports strength and conditioning coaches. You are the buffer for your athletes against what happens on the field or court. The things you practice in the weight room can either set them up for good stuff in their sport, or injury. The following posts should help. If you are a phys. ed. teacher scroll further down.


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Sumo Deadlift FYI

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Olympic lifts

Core to Extremity

Ricky Carey: The Visual Cue



Phys. Ed. Corner

This is a section dedicated to resources and reference material for Phys. Ed. teachers. We know your environment can be difficult to succeed at times; no equipment, limited time with students, 50 kids in a class, etc. So hopefully these posts can be used to accomplish good movement in a way that is more applicable to you. If you are a sports coach, you may want to look at the section above.


Cues vs. Coaching

Defining Purpose

What is a Rep?

Blocked Practice: An In-Depth Look at Training

In the Line of Fire: My Experience as Teacher for a Day

Scaling Range-of-Motion: Good or Bad?

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Movement Shapes pt. 15: The Deadlift Family



Surviving School (And Other Dangerous Things)