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Champions Club Education Network

  • Academic Tutoring

    Longtime Champions Club coach and athlete Nicole Murley runs an after school tutoring program at Central Collegiate High School in Detroit. She begins each session with a short warmup and workout to get the brian active and alert, then moves to the books to tackle whichever subject is emphasized that day. Interested students, volunteer tutors, and administrators should click the link above for more information.

  • Sports and Phys. Ed

    Our passion at the Champions Club is coaching teens and younger kids. We think it is the best place to build habits that can help a kid in both their athletic career and lifetime fitness. A few local Phys. Ed. programs and sports teams have reached out for collaboration with us where we offer brainstorming and on-the-spot coaching. If you are a strength and conditioning coach or Physical Education teacher, click the link above for more information.