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These are some of the questions that I get asked frequently. The list is obviously not finished and will be updated when need be. Any suggestions are welcome.


What is CrossFit? The answer is different with every gym. So come in and see our expression of CrossFit.

What kind of workouts do we do? We follow

What are your credentials? Depending on when you're reading this, roughly 10 years of making mistakes while coaching CrossFit. POSE running coach. CrossFit Level 1 certification. CrossFitter since 2005. Student for the game of basketball. Former player/current coach for The Family AAU. Attained certified and documented ‘Pokemon Master’ status in both Red and Gold versions.

Can we make up workouts we’ve missed on Wednesdays/Saturdays? Probably not. Maybe if 1) I’m in a good mood, 2) you move well and 3) I know you aren’t over-training. But otherwise no. Anyways, who's to say that one full hour of mobility and technique work won't help you long-term more than one workout?

Should I stop working out if I am in a sports season? Absolutely not! Every day, we have scaled "in-season" versions of the Workout of the Day available for our athletes to complete.

Do you tailor your training for people to compete in CrossFit? If the situation is right. But otherwise, not really. Most of the kids here train for a sport, not CrossFit itself, and the adults train to live a better quality life. Not saying it's not possible to do both, but it doesn't generally work unless the athlete in question is incredibly gifted. On a side note, we do have a history of doing very well in competitions without deviating from our normal training.

Do you tailor workouts for people that are injured? Absolutely. But we also have a nauseating number of mobility techniques at our disposal that takes care of many injuries we come across.


Can I skip Fundamentals? No.

Can I demonstrate that I don’t need Fundamentals? In very rare instances (AJ Morey, Lauren Higgins), I give someone the option not to do Fundamentals. But they both chose to do them anyway.

What is Marc Pro? See link here.

Where do you get all of your mobility information from? Kelly Starrett: the founder of San Francisco CrossFit, MobilityWOD, and the cure for being an idiot.

Isn’t doing reps that fast bad for your body? If you do it incorrectly, yes. In our gym, we have our athletes move as fast as they can go without form breaking down for about 90 percent of the workouts.

Why do you guys cheat when you do pull-ups? We don’t. Kipping takes coordination, strength and accuracy. It also challenges shoulder mobility and enforces global extension and global flexion – which translates to athletic movements like Olympic lifting, throwing, and kicking more than a strict pull-up.

I don't get the POSE Method for running. Can you explain it? The concept is simple. You place your body in it's most advantageous position to use gravity (Pose). Then you displace your hips in relation to your feet (Fall). Once your fall in finished, bring your foot back up into Pose to allow yourself to keep falling (Pull). Simple concept. But the method for teaching takes time and requires an acute sense of perception.

What is "unweighting?" Removing bodyweight from your support. For a long explanation, see here.

Why do you teach unweighting in Olympic lifts instead of the conventional methods? A few reasons. One, it seems to have more skill-transfer into other movements; clean, snatch, push jerk, and running all have the same base movement pattern (unweighting), just different poses. Also, it simplifies the teaching process. By unweighting correctly, the athlete naturally hits all of the coaching points in other methods.

Where did the Pose and unweighting stuff come from? A crazy Russian guy named Dr. Nicholas Romanov; who happens to be a genius in his spare time.

What kind of methodology do you follow? Hard to say for sure. I've been around CrossFit since 2005, and naturally I learned a lot from Coach Glassman and the example his original Santa Cruz crew showed. But there probably isn't one person who has affected our training more than Carl Paoli (sometimes referred to as CARL FREAKIN PAOLI.) Not only did he go out of his way to visit the Champions Club in September 2012, but he has also helped guide us in how we see movement, how we base our training, and how we will treat people when we get as popular as he is. Carl makes it easy for our coaches because he sets a very clear, yet impossible standard of what being a coach really means. Carl continues to be a mentor to our coaches and athletes and he should receive some kind of royalty for any form of future success we may bump into.


Where can I buy a t shirt? You can't. We hand them out to people that earn them.

Can I drop my kid off early and pick up late? Yes. No problem.

Will I be working out with kids? Yes.

Will I be working out with adults? Yes.

Why do you guys prefer to go by Champions Club instead of CrossFit Athletic Group? Just preference I guess. Champion's Club was the name of the group when we started in 2010 at the school. It's the name Brian brought back to pay homage to Coach Tony Patritto (now at Rochester Adams) and his football staff. Basically, CrossFit Athletic Group is the building and the Champions Club is the people in it.

How did you guys get started? See our Building a Champion editorial series. Mainly part 1.

Why did you guys get kicked out of Foley? Your guess as good as mine. I tend to hint/poke fun at speculations every now and then. But in the end, we're here, they're there. And there is a solid barrier between us.

What do the abbreviations mean? See the Champions Club Slang article part 1 and part 2.

Who is BTT? That would be Brian - living proof that the strongest man in the universe can listen to One Direction and the Rio Soundtrack. For a great editorial about what this guy means to the Champions Club read here.

How do I use the website?  Start here

How often is new material posted? The summer ’13 began the standard of doing 3 posts per day, so I try my best to do that.

Who posts most of the articles? I post most of them.  The author of the post appears directly under the title.

Who are the other people that post? Murley has the second most. Emma posts very sporadically, but her posts are usually very popular. We'll get a few guest posts every now and then.

How can I show my loving and unconditional support for this outstanding website? Comment on our posts!

Can I link or reference one of your articles on my site? Sure thing. Just please cite the source in whatever way looks the best/makes the most sense.

Is there heat? Most of the time.

Is there air conditioning? Not even remotely.

Are there showers? Also a negative.

I really live too far away to join your gym. Can you recommend anywhere else? Definitely check out CrossFit BMW in Detroit. Jarrod Bell is the coach there and one of the best in the business. Can't say enough good things about this guy. Check out his editorial tribute here.

If I want to join, how do I start? Give me a call or drop me an email. We’ll let you jump in a session and see if you like it.

I called you and you didn't answer. What do I do now? If I didn't answer, it probably means I'm coaching a session at the moment - in which case you should swing by the gym. Either that, or it's a Saturday during the fall and I'm watching Harbaugh!

How much does it cost? See our Schedule/Fees section here.

How do you handle money? Honor system. But we call people out who take advantage of it.

How come your gym costs more than any other CrossFit gym? You get what you pay for.