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Coach Chronicles pt. 1

The following video is CrossFit founder Greg Glassman giving a lecture to a bunch of doctors in 2009. I know you probably loath any video that lasts more than 4 minutes, but this is a great clip from one of the great lectures Coach has delivered. Below the video, you will find highlights and references from our site.

:10 "guaranteed to exceed over time the capacities of the world's fittest human beings"

Coach Glassman is talking about the workouts posted on - the same workouts we follow. Why do we scale? Because even if we were the world's fittest human beings, there would still be times we would have to scale.

Referenced reading: Scale for Volume - September 12, 2014

1:00 - Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity.

According to Coach, a newbie should spend up to a month just practicing the movements. No timer. Low intensity. Just learning how to move. Sound familiar? This is how we run our Fundamentals program.

2:00 - "GPP is the most neglected aspect of training - especially in the elite athlete... Fixing those chinks will provide more benefit than further sport-specific strength and conditioning will."

GPP stands for General Physical Preparedness. This means following a program that will develop general skills and adaptations that will improve overall fitness, not necessarily a specific sport. I believe in the quote above, and I believe, from experience, that consistently following will force you to come across everything you're good at and everything you suck at and everything in between. I don't know of another program that does this as well.

Referenced reading: Quote of the Week vol. 50: Main Site Study Edition. August 24, 2014

4:00 - "You wanna do good at football? You gotta do football."

I always try to preach that while CrossFit is important, it does not replace practicing your sport. CrossFit gives you a great set of abilities that you can then apply to your sport.

Referenced reading: Priorities for Sport-Specific Training. June 20, 2013. Coach's Corner: Mobility Case Study. July 11, 2014

6:45 - "A great way to injure athletes is to run them long distance without full functional capacity of the prime movers [hips]... if you cannot take the hip and knee through a full range of functional movement I don't want high velocity/high repetition use of those same limbs."

None of our runners get injured while they are training. Sap and Shannon stop training and they begin to experience pain and discomfort. Everything in the gym leads into running.

Referenced reading: The In-Season Training Manifesto

13:15 Intensity, not volume

Referenced reading: A WOD Is What You Make It

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Reader Comments (6)

Didn't read any of that.

January 8, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAly

"You wanna do good at football? You gotta do football."

- i like this shit. and on the same line, god help you if you are training to become a crossfit "athlete". Crossfit athletes are just washed up gymnasts and community college baseball players who are too crazy/obsessed to realize when they are doing harm to their bodies.

God bless.

January 8, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJacob

Amen. Every affiliate owner should be required to watch this, because I feel like as CrossFit has expanded, it's purpose and the things that make it so effective have been diluted or otherwise forgotten. I've literally heard "CrossFitters" bragging about the number of HSPU's they could get in a row before they had surgery on their hip for an injury they sustained WHILE DOING HSPU's. If you're injured in the gym you're doing it wrong, unless some freak accident happens where weights land on you or the rope rips out of the ceiling when you're almost to the top or something.

January 8, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMurley Burly

Wait, how did someone hurt their hip while doing handstand push-ups? Did I read that right?

And at least you're honest Aly

January 8, 2015 | Registered CommenterChris Sinagoga

Maybe if folks got strong enough to do strict HSPUs, they wouldn't hurt their hips from the kipping.

January 9, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMel

Interesting point Mel. We like to keep the strength to skill ratio at 1:3. So if you can do 1 strict HSPU, you should be able to do 3 kipping (which is a skill). It's also a great skill transfer for a thruster.

January 9, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterEmma

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