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Build a Champion
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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

Ever wonder about the best way to eliminate pimples? See here for details.


Quote of the Week vol. 260: Pick a Wonsilism

Mr. Wonsil was on fire yesterday with the Dad Jokes.

"So I was driving down the street yesterday and saw the addresses were 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9... and I knew the odds were against me"

Holding up a tire in each hand during the warmup, "I can't do burpees, I'm two tired"

There were more but I forgot.

The Art of Being Boring and Plain

I have observed recently that coaches I know let the rist of being bored get in the way of an efficient practice (or workout). I understand, though. Today's workout was 400-meter run and 25 burpees, 4 rounds for time. Most people at the gym were veterans and had pretty good burpee and running technique. It was 90 degrees so the warmup only needed to last for about 8 minutes. So every session I kept thinking to myself that I needed to coach more; add something or explain a technique. But I tried hard not to overdo it. The result:

All bodyweight, just two exercises, and a simple rep scheme. You could really make that one as horrible as you wanted to.

In CrossFit we want to cover as many movement and time schemes as possible. So naturally we'll hit more creative workouts with fun movements. And sometimes we are reminded how much we can accomplish with no weights and a elementary routine.

Variety is essential, and so if fun, but don't let boredom interfere with good results.

Athlete of the Summer Feature Series + Sneak Peek

There is one last drip of fantastic nostalgia from a great time long ago (or 3 weeks, on this case). Starting in 2015, I wrote a little mini-editorial on the Athlete of the Summer. They usually turn out pretty well, and I try to give little hints as to how the athlete in question can represent the gym as a whole. Here's the previous year's ones:

2010: Cool as the Unthawed

2011: The Blue Devil Beat

2012: Our Guide to the Great Valley

2013: A Wild Katie Bromm Appeared

2014: Some Days Even My Lucky Rocketship Underpants Don't Help

2015: I Am the CrossFit Oasis, I Got a Cup of Your Time I Won't Waste It

2016: We Love to Hate the Shakes We Love

2017: DIV: Destination in View

The Story of Jennifer in America comes out tomorrow at 5 pm.

Welcome Back: Shaka

Yesterday at the 5:30 session we saw the return Alyssa Sciacca (aka "Shaka"), who came in to work for the first time since May.

Speaking of Welcome Back... let's go Arlene! Other people miss you!Shaka was making really good improvements in her coordination, conditioning, and strength during the spring, but she missed out on the Summer due to extra work hours and moving into a house. But she's apparently back now, which will do two things mainly: 1) increase Mr. Auggie's attendance and 2) decrease my overall patience in humanity. If I yell at you for letting your feet come apart on burpees, blame it on Shaka. I can only handle so much sass in a given session, and she uses at least 70% of it!

For real though, great to have you back kiddo! Let's pick up where you left off.

New Kid on the Block: Olivia Pinili

Katie Shakes has been on a roll lately with the New Kid recommendations, and this one is one of her private pitching clients, Olivia Pinili.

Olivia is not brand new to the gym, though; as an 8th grader last year, she was part of my Uncle Mike's GA softball team that came in on Sundays. Now a freshman at Foley, Olivia is in the middle of her volleyball season and is looking to improve her overall strength and conditioning for both volleyball and softball.

So far we've made it through four days of Fundamentals with no glaring weaknesses. She even got her first ever rope climb yesterday morning! Her conditioning will get tested a little bit more inthe next few sessions, so it will be interesting to see how she responds there. But like I said, so far so good! I'll check back in after Day 7.

Pics of the Week: T and JT

Coach T sent me this picture of his lesson plan earlier this week, and it looks like he got at least one workout idea from our Summer sessions:

Next up, we have JT from the Babies session posing forhis 6th birthday in his new Summer shirt.


Beast Mode: Moms in the Morning

This morning we had Mrs. Kroll, Mama V, and Mrs. Pip take on the rope climb/squat workout. In between a warmup consisting mostly of chatting about laundry and other mom things, they put in a great session of work. Here's their highlights: