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Behind the Champion with Erica

See the interview here.


Quote of the Week vol. 228

"Preaching to the choir is for showboats and the soft" 

- Jim Harbaugh

When Binno was actually big.

As much as the handsome gentlemen can annoy me at times, I really do appreciate their feedback. I have tried my best to follow the likes of Kelly, Coach Glassman, and the other great CrossFit coaches with respects to putting ideas out there for the wolves to consume and throw back at you. Lots of good has come from people challenging my thinking. I encourage everyone to do that, whether that's for your profession or just for something as simple as Mario Baseball; introduce your ideas to people who you think will disagree with them and see how well you can back it up, or even come to find that there might be a better way.

Summer '18 Primer pt. 1: Assigned Session Open Discussion

Once the Christmas Workout Spectacular is finished and the sugary goodness was settling in my stomach, plans and ideas for the Champions Club Summer usually starts to creep into my head.

Lately the thing I have been brainstorming most is the idea of "assigned sessions" that we have done in the past; ie., 11 am advanced session, 6 pm parents session, 9 am annoying girls session, 5 pm handsome gentlemen, etc. Last Summer we did the signup as usual but I never reinforced it because it seemed like people's schedules were all over the place. In fact, the only session that remained consistent was our 10 am rookies (which, coincidentally, Lindsey signed up for but only showed up once).

Having assigned sessions helps with group dynamics sometimes, like doing extra work on certain skills, scaling certain workouts without feeling left out, or pushing yourself against people like you. 

On the other hand, it can be tough for people's schedule. Plus that might mean people like Mrs. Pip and Ashley Fry, or Jay and Mr. Carey might only be able to see each other once or twice during the Summer.

An obvious correction to this would just be to get more people in here - which is not a strong suit of mine but something I still have been working hard on for a while. I read somewhere that the perfect student-to-teacher is like 18:1 because not only can it be broken up into many different groups, but there is also a high likelihood that everyone will find people near their ability.

But until then, what do you guys think? Do you like when I say, "Sign up for a session and God help you if you have to come to a different one," or do you prefer the more open way we did last Summer? Is there a way to give a little bit of each?

Interesting 9 am group from left to right: Female Hercules, Wackywavinginflatablearmflailingtubewoman, fastest running mother, Mrs. Pip, and rookie.

Where Are They Now: Heather

Don't you hate then you remember someone you haven't seen or talked to in awhile, and you think you should reach out to see how they're doing and all that, but you keep putting it off for various reasons (might be awkward, slipped your mind, the infamous "busy" word).

Then that very person texts you out of nowhere. And you're like, "GAHHH I SHOULD'VE TEXTED YOU FIRST!"

A few months ago while walking up to the gym I was thinking of how to make my Fundamentals sessions more efficient, which led me to think about how I used to do it in the "old days." So I started to go through the first few people that went through Fundamentals and, of course, Heather was one of them. This was when I realized I haven't checked up on her in a long time.

Heather started here on October 20, 2012 and worked out at the Champions Club up until early 2015, when she moved to Los Angeles to give her acting/comedy career a boost. She has stopped back here a few times in between, and last week she randomly texted me to see how we were all doing. So I asked her if we could do an update for the site, and she agreed. Here we are:

Day 4 of Fundamentals, 2012

Anything big or significant happen in your life since we saw you last?

When last we saw each other, I was working as a temp at Warner Bros. and on Dec 4th 2017, I was brought on as an employee under a project contract for a year. This is awesome because now I get “the benefits” and can go to the dentist without using a Groupon! I am oficially a “Business Systems Analyst,” which is neat, because I didn’t know those words even went together.  

Nov. 2017 I launched a comedy tour with my friend Sam Rager called The Fat Bottomed Girls Comedy Tour. We will be back in 2018 for The Fat Bottomed Girls Comedy Tour 2! This time with MORE BUNS!

I produce The Laugh Riot Dolls comedy shows in Detroit and LA. The Laugh Riot Dolls, featuring Boy Toys, will be performing at Gilda’s LaughFest in Grand Rapids, MI on March 16, 2018.

I will be back at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI Sept 13th - 15th 2018.


Is there anything different about your values or goals since we saw you last?

I had to wrap my head around being new to L.A. and being new to comedy IN L.A. Honestly, I wanted L.A. to be like Michigan, and it is not. So, I had to surrender to my current position. I pay to do comedy more than I get paid. I volunteer, I take out the garbage at comedy clubs to earn stage time. (Well, I did this once, and once should be enough). My values haven’t changed, I just had to get used to paying my dues...again. People are nice here, every time I go out I meet someone great and good things happen. My biggest obstacle is myself. I get in my own way by not going out.

My values are still to surrender and show up and do the next right thing. I just have to force myself to practice it more here because “here” sometimes feels like walking on Jupiter.


Have you been able to keep up with your nutrition?

Yup! No processed sugar, no flour and no booze! It will 6 years April 2018! I struggle with veggie chips, nut butters and fruit. But, I did do The Whole-30 for 90 days and KILLED IT! With meditation and Lagree Fitness Pilates I felt better than ever the 3 months before Christmas 2017. Then... you know how Christmas do.

I am getting back to it! Gotta get ready for all the California adventure to be had!  I have never been more active. Skiing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, hiking, biking etc.  Pushing past fear. That is constant. With work, comedy, nutrition and fitness.

Which is better: Cheez-Its or Goldfish?

Flour and sugar in both I think, so that is a hard pass.


Anything else you learned or want to add. Fun or educational

Uncontrolled fires are scary. Rain in L.A. is scary. Mud slides are also scary. Running the light at The Comedy Store is scary. Like I said, fear is a constant. But 110 degrees isn’t as hot as it sounds. Working for the number one studio in the world has awesome perks (like affordable dental). I like hard work, I don’t mind taking out the garbage. I love the ocean and the mountains.  AND, I love that Michigan is home. I miss you and I love you! And yea, I am talking to you.


Ps. I am also working with Simeon Thomas on parody songs for the comedy group The Little Dollies! Sim returns! He wrote “Mr. Barman” and we can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next!

Beast Mode: Kroll on Plates

On Friday we did deficit deadlifts and Rachael Kroll wanted to challenge herself and stack herself up on 7 inches on bumber plates. It was the highest anybody went that day and she had the mobility and mechanics to back it up. Here's her last set at 175 lbs.

Campus Improv Eats: Fecht 1/29

This picture was sent in from Matt last week with the message, "I think I beat Binno's plate for breakfast." In terms of sheer stupidity, Binno's is impossible to beat. But if Matt was being serious about having a better balanced meal than Binno's, I would say he managed.

"The needs of the Olympic athlete and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind." - Coach Glassman.

The cool thing about humans is we are all the same. Excluding birth defects, we share the same bones, joints, organs, muscles, and digits. Therefore our needs all fall under the same general categories. The minor differences between us account for slight degrees of variations in those practices. For example, my lungs do the same thing that Mr. Carey's lungs do. The exact conditioning my lungs have gone through is slightly different than Mr. Carey's, and therefore the degree at which our lungs do their thing with oxygen is slightly different. Mr. Carey's liver does not inhale oxygen, as far as I know. Sabal? Can you check this for me?

For nutrition it's the same thing. Protein does the same thing for my grandma as it does for Matt Fecht. Same with carbs and fat. My grandma probably walks 18 steps every day. Matt probably runs 18 miles every day. The degree at which they need those macronutrients is different, but not totally exempt. So here's the breakdown for Matt's meal:

  • Protein: egg whites, cheese
  • Carbohydrate: carrots, broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, mango, strawberry, pineapple
  • Fat: none

While there are a lot of carbohydrate sources listed, most of them are coming from veggies, which can be loaded up on almost endlessly. The fruit takes the carbohydrate up a bit to probably a good amount for him, but it also tips things out of balance a bit on the protein side. Even with the added cheese, taking out the yolks from the eggs reduces the protein and fat, so he might be low there.

Win or loss? I give this a win even though he's off balance. The food sources are good, clean, and moderately close to being balanced.

Next time. Have some fat, and keep the yolks or add more eggs. Matt's best balance might be with slightly more carbohydrate than normal, but I think he should experiment a bit by adding more fat.

Poll: Lively or Unlively Lecture?

So here's the scenario:

You are forced to attend either a class, business presentation, high school assembly, or any other group meeting thing. You don't want to be there but are forced to for various reasons: job, school, church, etc. Would you rather have:

An overly passive presenter (does nothing to engage audience, puts you to sleep)


An overly active presenter (tries to be funny, awkwardly includes the audience)

Sunday Schedule Adjustment + Coach's Corner: Midline Stability with Pull-ups

For this Sunday only, the session times will be as follows:

10 am (babies)

11 am (team workout)

So basically move the regular team workout back an hour, and the babies are going right before. Next Sunday back to normal times.



We really exaggerate the concept of midline stability at the Champions Club with regards to movements like the deadlift, back squat, and push-up. We have you guys start from a neutral position and maintain that throughout the entire range of motion. The more reps, load, and duration you're able to do that, the stronger your "core" gets. Plain and simple.

One thing to realize, however, is that we don't necessarily have to be in a neutral anatomical position to keep midline stability. A hollow rock, for instance, is not in a neutral position at all. Midline stability simply means that you don't change your spine unless you want to. In other words, midline stability is the coordination to control your spinal positions. Strict pull-ups are a great way to practice this.

Below we have Conor Fitzgerald, who may have snuck out of his house before doing the dishes to be at this session. You'll see the first pull-up is a controlled flexed (hollow) position and the second is in a controlled extended (arched) position; he starts that way and remains the same. On the last one he breaks - which would be a loss of midline stability.

Use the warm-up as time to practice control over these shapes and try to be aware of what exact shape you are in all the time.