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Turf, you ask? We have turf!

If you're a team in need of indoor practice space, see info here.


CFJ Feature: Constantly Varied


This! This! This!

Ever feel like you're always doing something you're not good at? Or ever feel like you never have enough time to get good at something you really want to? James Hobart explains it perfectly above.

Lindsey's Campus Improv Setup

Exactly one week ago we did a elegant couplet of box jumps and kettlebell swings. In a CrossFit gym this is about as boringly simple of a workout as one can conjure up for a class. Share boxes if needed, maybe use dumbbells for kettlebells, and it's even short enough to run in two heats.

Outside of a CrossFit gym this is not as easy to do as it looks. Kettlebell swings were supposed to be heavy, and doing them in a rec gym could mean using a light one (it's awesome, by the way, that Champions Club girls would call a 25-lb. kettlebell light) and increasing the reps. But the real challenge is box jumps; due to liability, most gyms don't have any kind of plyo boxes. So Lindsey made the best out of her situation at Saginaw Valley.

Here's the email she sent:

Did Monday's workout today and I used the window ledge as my box jump. It wasn't really that high but I'm making it work. Also got to round 8 before I hit my head on the metal in the window on my jumps :)

The reason this post made me proud of her is because it's an exact illustration of what the term Campus Improv was meant to be. She was fortunate enough to have kettlebells, but could have easily said, "well we don't have boxes, so I'll just skip the workout." But she made it happen. Regardless of how often she complains about running in the warmup, these actions show someone who is serious about their health. Yes it's probably awkward, yes it's not an ideal setup, and yes she still got a great workout out of it.

Pics of the Week: Halloween 2018

All three Pics of the Week come from Wednesday's Halloween festivities.

First we have Woorden being a goof with the eyeballs Mrs. Carey brought in:

Next, we have Mr. Bennis dressed and ready to attempt a max height box jump:

And lastly we have the babies crew of Zeena, Conamora, Josh, and Alex (Josh's friend):

New Kid on the Block: Jaden

Our latest Fundamentals kid comes as a recommendation from the Miranda family (fellow New Kids). His name is Jaden Unger and he's a sophomore at Royal Oak High School.

Jaden, surprisingly, didn't play any sports the last few years but comes from an athletic background - football and basketball mostly. His mom wanted him to try out the gym to help him stay on the right track with his fitness and health and after Eirene spoke highly of the place, Jaden finally came in to try it out and was hooked. He's 3 sessions in so far, so I'll check back in after Day 6.

New Graduate: Mrs. Vickie

Yesterday in the early afternoon, Vickie Miranda finished her 6th and final Fundamentals session doing Helen in 10:59, modified with a 200m run, 8k swings, and ring rows.

Mrs. Vickie came into Fundamentals with her two daughters, but with a few scheduling conflicts I decided to get her finished while I can and keep working with Eirene and Alicia. Though it doesn't look like it, Mrs. Vickie is not in good cardiovascular shape; running the length of the parking lot gets her winded. But yesterday we made some really good strides in the right direction. She caught onto Pose running right away - which I did on the final day this time - and ended up making it on all three 200m runs without walking. Once we can get her attendance on point, I'm sure we'll see everything else follow the same uptick.

There's an athlete hidden in here somewhere. And I'm really excited to introduce this new mom to the Champions Club and see her set a great example for the rest of her family.

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Shaka with Mrs. Kroll's personality

Cecilia Steinwascher: GLIAC Defensive Player of the Year

The regular season for NCAA girls soccer is over and that means the awards are rolling in. Champions Club Summer 2018 rookie and #2 on the Dream Team power rankings Cecilia Steinwascher is raking home the hardware. First, she was named as one of the thee defenders that made the All-GLIAC first-team. If I am not mistaken, this is the second year in a row she received this nomination.

But the big news this year is, as the title leads on, Defensive Player of the Year!

If you scroll down a bit on the link above, you'll see article after article highlighting her efforts in her team's ongoing undefeated season. They are now playing in the conference tournament all weekend, so if any of you are in the Grand Rapids area this weekend stop by for a game. We'll keep you posted as the tournament progresses. In the meantime, congratulations Cecilia!

Beast Mode: Mr. Bennis

Yesterday during the mobility session Mr. Bennis made up the kb swing/box jump workout from Monday. After he finished, he still had some juice in the legs so we worked up to a max height box jump. I was thinking another attempt or two and he'd be good. Welp...

That would be 42.5 inches. Unofficially that is a Champions Club parents record. But we know Mr. Wonsil's not getting that high off the ground.