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New Feature Post: Behind the Champion with Mr. Augustine

Check out the epic interview here.

Quote of the Week vol. 216

This is a two-parter from Jacob, both from last Friday's workout and both not safe for the kids.

Jacob during the second rest station: "My forearms haven't been this sore since my parents left town for the weekend in 6th grade."

Jacob seeing Mr. Wonsil walk in a few seconds later: "This workout just got a lot harder."

It's Happening!

Sweet baby Jesus it's happening.

This here stuff needs to undo LeakSealParking may be a bit tricky today, but we'll figure it out. We might have a roof now!!

Beast Mode: 4:30 Session

Last Friday we we had a good turnout at the 4:30 session (including Erika Banet back from OU and Div, who showed up 40 minutes late and still tried to weasel his way into the session). The workout was a burner for sure; we modified the main site version to a 200m run anda 2 minute rest between rounds. We caught the first round on video at the 4:30 session. Check it out.

Are You Ready for Revival?

Does your mood sometimes swing with the seasons?

Do you feel like you don't always have the energy you once had?

Is the pressure of work or school building up?

Is the same-old routine day after day taking its toll?

CrossFit has been such a great outlet for many of us to deal with things in our lives that are not directly related to fitness. Whether it's a bad day at work, a load of homework, or some family problems, all of that goes out the window when we are on the ground gasping for air after running for the TENTH FREAKING DAY IN A ROW. It's a great way to keep us in the present and help us realize that, in reality, there are few things more important than our health.

But sometimes the workouts are not enough. Seeing Mrs. Pip, Jacob, Shakes, and crew just can't always turn things around for you. Maybe it could be time to turn elsewhere. It is not often I will promote something coming from a Dr., but this new product might give us the effects we are looking for.

You can see more info at

New Graduate: Maddison

This morning, Maddison DeBattista finshed her last day of Fundamentals with an 8:51 effort on a modified Helen with a 200m run, 12k kettlebells, and ring rows.

As I mentioned before, Maddison came in with a great background from being a part of Shannon's cross country team. As she progressed through Fundamentals, she took a little while to catch on to kipping, jump ropes, and the coordination for hollow rocks. But much to my surprise, she had a great Pose running session, and picked up on unweighting very quickly as well.

Maddison finished up her cross country season last week, so she graduated from Fundamentals just in time for a good winter (and hopefully spring) of work. Look for her to be a good addition to our high school crew!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: and endurance(ish) version of EP

Pic of the Week: Babies Halloween

Despite the unfortunate circumstance of the Organic Roasted Seaweed, the Babies Halloween workout went very well. There were only three kids in attandance because I pretty much gave them a 3-day heads up. But Josh, Conamora, and Zeena all came dressed to impress!

History of the Squat + Notes for Mobility Session Tomorrow

Tomorrow's mobility/makeup workout session will be on your own; I'll be at the gym but I'll be coaching a one-on-one session. I will write a prescription on the board for shoulders and hips, and have the timer running for you to either time your mobility or start a workout.

One of the things that has really helped me get a better understanding of coaching has been to look into the origins of strength and conditioning, and the movements that are included. A simple example would be a Toes to Bar (cue Mel with the rebuttal), knowing it came as a signature movement to the CrossFit Games for judging purposes helped me scale and not be restricted by the range of motion standards.

Squatting to lift weight is another example. Knowing how this thing started as a formal training tool is important to understand why some things are done the way they are.

Just by chance, I stumbled across this video on YouTube from earlier this year that gives a good visual of where formal squatting came from and how it was performed. (Sneak peek: before they had squat racks, they would stand the bar upright and the lifter would have to tip it onto themselves.