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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

PSA from Carter

Carter sent me this via email and asked me to share it on the site


Good afternoon everyone. My name is Carter Warthman (aka the blob). I've been at the gym 6 years and I am currently working on my eagle scout project.

My project will be carried out the next few weeks. The plan is to build 2 picnic tables, restore older benches, and lay wood chips at the base of the swing set at the Lakeside Commons area in the Raintree subdivision in Troy. To buy the supplies for the project, I will be doing a bottle/can drive in the subdivision. Consisting of a flyer day and then a bottle pickup day. I'm looking for any volunteers who would like to help out. As the old saying goes "many hands makes light work".


4/6 at 9 am will be a flyer passing day for the bottle drive.

4/13 at 9 am will be bottle/can pickup.

Other dates yet to be determined.



Both fundraiser days will be at the commons area across the street from 3537 Sherwood Drive.

If anyone is or knows someone who is currently First aid and CPR certified please contact me below.

If you have any questions please contact Carter at 248-946-7024 or


Thank you all,

-Carter Warthman

New Graduate: Mrs. Bennis

This morning, Mrs. Bennis got her first ring hold!

She seems not to have lost anything since going on that vacation. Keep up the good work kiddo!

One Year Anniversary - Angie and Barry

On April 3, 2018, Angie and Barry Brunke dropped in at the Farmer's walk workout in the apololyptic downpour. It was miserable and cold and a boring workout and nobody in their right mind would have enjoyed that.

Then two days later the couple signed up for Fundamentals.

These two have been some of the most pleasant surprises in recent Champions Club memory. Barry climbed a rope, Angie got a handstand, and they've been doing countless other things during the past year's workouts that they never imagined they could do.

Their impact has also been seen outside the gym. Angie is starting to make some lifestyle and nutrition decisions that she will be very thankful for in a couple years, and Barry is the most unsuspecting and unassuming ping pong savant that you will ever find. I have cussed directly at him on numerous occasions and he keeps coming back for more.

We are truly lucky to have this couple call the Champions Club their home, and I hope they will continue to do so for the rest of their lives!

Thank you guys.

Quote of the Week vol. 287

"Fear of failure is the saddest reason on earth not to do what you were meant to do."

- JK Rowling

Beast Mode: Baby JT

The Babies have officially taken over our website. On Sunday during free time JT got my attention to show off his push-ups. Only they were one-arm push-ups.

Not sure what prompted this or where he saw it from, but well done nonetheless. We have an awesome crew folks. Come check them out on Sundays. The gym turns into a zoo!

Pics of the Week: Baby Josh, Big House, and Brains

The Benni are now back from their vacation and they sent in a few pictures, most notable of which is this one where he got to swim with dolphins.

Next up, Jesse and Josie (and Jesse's girlfriend Shannon) ran in the Big House 5k this weekend. Out of 7,300 people running, Jesse finished in 140th place with a time of 21:08. Josie got 25:00.

Finally, as you all know, Mrs. Fitz offered free MRIs last week. I went, Angie went, and so did Mrs. Pip, who, among other things, got her head scanned because... well... it's Mrs. Pip. So for the sake of not having a lot of website content, here's the innards of Mrs. Pip's head.


Quote of the Week vol. 286 + Homework

"Never let the things that matter most be at the mercy of the things that matter least."

- Stephen Covey

Since December I have been trying to study up a bit on Stephen Covey, specifically on the way he lays out how to spend your time doing things that really move you in the direction you want. The quadrant above is a way that he organizes activities throughout daily life based on two categories: Urgency and Importance. (And yes, Murley pointed out that math nerds will be mad because 1 & 2 should be switched around, so whatever).

Quadrant 1 - Urgent and Important

There is a fire in your kitchen. You need a house to live safely and said fire is slowly burning the house away. You run to grab the fire extinguisher and do whatever you do with a fire extinguisher that makes the fire go away. This is both a matter of urgency and importance. These things come up and we are forced to act on them. Less serious examples could be deadlines at work or cramming for a test tomorrow.

Quadrant 2 - Important but not Urgent

You feel overwhelmed with all the things on your to-do list today, but you put all them to the side to go visit your grandma for an hour where you walk her around the house 3 times and then sit and talk about absolutely nothing in particular. Your grandma is fine; she did not fall or have a medical emergency, but you haven't seen her in a while and wanted to make that the priority. This quadrant, according to Covey, is the most important quadrant to plan because nothing in here contains a time stamp. We can just keep putting it off and putting it off in favor of other things and next thing you know a year has gone by and you haven't seen your grandma. These things don't act on us, we must act on them. Other activities in this area include practice/study for our craft, personal growth, exercise and fitness, quality sleep/recovery, developing relationships, building the ability of those around you, and planning ahead/reflecting.

Quadrant 3 - Urgent but not Important

You are at dinner with your family and your phone dings with an email from a coworker who can't remember the password to access some files she needs. The habits we practice at work during the day and the ding from the phone make this message seem like it needs to be dealt with right now (urgent), but is this really important? What would happen if, instead of interrupting dinner, you wait 20 more minutes and read the email once everyone is finished eating and the dishes are put away? Would the company fall under? If so, then this would be a Quadrant 1 activity. If not - which is more likely - then your coworker will just have to find a way to exist for another 20 minutes while you're moving the needle in your personal life. The urgency in this quadrant makes these activities seem important: The ding we get from an email or text, the tone someone is using when they ask us to do something for them, the grass that is growing a bit too long in the yard. But a calm mind can see the difference and understands to get to this stuff only when the important things are accounted for.

Quadrant 4 - not Urgent and not Important

This is what David Saporito calls "being a piece." This is sitting on the couch watching mindless tv shows like The Bachelor or Swamp People. This is playing 2k or listening to Rick Ross grunt like a caveman into a mic. This is conversing in celebrity gossip and laundry with Mama V and Mrs. Carey. The activities in this quadrant disconnect us from the important things. Sometimes this is needed and sometimes this gets in the way of moving yourself in the direction you want to go. Combining activities here with an activity in Quadrant 2 can help, such as taking time to watch The Bachelor with your mom instead of by yourself, but everyone needs their time to just be a piece. In my opinion, at least. The trick is setting some kind of restriction, like keeping your charger at the gym when you bring Pokemon X home for the night.


Stephen Covey, and other coaches/teachers needed a lifetime to develop this kind of organized thinking, so there is no way we're going to read an article or look at a chart and fix ourselves like that. But I think it would be good to start making the attempt to categorize all the activities you do into one of these four categories. You don't need to write it down or anything, just try to categorize whatever it is you're doing at the time by answering the following questions: It is urgent? And is it important? Remember, Quadrant 1 is putting out fires, Quadrant 2 gets us where we need to go, Quadrant 3 is distractions, and Quadrant 4 is David Saporito.

There is no due date for the homework. I'd rather it be important.