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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: TBA


Beast Mode: Mrs. Tara

Yesterday we spent a lot of time with each session trying to get the timing down on the split jerk. Much to my surprise, Mrs. Tara had it down about as good as anyone at the 6:30 session. Here's her last set of the night at 70 lbs.

Theme Workout Announcement: Back to the 80's Again

This Saturday at 10 am will mark the 8th consecutive Summer for the classic 80's Theme Workout. The music is great, and the workout is definitely tough, but the real treat is the attire:

2011201220132014201520162017See you guys Saturday at 10 am!

Beast Mode: Cecilia, David Sap, and Luke

Last Friday we had a brutal mix of heavy squats and long distance running, repeated for a long duration. CrossFit has always been avid about blurring the line between strength and conditioning. So was this a strength workout? Was this an endurance workout? Who knows. In real life and sport, you always need both existing at the same time. So for this workout, we did 800-meter runs then 3 heavy front squats (without the rack, so athletes had to perform a heavy clean as well). The barbell stuff was interesting to watch and see how fatigue affected athlete's squat form. For the 9 am crew of Saporito, Cecilia, and rookie-but-Coach-T-kid Luke, it didn't seem to shake them too much. Here's their last sets of 135-lbs. (Cecilia), 225-lbs. (Div), and 155-lbs. (Luke).

For the 29th minute of a 30-minute workout, and already 5 (or in Div's case 7) rounds in, this form looked great!

Pic of the Week: One Hour Later

One of the business mentoring things I follow say that you can judge a session by the ratio of people still in the gym 10 minutes after the session is over. Last week, we had a group stay over an hour after their session was over playing some game that seemed like a mix of Taboo and Charades.

Only in the Summer...

Lastly, this was the scene on the way to one of the 5:30 pm sessions last week form the Nevarez family:

Athlete of the Week: NuNu

The Summer is well over the halfway point, and the Athlete of the Week this time around goes to 10 am/5:30 pm rookie NuNu Diattara.

NuNu joined in the spring as a late addition to our Sunday middle school crew. The deadlift you are seeing above would have looked nothing like it did then, or even two weeks ago. Mainly because NuNu's attendance was very sporatic for the first half of the Summer. Now he's been to the gym for almost 14 consecutive days and his movement is starting to reflect that. The max effort deadlifts above was his highlight for sure, but he was also showing improvements in his clean form on Monday and Tuesday. Today, he was my partner for the Disney workout, and he managed to keep up with wallballs, kb swings, and bear crawls better than I was expecting.

Keep up the good work NuNu!

Disney Doozy 2018 Recap

We had another good turnout for a theme workout this morning; 16 including me at the Disney Doozy! We made a few modifications on the fly with rep counting; Baloo's Bear Crawls were on the blue mat and counted for 4 each trip down (8 for down-and-back), Tinkerbells were synchronized and counted same as Hakuna Matata Tabata Squats. As expected, there were a few mix-ups on the station rotations, but nothing that couldn't be figured out. In the end it went pretty smooth, the team of Jennifer and Murley (MurleyMouse and IncrediBANET) won with a convincing score of 622.

We don't have a full photo gallery, but there are a few uploads in the July '18 Daily WODs gallery, and you can see the full workout results here.

Great job to everyone and that's for the turnout! This is probably my favorite Theme Workout. Also, big ups to Erica for driving an hour to the gym this morning just to come to the workout. Definitely earned some brownie points there, and adds to her resume' for an already very impressive Summer. Next week will be another theme workout. Check back soon for the announcement!

Traditional post-workout movie viewing. Lindsey convinced everyone on Tangled.

New Graduate: Josie

In the last of our New Graduates yesterday afternoon, Josie Junkin got her first rope climb at the 6:30 pm session. It was during the workout, and everyone stopped what they were doing to yell at her and provide the best peer pressure possible.

Josie is definitely the surprise of the Summer. She probably has better attendance than her entire family and is making herself right at home with the rest of the Champions Club. I know she's got a few more weeks left before going back to Michigan, so hopefully there's a few more highlights to come!