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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2019

See schedule here. Dancing, anyone?

Case Study: Meet the Pass

Last night, Shaun Livingston saved the Warrior's season.

I wrote about Meet the Pass back in December and it's a drill that is done at the start of every practice for The Family; I've done it so much as a player and as a coach that I think about it all the time. It's really about doing your job, no matter what the situation is. Steph passed the ball to Livingston; Livingston's job was to catch the ball, plain and simple. The pass was horrible and swooping in was the best defensive player in basketball. Shaun Livingston did his job. As soon as Iguodala hoisted up the shot, all the laws of the universe made it so the only possible outcome was a make.

Meet the pass, y'all. No excuses. No "reasons." Just do your job then talk about the shortcomings later.

New Kids on the Block: Steinwascher Brothers

This one has been in the works for a while, but last week Cecilia finally convinced her brothers Alejandro and Javier to come in and try out a workout. They did last Friday's one with front squat, strict press, and run. They signed up for Fundamentals immediately after.


As expected, both brothers are standouts on the soccer field at the University of Indianapolis (a D-II school). Javier is going into his senior year and Alex will be going into his sophomore year. So far they have completed two days of Fundamentals and we've spend a lot of time fine-tuning their midline position on everything and timing with the hips on kb swings and burpees. They already have big endurance engines and are coordinated, and judging by how receptive they are to coaching I think this will be a great addition for the Summer. I'll check back in after Day 5.

Campus Improv Eats: Jacob

Jacob sent this to me the other day, which has been his dinner on most days for the last few weeks. It's not all one meal, so I noted how much of each he would usually eat.

Here's the breakdown:


  • Protein: chicken (16 oz), cheese
  • Carbohydrates: carrots (couple handfulls), greens (one bowl), dates, potatoes (half-ish)
  • Fat: cooked in olive oil


Win or loss. Ah... the old quality vs. quantity debate. The reason I am not a fan is because it shouldn't be "vs.," but rather "and." Quality is really non-debatable for the most part: are the things you are eating actual food or fake food? In the picture Jacob provided, everything included is actual food. The ingredients in the potatoes are... you get the idea. The quality is determined by 1) activity level and 2) purpose. Jacob works out at least twice per day and serves as the Hagrid for Bishop Foley's grounds. As for his purpose, that depends on the week; he has changed his personal goals for fitness and health more than anyone else I have ever coached. So the win/loss here depends on where Jacob is at the moment on his rollercoaster ride. If he wants to gain weight, this seems like a pretty clean way to do it. If he wants to lose weight, this might also work (even with the excess protein) because he seems a little low on carbohydrate. I am boring and I like to see balance.

Next time. Will be completely different once Jacob decides he's 3 pounds overweight. Or underweight. Not sure. Whatever it is, I'm pretty confident the quality will be great, and this also illustrates that you can eat till you're full with good quality food regardless of the budget. Costco and Value Center have great, cheap selections if you just take 10 minutes and make the stuff! Although, now that Jacob prefers fancy goat cheese over the regular stuff, look out for him to move to Birmingham soon.

New Graduate: Sibyl

This afternoon Sibyl Bence finished her 5th and final Fundamentals session. Her technique on cleans looked good today, so instead of Helen we did 3 rounds of 200m run and 12 dumbbell cleans.

Sibyl has definitely been an interesting case during Fundamentals. Her technique was good and she seemed perfectly willing to learn everything; she just has a very dry sense of humor. And that's nothing new to the Champions Club (see Coach Casey), but I definitely wasn't expecting it. At first I wasn't sure she would be a good fit, but after 5 sessions I'm pretty confident in saying she'll make it through the Summer. She will complain, she will give me the look when I tell her we can't wear gloves on the pull-up bar, she will claim she's busy, and in doing so she'll fall right in line with Arlene, David Sap, Lindsey, Jacob, and the rest of you knuckleheads that give me a hard time. Welcome to the Champions Club, Sibyl!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: a little bit of Hannah Sabal, and a little bit of Tara Taylor

New Graduate: Nicholas

This afternoon Nicholas Binno finished his 5th and final Fundamentals session with a modified Helen - 200m run, 20k swings, and 7 pull-ups - in 9:38.

This is about the best thing we could hope for, really. Binno - the one we know, is not able to come back for the Summer but has granted us his younger, more athletic, and less talkative brother. That is a trade that I'm sure we could all agree we'd take any day.

The only downfall I noticed in Nicholas over the course of our Fundamentals is his horribly inflexible shoulders. He had a rough time with reverse grip on pull-ups and handstands. During the Summer he'll be bouncing around between the morning and afternoon sessions, so everyone should get a chance to work out with him.

Ghosts of Champions Club past: A Binno that not deprived of playing catch as a child. And Tim Asmar. Jesus he looks just like Tim Asmar.

Quote of the Week vol. 292

"You have got to get the phone out of the bedroom!"

- Kelly Starrett

When it comes to seeing the improvements you guys want, there are factors that I, myself, can control (ie. just about everything that happens when you walk through my garage door) and then there's everything that happens once you guys leave. The fact that people like Mr. Auggie or Katie Shakes can see significant changes in their fitness and health despite not taking care of those "outside factors" really illustrates the potency of CrossFit. But I'm greedy and there is so much on the table that is out there for you guys to improve on - the lowest hanging of all the fruit is probably sleep.

In the video above, Kelly Starrett highlights some techniques used to get better quality sleep, and be more concerned with that than the total hours spent in bed.

New Graduate: Mrs. Nevarez

I have seen Mrs. Nevarez practicing handstand walks on her own before or after sessions for a few weeks now, but it doesn't become official until you do them in a workout.

Last night, Mrs. Nevarez became the first parent in Champions Club history to do handstand walks in a workout without the wall to spot.

Does this mean we hate her as much as Mrs. Tara for being able to do a pistol?