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"The Games is the least important thing that happens in CrossFit. There is nothing less important than The Games."

- Coach Glassman

Pics of the Week: Auggie for the Feels

You! Hey you, there! Are you having a bad day? No? Okay, well have you ever had a bad day? Maybe you were stuck in traffic. Or maybe you're Nick Ward and your ankles shattered at a Mo Wagner behind-the-back move. Or maybe you are trying to zip up your coat, only to have the zipper catch on your favorite shirt, and in your struggle to free yourself you permanently damage both.

If you don't fall into those categories then you are sure to have a bad day and be sad about it at some point. Except for Mrs. Pip. A law of the universe is Mrs. Pip and everything around her must be smiling. But if you are not Mrs. Pip, you a bad day might be coming soon. And for that, you will want to bookmark this page. Why? Well, I'll tell you why. Because Mr. Auggie decided his dog, Bo, should help him in the runs for Kelly on Monday. And I took 11 pictures of it. You're welcome sad people.

Beast Mode: Stoney Creek Track Kids

For the last few years I've finally come out of my bubble that is the block surrounding my house and the Champions Club and accepted offers to do off-site coaching. It started with Mott, but then expanded to Detroit Central, the Day Care, Utica Ford, and Lamphere, Cousino, among others. However, the most unexpected group that stood out to me was Stoney Creek's track kids.

I have voiced my opinions on Track People numerous times on this site, and I still really don't enjoy coaching the sport of Track and Field all that much. But man, this group was an absolute blast! Last year was my first go-round with them and they bought in very well; this year things were even better. Not only did their technique on the simple stuff like push-ups, squats, hollow holds, and jumping look really good, but most of them put in a very conscious effort to stay within the frames of Pose while running.

I did not think I would enjoy the half-hour drive every Monday and Wednesday, but I am very glad I accepted the offer to come back this year, and even more grateful Coach Duffy asked me to come back around.

Their last workout before the dead week was on Wednesday, and we did a few different tests: 3-minute squat, hold-your-breath partner couplet, and this tempo squat and push-up workout to challenge their running technique. Each landing in running is a mini-pistol (which is an expression of squatting). The tempo squats were an attempt to let good hip/foot mechanics translate into their runs, and the push-ups were hoping to do the same for the shoulders. In addition, slowing movement down taxes the midline more than going at normal speed. In running, the main job of the midline (or "core") is to hold the best running position, not necessarily do any moving. So hopefully tempo movements translate to that as well. Check out their form:

Thank you guys for everything - especially both Rachels, Cameron (Jay, ask him who his favorite Mario Baseball player is), Matt, Bryce (aka Ron), Money Mike, Bella, Harrison, Gio (from last year), Jess, Lily, Supriya, and Laura (a name you guys might be seeing soon). I'll keep you guys posted on how their season is going. Stay tuned...

Ice Skating Official Invite

Next Saturday (March 10) will be our Champions Club Ice Skating Adventure. Depending on the time of day (still TBD) it will either be at Troy Sports or Royal Oak - both are within a 10 minute drive from the gym.

I would prefer to go in the early afternoon (around 12 noon or so), but if anyone would rather go at night then post to comments. Look for details as soon as Cory gets his pansy ass back in the gym more than once per week!

New Graduate: Mrs. Kroll

This morning Mrs. Kroll was the lone ranger at the 8:30 session and we got a lot of quality work and experimenting done that I'll surely pass on to the evening sessions later today.

But the bigger news was during our warm-up, she got her first ever double-under after 4 attempts!

Mama Kroll is coming up on her 3-year anniversary and for her to commit to a nearly hour drive to come out our way I really appreciate and am thankful for. I expect within a few months we'll be getting a first pull-up post as well. But in the meantime, good work Mrs. Kroll!

Quote of the Week vol. 232

"Will this matter in 5 years?"

- Ben Bergeron

March 2013

Often times I'll find myself in a bit of a trench, throwing my reasoning at the oppositon while they hurl their back at me. Or I'll try to hold my ground on a movement or behavior standard against some little houligan who just broke up with his girlfriend before basketball practice, or a dad who just got off a late shift at work. Maybe I miscommunicated on a payment with a family and I feel like they owe 100 more dollars than what they paid, or a different athlete was a few hours late on their monthly dues. Will those things matter 5 years from now? Maybe, and maybe not.

The picture above was from 5 years ago. And I can't remember a damn thing about that workout. It looks to be some kind of push press and front lunge couplet. Maybe some burpees or box jumps, considering the tire is out? I know the faces perfectly well, obviously, and at the time I was trying to build habits that could make us the best possible versions of ourselves that we can be. Nothing has changed in my goals since then, but it's also important that I don't get caught up in the specifics too much. There is usually a "next time" in which things can be corrected and lessons can be learned. So if it won't matter 5 years from now, consider being patient and letting things unfold the way they are at the present time.

The Jersey Poll

This week's poll idea came in from VJ this morning:

The new Miami Heat jerseys are the best NBA jerseys since...?

If you're not an NBA fan, then what's your favorite sports team jerseys? College or pro.

Coach Glassman's Message to the Doctors

Sometimes it's good for us to zoom out from the feet together, unweighting, and arches in the feet and see the big picture of what CrossFit is doing for health as a whole.

Coach Glassman presented recently at a doctor's-only Level-1 Seminar in California about the topic of Big Food companies on the medical and health systems. It's a good summary of some of the longer lectures that have been released. Check it out.

"I get the feeling that they're leaving." This would be good for everyone if it came to fruition.