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More Program than Gym

See the editorial here.


New Kid on the Block: Lindsey

While Jay was back for a brief stint last week before going back to Grand Valley to finish up a summer class, he brought in his cousin, Lindsey Eason, to try out a session. As luck would have it, that session was the running/deadlift/back squat in the rain, and somehow she still decided to sign up.

Lindsey is the sister of 2015 Fundamentals graduate and part-timer Kasey Eason. Unlike Kasey, Jay, and Jesse, Lindsey decided against Grand Valley and chose Saginaw Valley where she just finished her sophomore year. As a high schooler at Lamphere she did cheerleading and soccer, as well as some side gymnastics work to help with cheer. So far, Lindsey has surprised me with her coordination and conditioning.

Earlier today she got her first ever double under and was able to cycle through regular jump ropes easily. And she's been through workouts that have given past Fundamentals peeps some trouble, coming out on the other end less fatigued that I assumed.

She picks back up with Day 3 tomorrow, but so far things are looking good for this college kid.

Beast Mode: Moms at 5:30

Last Tuesday, we had the dumbbell clean/pull-up/box jump workout. The 5:30 session consisted of Arlene, Mama V, and Mrs. Carey. We kept weight light, boxes low, and substituted ring rows for banded pull-ups. In return they got to move faster than they normally would. Or, at least Mama V and Mrs. Carey did. Arlene just played air guitar to Prince and the Revolution (check the 2:36 mark). Please let me know if YouTube deletes the audio because of copyright stuff.

The form looked good to my eyes, though. Great job moms!

New Graduate: Ender

Our babies session has been hitting for a few months now, and each week we try to emphasize one thing for each session. Yesterday, we spent a good amount of time on the ropes; no technique, obviously, just give them a chance to show off their climbing skills. Low and behold, Ender got his first climb!

Great job kiddo! Keep up the good work. Look out for Zeena's first climb soon...

Walk-off for Aaron Sexton

Since the weather all week was crappy, Aaron Sexton's game on Friday against Seaholm played at Jimmy John's Stadium was postponed and moved back to yesterday. I went down to check out the first one and it did not disappoint. With the score tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 7th, Aaron walked up to the plate with no outs. He connected with the first pitch he saw and lined it down the first base line. Ball game!

In related news, the entire Troy team was featured on State Champs the other day. You can check it

And no, he still hasn't cut his hair...

May Payment Revision + Pics of the Week

Hey kids,

I messed up on the May payment addition. For some reason I thought we did $15 bucks the previous years, but it was actually $10. So please add 10 bucks per athlete to this May's payment to cover through June 12. If you are: Pat, Mrs. Fitz, Conor, Crystal, Fry, and Mrs. Kroll please see me and I'll have 5 bucks to refund you. If you are the people above please do not:

a) say "nah, don't worry about it. Just keep it."

b) put that 5 bucks towards the Summer

c) root for LeBron

It helps for me book keeping if the payments are consistent, so please take the refund money. And invent curse words to shout at the Cavs if you have any free time.



This week we have two notable pictures. The first was a Monday session that happened to feature three of the original mommies with their parents shirts.

We all assume, of course, they called each other this morning in between loads of laundry and watching Soap Opera television to coordinate their outfits.

Then on Wednesday, I thought I broke Jennifer while doing PNF pike stretch.

I did not break Jennifer. She is a drinking fountain, and water cannot be broken.

Champion Nutrition Newsletter #10: Why Your Body Needs Sodium

by, Mrs. Pip

When I talk about sodium you might think of Salt but they are two different things.

 The words “salt” and “sodium” are often used interchangeably, but they do not mean the same thing. Salt (also known by its chemical name sodium chloride) is a crystal-like compound that is abundant in nature and is used to flavor and preserve food. Sodium is a mineral and one of the chemical elements found in salt. 

 Sodium is an essential nutrient for our bodies and only in small amounts.  It helps to maintain a balance of electrolytes that your body needs in balance to send electrical signals to nerves and muscles. If you have too much in your system it causes your body to hold onto water in turn causing your blood pressure to go up and lots of overuse on your kidneys to try and get rid of the excess water.

As a food ingredient, sodium has multiple uses, such as  for curing meat, baking, thickening, retaining moisture,  enhancing flavor (including the flavor of other ingredients, like making sweets taste sweeter), and as a preservative.

Most people in the U.S. eat too much salt.  Your daily limit should be 2300mg per day (equal to 1 teaspoon) or lower.  The average daily intake of sodium for 2 years and older is about 3440mg!  Our bodies only need about 1500mg per day. Think about that as you see fast food restaurants shake salt onto their French fries.

Monitoring how much sodium is in a food by looking at the label is key. Prepackaged foods such as canned vegetables, frozen (if there in a sauce or seasoning) Cheeses, lunchmeats, bacon, sausage, condiments , gravies salad dressings, sweets, snacks, cereal can be very high in sodium.

Surprisingly, some foods that don’t taste salty can still be high in sodium, so don’t use taste as a guide.  Before lowering anything in your diet it is good to check with your doctor.

Tip: If using canned goods like veggies buy unsalted and add salt when you have it on your plate and ready to eat.


Mrs. Pip

Schedule Change: Morning and Saturday

It's official folks. This Saturday's mobility session will now be at 10 am, and remain the same going forward until the Summer.

And the regular daily morning session will be at 9 am instead of 8:30 starting on Monday. This also includes Wednesdays as well! So here's what the layout looks like:

M, T, Th, F

9:00 am

4:30 pm

5:30 pm

6:30 pm



9:00 am

5:30 pm



10 am (mobility/make-up WOD)



12 noon (team workout)

1 pm (babies session)

Any college kids coming back should look to check out the 9 am or 4:30 sessions. But as usual, come to whichever one fits the schedule.