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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

Ever wonder about the best way to eliminate pimples? See here for details.



Simple things make me gaze in wonder for a long time.

I know Dave said October 1st and everything, but part of me thought some spaces on the floor and wall would never see the light of day, or at least the lovely rust on the ceiling. Then I walked in tonight after basketball practice and... yeah... there it is. This definitely makes me a little bit nervous, but so does the Millennium Force. It should be cool!

CFJ Feature: The Problem

In this video, one of the Level-1 Seminar Coaches gives a solid, brief overview on how eating too much carbohydrates like grains and sugar are the root cause for chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Sometimes we (meaning I) get caught up so much in the micro world of our gym's little ticks - like feet together, unweighting, and theme workouts - that the big picture of what's happening gets overlooked. We're affecting a lot more than our muscles and joints when we do CrossFit.

New Graduate: Olivia

Yesterday afternoon, Olivia Pinili finished her last Fundamentals session, doing a max effort back squat segment, followed by Monday's clean/burpee couplet.

I'm still tinkering with Fundamentals and I think I might condense to 6 sessions instead of 7, but Olivia had a good showing despite me jumping around a bit. Her squat, push-up, and hollow body positions are all on point, and running and jumping definitely need the most improvement. She is one of those athletes who's not exceedingly good or particularly bad at any one aspect of fitness. And considering she's just a freshman, there's a definite high ceiling with this one, especially if we can get her in the gym at least 4 times per week.

Ghosts of Champions Club Past: Ashley Fry as a high school freshman

Weekend Schedule Change (Sunday)

The Workout times for Sunday will be as follows:

12 noon - Team Workout

1 pm - The Babies

2 pm - Middle School/Kids Session

Quote of the Week vol. 261

A text message exchange on Monday, early afternoon.

Carter: "Yo I just got sick. I'll be in tomorrow."

Me: "Sweat it out today bro. You'll be good. Don't be soft!"

Two hours later...

I wrote about this before in Done with the Diagnosis, but it really helps to not label yourself as something. To say "I'm sick," or "I'm injured," or "I'm bad at this," tends to put a finality in your mind. Carter did not have an amaing workout on Monday, but he did do pretty well; 95-lbs. on cleans, good burpee technique, a strong finish, and a nice post-workout sweat.

If your fitness and health is a priority for you, then you'll (almost) always find a way to make a workout happen.

New Graduate: Bubs

For the last four years and some change, Champions Club OG (Original Grunch), Athlete of the Summer 2012, and overwhelming fan-favorite Mariah Fielder (aka Bubs) has been rotting away at Michigan State with the rest of her Sparty crew, wondering what to do with after they escape the hell-hole they are trapped in.

via Gfycat

But I digress, lately, Bubs has been debating between what graduate program to enter. Her initial idea was to go into some kind of medical field (P.A. if I am not mistaken). But recent volunteer hours and internships made her change her mind at the last minute, and she decided to switch to Physical Therapy. Since she was kind of late on the train, she was worried about her chances at getting into a good school.

Welp, worry no more. Bubs was informed earlier today that she was accepted into the University of St. Augustine, which I'm told is one of the top rated graduate schools for health sciences. Unfortunately for us, this puts Bubs in Miami, which is not exactly within driving distance of the Champions Club, but somehow she always makes her way back around to the gym more often than we expect.

Hope to see you soon Bubs, and congratulations!

The Urban Legend Poll

This could possibly be the dumbest poll we've had on the website, but I am still curious to hear the consensus.

Do you believe bigfoot is real?