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Open Field Practice Time, Fridays from 6:30-7:30pm

Any teams, schools, parents, or kids interested, see this post for details.


Quote of the Week vol. 277

"The greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears"

- Coach Glassman

Considering the really incredible physical transformations we've seen in the gym, saying that's not even the best thing to come out of it is really a bold statement, but one I've always found true, and I was wondering your thoughts.

Specifically, what is the most significant mental improvement you've seen from doing CrossFit? Try your best not to make it fluff ("I feel more confident," "I feel stronger," etc.) and be specific. What workouts give you the most mental challenge? 

Outside the Box Activities!

Hi everyone!

I hope you guys are enjoying the snow and cold!

Chris and I came up with an idea of doing a group activity every month or every other month. These activities include ice skating, rock climbing, going to Stoney Creek, air time, somewhere with food, or any other places. If anyone has an idea, let me know and we can make it work!

Since we are in the winter season, Cory made mention doing ice skating this Saturday or maybe next Saturday. It would be at the John Lindell ice arena in Royal Oak and public skate is from 2:45-4:35. If you are interested in going, comment if you can go and what Saturday you’re available!

Theme Workout Announcement: Super Bowl 2019

We certainly need a pick-me-up for this weekend, and we're going to get it. This Sunday at 12 noon will be the return of our traditional Super Bowl Workout!

All College Kids and such are welcome back for this one as usual. There will also be a slightly different format to this one. I'm aiming for 4 small workouts with the burpee waterfall tiebreaker at the end, and I'll try and organize them so there's minimal standing around/sitting out. Captains and teams will be determined day of.

See you there!

Snow Week Notes

From everything we've been hearing this will be one of those Winter Vortex weeks. What exactly does a Winter Vortex mean, you ask? As Mr. Carey put it yesterday, that means it's going to be "cold as ****." This my friends is called LeakSeal weather. For a full account of the LeakSeal saga of 2014, see this post and this post.

The upside about me living within walking distance of the gym means that it's never closed. Literally never closed. Not for the flood. Not for Christmas. And certainly not for no stinking Winter Vortex. The downside is... it's never closed. So your guit will still be heavy on your head when you're home knowing there's a session going on.

With that being said, I understand if there's 12 inches of snow Mrs. Kroll won't be making the 45 minute hike to come out our way. Do what you can folks. Here's some notes:


  • All sessions are on as scheduled this week
  • No additional sessions will be held for snow days
  • Bring a change of shoes
  • If you don't make it, text me and I'll give you a workout to do at home. Post it to Build a Champion comments


Did I mention to being a change of shoes?

Pic of the Week: The Takeover Goes To Warren Rec Basketball Camp

Matt Fecht, marathon running goblin, has been the head coach for a youth basketball camp at the Warren Rec Center for the past... 15 years I think? I know it's been a while. He asked me to help out 4 years ago and that's how we got Jacqueline Asmar to join the gym. The next year we got Conamora, Zeena, Ender, and Lily. And there is the foundation of our Babies session that has been absolutely thriving ever since.

This year we are taking it to, as cliche' as it sounds, "a whole nother level."

First off among the 30+ campers are six stars from the Champions Club Babies session: Zeena, Josh Bennis, Natalie and JT Nevarez, and two of the Busch Babies (Charles and James). They all seem to be having a great time and are doing well in the drills.

Then, for the first time in camp history, the entire coaching staff is Champions Club athletes. Matt, Jay, Jacob, and myself. After the session on Wednesday, the four of us hung around after to draft our teams. Matt (Texas) set himself up with the tallest team in the league by far and enough depth to bring in 4-footers off the bench at will. My team (Duke) has the Zion Williamson of the camp, Jayden, who had dreadlocks and can make a layup most of the time. Jay (North Carolina) picked up the second best kid in the camp - a true Jay-type who can stand in the corner and hit the rim with the best of them (just don't ask him to give a good post-entry pass). And finally we have Jacob (Oakland University), who due to a questionable scouting report, did not land one 5-star prospect. But judging by his Mario Baseball track record, Jacob's strength comes in his player development. Look out for the Busch Babies to really improve similar to his 2009 Mario Baseball Team "The Boubacar Bushbabies," led by Waluigi and a then-emerging Bowser Jr.

We start the game-type substances next week. In the best taste I possibly can, I am going to try and post updates as the weeks go on.

New Graduate: Coach Casey

Leaders are ones who forge ahead and make their own path where none have travelled before. Then there are those who wait for everyone else in the gym to get their handstand before doing their own. Thus Coach Casey at the 5:30 session tonight:


Hatz Are Back!

Katie Shakes has come through with some more hat orders for us during the remainder of the cold winter months. She paid for them with her own money, and everything spent on them goes right back towards reimbursing her.

Hatz (with a "z"): $14

Headbands: $12

This is an old picture but they look the same.

Also, this is not like a Summer shirt thing where they're attendance-based. So that means even Carter can have one if he wants. This is, however, just for Champions Club people.