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Turf, you ask? We have turf!

If you're a team in need of indoor practice space, see info here.


Beast Mode: Mrs. Tara and Mrs. Bennis

Thrusters are universally known as one of the toughest movements CrossFit has to offer. Doing a relatively heavy weight for 7-15 reps doesn't make them any more fun.

At the 4:30 session yesterday, the troublemaking duo of Mrs. Bennis and Mrs. Tara took their shot at 65 lbs. for what seemed like a half hour doing set after set of lots of reps. Here's their final one of the day:

Thanksgiving Week Schedule + Photo Opportunity with Mr. Fitz!

This week's schedule is as follows:

Monday, Tuesday
8:30 am
4:30 pm
5:30 pm
6:30 pm


9 am (Mobility or Makeup Workout)
5:30 pm (Mobility or Makeup Workout)


9 am (Thanksgiving Team Workout)


9 am
5:30 pm

All College kids are welcome to come back for the week, and all Babies and middle schoolers are welcome at the Thanksgiving workout.


As some of you already know, Mr. Fitz is now renting out the front office from me to get his photography business rolling. Now he wants to use you good looking people for his personal gain. But like the saying goes, if you can't be used then you're useless!

During some sessions this week he's going to have the door to his office open and before/after workouts he might ask a few of you kind folks to pose for a banner he's going to make for the Champions Club. Here's a few shots he did with some Mott Kids.

Obviously you can always say no if you don't want your picture taken, but this would be a cool win-win for both us and Mr. Fitz. So be on the lookout this week! He'll have to do some serious photoshopping if people like Saporito and Jacob are back around. Also, I found out this spring that short shorts are back in style, swiftly undoing all the hard work the Fab Five did in the early 90s. I am not a fan.

Pic of the Week: Mr. Z at Bowling

"Hey Chris, did you hear what happened to Mr. Z at bowling" - Reggie

Of course I didn't because who does? But the tone Reggie was using got me worrying. Did he let the ball slip out back on the windup and take out an innocent spectator? Did his thumb get caught in the ball and detatch from his hand? Alas, no. But better. Much better.

Mr. Z was one freaking pin away from a perfect game.

Not bad Z. Not bad at all.

Beast Mode: Mrs. Kroll and Mama V

My mornings have gloriously featured Mama V and Mrs. Kroll this entire fall. It's been equal parts entertaining and frustrating, but most important is we've seen their fitness take a dramatic uptick since the Summer.

Both hit 100-lbs. on their front squat yesterday. Check it out:

One Year Anniversary: Bewick

On this day one year ago, Nick Bewick joined the gym unsuspectingly; after a very prolonged phone conversation he stopped in for what he thought was a meeting with me, only to find himself sweating through his work pants after burpees and kettlebell swings.

Nick is what I like to call a chronic thinker. He believes he's smarter than most muggles so he'll ponder and articulate and accent his words and actions very percisely in order to illustrate this mental brilliance. The only problem is YOU JUST WASTED THE LAST 2:30 OF THE WORKOUT THINKING ABOUT BOX JUMPS INSTEAD OF JUST DOING THEM!

One of my basketball coaches always says "people are who they are" and for that reason, despite all of the teeth grindings he's caused me, I'm overwhelmingly grateful to have Nick Bewick as part of the Champions Club family. In terms of the earlier post about figuring out who is "one of us," Bewick is exactly what we need: an oddball who has his priorities lined up pretty damn well. He values technique and longevity in movement, is dedicated to mobility, and is starting his son, Cameron, off on a great note by throwing him to the cubs at the Babies session.

We've had quite a few good Nick moments over the past year. We found out he's strong as an ox when it comes to pushing and squatting. Running and jumping are much improved. He's now Casey Colussi's personal ring row coach. And the graduations:

First push-up: December 2017

First rope climb

First pull-up

You don't have to always like someone to be appreciative of them. And I know I can speak for everyone in saying Nick makes the Champions Club better and we hope he's around for many more years to come!

Congratulations and keep up the work my man!

Theme Workout Announcement: Thanksgiving 2018

Every year on Thanksgiving the Champions Club does their annual morning workout before we force feed ourselves later in the day. Last year featured the most in attendance we've ever had - Babies included. Here's the specifics:

Thursday, November 22

9 am

College Kids back from school, middle school, and Babies are all welcome.

Looking forward to a good crew this year!

Quote of the Week vol. 268

"You know sometimes I think we Sort too soon."

- Professor Dumbledore

Fantastic Beasts comes out on Friday!