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More Program than Gym

See the editorial here.


Mystery Athlete Might Be Obvious

Got this DropBox picture last week.



  1. This athlete just had a successful surgery to remove a lovely bunion from her foot and it on pace to make a full/healthy recovery.
  2. This athlete has withstood the pressure of conforming to the smart phone culture and retained her sliding Motorolla thing.
  3. This athlete has been known to box jump her height.


The next picture comes from this morning's 8:30 am session. Saporito did not write his workout time on the board because his gingerness didn't feel the need to follow directions. So he made one of the moms do it for him. The only question is: which mom spelled his name "Divid?" Was it Mrs. Kroll, Mama V, or Mrs. Fitz?

If the nickname "Div" doesn't stick I'm going to be very disappointed. Post your guesses to comments.

Quote of the Week vol. 190: The Lever Analogy

Jacob put me up on this one. On the reddit boards, a powerlifter scored a perfect 9/9 on lifts, scored a"advanced" composite score of sorts, and set either a meet or personal best with each lift. She went to the boards to post her testimonial and concluded with the comment about her plans going forward.

catsaddlez: "Maybe cut down to 63kg? But idk, I also seem relatively competitive at 72 as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll probably at least cut down to a small 72kg for the aesthetics gains."

Then a few comments down...

chuckechaps: "You just did amazing, why cut??? If it worked where you were keep doing it! A coach once told me, if you had a lever and every time you pulled it $100 came out, would you ask for another lever????"

Good ol' chuckechaps chiming in with some knowledge. This quote hits home with me for reasons both in the Champions Club and out.

In the gym, a conversation similar to this has taken place with Jacob, Jack, and JZ among a few others who are looking for a change in program. Outside the gym, this happens most often with The Family kids who see their game improve but are still not getting the playing time they desire.

Coaches I've talked to, especially one running an entire program and not just a one-on-one company, experience the same kind of frustration when confronted with situations like this. At the private-coaching level, this can become even more problematic when each athlete makes up a bigger percentage of the pot, so to speak. In my experience, the athlete's desire to change things up comes from two angles: they don't trust where the map is taking them, or they don't really know exactly what they want, and therefore need to experiment with different things. In both cases, communication with the coach is absolutely essential. A great example of this comes from our second-favorite ginger, David Saporito (we all know Bromm is everyone's favorite ginge).

Back in late 2013, David joined the Champions Club as an already-established elite runner for the area. We wanted to get stronger, faster, and in better condition. He progressed about as fast as I had ever seen anyone in the history of the gym in terms of overall fitness, but considering running is one of the literally three things we teach here (push-up and jump being the other two), we tended to butt heads on that matter. My experience coaching high school runners at the time led me to believe that a high-intensity/low volume approach, coupled with constant technique emphasis would translate over to his goal of running a sub-2 minute 800. David, his high school coach (great guy by the way), and AAU coach believed in the traditional endurance base and racking up miles. I did not have the credentials or credibility to convinve him otherwise, he trained long, slow distance, and did not reach the numbers he wanted at the end of the season. Fortunately, he was only a junior, and after he decided to, respectfully, part from the Champions Club, he ended up running his sub-2 and earned a spot on Eastern Michigan's Cross Country team - where he ran the past two years, then decided to focus on school.

Yeah, that's Sap down there...

Now Sap is back at the Champions Club with what, to me, seems like a different perspective. He is not totally discrediting the long, slow distance model, but he has expressed to me that he wishes he could have done more speed work in college. But hindsight is 20/20 as they say. At the time I felt like his lever was churning out $100s consistently, and he thought he needed more than that to get where he wanted. It happens. Who knows who's method would have been better? Experimenting is an absolute necessity for some athletes (especially intermediate athletes); good communication with the coaches help this process go as smooth as possible.

And you never know, you may see more familiar faces around here by the time Summer hits...

Possible Schedule Adjustment + Pat Graduates Again

There is a good chance we will be moving the regular 8:30 am session back to 9:00 am starting next week, and the 11 am Saturday mobility/make-up WOD session up to 10 am. Check back on Thursday for confirmation; I may forget to change it on the Schedule/Fees page.

So Mr. Pat Luetz is becoming a thing now. He did his first rope climb on Friday, which was not a huge surprise considering how close he got in Fundamentals. But pull-ups, on the other hand, I thought would be a bit before he got that milestone. During Day 3 of Fundamentals, he could barely bend his arms while hanging. But yesterday right before the 6:30 pm session headed out for their run, he did not one, but two in a row!

Keep it rolling my man!

Multi-Sport Stars in the NFL Draft

A paywall scouting service called Tracking Football has done an analysis of every NFL draft since 2008. However, they don't necessarily do position-specific scouting, but instead look at the overall athleticism of a prospect. They use a 5-point system they TM'd called the Player Athletic Index in an attempt to objectively rate every player's "athleticism." On one hand, they have players like Bo Jackson, Patrick Peterson, and Julio Jones as 5.0 (Outstanding) on their scale - which, duh! But on the other hand, they did have a very cool breakdown on this year's draftees with regards to how many sports they played in high school.

Again, you don't need a raiting system to look at this:

and be like, yeah, Fournette's the best athlete on the field. But the breakdown is interesting. "Interesting" in this case meaning why do we find it difficult to convince kids to not quit sports? I've always been of the opinion that "serious" athletes should keep playing as many sports as possible while keeping a very strict hierarchy of which ones are the most important. Meaning if I wanted to play basketball in college, I needed to practice year-round during my football and track seasons. Although, if an athlete has a legit scholarship offer (not just interest), then I can understand the temptation to cut the sports down a bit - especially something like football. Still, good to see that all the Jake Butts and Evan Ingrams were dunking on poor pimpled kids in high school.

If anyone wants to see the full report, it can be found here.

Marauder Strength Scope Issue 3

This month’s Lifetime Fitness Newsletter with Coach T and I was sent out earlier this morning. Issue #3 includes:


  • 4 things Coach T looks for in the bench press
  • Footage of Mott’s track meet at Royal Oak a few weekends ago
  • Kris Campbell sprinting with a weighted ball and I giant smile on his face
  • An update on Brand X and their Takeover of a San Francisco school district
  • Jabrill Leopards


You can see the full newsletter through the link below:

Marauder Strength Scope Issue 3 – May 2017

Aaron Sexton on the Big Stage

By all accounts, Aaron Sexton has been taking care of business on the baseball field this spring - especially on the mound. This Friday, him and his Troy Colts are taking on Seaholm in a double header starting at 6 pm.

What's even cooler is the game will be held under the lights at the new Jimmy John's stadium in Utica. He will not be pitching either game as far as he knows, but he'll be at short and batting at the top of the order (he claims he has a "swag" walk-up song, but I'm guessing it's Call Me Maybe).

Anyway, if anyone wants to go with me after the 6:30 pm session on Friday let me know. Admission is free. Hope to see you there.

Payment Reminder + Goon and Goblin Resurgence 5/1

Hey kids and parents

Just another reminder to add $15 to your May mayment to cover you through June 12. Then it's Summer! College kids let me know when you get back.

This week's poll comes from Matt Marathon Goblin

Which is better: Jello or Pudding?

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