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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Beast Mode: Danielle vs. Alyssa

I think one of the biggest light bulbsof my coaching time at the Champions Club is understanding the idea of what I like to call "movement factors." In essence, the standards for all movements are set: midline stability, loading order, and laws of torque (see the long explanation in the most recent Building a Champion installment). My main job as a coach is to make it difficult for you to maintain those standards. This is where adaptation happens.

For example, go ahead and do that 35-lb. thruster Mrs. Kroll. No biggie!

Now what about adding a movement factor: volume; let's do 3 reps instead of 1.

Okay so that looked good. Now we can add some load; how bout going to 45-lbs. instead of 35.

Still good? Now add the most diffucult movement factor: fatigue; let's do an all-out 200m sprint before every heavy set of three.

All of a sudden, that moderately heavy weight turns into the most difficult thing because you're supposed to keep it looking exactly the same as a warmup set. This is what Alyssa Jabara and Danielle did really well yesterday. Sandwiched inbetween two overly crowded sessions, these two went head-to-head at five thirty. Check it out.

From the Vault: Jurassic Smash

In Summer 2015 we rolled out a new theme workout - Jurassic Smash - in honor of the first Jurassic World movie that was coming out at the time (and the corresponding Blizzard from DQ). Since the sequel will be coming out this summer (if it's not out already), you can probably expect us to bring back the Jurassic Smash workout at some point. It was definitely a tough one! Here's the highlights from Summer 2015 and the recap post to go along with it.

We still haven't decided on the new Theme Workout for this Summer, but we have a few ideas. Stay tuned!

Quote of the Week vol. 244

"She's so precious, with the peer pressure / couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis"

- Kanye West. All Falls Down

New Kid on the Block: Mr. Maslowski

It looks like the spring influx of New Kids is not quite over yet because we have just added one more dad to our mix: Mr. Maslowski.

Avery's dad has been that chill dude sitting in his car for an hour while Avery gets her workout on. On Tuesday I talked to him for a minute while the group was on their cool-down walk and, much like Mrs. Gardner, threw out a feeler to see if he'd be interested in working out. Surprisingly, Mr. Maslowski said he'd actually been thinking about it for a little bit and that he needed to get back in shape. So naturally upon hearing this I sent Mr. Carey and Mama V on the recruiting trail for me and next thing I know I got a text from Mr. Maslowski asking when he should start.

We had our first Fundamentals session early this morning, and will pick back up this weekend most likely. If all goes as planned, I think this will be another great fit to our parents group!

New Graduates: The Gardners

Early this afternoon the Gardners finished their final Fundamentals session; Mrs. Gardner did a modified Helen in 9:26 with a 200m run, 8k kettlebell, and ring rows, and Malon sat it out on the account of not feeling good.

Overall the Fundamentals sessions went well for both. Mrs. Gardner really had a good strength base to her for being a mom, and Malon definitely has the upper hand on conditioning. The most difficult part I'm guessing will come up for these two is consistent attendance. The whole exercising thing is pretty new to Malon, and Mrs. Gardner has lots of basketball obligations for Myron. But if they can figure it out, they'll do really well here because they fit right in with the culture we have. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Mrs. Gardner - Mrs. Carey, and Malon - a Shaka/Emma Demonaco mix

Summer Signup/Payment Reminder

Hey kids just a few reminders for Summer 2018.

  1. You need to email me the session time you'll be attending. This helps me condense, plan, and recruit.
  2. Get your Summer payment of $225 in by tomorrow, or else the price goes up to $235. If you are part of a big family, then at least get a partial payment in please.
  3. It is looking like there won't be a 5:30 session, but there will still be a 4:30 and 6:30. The 5:30 will be replaced by another rookie session.
  4. Any new people coming in can either go through Fundamentals then jump in a regular group or do the Rookie session at 10 am/5:30 pm.
  5. Your May payment takes you through June 11, so even if you are not doing the Summer you're still covered for another week and some change.
  6. Lindsey signed up, so if anyone wants a refund I completely understand.

Goon and Goblin Resurgence 5/29

This poll came from Jacob earlier today and may cause some ugly people's feelings to get hurt.

Rank the groomsmen in handsomeness:

Left to right: Jacob, Jay, Jarrod, Brian

Jarrod with and without a beard makes a big difference, so rank as you see fit.