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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: TBA


Quote of the Week vol. 252

"Ah yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or... learn from it"


Remember, Disney Workout tomorrow at 10 am.

In other news, rookie Luke Heide got his first rope climb yesterday at the 5:30 pm session. I didn't quite get the video camera in time, so I resorted to a picture, but still an impressive feat for a big limeman!

I promise I'll do a post soon introducing the rookies. There's a lot of them, and Luke has been among the most consistent since his arrival, so stay posted and keep up the good work Luke.

New Graduates: Mrs. Nevarez

With yesterday being the first time in awhile rope climbs came up in a workout, this gave a few people the opportunity to get their first climb. As with a few months ago, we had three New Graduates with their first rope climb in a single day. The first of which was Mrs. Nevarez in front of the 5:30 session and her four kids:


Mrs. Nevarez has been quietly one of the most consistent rookies this Summer; routinely carting all her kids to the session with her and having her attention about 70% on us and 30 percent on what JT is getting himself into. She's great to have on board and I'm hoping we can find a way to keep her momentum going through the school year. But for now, great job kiddo!

Beast Mode: Josh Bennis

This was going to be a New Graduate post, but there really should be a limit to the reps to be considered a New Graduate. As many of you know, on top of the Sunday Babies session, Josh Bennis hangs around the evening sessions with his parents and swings, jumps, flips, and climbs at will. He either does his own thing, or watches what the people in the session are doing and mimics them.

So today he tried out handstand push-ups for the first time.

When you build a great general foundation, the specifics tend to come along much better. We do absolute minimal teaching at the Babies session, and never do any formal movements like squats, jump ropes, or presses; instead we do squatting, jumping, and pushing in as many informal methods as possible. Our belief is that we can teach the specifics for the "weight room movements" any time we want. Best to build the foundation! Josh is one of the many guinea pigs, and so far, so good.

Keep up the good work Josh!

New Graduate: Josh Howey

On the eve of his 1-year anniversary, Josh Howey got his first handstand push-up yesterday at the 6:30 session.

Josh is one of those kids that have come through worthy of the Mikey Peterson M.I.L.F. award (Most Improved Limb Function). When he came to us last Summer, he possessed that tricky combination of being incredibly flexible and incredibly unaware of what his body was doing in space. But he has been patient and consistent in his attendance, and even got drafted first overall by Elizabeth in this year's Summer draft.

Josh has become a fan-favorite at the gym for both the kids and the parents. He's still squirrly but we've seen his strength and coordination improve a lot, and, from the sounds of it, it seems to be paying off bigtime on the wrestling mat. Hopefully we'll have many more years to come from Josh!

Disney Poll: Best Songs

In honor of the Disney Theme Workout this Saturday and our classic soundtrack that will go with it, here is this week's poll:

Rank your top 3 Disney songs.

Does "Won't Say I'm In Love" make the list?

New Graduate: Katie Bromm

While Div has been parading around the Champions Club the last two years claiming to own the place, we must not forget that our first, and favorite ginger gazelle is Katie Bromm, who has been taking summer classes at Michigan the past two years.

As it turns out, Braam is really doing well in Ann Arbor. Last Wednesday she took her exam to get into pharmacy school and she ended up placing in the top 1% of all scores! The exam lasts 4 hours and serves as a stepping stone to get into the grad school most desired; the higher the score, the more options. With Katie scoring so high, she can literally get in anywhere she wants, but rumor has it she plans on returning to the University of Michigan to finish her pharmacy school for the next four years, and to get a first-hand witness of a Jim Harbaugh National Championship! (I hope).

Keep up the good work Katie! Hope to see you visit soon!

In case you're new here, it should be obvious Katie Bromm is not the one in the disgusting MSU sweater.

Theme Workout Announcement: Disney Doozy 2018

It's all in the title. The return on the Disney Workout will be this Saturday at 10 am!

Here's the highlights from 2014:

As is tradition, we always show a Disney movie after the workout on our fancy television, so if anyone has a recommendation shout it out. Lindsey's opinion doesn't count.