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"The Games is the least important thing that happens in CrossFit. There is nothing less important than The Games."

- Coach Glassman

Beast Mode: Ricky

Not to be outdone by his mother's rope climb last night, Slick Rick scored 335 lbs on his CrossFit Total today - including a 155 lb deadlift. Let's see if Mrs. Carey reclaims her bragging rights tonight. Stay posted

Beast Mode: Mrs. Carey

"That was actually really easy" - Mrs. Carey after her first rope climb.

Sitting: No Bueno!

The mobility god Kelly Starrett gives us a few things to ponder regarding sitting. Great videos. The first one is hilarious but there is mild language usage.

And now the imposed penalty for sitting:

Beast Mode/Coach's Corner: Connor...again

Connor made quite a radical jump in weight today. After spending much of his time with the Champions Club working with pvc pipes and medicine balls for olympic lifts, he put everything together in the 3 rep max today - topping out at 65 lbs.

Now, what's good?

What needs to get fixed?

Chase Performance!

This is a great video amd highly recommended. The original CrossFit firebreather Greg Amundson talks about practice, nutrition, and performance. Check it out.

Workout Update + Pull Over Progressions

The workout schedule for tomorrow (Memorial Day) will be as follows:

9:00 am - Track practice at Royal Oak High for athletes going to States

Noon - Open workout (at Jarrod's place)

1 pm - Middle school session (at Jarrod's)

8pm - Mom's session (at Jarrod's)


Today, we went over the progressions for the pull-over on the bars. Here is Carl Paoli's tutorial for completing this movement on the rings.

Pic of the Week: I Do

This picture taken in the 1950's was sumbitted by Mr. Wonsil for the Mothers Day challenge. Although he missed the deadline for the contest, I told him I would put it to good use. The challenge: come up with a caption to the picture that is funnier than what Brian is going to post. (It shouldn't be too difficult.)