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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer!

See schedule here.

Team Workout: 80's Theme...

The 80's themed team workout is this Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Don't forget your scrunchies, popped collars and leg warmers!

The Beauty of Community: A Traction Issue

So often in life we isolate ourselves on the island of individuality, we sit proudly on the pedestal of our personality, and we lock ourselves in the ivory tower of our idiosyncrasies but we mustn’t forget that without others to surround us the ultimate portrait of our individualism can never be fully expressed. Community provides a multi-colored palette that we can use to cover our own canvas.

Humans are meant for community, without it the species wouldn’t survive. It’s as simple as that, but the problem is finding a community that fosters personal growth while not destroying your individuality. Conformity is the noose around the neck of creativity, it is the anchor on your boat of awesomeness, and it’s the twenty pound weight vest of negativity burdening you on your climb to excellence. That is why the Champion's Club, and its small community of fitness friends mix so well together because we are a loose knit group of Cool Hand Lukes that treat each other like Dukes not pukes.

Without a community to coexist amongst we are just spinning our wheels. It becomes a traction issue and the beauty of the community is that they are the leverage that allows us to propel forward out of the mundane muck we often find ourselves stuck in. Sometimes we are lucky to have a community find us but most often it is about searching out for what feels right.

Life is not about material possessions, instead it is about experiences. Without someone to share that experience though it becomes meaningless, so thank you for joining the Champion's Club because without you we wouldn't exist (really it would just be Chris and I working out and I was sick of beating him anyway)! Now get back to work and fix that squat! I said laces out (name that movie).

Midline Stabilization: The Pullup

Now that we are beginning to add pullups into the warmup with regularity, I'd like you all to pay extra attention to the "kip". Although we taught and even encouraged a more violent kip in the past, we are now emphasizing a controlled, gymnastic kip as a default. Here is an explanation from someone that you should all be familiar with by now.

And once we get the two other bars we sent in, you guys will be seeing pullups in the workouts more often as well. The warmup is programmed for a reason. Use it as an opportunity to improve the skill so it can translate over to the WOD.

New Report: Candy Can Cause Kidney Damage

The following report sheds some light on the dangers of candy (that includes Starburst). I know we get on you about eating healthy and how it affects your performance but just imagine trying to do a crossfit workout without a kidney! ENJOY!

Coach's Corner: Matt Morrow 1 RM Power Clean

What's good?

What's bad?

The Soft Routine Challenge...

We've all heard about this hard routine challenge that is going on currently but I want to offer a counter-challenge for those that aren't participating in the hard routine. The challenge, aptly entitled, the soft routine consists of running from the Fieldhouse to the Dairy O in Clawson just south of 14 and Main street via any route you choose.

Once you have arrived at the Dairy O you must purchase the largest soft serve cone they offer and eat it. Upon completion you must then run back to the Fieldhouse. Top time will be reimbursed for their ice cream cone. I personally suggest a cone either dipped in chocolate or butterscotch and/or covered in sprinkles but the cone is of your personal preference.  

Active Rest Day V:

80's Themed Workout Preview:


Practice makes perfect!