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Congratulations to David Saporito, Athlete of the Summer, 2017

See his feature editorial here.

Parkour: Coordination, Accuracy, Balance,

This video was recently uploaded by American Parkour. It has some really demonstrations of precision landing. Check it out!

Workout Update - Sunday, November 19

The team workout tomorrow (Sunday) will return to its normal time at 11:30 in the new weight room. See you there.

What was the optimist's favorite film festival?


The answer is the Cannes Film Festival (omgroflmat...oh my gosh roll on floor laughing my abs tight). You get a half a point if you said the Tribecca Film Festival


Beast Mode: Abby and Jacob

Suprising as it may be, Abby shows off great form on today's snatch balance max effort. Nice work kid! 95 lbs is no joke.

Southpaw newcomer Jacob A shows a quick learning curve while topping out at 105

Beast Mode: Kids Crew

Kyle, Hanna, Aaron A, Ray, Lil' Abby, and Pip (big kid) attempt the jump rope challenge - as many consecutive jumps as possible. Enjoy.

CrossFit Adaptations

Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, discusses the principles of CrossFit, the definition of fitness, and the adaptations that are typically made through the "black box" model.

*note, minor language usage


The above video will lead you to part II and III. Enjoy!!!


Workout Update - Monday, November 14

Normal workout times will be held tomorrow - 3:15 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm and 7 pm. Also, note that we are in our new location at the weight room (located in the school by the boys locker room).


Open House today went very well. I received many compliments about you kids and the way you presented yourselves. Thanks again. Shouts to Murley Burly for making the flyers and sign up sheet on the spot, Syd the Kid for sitting in at the track table, Mrs Lama for running off some sweet track pictures, and to Emma for the poster board.