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Lifts 4 Gifts 2017, 9 am Sat. December 16 @ The Champions Club

See details here.


Developing Good Habits

CrossFit is known to use the phrase, “Technique, Consistency, Intensity.” This means the first thing that needs to be developed is proper technique. Demonstrate the correct way to do a movement, then see if an athlete can replicate it. Once that is developed, the movement can be placed into a workout where it is prescribed to be done repeatedly. After consistently proving that the movement can be done with good form, then, and only then, is weight added or speed increased - or both. Keep the weight light to develop safe and efficient habits. Treat the timer only as a reference point, not a competitor. Following this formula will set an athlete up for success long term.

Let’s use one of our newcomers, Anna Fooy, as an example. She has been with us since December, and the following are the workouts between then and now in which she executed a deadlift.

December 9 – 12k kettlebell deadlift (26 lbs) – 21 reps

December 12 – 8k (18 lbs) kettlebell deadlift – 3 reps

December 14 – 62.5 lbs - 3 rep max

January 10 – 8k kettlebell deadlift – 15 reps

February 3 – 16k kettlebell deadlift (35 lbs) – 4 reps

February 22 – 145 lb deadlift - 1 rep max


No big deal. Just a 110 lb jump.

We started out very light, and any time there was a breakdown in form, we would have her stop and reset, or reduce the weight. We will continue to do that, but now it will be on a bigger scale. Like in the video, for instance. She had much more in the tank, but her form broke down, and we called it there. This is not an isolated incident. A couple of our football players bought into this philosophy and saw the same improvement with Olympic lifts and power lifts. It is, however, a difficult thing to do. It calls for patience and a big-picture point of view. We are not training for today, or tomorrow. We view you guys as long-term projects. Anna is a Freshman right now. By taking a little over 2 months to drill technique and consistency, she has set herself up for three and a half years of nothing but improvements. Same can be said about Nick G and Nate when they were with us. This also requires a lot of confidence (which comes easier to some more than others). You have to know that you can lift more at the time, and therefore, accept the fact that you are going to set some time aside to work on form.

Good form = efficient movement. If you are disciplined enough to slow down early on, it will help you develop habits that will make you go faster in the long run. And if you have had inconsistent form from the start (which would be my fault), then make it a point to back off a little until you get it straight. I’m talking to you, Ryan. Everyone knows you can pull out a 2:37 Fran and 355 back squat whenever you want. Start fine-tuning now. With the transition taking place within the next few weeks, let’s all take the opportunity to really dial in our technique to set ourselves up for a great spring and even better summer.


Beast Mode: Marianne

Motivated by recent events, Lamphere senior Marianne decided today would be the day she got her first pull-up. Needless to say, she nailed it on her first attempt.


I am just in awe right now. We have by far the best community I have ever seen, heard, or been a part of. You are the Champion's Club! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am extremely humbled by your support. I'm just at a loss for words.


Marianne, Christina, Jackie, Alyssa, Rachael. Champion's Club.



"Spartan" - 4:00 session



Champion's Club seniors Mackenzie and Nicole competing with GA students Connor and Aaron (a.k.a. ION) in a game of Spartan.

Beast Mode: Anna

Anna has been with us for a couple months - coming off a knee injury. She spent a majority of the time with us doin skill work, rarely using anything more than a pvc pipe or light kettlebell. Well, all-of-a-sudden, we have found an inner-beast in this one. Anna has seen her clean, push press, and pull-up undergo an incredible refinement, and now she has the privilege to add weight. Oh, and that deadlift with the 8kg kettlbell: here's how that's turned out...

That's 145 lbs on the bar for her CrossFit Total. She also finished with 95 lbs on her back squat (about a month ago, she was still air squatting to the black box.) However, there's always room for improvement. So, regarding the deadlift in the video...

What's good?

What's bad?

Test/Retest: Bubs

Remember this from the summer?

Now compare that to Ducky's effort last week:

Keep up the good work kiddo!

Beast Skills/Parkour

These are the most ridiculous pushups I've ever seen.



This is one of the pioneers of Parkour/Freerunning David Belle. Spring is almost here.