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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer!

See schedule here.

Workout Schedule

In case you haven't read Brian's Twitter thing (which is very likely), I will be opening going up at 11:00 am tomorrow (Sunday) to get a workout in for anyone interested.

Monday's workout times: 11:00 am. 6:00 pm. 7:00 pm (mom's club).

Challenge #1

Every-so-often I will post a challenge for anyone to try. Haven't decided if there will be a prize yet. (Probably not, but knock yourself out.)


Girls: One (1) full range of motion handstand pushup

Guys: One(1) perfect L-rope climb from seated position



Bragging rights people

The Hard Routine

For those of you that are not familiar, we prescribe the Zone Diet to you as a means to greatly enhance your athletic performance. For more information on this, please talk to me or Brian (or Mrs Pip for that matter) at any point in time.

What's with this whole "Hard Routine" thing?

I'm sure you've heard Emma or Pip talk about it. Basically, it's just a distinct period of time where you go on a strict lifestyle routine. If I'm not mistaken, it was originally used in the military in the weeks leading up to a mission. There's no "rx'd" Hard Routine. It's just whatever is felt to be a point of emphasis at the time. So when anyone around here requests a hard routine, this is generally what our criteria consists of:

  1. 5 meals per day (3 main meals, 2 snacks). Strict Zone portioned. No cheat meals!
  2. Limit of 1 "unfavorable" carbohydrate may be included during the day (still in Zone portions).
  3. Drink a minimum of half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day.
  4. Take your fish oil. (preferably 3-5 grams per day)
  5. Do the MobilityWOD every day.
  6. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Again, this is what we usually go off of, but we may add something in for the future. At this moment, there is a two week hard routine in the process, with Emma, Murley, and myself following it. Word on the street is that Sydni will be joining in as well.

The Hard Routine is designed for mental benefits as much as physical ones. For example, going two (let alone three) weeks without even a single morsel of Starburst is something I would never wish upon my worst enemy. But I know that if absolutely necessary, I can hold off (if you think I'm being too extreme, try the new Sweet Fiesta ones).

In the future be on the lookout for me or Brian (but usually me) to throw out a Hard Routine Challenge to anyone willing to join. This is a two-way street; Don't be afraid to throw down the gauntlet yourself.


So I've been told that Twitter is now the cool thing amongst people with a social life (which obviously leaves me out). So I'm writing this to let you guys know that you can somehow link your Twitter account to this site and do whatever it is people do on Twitter. If you can't figure out how to do it, ask Brian.

In The Spotlight: Bishop Foley Track & Field

This past Saturday, the 21st of May, was a great day for Bishop Foley athletics and the Champion's Club. At the Division III regional meet at New Haven High School, 10 Bishop Foley athletes qualified for the state meet to take place June 4th at Comstock Park. The day started off with the 3200m relay team (4x800) of Mary M (fr), Nicole (jr), Marian (jr), and Abby (so) taking 2nd place to secure a trip to the state finals. Each member ran a sub-3 minute split for their leg, including Abby running a personal best 2:46 on a sprained right foot. It will be a first time trip for all four athletes.

Next up to reach the podium was the 400m relay team (4x100) of Alyssa B (so), Emma (so), Renee (fr), and Arrielle (jr). This fast Foley foursome had a sub 54 second time to take home the regional championship. Thanks to two flawless handoffs from Arrielle to Emma, and Emma to Alyssa, the team was in first place going into the anchor leg, run by Renee (who was, and still is, running with a cast covering her broken left wrist) who out-sprinted Livonia Clarenceville's anchor leg and won by a body-length. The team now looks to make some noise at Comstock Park. It is a return trip to Grand Rapids for Alyssa and Arrielle.

With little rest following her 1st place relay run, Emma destroyed the 400m field with a time of 1:03.2 to take her second regional title of the day. It is Emma's first year on the track team. She is a dual spring sport athlete who also contributes to the Ventures Varsity softball team.

The boys finally got on the bus to Grand Rapids when Senior Jake Corey ran a :22.4 200m to take second place and punch his ticket to the finals. This is Jake's first year running after transitioning from Lacrosse to Track.

A tactical decision to scratch Nicole in the 800m run played a small role in helping her to qualify in the 2 mile run but it was really her grit and determination that propelled her past the rest of the field. This was the first time Nicole had run the race. She is just one of many of the Champion Club athletes that have helped out the track team this year.

The last event of the day was also a successful one for Bishop Foley. The girls 1600m realy team (4x400) finished just ahead of the 3rd place team with a time of 4:30 to add to the bounty of medals and accolades. The last relay team consisted of Marian, Emma, Sydni (jr) ., and Alyssa. The team was in third at the half way point when both Alyssa and Emma ran great legs to push them into state qualifiying position. Marian ran a personal best split of 1:07, while Emma made up a lot of ground running her first sub 1 minute split. The quote of the day came from Marian, "I didn't even want to run the relay, but I wanted Sydni to make it to states too."

A great day and a great job by all. We wish all the athletes good luck at the state meet.             

Team Workout: Saturday 28th

The team workout for this weekend is being moved from Sunday the 29th to Saturday the 28th because of the holiday weekend. The workout will be at 11 AM in the Fieldhouse.  Come one, come all and see the amazing Franklin Lama in action.

Champion's Club website is up and running

The Champion's Club new website is up and running. The website will feature the workout of the day with a comment section. It will also feature articles about nutrition, athletes and their accomplishments (don't forget you are all athletes), training, other health and fitness related topics and probably just some general silliness also.

Check back regularly for updates or to post your time or thoughts regarding a workout.


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