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"The Games is the least important thing that happens in CrossFit. There is nothing less important than The Games."

- Coach Glassman

Who Says All Grains Are Bad...

First and foremost you should take everything with a grain of salt (be careful though because recent news reports have thrown sodium into the frying pan...wait I mean they have taken them out of the frying pan...sorry my thoughts are a little grainy). Personally I'm more of a pepper guy.  Anywho, it's true you should do everything with boldness. I mean they even made a soap opera about it called "The Bold and the Beautiful" but this crowd seems more like the "Young and the Rest less" type. Did you catch that? If so maybe we should play a game of pepper one time. Okay, okay, I'm done pouring salt in your wounds because all that does is create jerky people (think about it). In the end, I am neither salt or pepper but I guess you could call me butt-er because I'm on a roll (see what I did there). Speaking of rolls, how's your gymnastics? Are those hollow rocks engrained yet?

Intro to the Pose Technique

This is a clip from December 2007 where Mike Collins, Level 4 Pose-Certified coach, gives an introduction to the Pose Method for running.

Lessons Learned

This might sound bizarre, but I actually read an article tonight *hold for applause*. I highly recommend everyone read this. It's called "Lessons Learned," and it is written by Pat Sherwood, trainer at CrossFit HQ. He was at my Level 1 certification seminar, and you might remember him from a couple videos I posted here. The theme of this article is pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy.

Lessons Learned, by Pat Sherwood.

Lesson 1 "Start with mechanics, gain consistency, and then - and only then - add intensity"


Workout Update + Super Bowl WOD Wrap-up

The workout times on Monday, February 6th will be as follows:

1:45 pm

3 pm

6 pm

7 pm


Well, another year, another controversial finish to the Super Bowl Throwdown. Some left early, others prevailed until the bitter end, and one even went home crying. But all-in-all, it was a great turn out. Thanks to everyone that showed up, and big ups to the Giants for pulling off the come-from-behind victory!

Check the result here.

Back row: Aaron, Ricky, Connor, Alexis, Abby, Frankie, Mr, Carey, Alison, Amanda, Brian

Front Row: Meghan, Bubs, Emma, Anita, Marianne

Not pictured: Sydni, Murley (*hiding)


Fish Oil

This is a segment from a lecture given by Dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet. In this clip, he discusses the benefits high levels of fish oil in the diet can bring.

The full 8-part series can be seen here free in the CrossFit Journal (first installment is at the top, then the next parts are on the next page - click Newer Articles). The presentation is very informative and easy to understand. I encourage everyone to watch it.

Super Bowl Workout 2.0

This Sunday, February 5, we will be holding our 2nd annual Super Bowl workout. So come ready to compete. According to Brian, sportsmanship will be optional.

There will not be an 11:30 session that day.

Things got a little heated last year. To combat this issue, we will have a referee in place to make sure people are staying on track. Here is what we have in mind.

Note: video contains minor violence.

Pose Method - The Pull

Here is a clip of Dr. Nicholas Romanov taking olympic rowing champion Erin Cafaro through some drills used for developing perception.

Track season kids! We're almost there. I know how excited you are.