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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup - Saturday at 10 am!

Highlights from July 3rd

Just in case the wind blew away all of your memories of the third, or the heat caused you to black out and forget all of the great things that happened, here's some highlights from our 100 degree day.

The day started off with a torrential downpour. That doesn't even adequately describe the flood that was unleashed during the morning sessions, but since we are full of hard core Crossfitters, the 10 o'clock session opted to run to the corner during the worst of it. Not only was this slightly stupid due to the THUNDERSTORM that was occuring, but participants repeatedly expressed the low visibility. How the group knew where to turn around will be forever a mystery.


 After the 9 and 10 AM sessions Nicole Murley confidently flew over the 24' box, though to no one else's surprise. As usual, she showed up the rest of us with her picture perfect landing.

Unfortunatley, several members of the 11:30 session were hit with the dreaded carrot. Credit to Franklin Lama for the illustration.

I also now know how paparazzi feel. I was only trying to see Morrow's angelic gaze as he rose from an abmat, but he was unwilling to cooperate...

And then Jacob showed me why you shouldn't take pictures of unsuspecting athletes during abmat workouts.

Sorry man..if you don't want to look like you're not straining yourself, maybe we should all take a tip from Max and Chris during their workout. (Yes.. this is DURING)

To end the day, Mr. Carey impressed us all with his first solo ring hold! Tara, last day is speedily approaching!

As you can surmise, it was an event filled day. Check out the rest of the summer pictures that will be up as soon as I can upload them. Congratulations on almost getting through another week, and I hope everyone will be at the Disney Workout on Saturday. ALL ARE INVITED! :)

Snatch Corrections

Coach Mike Burgener goes over a couple coaching points with Spencer Hendel as he works his max effort snatch. Note: minor language usage.

Pic of the Week: Pops

Happy 4th of July!


The Rest Day Chronicles, Vol. 1 No. 3

Another day, another rediculously painful workout followed by a burning sensation in your extremities... Tomorrow is another well deserved rest day, and while you're not mobilizing or improving technique, here are a few suggestions for how to spend your recovery time.



That's right, folks! This Saturday will kick off our themed team workouts for the summer, and it will be a magically themed Disney workout. Ladies, put on your glass slippers, and gentlemen, work on that prince charming smolder. A rest day is a perfect day to, oh, I don't know, watch a movie? I suggest The Lion King, Hercules, Mulan, or the Jungle Book.


Murley's pool "party" thing...

After the 1:30 session on next Wednesday, July 11th (Probably after 3 o'clock), I will be relaxing in the pool staying cool and being a fool. All are welcome to come join me, and we can make a little shindig out of it. If you need directions or whatever, my number is (248) 508-0728.  If anyone is interested I can also pick up zone-friendly, favorable snacks to pass around (since I have plenty of the unfavorable stuff already).



I know some of you may be able to relate to this video because of a completely rational fear of climbing the rope. Or for any other obstacle in life, this scene from one of the aforementioned movies also applies. Perservere. Strive to succeed. Do not accept failure. Hard work will eventually pay off, so if you haven't quite made it to the top yet, you will soon! Sometimes when we face a challenge, our efforts seem futile and we feel like calling it quits. I'm telling you this: Be the warrior you know you are, because I believe in you. The only real obstacle is being able to believe in yourself. Yeah, that just got deep.

I'm feeling pretty inspired right now, how about you?

Mystery Athlete



1. This athlete's primary sport is intramural football

2. This athlete enjoys listening to Taylor Swift, Ricky Martin, and Beethoven's classical compositions.

3. This athlete was the first official member of the Champions Club.


So...Who Dat, Who Dat?

The Position

Tomorrow's technique day will consist of a lot of tweaking of the hollow body position. Check out this video from Carl Paoli (who will be visiting our gym on September 7th!)

We will also talk about how to apply the hollow body to the movements we do. Here's an example.


Suggested article read: Diet Secrets of the Tupperware Man. This article is written by old school CrossFit Firebreather Greg Amundson. He talks about planning ahead for meals and how it helps him stay in the Zone.

Beast Mode: 9 am session

The 9 am session takes their shot at the modified "Nasty Girls" workout.