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Behind the Champion with Erica

See the interview here.


Workout Update/Halloween Workout

Just to give everyone a heads up, the workouts on Thursday the 27th and Friday the 28th may be subject to be held outside. So please bring warm clothes.


Also, Halloween night, we are planning on having the Trick-or-Treat WOD again. If you would like to participate, please comment below. We will be meeting at the Fieldhouse at 6:00. Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood will go from 6:00-7:30. Then report back to the Fieldhouse for your workout. The exercises reps will be based on number and type of candy collected.

Regular workouts are still scheduled as well.

Again, please comment below if you plan on participating.


Beast Mode: Ryan...again

In possibly the most amazing workout performance I have seen in all of my 21 years, Ryan Richard (still 16 years old) pulled out a 2:37 Fran...knocking 55 seconds off his previous best. His effort marked the fastest time by any member of the Champion's Club at that time, athlete or coach.

Aly, Sydni, and Pat Lass all gathered around the sweat pool.


Great day all around though! Pr's across the board for the most part. In her first Fran without a band, Emma knocked out 21 straight pullups in her first round (Champion's Club record possibly? We'll have to ask Sydni.) Pat Lass and Joe Wonsil both did unassisted pullups for the first time as well.


Well done kids!


Are You Ready!?

Make sure you sleep well and Zone it up. Should be a great retest.


Coach's Corner: Alex & Frankie

What's good?

What's bad?

Sunday Workout Update

The team workout on Sunday, October 23 will be at 1:00 pm. No hill this week. I promise!

Negative Ghost Rider...The Pattern is Full


We often bury our head in the sands of self-doubt. We hitch our wagon to the Clydesdales of cannot. We transform into Negatron. We follow the path of probably not.

What we should be doing is focusing on the positive. We should be playing kick the can't. We need to throw out the worstershire sauce.  We should do what we do best: giving people the business, the getting fit business, the getting better at sports business, the getting better at life business.

Back to Basics

Any guesses what tomorrow's WOD will be?