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"The Games is the least important thing that happens in CrossFit. There is nothing less important than The Games."

- Coach Glassman

Parkour and Detroit

The Red Bull Art of Motion tour is coming to Detroit this weekend, for more details click on this link. There will be an obstacle course set up at the Russell Industrial Center on Friday the 26th and at Hart Plaza on Saturday the 27th. Any of you that are interested in the sport of Parkour (Free Running) should check it out. Enjoy! It is free for spectators.

Here is a little snippet of what goes on:

Forty Days on the high Cs...

Final Attendance Numbers from 6/13 to 8/6: (to see first half numbers click here)

1) Nick Prys 37 out of 40 = 93% (The Duke of the attendance)

2) Sydni Golfin 36 out 40 = 90% (She stumbled on the back nine, but her front nine kept near the top)

3) Franklin Lama 35 out 40 = 88% (We aren't the fightin' llamas for nothing)

4) Meghan V 31 out of 37 = 84% (like a scared shephard, her affliction of lamphere did not stop her from getting the job done)

5) Rachael Kroll 33 out of 40 = 83% (she can't ride the rides at Cedar Point so where else would she have been)

5) Anita Partyka 33 out of 40 = 83% (a trip across the pond nearly cost her a top five finish, it would have been a bloody shame.)

7) Jesse Junkin 32 out of 40 = 80% (there's no junkin' this effort. It's a keeper)

7) Jay Junkin 32 out 40 = 80% (even if there was junkin the trunk, he would be able to carry it now)

7) Abby Lama 32 out of 40 = 80% (2nd place to Frankie - again. Babysitting could be an excuse if Frankie didn't run his own landscaping business. He obviously has a great health plan for his employees)

7) Ben Lama 16 out of 20 = 80% (It's official with 2 consecutive summer attendance wins, Frankie is now the big brother)  

11) Emma 30 out of 40 = 75% (^=Attendance ROM - requirement of members - violation)

12) Matt Morrow 29 out of 40 = 73% (welcome to my hammy, bienvenido a my hammy)

12) Cole Maten 29 out of 40 = 73% 

12) Amanda Petersen 29 out of 40 = 73% (strong showing, next time though she gets a bonus point for every time she dumps water on Mikey's head in the morning)

12) Alex A 29 out 40 = 73%

16) Ryan Richard 28 out of 40 = 70% (unlike last summer, he didn't bail on us for his aunt's farm)

17) Andrew Maten 27 out of 40 = 68%

18) Nicole Murley 25 out of 40 = 63% (paging Dr. Murley...paging Dr. Murley...well i guess curing cancer isn't on the excuse list...yet)

18) Ricky Carey 25 out of 40 = 63% (you can call him corporate because he is all business)

18) Vanbommel 25 out of 40 = 63% (he took a few days off to get his wsdom teeth removed; doesn't seem very wise to me)

18) Aly B 25 out of 40 = 63% (she's one LONG JUMP away from making a splash during the track season)

18) Pat Lass 22 out of 35 = 63% (lass but not least, Pat creeps into the top twenty)

That rounds out the top 20, now for the part-time patty's:

Sam Sell 23 out of 37 = 62%

Hannah 15 out of 25 = 60%

Sydney Sell 22 out of 37 = 59%

Christina Powers 23 out of 40 = 58%

Lynn Pippen 23 out of 40 = 58%

Seth Richard 23 out of 40 = 58%

Mike Maten 20 out of 35 = 57%

Cara Stempky 20 out of 35 = 57%

Austin Richard 22 out of 40 = 55%

Drew Williamson 12 out of 23 = 52%

Noah Keener 20 out of 40 = 50%

Mike Size 20 out of 40 = 50%

Jackie Sanocki 20 out of 40 = 50%

Brian Powers 19 out of 40 = 48%

Max Aleshire 19 out of 40 = 48%

Erin Whitman 19 out of 40 = 48%

Joe Wonsil 19 out of 40 = 48%

Maya Keener 19 out of 40 = 48%

Nick Berti 12 out of 25 = 48%

Alexis Ramirez 18 out of 40 = 45%

Brenton Pippen 18 out of 40 = 45%

Ashley Adomatis 9 out of 20 = 45%

Mariah 17 out of 40 = 43% (aka "Ducky")

Mackenzie Kaiser 16 out of 40 = 40%

Now for the Non-Existent Nellies:

Joanie 15 out of 40 = 38%

Mike Showalter 15 out of 40 = 38%

Mikey Petersen 14 out of 40 = 35%

Ray Pippen 14 out of 40 = 35%

Renee Shelton 13 out of 40 = 33%

Steve Carey 13 out of 40 = 33%

Alyssa Brozek 12 out of 40 = 30%

Alex Williamson 11 out of 40 = 28%

Jack Trastevere 10 out of 40 = 25% (the last boy scout)

Brodie 9 out of 40 = 23% (where'd you go bro?)

Meghan T 9 out of 40 = 23%

Brennan McHugh 9 out of 40 = 23%

Lauren Higgens 7 out of 40 = 18%

Marian Catalan 4 out of 40 = 10% (Me: est-ce que tu va a la fieldhouse? Marian: Non!)

Rachael Fischer 2 out of 35 = 6% (on IR w/ back injury)     

Hey Mama

Emma: “Chris, my mom wants to talk to you.”

Me: “That can’t be good. Bring her in I guess.”

A couple minutes later, Mama V walks in the weight room

Mama V: “Hi I’m Veronica. Are you a biologist?”

Me:  Do I look like a biologist?

Mama V: “I really want you guys to start up a mom’s CrossFit session. What are your thoughts?”

Me: “Well, we would probably need about 6 commitments to give it serious consideration.”

Mama V: “Ok I’ll see what I can do.”

Like 2 or 3 days later…

Mama V: “Ok Chris, I got 8 moms to commit plus another 4 on the hinge…”


It was with that bizarre, awkward, and not entirely accurate dialogue that the Mom’s Club was formed (it was something along those lines though). I still remember the first night.  There were ten mothers just standing in a corner of the weight room. They looked completely lost. Fast forward about a year and now they think they run the place.

Much to my surprise, quite a few moms have taken their shot at CrossFit. While not all of them stuck it out, I greatly applaud their effort and commitment, for whatever time period that may have been. Hopefully they’ll come back around our way again. As for now, there is a group that has stuck with it. And as we come up on the one year anniversary of the Mom’s Club, I would like to give them a shout out.


Veronica – Not enough can be said about Mama V. Veronica Riha, nagging gracious mother of Champion’s Club members Emma and Joe Wonsil, is responsible for organizing The Mom’s Club…as shown in the aforementioned conversation. I’ll humbly admit that I have a way with words. Yet I can’t, for the life of me, begin to find the right ones to adequately describe her. Any that have met her would understand.  She is truly a unique individual who makes it her business to try convince everyone she sees pursue a degree in biology. Aside from her academic ways, Veronica has done her thing in the workouts as well. She has steadily become one of the top performers of the group and her dedication is a great example to everyone around her. Veronica is one of the biggest supporters of The Champion’s Club. I would count how many people she has brought to us, but Marygrove hasn’t taught us any numbers past 20 yet.



Mrs Pip – Quite possibly the strongest entity in the universe, and the only one capable of laughing in the middle of max effort workouts (shown below). She is the mother of three of our Champion’s Club athletes, Pip (Brenton), Lynnette, and Ray. Mrs. Pip is also the only person I know who loves burpees. She has a thirst for knowledge and has even taken an attempt at teaching the 6:00 session on her birthday. Much like Mama V, Mrs Pip takes every opportunity she can to talk up The Champion’s Club. In addition, she is crucial to another aspect of our success: nutrition. Yes, Mrs Pip is the first member of the Champion’s Club (kid or mom) to follow the Zone Diet. Anyone seeking nutritional advice should consult her. She has it dialed down to a science. If you want to know how that is going for her, show up during the last round of a Mom’s Club workout. Some call it sand-bagging. She calls it beast mode.


Mrs Carey – Mrs Carey is just so chill, it’s astounding. This mother of Champion’s Club athletes Steven and Ricky has some serious swagger. She strolls in ceremoniously late to nearly every session. Stunner shades blazin’ and a yellow coffee cup-thing in her left hand filled with water (I think…er, I hope). She begins every warmup with her patented praying-to-the-heavens air squats; slowly and gracefully lowering herself into full range of motion with perfect form. Then she’ll waltz around from exercise-to-exercise, whispering sweet nothings to whomever may pass. Eventually, she’ll get around to doing the actual workout; where she’s formed the fiercest of rivalries with Mrs Pip. Although it’s definitely close, I think Mrs Pip may be slightly ahead in the win column. But if Mrs Pip is the strongest person in the universe, Mrs Carey has the most style. And in her words, “it all about looking good baby!” Well, that and Kyle Chandler.


Jen – possibly the most stubborn of the group. Jen was with us for the first couple sessions. Then she went AWOL for awhile. But now she’s back and we are thankful for that. Jen brings a lot to the table. She excels at the power lifts, while still having the flexibility to squat with full range of motion. Her metabolic conditioning comes and goes with her attendance, but it never takes her long to pick up where she left off. Jen has also brought in our two youngest member of The Champion’s Club: her 8 year old daughter Abby, and 9 year old daughter Hanna. Her outgoing personality keeps everyone laughing and she is always quick to throw a couple jokes at the trainers. Just remember who decides on the workouts!


Erin – oh how we miss Erin. She could definitely complain with the best of them, but her support and sense of camaraderie was matched by nobody. She’s a doctor. She’s just married. And she is EXTREMELY vocal in her mid-workout support of her Mom’s Club superfriend. Although she has not been around for awhile, she’ll probably swing by eventually and fit in like she’s been here the whole time. Get this, her, Jen, and Veronica used to all live right next to each other before Erin’s move. Those neighbors had it rough.


Mary – Mary scares me. In a good way. She is a tri-athlete who is capable of hanging with the best athletes, regardless of age or gender. She wins running workouts with ease….actually, come to think of it, she also wins non-running workouts with ease. And what does she do immediately after her countless victories? Bask in a glorious sweat angel? Check her results with the others on the board? Nope. She uses that time as an opportunity to cheer on anyone that is still finishing the workout. It is rare for an athlete of her caliber to have that degree of humility. We’re certainly glad to have had her on board since the first session. Now, she’s brought in her two kids, Maya and Noah, to join the Champion’s Club.


Crystal – Crystal’s improvement has been tremendous since she started training with us during our second session. Her attendance was somewhat inconsistent during the first couple months. Then, for some reason, something clicked in Crystal around spring time. Since her newfound commitment, Crystal has raised eyebrows all throughout the Mom’s Club…even challenging Mary in some workouts. Early this summer, she became the first mom to climb the rope all the way to the top…and it was her first time ever trying it. I can’t say I was surprised though. She had it in her. And there’s much more to come


Lisa – I take back what I said about Jen. Lisa is definitely the most stubborn out of the group. She can get down on herself with the best of them (even compared to Murley Burly). But I have never figured out why. Let’s look at this: she does great in any workouts involving picking up heavy things or pressing them overhead. She can easily flip up into handstands without any assistance. She plays soccer and can play nearly any other sport she desires. And she can do more with a jump rope in her hands than any high school kid we train (she performs backwards double-unders with regularity). Not too much to be negative about there. Aside from her physical strengths, she is a great superfriend as well; giving 100% of her attention and focus to her paired workout partner when she isn’t in the middle of a WOD herself. Lisa is another vital piece to our Mom’s Club and we enjoy having her around.



Some of you kids have had the privilege of working out with these ladies. I encourage anyone that hasn’t to stop by for their session to experience this one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The Mom’s Club has taught me a couple things. Moms can jump rope better than kids can. The term “dip drive” can be applied to any weightlifting movement. And Bishop Foley’s Mom’s Club contains some of the nicest people I have ever got the chance to meet. I honestly look forward to your session all day. I enjoy sitting back and watching you guys be yourself for an hour. You are all great role models for everyone and are vital pieces in shaping the unique community the Champion’s Club is known for. And for that, this next 8-week session is on the house.

This is more than just working out.


Thank you,


The Theory of How Bread Causes Cancer

An oldie but a goodie!!! Enjoy!

Main ingredient of breads are grains

Grains: Wheat, Rye, Oats, Barley, Millet, Rice, and Sorghum

Grains contain variety of proteins aka lectins

Because they are not broken down during digestion lectins damage intestinal lining and affect absorption of nutrients

Lectins are then mistaken as foreign invaders (body attacks similar proteins in the pancreas causing damage to healthy tissue)

Damaged lining creates a "leaky gut"

This damage leads to chronic inflammation and opens the door for autoimmunity diseases and cancer

Thus bread causes cancer

Are you scared yet? 

Athlete of the Summer: Who else?


Franklin is 12 years old. He can swim on land, slam a revolving door, and win a game of Connect Four in 3 moves. But yet, his doctor says he can't lift more than 35 lbs (shown above). In reality, that's probably a good thing for him...and the rest of us

Frankie came to us at the beginning of summer 2010. He finished with the best attendance, missing only one day, and rode that momentum through the school year. Keeping his weight light, Frankie has developed near-perfect form on literally every single movement we have thrown at him. His attitude, however, is what makes him a fan favorite. In the year plus that he has been with us, I have yet to hear one complaint from him. He's quiet, competitive, and he has a desire to improve. Who knows what the finished product will look like by the time Frankie is a senior in high school (6 years from now mind you). But as for this summer, Frankie's got it on lock!

What did YOU do this summer?











Thanks for a great summer kids!


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