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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

Mother's Day Recap

Great workout ladies (and Mr. Carey). Results can be seen here and the photo gallery can be seen here.

Here's a clip of what you missed.


As for the challenge - Emma was close, but nobody got them all. In order:


a. Brenda ( the picture's in black & white, so that should've gave it away)

b. Crystal (probably would not have guessed that)

c. Mrs. Pip (appears to be trying to lift up the tree behind her)

d. Mrs. Carey (as if anyone could possibly get this one wrong. Just looks like she's up to no good)

e. Angie (The closest we've seen to a smile from Angie)

f. my mommy (Margaret) and Grandma Sue (Mother's Day at Granny's house)

g. Jamie (don't let the smile fool you! She's a sassy one.)

h. Mama V (pre-hippie days)

Guess Who: Mom's Club Edition

Ok folks, in honor of Mothers Day, we are doing a little guessing game. Please play along. The following are pictures from the Mom's Club back when they were young and full of energy. The entire collection can be seen in the Memory Lane photo gallery.

Thanks again mommies for being such an awesome group. We will be holding a special workout for you guys tomorrow (Monday) at the 8 pm session. All are welcome! High school kids - that means you too.


Post your answers to comments






















Answers will be posted after the Moms Club session tomorrow night

Williamston Invitational Recap

The 32nd annual Williamston Invitational took place earlier today. This is a big meet for Bishop Foley's track team - as it is a final tune-up before the Regional meet. As usual, the Champions Club athletes (and future commits) ran very well. Here's how it went down.

On the boys side of things, Craigen Oster continued his pr streak in the mile with a 4:53. Don't look now, but we might have a state qualifier on our hands.

SCLB also pr'd in the 400 - running a 56.9.

On the girls side, Mackenzie Horwath ran a solid 100m and 200m in 14.44 and 29.87 respectively. She also ran a good third leg in the 4x100m relay team that took 6th place.

Emma Wonsil ran anchor in the aforementioned 4x1 relay. She also ran a 1:03.96 in the 400m open. That was good for 4th place and also it is nearly two seconds ahead of where she was last year at the meet. Still mediocre though!

New Champions Club member Caitlyn Uebbing came in 11th place in the shot put with a 26-3 throw.

Marian Catalan pulled out a impressive 2:31 800m time -good for fourth overall.

Nicole Murley ran her best meet of the season. Doubling up with the mile and two mile, she managed to pr in both. She ran a 5:56 mile - good for a 7 second pr and 11th place. Shortly after, she finished the two mile run in 13:18 - shaving 12 seconds off her previous best and finished in 7th place.

Alyssa Brozek competed in the 100m, 200m, and 4x1 and ran pretty well in each event. Her 100m time was 14.37 and her 200m was 30.33.

Finally, the state-contending girls 4x400 relay team consisting of Emma, Marian, Mackenzie, and Sydni Golfin were disqualified after a questionable false start. While this is a temporary disappointment, imagine how good it's going to feel when they come back this Friday and tear up the track at Regionals.

Be ready!

Murley Burley. Super Bowl WOD 2012.


Calling All Mommies!

Send in your retro pictures (preferably in color - no painted portraits please). We're going to have a challenge posted on the site and we need them. As with all other good ideas around here, the young lady pictured below is responsible for this one.



Super-Super Frog

Kelly Starrett's new mobility drill. Enjoy.

Beast Mode - GA Gang

First day doing box jumps with strict form standards and sumo deadlift high pulls. How are they lookin?

Don't worry! All of them are registered so it's safe for them to work out now.

Beast Mode: Christina

This has to be one of the coolest stories I have heard.

The annual Senior banquet on Sunday was all set for another year of redundancy, tardiness, and boredom. However, the crowd was greeted with an unusual suprise, and Champions Club veteran Christina Powers was in the middle of it all.

At the beginning of the banquet, one of the administrators informed everyone that there would be a new scholarship called the "Make a Difference" award funded by a local business. When the two owners of the business were called up to the front, Christina noticed them as her bosses.

According to them, Christina's love for foley, dedication, and work ethic made them want to give her the scholarship, and continue on the legacy every year. In the midst of the chaos and bliss, I managed to reach Christina for comments later in the day.

"I like freaked out," said Christina via text message. "I feel so cool."

And rightfully so. This is quite an honor, and the entire Champions Club is proud of you. Hopefully, that scholarship will be going to a local school so you can still work out with us.

Congradulations. I see you kid!

Christina (left) joining in a workout during 7th hour priv back in November with fellow senior Jackie Sanocki.