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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

Ever wonder about the best way to eliminate pimples? See here for details.


Madonna VS Foley

You may or may not have known this but at one time Professor Veronica was trying to get Chris and I (probably more Chris than I - sort of a trick to get him to go to class i hypothesize) to start a satellite Champion's Club at Madonna University. Don't worry, as of this morning you have a better chance of getting hit by the crash landing of NASA's space junk than us leaving but while the idea was in its infancy Chris and I came up with a sort of comparative list of what we knew about Madonna and Foley.

Here it is:



A singer from Bay City, Michigan who likes Ashtanga Yoga

Bishop Foley  

named after the first American Bishop of Detroit, John Samuel Foley

advantage: Bishop Foley (because we first for thirst).



portrayed professional softball player centerfielder Mae Mordabito in "A league of Their Own"

Bishop Foley

track athlete, Emma W. acts as centerfielder for Bishop Foley Softball along with fellow champion club members Christina P, Aly B, and Mackenzie.

advantage: Bishop Foley with a 4 to 1 victory due to strength, speed, and conditioning (I guess you could say they are all triple threat athletes).

Oh, not that Madonna...



mascot: The Crusaders, Christian knights that participated in the Crusades 

Bishop Foley

mascot: The Ventureman Viking, a Christian Viking.

advantage: Madonna. this might be heresy but a Christian Viking? I'm not to sure about that one.



school colors: Blue and Yellow

Bishop Foley

school colors: Black and Gold

advantage: Bishop Foley. Don't get me wrong, i do look good in blue (more of a baby blue) but black goes with anything. I mean have you ever heard of a blue-tie affair?  



number of sports teams: 11 total 

Bishop Foley

number of sports teams: 22 total

advantage: Bishop Foley. This just means there are double the number of sports and athletes that we can train and help to become their best.  

Final outcome: Bishop Foley 4 - Madonna 1. It doesn't take a biology professor to see that this is not a lab slide but a landslide.



Wrap-Up: Zoo 5k Run/Football Game

We had a great turnout this morning; seven moms in total. Veronica, Mary, Lisa, Crystal, Mrs. Pip, Mrs. Carey, and Jen all took a shot at the run. They ran well, and their T-shirts turned a lot of heads in the process.

Before the race even started, Mama V was recruiting everyone she saw to join the Mom's Club. She finished the entire race running on a injured knee. They were sent on a loop around the Zoo's perimeter, ending in the Woodward entrance. As expected, Mary finished first among the moms. We couldn't find Crystal for awhile, but she turned up at the end of the race; finishing second. Always conscious of being stylish, Mrs. Carey ran in blue jean shorts. Mrs. Pip finished right with her, who said after the race,"Ya know, I feel like jumping rope right now". No suprise there. Lisa and Jen ran for the entire race; not once stopping to walk.

Great job ladies!

Check the photo gallery here



Event Update: Sunday, September 18

Ok kids Sunday is gonna be a big day for the Champion's Club.

First, the Mom's Club will be participating in the "Running Wild at the Zoo 5k" at 8:00 am. These ladies support you all more than you know, so please come return the favor. Come with your Mom's Club t shirt and be loud and supportive.


Secondly, the team workout will be held at 12:30 pm instead of 11:30. The reason being: GA's JV team will be playing at Bishop Foley at 2 pm, featuring Frank the Tank and Kyle W. Again, please stay after the team workout to watch Franklin and Kyle cause havoc for St. Lawrence.

Picture This...

There is a reason why they don't have an event called the low jump, it's because everyone could do it. In fact, people do it every day. They settle for the easy way out; the road already travelled. They settle with a C; they accept that average is what they will be. If you think about it from a mathematical perspective average is a value that summarizes or represents the general significance of a set of unequal values. Being average is a generalization not a specialization.

Imagine a bell and it's curved shaped, now picture somebody ringing that bell. The loud clanging sound reverberates through the air. Look closer and you will see that it is the ends of the bell curve that create and determine the tone (when hit, the bell creates vibrations which disrupt the air thus creating change); the middle just echoes the sound.

Let me repeat: Being average is a generalization not a specialization, so be special. To make noise you have to be at the ends of the bell curve; to make noise that matters you have to be at the head of the bell curve (switching references for all the professors and teachers out there). Being a special person that makes noise that matters, well that's what it means to be amazing!


Beast Mode: 7:00 pm session

Veronica and Mrs Pip came in first. Who got the second place spot?

Nutrition Spectrum: Frumpy-Fit-Fab-Ferocious

In my opinion the nutrition spectrum ranges from frumpy to fit to fab to ferocious. Plain and simple: Nutrition is fuel for the body.  If we look at it that way, then anything you put in your body will get you from point A to point B. Obviously the better the quality of "fuel" the smoother the car will run and the more you consume the further you will be able to go. Right? This logic is flawed. For instance if we look at someone like Michael Phelps who consumed 10,000 calories a day while he was training for the Olympics. Does that mean that he "fueled" more than his opponent and had more energy to train? Could I consume 10,001 calories and beat him? (probably but that's besides the point. J/K) Was every single ounce of food he put in his body of higher quality then his opponent? The answer is no to all of these questions, but yet he won a record amount of gold medals.

Let's take a step back and look at nutrition as the speedometer on a car. Instead of looking at nutriton as fuel (which it is) we need to take an abstract look at it as something that drives performance.


According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, Frumpy is defined as: (adj) dowdy, drab. If we delve a little deeper we see that Dowdy means: (adj) not neat or becoming in appearance. Going even deeper into the world of frump, we see that this sub-category of nutrition is what drives the sweat pant industry in the United States. In relation to nutrition, this is the group of individuals that are just slow-rolling in the right lane. They are going no where fast because they are not making any changes to their lifestyle, but yet are mad or despondent when they don't see any results. Don't expect to acheive your goals anytime soon if you are just coasting along.


We are all moving at enormous rates of speed right now as you read this. Remember that wacky science teacher (aren't all science teachers just a bit wacky?) that told you how fast the earth was rotating (700mph to 900mph at mid-latitudes) but yet you couldn't feel it because it was a constant speed. For you to notice there needs to be a change in speed which in scientific terms is known as acceleration. If you want to be fit, if you want to see change you have to put your foot on the accelerator which in this case is nutrition. Simple changes like removing empty calories like soda pop, fruit juices, candy, sweets can help you reach your fitness goals faster.


For most people they just want to go from flabbiness to fabiness. It may seem as simple as just dropping that extra LB (see what I did there?) but it really takes a concerted effort. For those just concerned with aesthetics, you have to be really dialed in with your nutrition. Just like there are speed limits set to help you maximize fuel efficiency, you need to find that precise spot on your nutrition speedometer that gives you the best results. For some this may mean the zone (measuring) for others it may mean a paleo (clean eating) diet or a combination of the two. It may mean low carb, high protein, no dairy, etc. Unfortunately we come in all different makes and models and each one of us needs to pay attention to what works and what we can handle.    


There is a song by Duran Duran called "Hungry like a Wolf". The chorus goes:

In touch with the ground / I'm on the hunt I'm after you / Smell like I sound I'm lost in a crowd / and I'm hungry like a wolf

If you are on the hunt for performance or if in fact you are chasing performance, you can not be restricting your calories during training. According to the book Practical Programming for Strength Training, Lon Kilgore and Mark Rippetoe write:

To get stronger and more fit, the conventional literature advises the consumption of around 200 to 400 calories more energy then we expend. It has been the experience of the authors that a more reasonable intake to ensure recovery and strength gains would be 500 to 1000 caloreis per day. (34)

What does this mean? Quality of food is important but so is also knowing where you are at on the spectrum of nutrition so you can apply the right amount of pressure to your nutrition pedal. Going from zero to 60 in 4.3 seconds will result in a crash if you don't know how to maintain control, so start slow and remember that small change can still buy you results.  

Pose Running: Bodyweight Perception

A weekend spent with Dr. Romanov = more Pose drills! This guy is a genius. Get ready kids...