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Build a Champion
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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

Ever wonder about the best way to eliminate pimples? See here for details.


Beast Mode: Mrs. Carey

I don't even care what the weight was at. The shades are just too fresh!

More Graduates...

Young gun Erin got her first pullup today...AFTER the workout mind you! While she was waiting for her sister Aly to stop socializing (which can take hours), she just quietly walked over to the bar. Jumped up. Kipped a couple times. Pulled her chin over the bar with ease. Then acted like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Also in today's news, Alex Aleshire became the third member of the Champion's Club to get a muscle up (shown below). Emma is also not far behind. I give it a week at the most.


Pause the video at the point when each of them makes the quick transition on top of the rings. Notice the hand placement in regards to where the shoulder is. This is exactly why we have you work to get ALL the way down on your ring dips.

Good job kids. Alex and Em, keep working that false grip hold. Erin, I see you! Who is tomorrow's graduate going to be?

Re: Challenge #2

Just so you guys know, we will be deciding at the end of the summer on the winner of the handstand contest. So make sure you get them in. We have had some recent entries from Joe and Emma Wonsil, but if you ask me, my picture is still the best. Just saying...

Here's our Challenge #2 entries so far


Joe's picture is pretty neat...although mostly due to the cool lighting done by accident I'm sure.

Graduates: On to College

Teammates Ashley Adomatis and Cara Stempky (pictured below) each got their first pullups on their last day with us! Well done kids. Good luck at Adrian and keep us posted on your season.


Earlier that day. Amanda Peterson also got her first pullup! Over a year of work has paid off.




Active Recovery: Bits and Pieces


It's always important to work on mobility to work out some of the chinks in your armor. This video focuses on mobility for two specific exercies (snatch and double unders) but will translate to numerous other activities because if you don't open the hip you close the door on your potential power!

Quote of the Day (II)...

"One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals"

                                                              ~Michael Korda



You've spent the summer working hard pushing that rock, creating leverage and it is time to get things rolling. It is time to use the momentum you have created from the summer to propel you into your fall sport. Take your potential energy and turn it into something kinetic!  


Mariah's First Day...

The new school year is upon us and some of you may be thinking about joining that group that workouts in the fieldhouse. The track team thinks we do football workouts, the football team thinks we do track workouts, and a lot of people think that they just can't do it. I'm here to tell you that you can do it. Now as freshman or someone new to working out you may be intimidated by what you see or hear but don't be.  The following video is a reenactment of Mariah's (aka Bubs and/or Ducky) first day. Mariah was a freshman volleyball player who had not trained with us during the summer but through a chance encounter with Emma Wonsil she ended up joining the Champion's Club. I like to think it went a little like this: