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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: TBA



Workout Schedule

Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 31) there will not be any workout sessions for kids or moms. The Catholic League track meet was rescheduled for tomorrow and our athletes will be tearing up the competition. See you back on Wednesday.


Tonight, however, six o'clock and Mom's Club is still on. So get a workout in before your day off.

Breakfast of Champions

Quick Paleo/Zone Pancakes (taken from The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf with my own slight alterations added)

2 eggs (2 blocks of protein)

1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce (1 1/3 blocks of carbs)

1/2 cup nut butter (paleo diet does not use peanut butter because peaunts are a legume and legumes are anti-paleo but if you are doing this as a Zone meal then peanut butter is fine)

*adjust fat accordingly*

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

coconut oil (or extra virgin olive oil)

Mix all of the ingredients except the oil. Stir well, until you have a uniform mixture. Next, use the oil to grease the pan (non-stick for the sake of whomever has to do dishes and has to flip the pancake). spread the mix on to the skillet/pan and cook over low/medium heat. Flip after 1 to 2 minutes, remember: turn 'em so you don't burn 'em.

To adjust your carb blocks accordingly you can serve the pancakes with a variety of fruit toppings or mix in a 1/3 cup of oatmeal (1 block of carbs) for more consistency.


Poll: Team Workout Theme

I would like people to vote on the theme for the first team workout for the summer. The choices are:


80's Themed

Super Mario Themed


Post your choice to comments

GPP versus SPP

Perceptions may vary but the essence of the programming revolves around the fact that the Champion's Club is a GPP (General Physical Preparedness) versus a SPP (Specific Physical Preparedness) strength and conditioning regime. The heirarchy in the training pyramid goes GPP, SPP and then Sport. GPP work is necessary to develop a solid foundation in numerous categories that encompass the wide base that serves as the beginning of any training. The 10 areas that we define as important in completing this foundation of fitness are:

Cardiovascular &

Respiratory Endurance










(they can be remembered as CRESS SPF CABA and have been taken from the creators of the dynamax medicine ball)

Numerous authors recognise The Principle of All-round Development as one of eight interrelated principles in sports preparation. Siff and Verkhoshanky write, "This entails building a solid physical and mental foundation on which to found other specialised sporting qualities. All-round development involves strength, speed, flexibility, endurance, good coordination, strong will-power, and exemplary moral and cultural development. Psychological preparation involves persuasion, explanation, example, encouragement, group influence, self-motivation and adaptation to stress". (24) The similarity of the qualties of the two explanations above are no coincidence and are based on years of sound training experience and the knowledge gained from that work. (I highlighted a few of the qualties that may be deemed as intangibles but in the real world could be considered more important than any of the others)     

We are not hamsters in a wheel (okay maybe if the hamster had a 20lb weight vest and a stopwatch) that churn out met-con (metabolic conditioning) after met-con. There is method behind the mayhem of an AMRAP or a Tabata workout or a 1RM Hang Power Clean. 

According to Mel Siff and Yuri Verkhoshansky in their seminal work Supertraining, "The ability of an athlete to perform efficiently and safely in a given sport may be described in terms of three related factors: Work Capacity, Fitness and Preparedness". (32)  The GPP program that the Champion's Club provides for you hits all of the ten components listed above as a means to increase your work capacity, develop your fitness and get you prepared for any sport. If you disagree, while you are performing a couch stretch, I will detail a workout with wall balls to a 10 foot target, overhead squats, double unders and a sprint shuttle for multiple rounds (hmmm...that gives me an idea). On top of that we have records of various workouts that can show an increase in work capacity across broad time and modal domains (the definition of fitness set forth by Crossfit creator Greg Glassman); I mean we didn't buy that timer for nothing. If you think you are not prepared, well 3...2...1...go and figure it out for yourself. I'd be willing to bet you can handle it.

Next Time: SPP-practice makes perfect

Workout Schedule

In case you haven't read Brian's Twitter thing (which is very likely), I will be opening going up at 11:00 am tomorrow (Sunday) to get a workout in for anyone interested.

Monday's workout times: 11:00 am. 6:00 pm. 7:00 pm (mom's club).

Challenge #1

Every-so-often I will post a challenge for anyone to try. Haven't decided if there will be a prize yet. (Probably not, but knock yourself out.)


Girls: One (1) full range of motion handstand pushup

Guys: One(1) perfect L-rope climb from seated position



Bragging rights people

The Hard Routine

For those of you that are not familiar, we prescribe the Zone Diet to you as a means to greatly enhance your athletic performance. For more information on this, please talk to me or Brian (or Mrs Pip for that matter) at any point in time.

What's with this whole "Hard Routine" thing?

I'm sure you've heard Emma or Pip talk about it. Basically, it's just a distinct period of time where you go on a strict lifestyle routine. If I'm not mistaken, it was originally used in the military in the weeks leading up to a mission. There's no "rx'd" Hard Routine. It's just whatever is felt to be a point of emphasis at the time. So when anyone around here requests a hard routine, this is generally what our criteria consists of:

  1. 5 meals per day (3 main meals, 2 snacks). Strict Zone portioned. No cheat meals!
  2. Limit of 1 "unfavorable" carbohydrate may be included during the day (still in Zone portions).
  3. Drink a minimum of half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day.
  4. Take your fish oil. (preferably 3-5 grams per day)
  5. Do the MobilityWOD every day.
  6. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Again, this is what we usually go off of, but we may add something in for the future. At this moment, there is a two week hard routine in the process, with Emma, Murley, and myself following it. Word on the street is that Sydni will be joining in as well.

The Hard Routine is designed for mental benefits as much as physical ones. For example, going two (let alone three) weeks without even a single morsel of Starburst is something I would never wish upon my worst enemy. But I know that if absolutely necessary, I can hold off (if you think I'm being too extreme, try the new Sweet Fiesta ones).

In the future be on the lookout for me or Brian (but usually me) to throw out a Hard Routine Challenge to anyone willing to join. This is a two-way street; Don't be afraid to throw down the gauntlet yourself.