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Turf, you ask? We have turf!

If you're a team in need of indoor practice space, see info here.


All I Want For Christmas...

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is for people to show up at Crossfitbmw on Sunday, December 18th at 11:30.

All I want for Christmas is for people to show up and prove themselves.

All I want for Christmas is for people to show up and lift some heavy weights.

All I want for Christmas is for people to show up and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is...



Almost a Graduate...

Here's Alexis with her attempt at a pull-up. Give it another week or so and she'll get it...

Basketball Update: Lamphere

Champion's Club member Jay Junkin notched 27 points in a 62-57 loss to Hazel Park Friday night. His hot shooting included 7 three pointers, five of which came in the 2nd half. See the game recap here.

Good work kid! Time to put some wins together now.

Active Recovery: Don't Forget to Floss

The Supple Leopard is at it again (if you want to be completely and utterly hip to the mobility scene you should check out the supple leopard shirts at rogue fitness). Remember flossing saves lives (well it actually prevents heart disease and achilles tendon tears so it isn't that much of a stretch).

Enjoy you mobile metcon maniacs.

Active Rest: Special of the Day - Two for One Deal

The timer is running, the seconds are piling on like a dirty football team. You are pushing yourself to the edge of your performance capabilities. You look left, you look right, you look down at the bar at your feet; the little puddle of sweat. 3,2, pick up where you left off, you struggle but you finish. You collapse on the ground. Your view has changed but you look left, you look right. People are still going, still battling the clock. What's next? You get up. You put your two hands to together and you clap for the one next to you.  


The above picture got me thinking. First, What can I do with one hand? HMMMM....maybe sign up for the LIFTS4GIFTS Powerlifting Meet hosted by Crossfitbmw and the #thirstforfirst foundation. What can I do with the second hand? Drag a friend along. What can I do with both? Pray that Frankie's 50lb ban isn't lifted! ROFLMATCH (roll on floor laughing my abs tight consistently hollowed).

Don't worry though when it is all said an done you can still use one hand to pat yourself on the back. 


Athlete of the Fall: Alexis

With the awful winter season already upon us, I would like to look in retrospect at our successful fall athletic season. The girls volleyball team made a great playoff run that landed them all the way in the State Quarterfinals. Murley Burly made it to states for Cross Country. And Pip had a monster year on the defensive line, as he was among the leaders in the state for sacks.

In the fieldhouse, the Champion's Club experienced rapid growth. Aaron P was the first GA athlete to jump on board. Soon to follow were Aaron A, Connor, and Kyle. Then the three little rascals came our way. Siblings Hanna, Abby, and Jake became the youngest Champion's Club members and have graced us with their presence twice a week since September. Josh Shields, my classmate, got hooked on the Kool-Aid in early October, around the same time we picked up some new moms to join the 7pm session (shouts to Brenda, Mrs Murley, and Cheryl)...and our first dad! Plus our Halloween workout was...interesting.

Due to the winter sports seasons getting under way, the Champion's Club was relocated into the weight room (which was also relocated into the old music room). Both the high school and grade school kids performed at their best during the Open-House workouts. We have been picking up new athletes from various schools almost weekly, with a recent influx coming from Lamphere. Thanks Meghan! Now we have the football team and we have been rolling ever since.

So with everything taken into account, the Athlete of the Fall Season goes to none other than Alexis. The Sassy Freshman really took her training to another level during the fall - more than making up for her spotty attendance during the hot summer months. She dialed her form in on nearly all lifts and began to compete with the Champion's Club heavyweights. The vote was close, but Alexis's verbal committment to run track for us in the spring gave her the slight nod over Rye Guy and Vom Bomb. Sorry guys. Brownie points!

Congradulations Alexis, and thanks to the entire Champion's Club for a great fall season of training. Keep up the good work through the winter.

Beast Mode: Aly B & Ryan

Future couple Aly B and Ryan both pr'd today on their 1 rep max clean & jerk and showed a nice form improvement from last time. Not perfect, but still something to be proud of. Aly broke the 100 lb mark, and Ryan...well...what did you expect?

(It's the shoes)