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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2019

See schedule here. Dancing, anyone?

American Parkour - The Tribe

These are some highlight clips from The Tribe's parkour training last summer. Enjoy.

Diet, Inflammation, and Disease

In October 2009, Dr. Barry Sears gave a presentation to a audience of CrossFit trainers in Orange County, CA. He covered the basic outline of the diet, health benefits, importance of high-dose of Fish Oil, and athletic improvements that can be made from the diet. Your homework for this weekend is to watch as much of the 8-part series as you can. It's pretty easy to understand. You can find all segments in the CrossFit Journal available for free download. It starts toward the bottom of the page with Diet, Inflamation, and Disease pt. 1-3.


Here is a clip.

The Winter Classic...and Zee Winner Is?

Today's beautiful weather allowed Chris and I to head outside for the Winter Classic in Z-Ball. I have to admit after winning the Fall Championship and leaving no doubt as to my legendary status in the annals of Z-ball history, I wasn't really surprised at my play today. I was thrown off a bit by how poorly Chris performed but with all that has been going on lately I can't blame him for losing focus like a cheap camera. That is another story for another day.   

In the best of three series, I started off a little shaky and only won 7-3 in the first game, but I rode that momentum like a champion and won 7-0 in the second game. After cleaning off from my gatorade bath, I asked chris if he wanted some tomato juice because he just got skunked. Chris tried to pretend he actually won a point in that second game so I went along with his little charade and let him get a couple points before I crushed his soul like a Semi hitting a squirrel.


Double Under/Muscle-Up Breakdown

Carl Paoli of San Francisco CrossFit and GymnasticsWOD discusses more efficient techniques for double unders and muscle-ups in prep for the CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.4. This workout will be coming up soon for us, so do yourself a favor and watch this.

The Egg-cuse Goose...

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, called Wish-Up-Only, there was a rumor going about the kingdom of a mythical bird with magical powers. It was known as the Egg-cuse Goose. This feathered fantasy tickled the imagination of those who entertained it. It was believed that this beautiful bird could make your problems fly away simply by laying one of it's Golden Egg-cuses.  


The rumor mill had been churning for many, many moons of where might they find this fabled flyer but the fruit of the tree of gossip had reached it's full maturation when a gallant looking knight from another village had come forward with the cage bird underneath his arm and said that he had found the Egg-cuse Goose and received it's golden nugget of Knowledge. The people were amazed and waited on the edge of their seat to hear what he would say next. He slowly scanned the crowd and began,

"You do not know this but my father was also a great knight and my mother came from a line of viking warriors...I was stronger than other children and learned my skills quickly. I travelled to the egg-cuse goose to find out what lies ahead and the golden egg-cuse told me I did not need to offend my sensibilities with hard work...nature had blessed me and that was enough. I have come here to win this year's tournament and that I will do."   

He then gathered his gear and sat underneath a shade tree and watched the crowd disperse. One by one the people came to him looking to get their own golden egg-cuse. The son of one of the most prominent men in the town received, "you need not earn it, you are entitled to it" and he walked off with a gleam in his eye as he approached his father with his hand out and said, "no worries, father, that trophy is mine." Another smaller boy walked up gingerly and received, "take a quick glance, you are not meant for the lance" he walked away with a relieved look on his face as he scolded his mother,  "I told you I should take up dance." The long line of villagers snaked around the bend with some of them making multiple trips. The Knight looked on with a sly grin and decided to take nap.

While all of this was going on there was one villager, Ion Fire, who instead of wasting her time on egg-cuses spent her days practicing. She knew she wasn't as gifted as the Knight but that did not stop her. She was determined to prove herself. The rest of the villagers were content with their egg-cuses and indulged themselves in pointless pursuits.

Finally the day of the tournament had arrived. Like the egg-cuse line, one by one the participants filed past the Knight though this time bowing out with a whine and a whimper. Until only one was left standing, Ion Fire. Her and the Knight had reached the finals. At this point in the story, I could easily digress and say that this was a moral victory and she had done enough to be content but that would be giving you one more Golden Egg-cuse. On that day, the two faced off. Ion Fire did not win the battle, but she had prepared for a war. The local tournament was just a stepping stone for a bigger stage. As her determination grew, so did her achievements.

You can either have an excuse or excellence. Like the Hollandaise chef said, "that's all yolks!"          


Please Don't Go, Go...Go, Go

Subject: Remember Friday?

Message: Well we just couldn't get ourselves to leave so we took a few pictures (:


Post thoughts to comments.

Intro to the Pose Technique

Mike Collins, Level 4 Pose coach, gives an introduction lecture about the Pose Method for running. It is good information for any of our track athletes, or anyone wanting to run more efficiently.


First part discusses the natural forces active while running.


Part II gives a brief overview and three components of the Pose method.