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Open Field Practice Time, Fridays from 6:30-7:30pm

Any teams, schools, parents, or kids interested, see this post for details.


Quote of the Day: 


"Diamonds are chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs" ~ unknown

Not seeing results?

Losing sight of what you are doing or why you are doing something?

Persistence is what will push you through because directed persistence eventually creates momentum which propels you forward toward your desired destination. Nothing in life comes easy, because if it did what fun would that be.

Determination is what will make you wanna push when everyone else is telling you to stop and that it can't be done. The ones telling you to stop are the ones who have already given up. Why would you listen to them for advice anyways?

Persimination is when your persistence and determination meet in a dark alley on failure street. Determination will make you run thru a wall; perisistence will make you do it until it falls down.


The Champion's Club is all about persistence, determination, and persimination.


Mobilize While Sleeping

Kelly Starrett of San Francisco CrossFit and the MobilityWOD discusses positional inhibition many people develop while sleeping and how to address it.

Shouts to Crystal for bringing this issue to my attention.

Broad, General, Inclusive Fitness

Here's an interesting video from way back where Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, goes into some explanation about the nature of training general skills that can be applied to any and every activity.

Pickup Football Game

Murley Burly is in the midst of organizing a football game scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) at around 6:30 pm on the turf. Come join the fun.

Active Recovery: It's a day to do Nut'in!

What do you do on your day off?

Do you rest? 

Do you go have some recreational fun?

Well remember even a Scrat finds a nut once in awhile!

Madonna VS Foley

You may or may not have known this but at one time Professor Veronica was trying to get Chris and I (probably more Chris than I - sort of a trick to get him to go to class i hypothesize) to start a satellite Champion's Club at Madonna University. Don't worry, as of this morning you have a better chance of getting hit by the crash landing of NASA's space junk than us leaving but while the idea was in its infancy Chris and I came up with a sort of comparative list of what we knew about Madonna and Foley.

Here it is:



A singer from Bay City, Michigan who likes Ashtanga Yoga

Bishop Foley  

named after the first American Bishop of Detroit, John Samuel Foley

advantage: Bishop Foley (because we first for thirst).



portrayed professional softball player centerfielder Mae Mordabito in "A league of Their Own"

Bishop Foley

track athlete, Emma W. acts as centerfielder for Bishop Foley Softball along with fellow champion club members Christina P, Aly B, and Mackenzie.

advantage: Bishop Foley with a 4 to 1 victory due to strength, speed, and conditioning (I guess you could say they are all triple threat athletes).

Oh, not that Madonna...



mascot: The Crusaders, Christian knights that participated in the Crusades 

Bishop Foley

mascot: The Ventureman Viking, a Christian Viking.

advantage: Madonna. this might be heresy but a Christian Viking? I'm not to sure about that one.



school colors: Blue and Yellow

Bishop Foley

school colors: Black and Gold

advantage: Bishop Foley. Don't get me wrong, i do look good in blue (more of a baby blue) but black goes with anything. I mean have you ever heard of a blue-tie affair?  



number of sports teams: 11 total 

Bishop Foley

number of sports teams: 22 total

advantage: Bishop Foley. This just means there are double the number of sports and athletes that we can train and help to become their best.  

Final outcome: Bishop Foley 4 - Madonna 1. It doesn't take a biology professor to see that this is not a lab slide but a landslide.



Wrap-Up: Zoo 5k Run/Football Game

We had a great turnout this morning; seven moms in total. Veronica, Mary, Lisa, Crystal, Mrs. Pip, Mrs. Carey, and Jen all took a shot at the run. They ran well, and their T-shirts turned a lot of heads in the process.

Before the race even started, Mama V was recruiting everyone she saw to join the Mom's Club. She finished the entire race running on a injured knee. They were sent on a loop around the Zoo's perimeter, ending in the Woodward entrance. As expected, Mary finished first among the moms. We couldn't find Crystal for awhile, but she turned up at the end of the race; finishing second. Always conscious of being stylish, Mrs. Carey ran in blue jean shorts. Mrs. Pip finished right with her, who said after the race,"Ya know, I feel like jumping rope right now". No suprise there. Lisa and Jen ran for the entire race; not once stopping to walk.

Great job ladies!

Check the photo gallery here