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Entries in 321 Go Project (2)

Quote of the Week vol. 208

"It is important to be stubborn in your vision but flexible in your plan."

- John Maxwell

Mrs. Carey, Mrs. Pip, and Mama V celebrated their 7th year Champions Club anniversary last Thursday. My vision has always been for our athletes to be lifetime members. The plan on how to get to that has changed about a thousand times, and will continue to do so. I think we're somehwere in the correct trajectory, though.

Poll: I had to Guess

Through my insurance company Affiliate Guard, I fill out a survey at the end of every year as part of the 321 Go! Project - which is a group dedicated to helping affiliate owners. One of the questions they asked was about what our members valued the most, and I honestly had to guess. So here's your chance to weigh in.

What does your membership value most?


  • Community in the gym
  • Programming
  • Lowmembership fees
  • Convenience
  • Reaching out and serving community
  • Coaches and their expertise
  • Equipment


If you feel like it, rank them from 1 (most valuable) to 7 (least valuable) and explain. If not, just the most valuable will do. When I get the results from the 321 Go! Project I will share them on here.