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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in cancer (6)

CrossFit Cures Chronic Disease

"We sit collectively (CrossFit trainers) in unique possession of an elegant solution to the world's most vexing problem. And it may be so elegant that it's optimal" That is Coach Glassman's intro at a Level 1 seminar in California. What is this problem, you ask? That would be chronic disease.

CrossFit may turn out to give people a pass on cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and just about every other chronic disease we know of.

This is a bold statement; I am proudly in the worship-Glassman group, and I was still skeptical when I first heard this somewhere around a year ago. But man, the stuff coming out is pretty convincing. Of course, I would expect the same knee-jerk reaction I had: there's no way that's a legit claim. And I'm not asking you to watch one video I post and be convinced.

But watch this video. [note, it's Coach Glassman. Course language, obviously]

"All of it is preventable. Much of it is reversable."

Processed Foods Disease

Last week the CrossFit Journal published a great interview with Dr. Robert Lustig from UCSF. I linked the short version, but the 30-minute version is also available on YouTube if anyone is interested. Definitely worth a watch/listen.

Like some of the other videos like this I've posted on here, it's looking like we have a lot more control over things like cancer and diabetes than is perceived.

Dangers of Sunscreen

Have any of you been baptized in sunscreen by Mama V at a session recently? Or lathered up before going swimming at the beach?

Recent studies have suggested that sunscreen - especially old bottles - may be doing more harm than good. Dr. Barry Sears wrote about it in a recent article on his blog.

Your Sunscreen May Actually Be Dangerous

Char-grilled well-done Black Lauren. Spring 2014

From the Vault + Guest Post Alert

JZ has a guest post that will be released tomorrow at 6 pm.

During this time of year, people tend to make interesting food selections on Fridays when they can't eat meat. I figured this post would be relevant to the topic. Brian the Trainer used to do posts on here often, and thiswas one of his originals.

The Theory of How Bread Causes Cancer

Still work to keep your Zone portions in line!

Announcement from Marianne Carney

Don’t have plans for dinner on Wednesday yet?  Well now you do!  This Wednesday my mom is having a fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse in Madison Heights from 4-9pm.  10% of your bill will support the fight against breast cancer.  My mom is a 14 year breast cancer survivor and has been doing the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk every October for the past 12 years.  The money raised from the fundraiser will go to her team.  We will also be raffling off 3 sets of Tigers tickets.  So bring friends and family, or come after the 7 mobility session and come eat a good meal and support a good cause.  There will be flyers at the box that you can take with you so that 10% of your bill will go towards my mom’s team.


Exercise Your Way to Health: A Guest Blog

Melanie Bowen is a writer at - a blog which includes health tips, support stories, and other information regarding cancer. She recently contacted me in the hopes of doing a guest post for our site.

Duh! Of course! Here we go...


Exercise Your Way to Health


It's a well-known fact that exercise can improve your health, but did you know it can also improve your mood, reduce fatigue, and boost a person's self-confidence? Body mass becomes leaner and muscles gain strength as physical activity increases the overall abilities of the body. A regular exercise program can also reduce the risk of ailments such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Improved physical fitness can improve life expectancy, even in people who are cancer survivors. A healthier body and healthier immune system helps reduce the risk that cancer will reoccur. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, whether it be breast cancer or something as aggressive as mesothelioma, they often slow down. Treatments for all types of cancer can cause fatigue, depression, stress, and a long list of physical side effects as well. It's no wonder that patients can become unmotivated and less active. If the cancer patient stays sedentary even after treatment, they are missing the opportunity to speed up their recovery and live a longer life.

The types of exercises that people, healthy or not, can perform to improve physical and emotional fitness vary from person to person. A conversation with a physician will help you form the exercise routine that is appropriate for your abilities. It's not necessary to go join a gym to start training for a marathon however, there are steps to take to better the outcome.

Aerobic exercises and weight training can be started slowly, and will still improve the feeling of wellbeing. Stretching exercises are another popular activity that improves mobility without vigorous exercise. Walking briskly, swimming, and jogging are aerobic exercises that can build cardiovascular fitness as it burns calories. Isometric exercises can help turn fat to muscle. Resistance training can help even those who have developed a high fat-to-lean mass ratio because of illness.

In an article published by the National Cancer Institute, researchers agree that the most important message that cancer patients and survivors can hear is to avoid inactivity. Sedentary lifestyles can lead to many more problems down the road.

If you are already active, do not let up. If you're not active, follow the advice of your caregiver and start exercising slowly. Experts suggest that you should work your way to a goal of moderate to vigorous exercise from half to a full hour, 5 days a week. This will vary by person, and remember every little bit helps!