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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in carter should be a model (11)

Quote of the Week vol. 207

"I don't know of an adaptation to nutrition that is unique to nutrition. I don't know of a positive adaptation to exercise that isn't also a feature of eating right. I can get you to eat right and make all this good stuff happen; you can eat wrong and I can introduce exercise into your life and make all this good stuff still happen. Together it's a tremendous force."

- Coach Glassman

Couch + CrossFit - Nutrition = CarterMy hope is to be steadily emphasizing the health/lifestyle improvements that come through the CrossFit program more than in the past. We have a lot of good athletes here who are good in spite of their lifestyle. Let's see if we can slowly bridge the gap.

New Graduate: Carter for the Trifecta!

After the team workout this morning, Carter was messing around with Shakes and Tim when they challenged him to kick up to the wall in a handstand. The Blob has been with us for over three years and has never been able to accomplish this mostly due to the general blobness of his shoulders. But much to my surprise, he knocked it out very quickly.

Naturally, things escalated quickly and he was challenged to a handstand push-up. The following happened...

Keep the milestones coming Carter!

Pic of the Week: Josh and the Blob

Josh Ellsworth has been mopping up on the track all season and he finished strong in the league championship meet earlier this week. His relay team came in 1st place in the 4x4, and on the individual side he came in 2nd in the 400m dash and 3rd in the 800m run (not sure who tricked him into running that thing. The 400m video can be seen here.

Good job Josh and I'm looking forward to having you full-time this Summer.


In completely unrelated and unnecessary news, I gave Carter the camera to take back to the gym while I had to run ahead and check up on Mr. Z during Thursday's 20-minute run. I told him specifically to walk, not run, back to the gym in as straight of a line as possible, hold on to the camera with both hands, and do not do anything else until the camera is safely placed on the comfort of the couch.

I should've known better.

A Blob in Rhythm

This is why we love Arlene.

The Blobbings of Carter the Blob Presents: Death by Carter

Ladies and gents, Carter Warthman died for a minute, only to resurrect from the big blue mat of death to resume his daily blobbings.

Yesterday you all did the death by rope climb/front squat couplet and had a good idea of how difficult that workout got as it went on. During the 1:30 session, Carter was finishing up what I was anticipating to be his last round, when one of his inner voices told him to kick into beast mode. Here is what it looked like.

*note: the range of motion you see in the video is full ROM for him at the moment due to lack of mobility. It will get better in the future.

16 + 7 front squats. Not bad youngster!

Pics of the Week: 90 degree Andersons/90 degree Foot

If there was any doubt about Mr. Anderson's desire to be a 90's baby, look no further than his attire for last Sunday's 90's Theme Workout for the parents.

No doubt his wife and son are proud

Then yesterday I glanced over at Carter the Blob only to notice his feet looking completely disfigured.

"Chris, I don't understand my feet."

Pic of the Week: Blob the Boy Scout

There is an unmistakable lack of Blob, or, Blobs technically, at the gym this week. And although Master P has done his best to bring the goofy level up, few can match Carter in that realm.

The reason for his absence: Boy Scout Camp. No one knows what goes on there, but his dad sent me a picture to share for the site.

I think Carter needs to grow out the hair again. Get on that Blobfather!