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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

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Coach's Corner: The Other 23 Hours of Your Day

"So Chris, that mobility really helped me but a few hours later it went right back to hurting again."

I am outnumbered. Here's the ratio of hours you spend in the gym compared to hours outside of the gym:

Gym time

Not-gym time

This means that two minutes of a good lacrosse ball jamming behind your shoulder is going to help for the workout, but it's not going to undo hours, weeks, months, and years of bad position. In fact, now that Carter is back, he gives us ample opportunity to point out why Murley coined his nickname The Blob back in 7th grade.

One of the best ways to keep ahead of the mobility curve is to not spend tremendous amounts of time with your head sticking 8 inches in front of the rest of your spine. Common sense would tell you that this is suicide for your neck, shoulders, and upper back. Overhead squats are a killer for even the Ashley Frys of the world, don't make it worse on your self.

Coach's Corner: Carter

On max effort presses today, we spent a lot of emphasis on midline stability. Often times we only see things like sit-ups, hollow holds, and knees to elbows as "abs" movements. But the best training of the abs, and the rest of the core, come from doing regular functional movements with as much range of motion as our body will allow.

The press, for instance, requires a very high level of trunk control because of how high the weight is above your point of support.

In the picture above, the tall tree needs to have an extremely strong foundation - at least, compared to the shorter trees - in order to keep itself from tipping over. Same goes for lifting. Holding 100-lbs. overhead requires more core strength than holding 100-lbs. at your shoulder, or at your waist. This is why the overhead press (and handstand) are such great exercises.

One of the ways we make it harder is by adding more moving parts. Keeping midline stability in the strict press: no problem. Now what about the push press where we add motion in the hips, knees, and ankles, as well as more overall speed? Here's what Carter looked like (strict press is at 80 lbs. and push press is 85 lbs.)

What do you think?

Quote of the Week vol. 261

A text message exchange on Monday, early afternoon.

Carter: "Yo I just got sick. I'll be in tomorrow."

Me: "Sweat it out today bro. You'll be good. Don't be soft!"

Two hours later...

I wrote about this before in Done with the Diagnosis, but it really helps to not label yourself as something. To say "I'm sick," or "I'm injured," or "I'm bad at this," tends to put a finality in your mind. Carter did not have an amaing workout on Monday, but he did do pretty well; 95-lbs. on cleans, good burpee technique, a strong finish, and a nice post-workout sweat.

If your fitness and health is a priority for you, then you'll (almost) always find a way to make a workout happen.

Welcome Back: Carter

Yes, that Carter!

It's been a hot minute since we've seen the Blob in action, and after some subtle recruiting pitches, I think he's gonna be locked down for his senior year. Yes, he's a senior, though I'm not sure how at this point. Either way, Carter's my main man and, if anything else, adds great hip hop music selection to the mix!

Let's finish strong this year.

Senior Tribute 2018

by, Danielle Worden...

Jennifer Banet aka Jen

One of the most hard working athletes I know. She never gives up especially when it comes to breaking records. Off days you ask? Jen doesn't know what those are. Not only is she a top athlete but she enjoys what she does. Whenever I see her in the gym she never fails to have a smile on her face. She shines bright and inspires those around her. Overall she is an amazing person and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for her!! Good luck girl!

Jennifer's first day at the Champions Club - Summer 2014

Brendan Crawford

I honestly didn't know his first name until a month after meeting him; I only knew him as Crawford. Oh boy where do I start...besides calling everyone a "Jew" Crawford is a pretty good kid and actually quite intelligent, outside the gym. But in the gym he works hard until the work is done and from there on out it's all fun and games. He is definitely the goofball of the gym yet his dumb jokes never fail to put a smile on someone's face. The gym will be much quieter without him but overall his work ethic and personality will be missed. Good luck at Macomb and Lawrence Tech!

Crawford and his 11 am goobers from Summer 2016

...and Carter the Blob

Aaron Sexton

Aaron is one of the weirdest people ever. He can roast you and then be cool with you. A big part about what kept me trying to compete with the rest of the people in a workout is just to beat Aaron a brag to him(never beat him). He has this weird catchphrase that makes no sense whatsoever but is just so odd and catchy that Chris and I both say it. Holy potatoes Jim, its been awhile since you been in the gym.  (That rhymes, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it)

7th grade Aaron Sexton - Summer 2013

Dawson Bielski

I was hella impressed ever time I saw dawson play football and he'd be out on the field. Crossfit has worked wonders on him and from a perspective of a younger highschooler it was interesting to see someone built to be a jock be so chill and relaxed. I would always laugh when he pulled up with the purple Dodge Charger. That was so funny to me.

Super Gump in the flesh with his first double under. Summer 2016

Kenny Jensen

KENNYYYYY. By far one of the quietest people in the gym but that's ok. He works his ass off any work out I've seen him in. I remember the good ol' no on squad with Crawford, Kenny, and the little short kid(matt?mike? Something with an M). That was fun and I'm glad Kenny would be one of the few i tried to keep up with. He always gives his full and I'd like to see him back in the gym some day.

Kenny's death stare in his rookie class at Summer 2016

Quote of the Week vol. 168

Me: "We'll have Carter take the food home."

Carter: "Hell yeah! I'll take it. Just give me whatever you want and I'll eat it. Except the vegetables."

- The Blob in response to all the food left after the sessions yesterday.

I wonder what Carter would look like if he didn't work out.

Carter the Crane

Every inch your head moves forward from the rest of your spine it adds 10 lbs. of pressure to your neck. This is just at a resting position. Every time we jump, we are reaching anywhere from 2x-3x our bodyweight when we land.

And this was Carter on double unders yesterday. 

Given a rough estimate, his head weighs 60-80 pounds at this moment. Mr. Z in the background is the model student in this case; his ears are roughly lined up with his shoulders.

So here's the quick back story. As I was waltzing around the warmup of the 6 pm session contemplating death and football officiating, I heard the whipping sound of smooth, unbroken double unders. Eight to be exact. I looked up expecting to see Shannon when I noticed this was coming from Carter the Blob. Reggie and I exchanged looks like, did he just do that? But our eyes did not deceive. Carter was just as surprised as we were.

When the workout started, I had Carter do 30 double unders every round. I did this because when we are learning a new skill, it's usually best to just do it and let the mistakes happen. But once I determine the main motor pattern is developed, then we begin to fine-tune. With Carter, head position will be the first thing to be fixed.

We always look at movements more than just a pass/fail; rep complete or incomplete. There are always fine details that will ultimately make said movement more efficient in the long haul. In Carter's case, keeping his head in line with the rest of his body will put less strain on his shoulders and also help his overall jumping position. The less moving pieces when jumping the longer it will last. This is the difference with out-of-shape Murley and out-of-shape JZ getting 11 and 10 rounds respectively and Cap'n Jack getting 8. Just remember there's always something to fine-tune.

So Carter, good work on doing double-unders for the first time during a workout. Now let's tighten them up. We'll start with your unbelievable slouched posture!