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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

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Senior Tribute 2018

by, Danielle Worden...

Jennifer Banet aka Jen

One of the most hard working athletes I know. She never gives up especially when it comes to breaking records. Off days you ask? Jen doesn't know what those are. Not only is she a top athlete but she enjoys what she does. Whenever I see her in the gym she never fails to have a smile on her face. She shines bright and inspires those around her. Overall she is an amazing person and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for her!! Good luck girl!

Jennifer's first day at the Champions Club - Summer 2014

Brendan Crawford

I honestly didn't know his first name until a month after meeting him; I only knew him as Crawford. Oh boy where do I start...besides calling everyone a "Jew" Crawford is a pretty good kid and actually quite intelligent, outside the gym. But in the gym he works hard until the work is done and from there on out it's all fun and games. He is definitely the goofball of the gym yet his dumb jokes never fail to put a smile on someone's face. The gym will be much quieter without him but overall his work ethic and personality will be missed. Good luck at Macomb and Lawrence Tech!

Crawford and his 11 am goobers from Summer 2016

...and Carter the Blob

Aaron Sexton

Aaron is one of the weirdest people ever. He can roast you and then be cool with you. A big part about what kept me trying to compete with the rest of the people in a workout is just to beat Aaron a brag to him(never beat him). He has this weird catchphrase that makes no sense whatsoever but is just so odd and catchy that Chris and I both say it. Holy potatoes Jim, its been awhile since you been in the gym.  (That rhymes, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it)

7th grade Aaron Sexton - Summer 2013

Dawson Bielski

I was hella impressed ever time I saw dawson play football and he'd be out on the field. Crossfit has worked wonders on him and from a perspective of a younger highschooler it was interesting to see someone built to be a jock be so chill and relaxed. I would always laugh when he pulled up with the purple Dodge Charger. That was so funny to me.

Super Gump in the flesh with his first double under. Summer 2016

Kenny Jensen

KENNYYYYY. By far one of the quietest people in the gym but that's ok. He works his ass off any work out I've seen him in. I remember the good ol' no on squad with Crawford, Kenny, and the little short kid(matt?mike? Something with an M). That was fun and I'm glad Kenny would be one of the few i tried to keep up with. He always gives his full and I'd like to see him back in the gym some day.

Kenny's death stare in his rookie class at Summer 2016

Coach's Corner: Goobers a Year Later

Last week we had a rough workout in the form of a 27-21-15 rep scheme; to make matters worse many of you did full cleans from the ground. Cleans and dips are always a tough combination and while this one was not nearly as intense as Elizabeth, it still proved to be very fatiguing.

One of the groups I was most impressed with that day was the 11 am session, which featured Summer 2016 rookies Josh Ellsworth, Conor Fitzgerald, Kenny Jensen, and Brendan Crawford. Normally they do cleans from the hang position, but during the technique segment I thought their form looked good enough to do them from the ground. In addition, they all did unassisted dips with a modified number (21-15-9) with the exception of Conor (switched to a skinny band after the first round). Here are some highlights.

You should notice that neither the cleans or the dips are perfect. On the dip, they had trouble keeping tension as they descended down, and on the clean they would sometimes miss Pose 2 and unweight too early. But I also wanted to emphasize position on this workout as well, and both their deadlift and front squat remained in tact. There will always be stuff to tweak but I think this was a good start for the goobers.

Quote of the Week vol. 199

Bubs (before the 5 minutes of burpees): "Ugh! Just kill me now!"

Kenny: "I'm already dead"

Beast Mode: Goobers Gone Good

On Friday's 3 RM Back squat, we had Summer 2016 alumni Conor Fitzgerald, Josh Ellsworth, and Kenny Jensen in attendance at the 5:30 session. They all had a great day squatting and topped out their 3 RM at 135 lbs.

Remembering what they looked like in the Summer, I was really impressed with how they did on Friday. Keep up the good work kids!

Athlete of the Winter '16-'17: Kenny Jensen

The highlight of the winter for Kenny Jensen came two Tuesdays ago, actually, during the form/tempo day with overhead squats. It had nothing to do with good form, reps completed, or weight lifted.

"KENNY WHAT'S THE FIRST RULE OF THIS SESSION" I screamed out of the blue just to mess with Kenny as he was grabbing his PVC pice from the bin. During the Summer 2016 rookie session, I told James, Kenny, and crew that the first rule of the session was to never look at me. While we had good fun with it, the command was actually rooted in movement technique because all three of them would look at me or Murley while they were lifting - which would throw off their form. So ever since then, I'll throw that sergeant-like mantra out there out of good fun. Usually Kenny about-faces and has a staring contest with the nearest wall (pictured above). But not this time; not two Tuesdays ago.

After I yelled that, Kenny cradled his PVC, raised the nearest edge to eye-level, and gave a playful KA-POW right towards me as if I was one of the infidels in his Counter Strike video game. Then he smiled, laughed, and said, "just kidding." Getting three syllables from Kenny Jensen used to be as common as finding Ditto in the Pokemon GO! game I never got to play. Thankfully, the Champions Club seems to have pulled a playful side out of the silent assassin, and it was on full display in recent months. For that reason, and for his dedicated attendance and improved movement technique, Kenny Jensen is the Champions Club Athlete of the Winter '16-'17.

This picture was taken towards the end of January and I don't think he's used a band since

The week after cross country finished in the fall, Kenny was immediately back in full swing at the Champions Club, assisted by Crawford who drove him every day. Then, due to Crawford's work schedule, he was not able to give Kenny a ride on Thursdays or Fridays. I expected those to be no-show days from Kenny, but I remember that first Thursday where his dad's white truck pulled through the parking lot and Keny jumped out; I knew we had him hooked again.

One of the toughest things to do in CrossFit is to get back consistent after a long hiatus. These workouts suck, dude, and the first few days or weeks back give us a brutal reality check. I used to do this for fun? Why am I putting myself through this? Then you skip a day or two, show up again out of guilt, cycle through the thoughts, and repeat the cycle. I always tell people if they can make it consistent through the first two weeks, they'll get back in the routine. Kenny did exactly that this winter.

Coming into the month of November, Kenny could do virtually zero jump ropes, one single pull-up, maybe two, a couple of heavily-monitored back squats, and pranced like a deer when he ran. Now it's March and he still prances like a deer when he runs (maybe a stag now) but his form on everything has improved drastically on every single movement he does. It's really been a joy to watch. Some of Kenny's highlights from this winter include:

But like I said in the intro, what has really impressed me the most about Kenny is how much more comfortable he seems around our unusual crew of misfits.  When he first came in during the Summer, he was easily the quietest kid in the gym. He's definitely not Mama V, but he routinely strikes up conversations with people outside of his Mott Running bubble ranging from Sabal, to Mr. Carey, to Saporito, to Crystal. I'm definitely not one to judge someone's social skills considering I have none, but this transformation has been just as cool for me to witness as his physical one.

The Athlete of the Winter was a very close race this time around. Crawford got off to a great start and brought in cakes from work, so that form of bribery never hurts. Then you got Erica Krueger - whom I just found out I was mispronouncing her name for over 6 months - and all the improvements she's been making in her strength and stamina. Mrs. Fitz  might be the easiest person to pick on in the Champions Club and not nearly as stylish as the mister, but I will go on record calling her the most athletic person in her family, and was probably second in the Athlete of the Winter running. And now that I think about it (while writing), Katie Shakes has somehow managed to impress me even more than she did in the Summer - going guys rx'd on most workouts and working to find that "next gear" in those benchmark workouts that call for it.

In the end, both Shannon and I were all-in for Kenny getting this award. Great job kiddo and let's keep this going through track season!

Move over Crawford!

Pics of the Week: Homecoming Again

Last week was Warren Mott's Homecoming dance and we got a few DropBox submissions from Crawford and Erika:

Dawson is such a gump! Hopefully we'll see him back here after football season. But if none of those are good enough, I got lucky and caught a perfect shot of Mrs. Fitz supporting Shakes in the palms of her hands.

Beast Mode: The Kenny and Carter Show

There were about two people I was expecting to do well on Tuesday's max effort Overhead squats. Carter the Blob and 11 am rookie Kenny Jensen were not the two people I had in mind. But much to my surprise, they both showcased great form and good enough mobility to move up to 60 lbs. on their final set. Here's how it looked.