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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

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Senior Tribute 2018

by, Danielle Worden...

Jennifer Banet aka Jen

One of the most hard working athletes I know. She never gives up especially when it comes to breaking records. Off days you ask? Jen doesn't know what those are. Not only is she a top athlete but she enjoys what she does. Whenever I see her in the gym she never fails to have a smile on her face. She shines bright and inspires those around her. Overall she is an amazing person and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for her!! Good luck girl!

Jennifer's first day at the Champions Club - Summer 2014

Brendan Crawford

I honestly didn't know his first name until a month after meeting him; I only knew him as Crawford. Oh boy where do I start...besides calling everyone a "Jew" Crawford is a pretty good kid and actually quite intelligent, outside the gym. But in the gym he works hard until the work is done and from there on out it's all fun and games. He is definitely the goofball of the gym yet his dumb jokes never fail to put a smile on someone's face. The gym will be much quieter without him but overall his work ethic and personality will be missed. Good luck at Macomb and Lawrence Tech!

Crawford and his 11 am goobers from Summer 2016

...and Carter the Blob

Aaron Sexton

Aaron is one of the weirdest people ever. He can roast you and then be cool with you. A big part about what kept me trying to compete with the rest of the people in a workout is just to beat Aaron a brag to him(never beat him). He has this weird catchphrase that makes no sense whatsoever but is just so odd and catchy that Chris and I both say it. Holy potatoes Jim, its been awhile since you been in the gym.  (That rhymes, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it)

7th grade Aaron Sexton - Summer 2013

Dawson Bielski

I was hella impressed ever time I saw dawson play football and he'd be out on the field. Crossfit has worked wonders on him and from a perspective of a younger highschooler it was interesting to see someone built to be a jock be so chill and relaxed. I would always laugh when he pulled up with the purple Dodge Charger. That was so funny to me.

Super Gump in the flesh with his first double under. Summer 2016

Kenny Jensen

KENNYYYYY. By far one of the quietest people in the gym but that's ok. He works his ass off any work out I've seen him in. I remember the good ol' no on squad with Crawford, Kenny, and the little short kid(matt?mike? Something with an M). That was fun and I'm glad Kenny would be one of the few i tried to keep up with. He always gives his full and I'd like to see him back in the gym some day.

Kenny's death stare in his rookie class at Summer 2016

Sunday Highlights: A Small Triplet

We had a really good turnout yesterday at the team workout, including one of Danielle's friends coming to try it out and a guest appearance by the Super Gump himself, Dawson. The weather was nice enough for a run to be included, so we took advantage. I was also very impressed with how the 10 am rookies Josh Howey and Isaac Dawkins moved. Here's the highlights.

One Year Anniversary: Dawson Super Gump

I am a little bit late on this one, but on April 10, one year ago, Dawson Bielski graduated from Fundamentals and joined our group.

Dawson came to us a gump of a sophomore. Now it is one year later, and he is still a gump, but a much more polished, lovable, and (most importantly) athletic gump.

Sometimes I forget that Dawson came in to the Champions Club just weeks after a shoulder surgery. He spent the first few weeks doing a lot of one-arm movements and had trouble holding himself up on the parallel bars or hanging from the pull-up bars. Now banded dips and L-seats are common, rope climbs are a thing of the past, and he even got his first pull-up back in January.

Dawson is one of my absolute favorites of the New Generation, and it's really hard to put my finger on why exactly that is. He's not our strongest kid, or most coordinated, or fastest learner, but for whatever reason I just think he makes a session better any time he steps in through the garage doors. I think a lot of it has to do with his community involvement.

The first time I noticed this was during last Summer's Mario Theme Workout; he brought in a 4-ft. tall Mario doll and dressed up as well. It's always a slow process for new people to mesh into our tightly-woven group, and events like this tend to help with that. And the more his attendance remained consistent through the Summer, winter, and now the spring, the harder it becomes to picture the Champions Club without Dawson the Gump.

On a more serious note, Dawson will be going into his senior year and is looking for another big athletic jump into next football season. Judging by his commitment to in-season training and the prospects of another great Summer, I definitely expect to see it happen. He made the Summer 2016 Dream Team last year, so let's see if this year he can creep up a few more spots. Either way, we're glad to have Dawson Bielski and his 10 Tips on Love as partof our Champions Club family and folklore.

Beast Mode: Dawson's Split Jerks

Dawson Bielski, aka Super Gump aka Love Doctor, has put in a good winter of workouts here at the Champions Club. We have really been working to develop his coordination and skill more tha just brute strength (same thing we are trying with Kris). On Monday's max effort split jerk, we kept Dawson's reps high and the weight relatively light so he could get the timing down on a movement he has not been traditionally good at. Here's how his last set of 10 looked at 75 lbs.

We also noticed this was the case for just about everyone in attendance except Elizabeth and Sabal. As a whole, our gym's overgeadposition is not great, and we have not done split jerks in quite a while. One of the adjustments I've made after learning from some of Jacob's deadlift sessions is to not be married to the rep scheme of that max effort lift.

For instance, instead of keeping everyone at light weight and doing 10-8-6-4-2 reps, I still kept the weight light, but I increased the volume - most people were at 10 sets all the way through, and a few went down to 8 and stayed there.

Either way, great job to everyone, and especially Dawson, for staying patient with a tricky lift.

Valentines Day Special: Dawson's 10 Tips on Love

Etched in eternal papyrus, these ten essential tips will prove to lead many a man to a fantastice life of love. A proven system with 100% accuracy, you can buy a copy of this to hang on your wall for just 5 easy payments of $99.99. All proceeds go to Dawson. There is no refund, because there is no going back on love.

Gents (and ladies), Dawson says you're welcome.

Words (smooth) by Dawson the Love Doctor

Artwork by Katie Shakes

New Graduate: Dawson is Super Gump

Last night as I was turning down the music ready to cut off the warmup, I noticed Dawson swinging on the bar doing pull-ups. As I was pausing Pandora, it occured to me that I could not, for the life of me, remember seeing Dawson do a pull-up before. I asked him and of course he had no idea, so I did a quick site search and did not find anything. So the camera got pulled out and I put him on the spot. Here's what we got:

I have made fun of Dawson being a gump in the past, and I have no plans on stopping in the near future. But the Super Gump has been working very hard in here since the spring and his patience with form and technique is going to pay off very soon. Remember, this kid is only a junior; he's got another year and a half to improve before heading off to college. If it's anything like the last few months, there should be good things in store for Dawson.