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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in dodge duck dip dive and dodge (7)

Goon and Goblin Resurgence 9/12

This one comes from Jacob the Goon.

What is your favorite non-mainstream sport (ie. not football, baseball, or basketball) to both watch and play?

Memorial Weekend Dodgeball Tournament

Reminder that there is no 3:30 session today. We have 11 am, 5:30, and 6:30 pm sessions still on as usual.

We had 16 people at the team workout yesterday, and as luck would have it, we were evenly split with 8 kids and 8 parents. So we did two teams of 4 with each group, then the kids winner played the parents winner.

Here's how it looked.

Play Time: Mom's Club OGs

At this Wednesday's moblity session, Mama V and Mrs. Carey were the lone members of the Mom's Club. Before they hit some intensive running form rehab, Chris decided to let the group play dodgeball for a bit. Check out the video below for southpaw Mrs. Carey's trash talk and one of the more...unconvential catches we've seen in a while.


If you were at the team workout either of the past two Sundays, you got to experience plastic balls to the face it rapid and repeated fashion.

Dodgeball is a good warmup and it's much more fun and entertaining than the normal three-rounds-of-what's-on-the-board routine we do during the week. But there is one main reason why it's been involved in the curriculum as of late. Throwing.

Throwing is something that everyone should be able. It's one of the most fundamental movements in the world of sports (and something I'll probably write about in the next Day Care Diary unless someone else pulls the Fire alarm). Even though it is highly technical from a joint and global position perspective, it's something that we all do instinctively. Or at least, we have the ability to do it instinctively - as seen at the Day Care. When people stop playing ball sports at a young age, they lose that precise motor control over time. I'd like to try to bring it back in some way. So unprompted and unannounced I wanted to see how people look when they throw. We don't do throwing progressions. We don't scale the movement. We just throw.

Now I also think catching is just as important as throwing, but since we are firing the balls from about 10 feet away it makes it incredibly difficult. So until we take up th rest of the warehouse, we'll have to figure out something else to work on that skill. But in the mean time, dodge, duck, dip, dive, and... dodge.


Sunday Highlights: Dodgeball

Today we had a different type of workout - invloving much more coordination, balance, and athleticism. I'm talking, of course, of the age-old game of dodgeball. It doesn't get much better than taking out your anger by ganging up on Carter, Murley, or [insert Banet here]. Some call it bullying. Some call it childish. But in reality, it's the Champions Club at its finest. Here's our highlights from today.

Believe it or not, there is actually quite a bit of depth behind why I decided to put dodgeball in the warmup/workout for the past two days. I will be saving that for another post. But in the meantime, enjoy the highlights.

Ball Me Blazer pt.2

As we know, Alyssa, Amy, Collin, Sap, Elizabeth, EP, Erika, and Jacqueline played in the Warren Mott Dodgeball Tournament as "Team Champions Club", and here are the highlights

In the first round, our own Champion's Club team represented and got us the win. Sap got two on the other team before getting out. Erica Potter stayed in the whole thing and even got someone out...shocker. Then Jacqueline got the last out by catching a ball, then overdramatically fell to the ground.

Ricky somehow was the first won to have his ticket called in the raffle, and won a $10 gift card to Subway.

In the second round, they unfortunatly lost to the team that ended up taking 2nd place over all. In the first round of the losers braquet, they replayed the team they beat in the first round. First Sap caught a ball to get one on the other team out, same with Alyssa and Erika. Alyssa and Jackie both got out. Collin hits another one out, and Sap finishes the last 2 within 10 seconds.

In the second round, EP was the first to get out. Sap gets a catch. Someone on the other team crossed the line, he's out. Collin catchs a ball, then he finshes that round off by getting the final outs.

In the third round of the losers braquet, they lost due to unfair reffing I must say so myself. Everybody was left but one...Collin. With two minutes left in the period, someone on the other team throws the ball at Collin. Collin gets hit, but the ball bounces off him and goes up in the air. Frantically, Collin spots it in the air and catches it only to be out, because when it was in the air, it just so happened to bounce of the backboard of the basketball hoop that was behind him. As a result, they ended up getting 4th place which was just shy of winning a Bdubs gift card. 

Way to represent the Champions Club!!!

Ball Me Blazer

Tonight at 6 pm, our Mott kids will be participating in their high school's annual dodgeball tournament. Their team will consist of 8 kids - all from the Champions Club - and will be looking to take first place by way of force and intimidation. The winning team gets a $150 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. As an added incentive, a free massage courtesy of Master P will also be awarded to our victors. However a loss, on the other hand, would bring about the utmost shame and dishonor to our fine Club. I think if Erika, Elizabeth, and Jacqueline Banet can manage to offset the lack of athleticism brought on by the likes of Colin Skorupski and David Saporito, the Champions Club team should do just fine!

Again, Warren Mott High School. 6 pm. Admission is free. Here is an introduction to some of their team.

Massman = White Goodman?