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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

Entries in does it count? (11)

New Graduate: Mrs. Tara's Pistol?

The Champions Club has never seen a parent do a pistol. Last night that changed. I think. This is Mrs. Tara's attempt after the workout:

So Mr. Carey, what's the verdict?

Does it Count: Triple Pull-up Edition

Yesterday we had quite a few New Graduates with Josie and Jen Ash's double unders, the entire 10 am session got their first rope climb, and in the afternoon we had three near pull-ups at the 4:30 session: Coach Casey (who is sometimes called ManCasey, Mrs. Tara (his loving and supportive wife), and Nick Bewick. Check it out!

Do they count? Is this just their way of showing their jealousy at Mr. Bennis and his lofty, resume'-worthy Athlete of the Week award? You guys make the call.

New Graduate: Cory...maybe?

I have said it on here before, but Cory has done a great job since the beginning of the Summer. Coming back after a long hiatus is not easy, and Cory has been steadily making improvements - whether that's his first rope climb, or better running, or his shins staying pretty vertical on the thrusters tonight.

This evening during the 5:30 session, Cory took a crack at getting his first pull-up. Here's what it looked like:

Close call... does it count?

New Graduate: Shakes Strict Pull-up

Shakes has been working on this one for a long time now, and yesterday morning she might have finally accomplished the elusive strict pull-up. It's a close call.

Does it count? Apparently she had one before that was a clear rep, according to Nate.

Does it Count? Ashley Edition

I'm pretty sure Ashley can do strict pull-ups, but she doesn't know it yet. Until she figures it out, she is experimenting with her kip to try to get her first pull-up.

 Does it count???

New Graduate: Mrs. Bass - Does it Count?

During the month of December Mrs. Bass has been pretty consistent with her attendance and it is starting to show. Her form on box jumps and GHD situps were on point today, as well as squats and deadlifts on Tuesday. But more importantly she conquered a milestone today... or at least I think she did.

On Tuesday she got two pulls on the rope before having to come down. Today after the warmup, she attempted one in front of the entire 3:30 session and got quite a bit higher than her previous attempt. Fear of hights combined with grip failure towards the top, but she reached the knot.

Take a look. Does it count? 

The 'Does it Count' Poll: The Wendy Chronicles pt 3

Does it count?