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Sunday Highlights + New Graduate

We had 13 kids at the "Babies" session today, and like 4 of them were over over 10 years old... so maybe we need a new name for the Babies session. Anyway, we introduced a few new contests and the favorite by far was the classic Throw The Med Ball Over The Coaches. Our system for the workouts have been effective too; three stations, 15 seconds per station, 3 rounds or so until they lose interest.

We also have a new member to the crew: Adam Demonaco, the younger brother of recent Fundamentals graduate Emma Demonaco (aka EmD, or Doc). He got his first rope climb this afternoon, and you can see it at the end of the video.

Halloween Update + New Graduate

Just to clear things up, there are normal session times for tonight.

4:30 pm

5:30 pm

6:30 pm

The workout is not themed or changed from our regular schedule, but feel free to dress up if you want to. The babies will be starting their trick-or-treating at 6 pm, then making it back to sort candy at 7, then start their workout at 7:30 pm.

Yesterday at the 5:30 session, Emma DeMonaco got her first double under during the warmup.

Emma finished her cross country season on a high note with a pr in last Friday's race. So now that the season in over look out for her and Avery (and NKOTB Maddison) to be regulars at the sessions. In fact, Emma is pretty close to getting her first pull-up. Stay tuned...

New Graduate: Emma D

Last night Emma DeMonaco finished her last Fundamentals session by doing a modified version of Helen - 200m run, 8k swings, and ring rows- in 6:59. She will now be joining our group!

Emma had been a pleasant surprise during Fundamentals. I saw her work out once or twice with her Cousino team that comes in here, and to be honest is didn't seem like she would be the coordinated type. But from the first day of Fundamentals it became pretty clear she had no problem picking up on the form and technique of everything. Her hollow holds/rocks and push-ups have also seen a nice improvement over the course of these 7 sessions.

The most promising thing, in my opinion, is how well she picked up on Pose running when we practiced it on Sunday. Hopefully she will be confident enough to use it for the remainder of her Cross Country season. The thing she probably needs to improve on the most is her jumping mechanics (squatting included). She has a history of ACL injuries, and we can definitely see the knee wobbles and such. Emma wants to play basketball in the winter and soccer in the spring, so you can bet the next few months of training with go a long way to helping her stay in good positions on the field or court.

Either way, we're glad to have you on board Emma. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: mixture of Old-weight room Murley and Elle Laurencelle's running

New Kid on the Block: Emma D

On most Wednesdays, Shannon's cross country team comes in to either add in a workout into their running week, or mobilize to recover from a meet. After last week's session we picked up one of the girls to join the gym. Her name is Emma Demonaco.

Emma is a freshman at Cousino and teammate of Summer rookie Avery Maslowski. Aside from running Cross Country in the fall, Emma also plays soccer in the spring. She is coming off of two ACL surgeries suffered the past two years, and is very focussed on keeping her form good on things like jumping and squatting.

So far Emma finished two days of Fundamentals and is scheduled for another one later this week. So far she's done a good job digesting all of the technique and shows a genuine interest in learning to do things the Champions Club way. We also had a nutrition talk last night with her mom, and they both seem to have a good foundation in that area as well. Let's hope things keep going as well as the first two sessions. We'll check back in after Day 8.