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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup - Saturday at 10 am!

Entries in first handstand push-up (21)

New Graduate: Mrs. Fitz's HSPU Chronicles

Reminder - don't forget you guys can still vote for Mel's thing here. I think tomorrow is the last day.

Yo kids, this one has been a long time coming, but Mrs. Fitz has been working on getting her first handstand push-up for at least a month. In fact, I even put the ultimatum down and said she couldn't get her Summer shirt until she got the hspu. Well, while I was coaching the 10 am session this morning, I heard a YELP from the wall behind me. Shakes and Mrs. Fitz both confirmed it happened, so the camera was retrieved and we got video proof.

Here's the mashup of all her attempts plus the final one.

New Graduate: Conor

Mrs. Fitz has been putting in some background work trying to get her first handstand push-up for a few days now. She had a few good attempts this evening at the 5:30 mobility session, and when Conor saw his mom get so close, he felt the pressure. After the session, he got his first handstand push-up!

While he got a minor bump on the graph for this, his mother still ranks ahead of him in athleticism. But still, keep the milestones coming Conor!

New Graduates: Mrs. Kroll and Mr. Warthman

At the 8:30 am session yesterday morning, Mrs. Kroll got her first ever double under while practicing during the warmup.

While it was not the prettiest, she still got it. Now she will be working to connect them hopefully. Keep up the good work Mrs. Kroll!

Later on that day, I was talking to JZ at the 6:30 session when a horrifying sight caught my attention out of the cornr of my eye: Mr. Warthman in a headstand by the wall with nothing but hard surfaces to fall into. I left JZ and sprinted to the wall, only to witness this:

According to the Blobfather, he had done numerous HSPUs during his early CrossFit days, but has yet to get one here at the Champions Club. Great job my man!

New Graduate: Erica Krueger

Erica Krueger has been the most consistent athlete out of the Henkel crew. In fact, she may be coming into the group full-time very soon.

This afternoon, she came in after taking a week off and we worked on some kipping dips, handstand walking, and power cleans from the ground. During the warmup I noticed her handstands were looking good so we tried our hand at some handstand push-up progressions. After about 5 minutes here's what we got...

...her first kipping handstand push-up.

New Graduate: Carter for the Trifecta!

After the team workout this morning, Carter was messing around with Shakes and Tim when they challenged him to kick up to the wall in a handstand. The Blob has been with us for over three years and has never been able to accomplish this mostly due to the general blobness of his shoulders. But much to my surprise, he knocked it out very quickly.

Naturally, things escalated quickly and he was challenged to a handstand push-up. The following happened...

Keep the milestones coming Carter!

New Graduate: Crawford

As promised we did handstand push-up progressions at the 6 pm session. Last time we did these with the 11 amers was over the Summer and Crawford landed on his neck. It was not pretty.

This evening, his progressions looked good so I had him go to the wall by himself. Here's how it looked.

Great job kiddo! More to come for sure.

New Graduate: Ashley

Big ups to everyone today who did HSPU in the workouts - especially Erin Kav, Megan Kav, Tyler, Matt, Aly, Kroll, and Mr. Wonsil. But the highlight of the day may have come at the end of the warmup of the 6 pm session. It was a packed house and I put Ashley Fry on the spot for her first handstand push-up. Here's how it went.