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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

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Entries in first pull-up (25)

Does it Count: Triple Pull-up Edition

Yesterday we had quite a few New Graduates with Josie and Jen Ash's double unders, the entire 10 am session got their first rope climb, and in the afternoon we had three near pull-ups at the 4:30 session: Coach Casey (who is sometimes called ManCasey, Mrs. Tara (his loving and supportive wife), and Nick Bewick. Check it out!

Do they count? Is this just their way of showing their jealousy at Mr. Bennis and his lofty, resume'-worthy Athlete of the Week award? You guys make the call.

New Graduate: Mr. Bennis

The reigning Athlete of the Week just got another boost to the ego. While going over rope climb modifications during the 4:30 session, Mr. B was the demo for the modified rope pull-up, and performed one with very little of a jump. Both me and Erica looked at each other and instantly said, "It looks like he's got a pull-up in him!" So I grabbed the camera and applied peer pressure:

New Graduate: Cory...maybe?

I have said it on here before, but Cory has done a great job since the beginning of the Summer. Coming back after a long hiatus is not easy, and Cory has been steadily making improvements - whether that's his first rope climb, or better running, or his shins staying pretty vertical on the thrusters tonight.

This evening during the 5:30 session, Cory took a crack at getting his first pull-up. Here's what it looked like:

Close call... does it count?

Possible Schedule Adjustment + Pat Graduates Again

There is a good chance we will be moving the regular 8:30 am session back to 9:00 am starting next week, and the 11 am Saturday mobility/make-up WOD session up to 10 am. Check back on Thursday for confirmation; I may forget to change it on the Schedule/Fees page.

So Mr. Pat Luetz is becoming a thing now. He did his first rope climb on Friday, which was not a huge surprise considering how close he got in Fundamentals. But pull-ups, on the other hand, I thought would be a bit before he got that milestone. During Day 3 of Fundamentals, he could barely bend his arms while hanging. But yesterday right before the 6:30 pm session headed out for their run, he did not one, but two in a row!

Keep it rolling my man!

New Graduate: Erik

Recent Fundamentals graduate Erik Hopkins has probably shown the most improvement as far as overall coordination and body awareness out of anyone this winter. His squats, push-ups, and deadlifts have all really come a long way. But that first pull-up has been elusive for him, even when his older sister, Hadley, got her first one a few weeks ago.

The wait is officially over! Last night, Erik got his first pull-up, then knocked out another one for good measure.

Keep up the good work kiddo!

New Graduate: Hadley

After the 4:30 session was done, I noticed hadley playing around on the short pull-up bar doing what looked like a pull-up. She said she hadn't done one before, so I put her on the spot as I always do.

Not bad, expecially considering she just finished a workout with 45 skinny-green band pull-ups. Keep up the great work kiddo!

New Graduate: Dawson is Super Gump

Last night as I was turning down the music ready to cut off the warmup, I noticed Dawson swinging on the bar doing pull-ups. As I was pausing Pandora, it occured to me that I could not, for the life of me, remember seeing Dawson do a pull-up before. I asked him and of course he had no idea, so I did a quick site search and did not find anything. So the camera got pulled out and I put him on the spot. Here's what we got:

I have made fun of Dawson being a gump in the past, and I have no plans on stopping in the near future. But the Super Gump has been working very hard in here since the spring and his patience with form and technique is going to pay off very soon. Remember, this kid is only a junior; he's got another year and a half to improve before heading off to college. If it's anything like the last few months, there should be good things in store for Dawson.