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Entries in floor press (4)

Coach's Corner: Shoulders in the Floor Press

Without knowing anything about mobility, anatomy, or physiology, anyone could identify that shoulders shouched forwards is back and shoulders pulled back is good. Not only is shoulders back a stronger position, but also safer. Sometimes this gets tricky to identify when doing movements in CrossFit because there is so much going on, so many moving parts, and we are often changing our orientation in space.

While doing floor presses, we are lying on our back and this gives us a better view of what our shoulders might be doing in push-ups (the same movement, just flipped on our belly). Pay attention to the shoulder position of Shakes and Jacqueline in the video below.

Notice how Shakes's shoulders slowly roll forward on the descent, while Jackie's do a pretty good job of staying further back against the ground. As with most things we see in the gym, this can be broken down to both a movement and mobility issue.

Movement. The set-up of the lift gets more important as the weight increases. In the floor press, we need to have the same set-up as our push-up: butt and belly tight with external rotation in the shoulder. But because we have an added point of support (the floor), we need to actively pinch the shoulder blades back together bebefore we start to make sure they don't ram into the floor while the movement is being completed, causing the shoulder to roll forward.

Mobility. The more mobility we have, the more room for error we are granted. In Shakes's case, she is missing shoulder extension, which is coupled with internal rotation. If this is the main problem, it would be a long-term fix and something that needs daily mobility work, but it can definitely be improved.

The floor press is a weird lift, and is something we wouldn't see as much if we had more benches. But in a video call with the Martins from Brand X a few months ago, they actually told me they believe it's better to practice floor press for most athletes anyway, especially if they aren't competing in powerlifting. Either way, I'll be paying attention to what the shoulders are looking like whenever these happen to come up.

Beast Mode: Mr. Z vs. Mr. Carey

What better way to celebrate Easter than to see two of our favorite parents go head-to-head in a workout? It's been cool to see Mr. Carey and Mr. Z bring the trash talking in the gym up a few notches (when Mr. Anderson is thrown into the mix, it gets epic). Usually the workouts fall highly in favor of one or the other. But Friday's WOD did not include running, push-ups, push press, or anything overhead. It was simply med ball cleans and floor press; both Mr. Z and Mr. Carey did not appear to have an advantage in either one.

Here's how it turned out.

Coach's Corner: Frank the Frog

Since Frank Genco finished Fundamentals, he has been very consistent in attendance at the 7 pm session. One of the things I enjoy watching is coaches who can flip the switch from coach to student. This is exactly what Frank does - seeing as he come to our gym immediately after coaching linebackers and D-line at Sterling Heights High School. 

As I mentioned before, he is also their head strength and conditioning coach and is working to refine his movement standards based on the Champions Club and Warren Mott. He was with my group last night for the sumo deadlift/floor press max effort. Here's how he looked.

Bonus points for the frog sounds on the floor press.

Floor Press Highlights + Mini-Editorial Announcement

EP, our newest website contributor, has a post that will be published tonight called Why Harry Potter Is Good For You. Look for it at 7 pm.



On Tuesday's max effort clean, we allowed some people to do them CrossFit Total-style (3 attempts) so they would have time to experiment with max effort floor press afterwards. Here's what the 6 pm session looked like,

I'll probably do an FYI post on this soon...