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New Kids on the Block: The Gardner Family

In March, Myron Gardner signed up for Fundamentals and has been in full Aaron-Sexton-Part-Time-Mode. With the most recent Fundamentals additions, hopefully we'll see that improve. Let me introduce Dawn and Malon Gardner.

Mrs. Gardner always dropped off Myron at the gym, and about two weeks ago while she was waiting in the parking lot I joked with her and asked when she's going to work out with her son. Surprisingly she didn't totally turn down the idea, and after talking with Reggie, Mr. Carey, and Mrs. Carey, she came in the next day to try it out and brought her daughter, Malon, in with her. Now they are our newest family going through Fundamentals.

Dawn is a senior in high school with a background in dance and Mrs. Gardner is one of those moms who claims to be out of shape but is really a beast. They finished Day 3 yesterday and are looking like they'll be all done by some time next week. We'll check back in soon!

New Graduate: Danielle Schornack

Yesterday afternoon Danielle Schornack finished her 7th and final Fundamentals session with a good effort on Helen, modified with 150m runs (200 on the last round), 8k kettlebells, and ring rows.

Danielle has had a very productive set of sessions with me and managed to do better than I was expecting. The skill side of things is looking good - including kipping, Pose, and unweighting; the strength is there too, especially lower-body. The stamina and endurance is not, but will come in time. The thing I've seen improve most, though, is her mentality and toughness.

CrossFit makes you uncomfortable, and at the Champions Club we don't really bias towards what people are good at. If you are bad at something, you best believe we don't skip it - at least too often. Over the course of Fundamentals, Danielle has been presented with opportunities to do many things she's not good at: rope climbs, push-ups, multiple reps of squats, etc. It seemed at the beginning she reached mental fatigue before her legs and arms did, and she would talk herself out of something. But especially after her last couple sessions, this has not been the case. So here and now I'm putting this out in public that Danielle Schornack is an athlete and is strong and will not be settling for anything less! She's officially getting the Shaka/Arlene treatment. Welcome to the Champions Club kiddo!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Erica "EP" Potter

New Graduate: James Simasko

Country Day freshman James Simasko finished his final Fundamentals session on Saturday by doing a modified version of Fran instead of Helen due to the torrential downpour we were witnessing at the time of the session.

James really made some great strides in his body control and coordination over the course of our Fundamentals sessions. His squat and midline stability improved a lot, and he even managed to get the rhythm for 12 kipping pull-ups in a row with a skinny green band.

The most difficult part about his Fundamentals was actually getting him in the gym. He lives in St. Clair Shores, goes to school in Beverly Hills, and spends a lot of time making sure his homework is on point. But the school year is winding down and I have high hopes that James will be able to make it to the gym consistently. If that can happen, I think we're going to see the biggest athletic transformation at the Champions Club since Carter the Blob turned into a more opaque solid in 2015-2016 (which he has since reverted, but that's a different story). I'm also looking forward to seeing his grandpa dropping him off and getting to hear those cool Tennessee stories.

Either way, welcome to the Champions Club James!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Joe Wonsil

New Kid on the Block: Danielle Schornack

Mrs. Bennis is on the recruiting trail for us, and her newest convert is Danielle Schornack, who tested out the 20-min box jump/kb swing/push press workout last week and signed up for Fundamentals shortly after.

Danielle is a mom and former graduate of Warren Mott. She even had Mrs. Bass and remembers her as one of her favorite teachers. She jumped on board in hopes to improve her overall health. So far it seems like conditioning will be the main thing she''' need to improve on. Her mobility is good, strength is not as bad as she thinks, and we'll use that to build on as we progress through Fundamentals.

Danielle finished Day 3 this afternoon. We'll check back in after Day 7.

New Graduate: Cecilia

Yesterday morning, Cecilia Steinwascher finished her last Fundamentals session with me and will be ready to join the group.

Over the course of our condensed Fundamentals we spent a lot of time on midline stability - especially correcting overextension - and skill. With the latter we hade a good amount of progress on the final day with Pose running and unweighting. She also got the hang of kipping pull-ups after a few days.

Her final workout was Helen, modified to 200-meter runs, 12k kettlebell swings, and skinny green band kipping pull-ups with a slight assist from me. On a side note, I think I might be opting for that more in hopes of bringing on kipping pull-ups quicker. But anyway, this was a great Fundamentals block from my perspective. Cec shared some goals she has about soccer for the next year, as well as the possibility of playing beyond college. She seems to be completely on board and bought in on both the fitness and nutrition side of CrossFit. I have a great feeling about this kid - we might find her on the Summer 2018 Dream Team. But until then, welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Lauren Higgins

New Graduate: Jalen

This afternoon, Jalen Lucas finished his Fundamentals with a throwback by doing Fran instead of Helen. He went 5:19 with 12# dumbbells and ring rows, and we opted for this because he tweaked up his knee during a basketball tournament over the weekend.

There have been two very challenging things over the course of Jalen’s Fundamentals: the first is actually getting him to the gym and the second is his nutrition in the time leading up to a session. The timing for this has been kind of unlucky because his family just moved during the course of our Fundamentals, so scheduling was shaky. And even assuming we found a good time for him, his stomach would either be completely empty or completely full of White Castle, so that doesn’t leave much room for intensity on either end.

As I told him today, he’s lucky he’s a good athlete. Jalen has a really good combination of strength and skill that makes him a good fit for the way we approach CrossFit. He picked up on unweighting, kipping, and double unders very quickly, and can do dips and pull-ups. His conditioning will come with either attendance or nutrition – whichever comes first. Once we can sort those out, this freshman will be one of our best athletes for sure.

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Summer 2016 Carter with Katie Shakes churchgoing habits

New Graduate: Jennifer Ashley

Yesterday morning, Jennifer Ashley finished her 7th Fundamentals session with modified Helen.

Jennifer was by far one of the easiest Fundamentals jobs I've ever had. She had the combination of being coordinated and coachable that allowed us to do everything we wanted without taking too many deviations from the gameplan. The only glaring weakness for her is conditioning, and as with everyone else, should be improving on that with her attendance.

Off the first few impressions, you can tell how Jennifer can be friends with Katie Shakes; she is exceedingly polite and she seems to be one of those people who never complains. I'm sure the latter will change once hanging around the likes of Arlene and Shaka, but I have a good feeling Jennifer will be a good fit for a long time. She's getting ready to join the police academy, so I'm glad to get a chance to help her out along the way. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Katie Kavanaugh with Jennifer Banet's social skills