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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

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New Kid on the Block: Jonah

Two on the same day! In addition to the Miranda family, yesterday was also the first day of Fundamentals for Jonah Botardo.

Jonah is a freshman at Troy Athens and thankfully doesn't know Carter (but does know the Colussi family). He came in two weeks ago for a private basketball session and now he's converted into a Champions Club kid. Jonah has speed, quickness, coordination, strength, and endurance; in other words, he's got a great background to do really well in CrossFit. He has hopes of making the JV team this year, but I think by the end of the season he could end up on varsity for at least the playoffs.

We finished Day 2 of Fundamentals earlier today, so we'll check back in after he's done.

New Kids on the Block: The Miranda Family

We have a new family on board at the Champions Club, courtesy of a recommendation from my Uncle Mike and GA softball/basketball. Mrs. Vickie (mom), Alicia (7th grade), and Eirene (10th grade) have joined fundamentals and started their first session this weekend.

What started as a private basketball session for Eirene (pronounced ee-re-knee) turned into the entire Miranda family signing up for Fundamentals. The sisters are constantly bickering back and forth, which provides a lot of entertainment, and Mrs. Vickie just sits back and laughs. 

Eirene is the most serious of the group, and is set on getting herself stronger and more conditioned to be a better basketball player. Mrs. Vickie has never really done a formal workout program before and wants to improve her health. Alicia seems to just be along for the ride; her attention span wonders as much as her knees on squats. But as a 5'9 7th grade basketball player, there is a lot of upside here for sure!

We'll check back in after they finish up. But in the meantime, I'm definitely excited to coach this group!

New Graduate: Olivia

Yesterday afternoon, Olivia Pinili finished her last Fundamentals session, doing a max effort back squat segment, followed by Monday's clean/burpee couplet.

I'm still tinkering with Fundamentals and I think I might condense to 6 sessions instead of 7, but Olivia had a good showing despite me jumping around a bit. Her squat, push-up, and hollow body positions are all on point, and running and jumping definitely need the most improvement. She is one of those athletes who's not exceedingly good or particularly bad at any one aspect of fitness. And considering she's just a freshman, there's a definite high ceiling with this one, especially if we can get her in the gym at least 4 times per week.

Ghosts of Champions Club Past: Ashley Fry as a high school freshman

New Kid on the Block: Olivia Pinili

Katie Shakes has been on a roll lately with the New Kid recommendations, and this one is one of her private pitching clients, Olivia Pinili.

Olivia is not brand new to the gym, though; as an 8th grader last year, she was part of my Uncle Mike's GA softball team that came in on Sundays. Now a freshman at Foley, Olivia is in the middle of her volleyball season and is looking to improve her overall strength and conditioning for both volleyball and softball.

So far we've made it through four days of Fundamentals with no glaring weaknesses. She even got her first ever rope climb yesterday morning! Her conditioning will get tested a little bit more inthe next few sessions, so it will be interesting to see how she responds there. But like I said, so far so good! I'll check back in after Day 7.

New Graduate: Evan

This evening, Evan Pugh doubled up and finished his last two fundamentals sessions. He was just getting over being sick over the weekend, and still managed to put in a solid effort on Helen.

As I wrote before, Evan comes from Coach T's old philosophy on training movement, and has done a good job adjusting to new techniques. He's not quite as inflexible as I assumed he would be, and nor is he deconditioned. He picked up on both Pose running and unweighting very quickly and allowed us to combine both into his final session. His most glaring weakness is his pulling strength from an upper body perspective. But he's got a solid base to build off going forward with the rest of the Summer. Look for him at the evening sessions!

Ghosts of Champions Club Past: Jack Trastevere or Josh Howey's dad

New Kid on the Block: Evan

Jennifer Ashley has been quietly having herself a good Summer with improvements in her running and overall technique. Last week she brought her friend, Evan Pugh, in to try out a workout. A few days later he signed up for Fundamentals.

Evan is Warren Mott alum who was on the football team and also took part in Coach T's lifting classes back in the Big Butt Big Chest era. Since graduating he's been doing his own lifting at a globo gym, focusing on mainly powerlifting. Now he's looking for more conditioning in his routine and also wants to increase his flexibility.

Even has been through 2 days so far and we are scheduled to pick back up this weekend. I'll check in after Day 7 as usual.

New Graduate: Josie

Senior Tribute 2018 will be released tomorrow at 6 pm. It is co-written by Danielle and Carter the Blob.

This evening, Josie Junkin finished her last Fundamentals session. She ran full 400s, did 8k on kettlebells, and ring rows, timing out at 9:48.

Josie did 7 days straight for her sessions, and really came a long way on her coordination and technique. Like most runners, she is lacking midline control and did a lot of work on fixing it during hollow rocks, deadlifts, and jump ropes. Cleans came pretty well today, as did Pose running yesterday. She definitely still has the endurance from her running background, now we just need to add in the strength and coordination. Look out for the last of the Junkins to join the 6:30 pm session. And my gut instinct is shemight have the best attendance out of all of them. Take notes Draft Captains. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Katie Bromm