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Entries in fundamentals (181)

New Graduate: Danielle

On Sunday afternoon Danielle Worden finished her final day of Fundamentals with a fast time on a modified Helen; 6:40 with a 200m run, 12k, and ring rows. In retrospect, I would've had her do the full 400m runs each round. We'll know for next time!

Danielle had a very impressive Fundamentals program from my perspective. We ended up condensing the usual 7 sessions into 5 because of her background training with Coach T. The things she was having the most difficult time with was the skill aspect of some of the movements like kipping dips, kipping pull-ups, and Pose running. On the other hand, Danielle has a good base of strength and technique that will definitely accelerate her learning curve should her attendance stay consistent. She was also easy to coach in the sense that she asked really good questions and seemed genuinely interested in learning the "why"behind the material. The drive will definitely be a challenge, but if anyone can make it work it's Danielle. I have a feeling she'll be a great addition to the Champions Club.

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Amy Potter with Rachale Kroll's politeness

New Graduate: Olivia

Another Berkley girl in the ranks! Olivia finished Fundamentals on Monday morning with a modified "Helen." She already fits in perfectly with the 9AM crew with her disdain for all things heavy and arm-related. Olivia will be training this summer to get her in shape for her fall soccer (and cross country we hope??) season.

Could she possibly be more sassy than Maria? You'll just have to find out. Come to the 9AM session and be the judge.

New Graduate: Finegan

Evan Finegan finished his final Fundamentals session on Monday afternoon and is now good to go with the group.

Finegan did a modified version of Helen (200m run, 16k kettlebell, and ring rows) in 8:20 to close things out. Over the course of our Fundamentals sessions we condensed a few days in order to get as many Summer sessions in as possible. Still, he picked up on everything except unweighting very quickly - highlighted by his first ever rope climb at the end of Day 3.

Evan will mostly be hitting the morning sessions with a few evening ones sprinkled in to work out alongside Jacob. Be on the lookout for this one to have a good Summer. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club Past: Alex Faust in body-type and kicker qualities, Jack Clouse in demeanor.

New Kid on the Block: Finegan

Just when I thought the Bishop Foley ties were going to be severed completely, we might be experiencing a resurgence of sorts.

Evan Finegan just graduated from Foley in May. He plays baseball right now (the team has their Quarterfinal game today), but his main sport is football, where he will be punting at the University of Buffalo next year. And now, he has joined on with the Champions Club to help him get ready for college football.

Evan worked out with Jacob this winter and was curious about getting into CrossFit. After a few weeks of deliberation, he decided to join Fundamentals in prep for a Summer of training.

In an attempt to speed things up a bit, we are combining a few days here and there. He just finished a Day 4/Day 5 combo that concluded with him getting his first rope climb ever. We've been working a lot on midline stability, as he tends to over-extend when not thinking about it. Evan will probably go through one more Fundamentals session, maybe two, before jumping in with the group.

New Graduate: Lindsey

Yesterday morning Lindsey Eason finished her 8th and final Fundamentals session doing a Helen in 7:59 with 200m runs, 12k swings, and ring rows. She will now be joining the group with her sister, Kasey, and is primed to have a great Summer.

Lindsey is one of the most pleasant surprises I have seen go through Fundamentals in recent memory. Being the younger cousin of Jesse and Jay, I naturally heard a lot of teasing directed at her (and Kasey, obviously) about her athleticism. But Lindsey proved to be a very quick learner throughout the course of our Fundamentals sessions. On Day 1, she could barely do a 10 sec. hollow hold, and yesterday she did 4 sets of tabata rocks without breaking one bit. Running, unweighting, kipping, squats, and jump ropes all progressed very quickly. The only weak point I noticed was upper body pulling strength. But it's nothing a little consistent attendance won't fix.

Lindsey also seems to be having a good effect on her sister, seeing as Kasey's attendance has improved since Lindsey joined. Hopefully we'll be seeing both of them around a lot. Welcome to the Champions Club Lindsey!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Katie Shakes with Jennifer Banet's laugh.

New Kid on the Block: Lindsey

While Jay was back for a brief stint last week before going back to Grand Valley to finish up a summer class, he brought in his cousin, Lindsey Eason, to try out a session. As luck would have it, that session was the running/deadlift/back squat in the rain, and somehow she still decided to sign up.

Lindsey is the sister of 2015 Fundamentals graduate and part-timer Kasey Eason. Unlike Kasey, Jay, and Jesse, Lindsey decided against Grand Valley and chose Saginaw Valley where she just finished her sophomore year. As a high schooler at Lamphere she did cheerleading and soccer, as well as some side gymnastics work to help with cheer. So far, Lindsey has surprised me with her coordination and conditioning.

Earlier today she got her first ever double under and was able to cycle through regular jump ropes easily. And she's been through workouts that have given past Fundamentals peeps some trouble, coming out on the other end less fatigued that I assumed.

She picks back up with Day 3 tomorrow, but so far things are looking good for this college kid.

New Graduate: Pat

Yesterday before the team workout, Pat Luetz finished his 8th and final day of Fundamentals with an exhausting 11:41 effort on Helen modified with 200m run, ring rows, and a 12k kettlebell. That was his first workout over 10-minutes and while it challenged his conditioning quite a bit, he actually finished stronger than he started.

Mr. Luetz has been a pleasure to coach during the Fundamentals process. He asks questions, does what I ask, and seems to improve on technique as the session goes on. The biggest thing he had trouble with was the unweighting on Day 8; he's an engineer by trade and naturally over-thinks everything. But other than that, everything else went very well. Push-ups, kipping, and jump ropes all got much better. Now Pat is ready to jump in with the group. Expect to see him at one of the evening sessions. Congratulations my man and welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Mr. Wonsil