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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

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New Graduate: Evan

This evening, Evan Pugh doubled up and finished his last two fundamentals sessions. He was just getting over being sick over the weekend, and still managed to put in a solid effort on Helen.

As I wrote before, Evan comes from Coach T's old philosophy on training movement, and has done a good job adjusting to new techniques. He's not quite as inflexible as I assumed he would be, and nor is he deconditioned. He picked up on both Pose running and unweighting very quickly and allowed us to combine both into his final session. His most glaring weakness is his pulling strength from an upper body perspective. But he's got a solid base to build off going forward with the rest of the Summer. Look for him at the evening sessions!

Ghosts of Champions Club Past: Jack Trastevere or Josh Howey's dad

New Kid on the Block: Evan

Jennifer Ashley has been quietly having herself a good Summer with improvements in her running and overall technique. Last week she brought her friend, Evan Pugh, in to try out a workout. A few days later he signed up for Fundamentals.

Evan is Warren Mott alum who was on the football team and also took part in Coach T's lifting classes back in the Big Butt Big Chest era. Since graduating he's been doing his own lifting at a globo gym, focusing on mainly powerlifting. Now he's looking for more conditioning in his routine and also wants to increase his flexibility.

Even has been through 2 days so far and we are scheduled to pick back up this weekend. I'll check in after Day 7 as usual.

New Graduate: Josie

Senior Tribute 2018 will be released tomorrow at 6 pm. It is co-written by Danielle and Carter the Blob.

This evening, Josie Junkin finished her last Fundamentals session. She ran full 400s, did 8k on kettlebells, and ring rows, timing out at 9:48.

Josie did 7 days straight for her sessions, and really came a long way on her coordination and technique. Like most runners, she is lacking midline control and did a lot of work on fixing it during hollow rocks, deadlifts, and jump ropes. Cleans came pretty well today, as did Pose running yesterday. She definitely still has the endurance from her running background, now we just need to add in the strength and coordination. Look out for the last of the Junkins to join the 6:30 pm session. And my gut instinct is shemight have the best attendance out of all of them. Take notes Draft Captains. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Katie Bromm

New Graduate: Mr. Maslowski

Yesterday morning, Mr. Maslowski finished his 7th and final Fundamentals session with a 8:16 effort on Helen, modified with 200m runs, 12k kettlebells, and ring rows.

Mr. Maslowski is our second-to-last of the New Kids invasion we had this spring (Josie's New Graduate post coming soon) and is in line with Mr. Bennis and Coach Casey as immediate fits into our philosophy and culture. Like the latter, he surprised me with how out of shape he was; he moves well and looks like an athlete (he played college baseball at Adrian), but maaaaaann his wind catches up to him after like 3 squats. This guy is totally on board, though, and it's great to see: his nutrition is much improved already and so is his conditioning. And based on my interactions with him as a dad to Avery and Drew, he seems like a guy who just "gets it" when it comes to kids sports and his own health. I'm excited to have him on board just in time for Summer 2018. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Mr. Z demeanor with Coach Casey fitness

New Kid on the Block: Josie

Every year or so there's a Champions Club prospect that you know is just a matter of time before they join. So when we get Jay Junkin, Jesse Junkin, and their cousins Kasey and Lindsey Eason, I knew the waiting game was on until Josie Junkin joined. And yesterday was finally her first day.

Josie is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, and graduate of Lamphere high school like her brothers and cousins. She was an accomplished cross country and track athlete during her high school career, and is looking to get some of her conditioning back for the Summer before she heads back to school. Josie finished 2 days of Fundamentals so far, and is set to continue through the weekend. I'll check back in after Day 7.

New Kid on the Block: Mr. Maslowski

It looks like the spring influx of New Kids is not quite over yet because we have just added one more dad to our mix: Mr. Maslowski.

Avery's dad has been that chill dude sitting in his car for an hour while Avery gets her workout on. On Tuesday I talked to him for a minute while the group was on their cool-down walk and, much like Mrs. Gardner, threw out a feeler to see if he'd be interested in working out. Surprisingly, Mr. Maslowski said he'd actually been thinking about it for a little bit and that he needed to get back in shape. So naturally upon hearing this I sent Mr. Carey and Mama V on the recruiting trail for me and next thing I know I got a text from Mr. Maslowski asking when he should start.

We had our first Fundamentals session early this morning, and will pick back up this weekend most likely. If all goes as planned, I think this will be another great fit to our parents group!

New Graduates: The Gardners

Early this afternoon the Gardners finished their final Fundamentals session; Mrs. Gardner did a modified Helen in 9:26 with a 200m run, 8k kettlebell, and ring rows, and Malon sat it out on the account of not feeling good.

Overall the Fundamentals sessions went well for both. Mrs. Gardner really had a good strength base to her for being a mom, and Malon definitely has the upper hand on conditioning. The most difficult part I'm guessing will come up for these two is consistent attendance. The whole exercising thing is pretty new to Malon, and Mrs. Gardner has lots of basketball obligations for Myron. But if they can figure it out, they'll do really well here because they fit right in with the culture we have. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Mrs. Gardner - Mrs. Carey, and Malon - a Shaka/Emma Demonaco mix