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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

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Pics of the Week: Shannon, Sharks, and Geez Does Anyone Ever Go Home?

One of the business mentors things I follow says that you can rate your session based on the percentage of people still at the gym 15 minutes after your session was done.

We had 17 people at mobility session today that ended at 11:00 am. At 11:30 there were still 15 people in the gym.

Next up, Shannon DropBoxed me a few pictures from track season that are in both the May and July Daily WODs galleries, and she also included a picture from her vacation in Jamaica.

... so... yeah... you guys can marvel at that for a bit.

And lastly, I'm not sure from where or when this picture came from, but it was also included in the mass of DropBox content from the last few days. It also just so happens to be a nice sneak peek of what the Theme Workout might be this week:

New Kids on the Block: Marines + MLK Sessions

The 8:30 am session on Monday will be moved to 10:00 am so you lazy high school kids can sleep in a bit. Other sessions will go on as scheduled.

While I was meeting up with a prespective athlete and her kids last week, I heard the door open and saw two fully uniformed Marine officers walk in. Not really sure what to expect, I greeted them, and they told me they were in charge of a group of young Marines in training based out of Madison Heights, and they needed a place to work out once a week. So we settled on Thursdays at 3:30 pm. Yesterday was their first day.

Izzy, Erica, and the rest of the 4:30 crew were shocked when they walked in to see this crowd before their workout, but it was definitely cool to watch. I think we have our routine figured out with them, so I think this is going to be a thing for the next few months at least. Also, we might see a few of them trickle into our group classes if they can't make their set time on Thursdays. So be on the lookout for that as well. The two guys in charge - Sgt. Keller and Sgt. Woodside are really cool dudes so hopefuly you'll get a chance to meet them and the rest of the crew at least once while they are calling the Champions Club their home.

New Kids on the Block: Troy Lax Bros

If anyone remembers last year we tried to get the Wayne State club lacrosse thing going, and it ended up fizzling out after the athletic board cut all(!) club sports, not just lacrosse. Luckily, I kept in contact with coach Matt Kassa (who works with Shannon's husband) and it turns out he's coaching the varsity lacrosse team at Troy High now. So what does that mean? Welp, it means 19 lax goons in our gym every Wednesday night.

Last night was their first workout at the gym and I thought it went really well. They have a very good blend of joking around and then getting serious when they need to. As a coach, this makes things very fun. The challenges mostly came with trying to figure out equipment and space, but the team workout at the end went smooth after they got the hang of it.

We went over the 4 building the house movements yesterday - hollow hold, push-up, squat, jump - and they picked up very well. Lastly, I also wanted to give a shout to Coach Matt. I have been in on a lot of high schools, and the one thing I never see is the sports coach actually put his words to the test and work out with the kids (the exception being Coach Kim from back in the day). I think it's really important that Coach Matt is right in the middle of the session, getting his form critiqued, sweating, and learning just like everyone else. Oh how I with this was the norm.

Hopefully there will be many highlights to keep you posted on. Looking forward to next session kids!

Pic of the Week: After School Lineup

Front to back: Abby Laurencelle, Mariah Fielder, Aaron Augustyn, Katie Bromm, Josh Skorupski, Alison Kimmel, Ricky Carey, Hannah Kimmel, Jason Withorn, Master P

Daily Review vol. 1

February 18, 2013.

Wow! We haven't seen 30 people in one day since the Summer.

Things started off this morning with Tam reminding me that it was a holiday (although not much of one) and we could bump the 6:30 am session back to 9:30. Maurice (the monkey she met in Mexico whom we consult with our daily decisions) approved - much to the dismay of Meghan, who decided out of the blue today would be the one day she would attend the 6:30 class. Anyway, Tam managed to get exactly one half of a double under - with only her right foot clearing the rope. You're not too far!

One o'click rolled around and Rye Guy popped in for his 5 rep max back squat. His pr from September was 300 pounds, but we were soon to realize that 300 would not stand for long. While preparing for his fifth and final set at 325 pounds, I sneaked 2.5 lb plates on each side to put him at 330. It was a struggle and the depth on the last rep was questionable, but he completed all five nonetheless and marked down a 30 pound pr. But still a long way from where he needs to be.

Emma came in shortly after during her 7th hour priv and completed a similar workout - only focussing more on speed than weight. 170 pounds for 5 reps in 12 seconds was her best score.

Then the crowds started to roll in. All I can say is, good thing Ryan and I made those new boxes last week when we did. Since the workout was a 15 minute AMRAP, splitting up into two heats would be out of the question. The versatile boxes made moving in a single heat possible.

The after school slot had the usual athletes: Amanda, Connor, Bubs. But two mothers also joined in the fun. Mama V came in to celebrate her birthday by bestowing a bounty of unfavorable sweets upon our session, while Amy Potter brought in her mom to try things out for the first time. With a solid group of eight, I thought that would be the high end for the day. But I guess even I can be wrong on occasion.

Our usually desolate 5 o'clock session was overrun with athletes. While I was tending to Antonio's fundamentals session on the side, Murley took a group of 10 athletes through the warmup and workout - including Joe and Mr. Wonsil, Master P and Jacob, her cousin Meghan, and the random appearance/return of Kyle Washington. Plus we got a random visitor named Alex come check out the place with plans on signing up. Awesome stuff! So the 5 pm session was packed, so we know the Mom's session wouldn't be busy, right?

Well, it was looking that way. Then when Mr. K made rare a appearance, Abby Lama and Ricky from the typical 3:15 crew, and Sandi's friend Laurie who tried things out for the first time, we were looking at another session of 10. So once we had everything almost figured out (weights, boxes, etc.), in walks Jamie and Pudge late as usual. Being kind and forgiving as I am, I decided they were exempt from doing burpees in favor of jumping in the warmup. Emma, however, was not so kind. The cold-hearted coach instructed one burpee for every minute late - seven in total. Quite harsh is you ask me. But things still went smoothly at the session and everyone seemed to get a solid workout in.

Plus with the newcomer Laurie seemingly on board to join, it appears as though Jamie will have some competition for the Sassiest Mother award.

So with three new peeps fresh out of Fundamentals, one in the in the process, and a possibility of three more on their way, things are looking pretty solid. But we don't want to be solid. We want to be THE BEST.

So until then, see ya next time.