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Theme Workout Announcement: Halloween 2018

Now that the Summer is over, our theme workouts come up only on holidays. The first one of the school year is our Halloween workout. In the past, the high school and college kids have dressed up, Trick-or-Treated for an hour or so, and came back to hit the workout. Last year we brought it back with some of our Babies session on a short notice. This year I want to get ahead of the game a bit.

Our Halloween workout will be on Wednesday, October 31 from 5:30 till 7(ish) pm. Kids will Trick-or-Treat during our mobility session, then do a small workout afterwards. Like I said, last year was just the Babies who participated, but any of the middle school or high school kids (or College kids) can participate as well. In order to work out, you have to Trick or Treat.

Retro 2014 group.Hope to see you guys there!

Pic of the Week: Babies Halloween

Despite the unfortunate circumstance of the Organic Roasted Seaweed, the Babies Halloween workout went very well. There were only three kids in attandance because I pretty much gave them a 3-day heads up. But Josh, Conamora, and Zeena all came dressed to impress!

Organic Roasted Seaweed

Halloween was, is now, and will always be my favorite holiday. Disney's Halloween Treat was a nightly viewing, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was an after-event tradition, and the McDonald's Halloween cassette tapes would be in heavy rotation after school while I played football in the front room. And lord have mercy... the Starbursts would roll in! Then we started to do the Halloween workout with our CrossFit group in 2010 and it has been good ever since.

I would love to say The Babies' Halloween Theme Workout tonight was awesome. I would love to say that is was a success because they practiced deadlifts with kettblebells and looked good, or they actually knew that your elbows are supposed to be in when pushing a weight over your head. And I would love to say that they were able to uphold one of the oldest and most noble of traditions once a year: an incredible sugar buzz and surefire boost in the revenue of local dentist offices. Then I binge on the leftover candy at the gym and pretend that I won't be feeling the effects of it tomorrow. Tried and true this system; one that is not to be tampered with, ever.

But of course, it has to be. PC Principal has struck down with vengence. And now I will have to explain to next year's Babies and parents how, yeah it's fun and cool, but some horrible, horrible person is out there giving out this...

... to Conamora. If I was in the English mood, I would use this as some kind of metaphor to represent the end-of-summer hope for the fall gym attendance, only to be stuck around 20 people per day, or a lens to view the current hip hop scene that has stripped much of the musical instrumentation and in-depth lyrics for repackaged, bland mumbling. Or I could write another Dr. Suess poem. But I'm just mad, so I'm not.

For the first Halloween of my life, I feel defeated, unappetized, and drained.

Good night, sweet candy.

Halloween Update + New Graduate

Just to clear things up, there are normal session times for tonight.

4:30 pm

5:30 pm

6:30 pm

The workout is not themed or changed from our regular schedule, but feel free to dress up if you want to. The babies will be starting their trick-or-treating at 6 pm, then making it back to sort candy at 7, then start their workout at 7:30 pm.

Yesterday at the 5:30 session, Emma DeMonaco got her first double under during the warmup.

Emma finished her cross country season on a high note with a pr in last Friday's race. So now that the season in over look out for her and Avery (and NKOTB Maddison) to be regulars at the sessions. In fact, Emma is pretty close to getting her first pull-up. Stay tuned...

Theme Workout Announcement (maybe): Halloween 2017

In the past we have done a Trick-or-Treat workout on Halloween, where the kids (college included) head around the neighborhood at around 6, bring in as much candy as possible, then do a workout based on the candy they got. And the costumes...

Yes, Aaron Sexton was a taco.... welp, there were costumes.

So I know some of the Babies were thinking about doing it. If we get a good enough group of kids to Trick or Treat on Halloween (next Tuesday) around 6 pm, then work out at 7:30 - Conor, Crawford, Danielle, etc. - then we'll rock it. Note, the "I'll work out but not Trick or Treat" is not an option, seeing as the workout is dependant on the candy collected. If you can make it, please post to comments!

From the Vault: Halloween at the Champions Club

Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, we will not be doing our usual Trick-or-Treat workout. But here's our preview video from 2013 with a lot of old faces... and the Wolf-Man.

New Schedule + Halloween Recap

New Schedule for Novemeber. This starts Monday.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

3:15 pm, 5:00 pm, 6:00pm, 7:00 pm


1:30 pm

6:00 pm


9 am


11 am

The turnout was low for the Halloween workout yesterday, but the costumes were on point and the WOD went down as usual. The workout details and results can be seen here. And the photos were just uploaded to a new photo gallery.

Halloween Workout 2014

Congrats to Aaron Sexton (The Taco) and JZ (lame no costume) for winning the workout.