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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2019

See schedule here. Dancing, anyone?

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Beast Mode: Jesse

This weekend Jesse Junkin ran in the Officer Collin Rose Memorial race in honor of Veteren's Day. Held in Clinton Township, this race featured over 150 racers competing in a 5k, and our third-favorite Junkin managed to get himself a first place finish!

Jesse and his lady friend Shannon (whom has had the pleasure of sitting through multiple Mario Baseball tournaments)

His official time was 18:49 and came the day after a ton of GHD sit-ups and lunges. I'm not sure if he has any other races in the works, but we'll keep you posted. Great job Jesse!

Coach's Corner: Loading Order

Loading Order is one of the three things we coach at the Champions Club. When the hips and shoulders do most of the work, things tend to go well, and they can only do most of the work if they bend first.

For the lower body, we exaggerate this by doing box jumps, squats, kettlebell swings, and lunges with our shin vertical. Again, in real life it will never be that perfect, but we hope the more we practice it that way, the closer we'll get to the standard.

Cleans, especially ones from the ground, pose a pretty difficult challenge for Loading Order; the weight is usually heavy, you're tired, the movement is relatively fast, and there are a lot of moviing parts. Depending on the workout I am either very strict about the landing or somewhat strict on it.

Yesterday I was somewhat strict because I wanted to keep the weight on the heavier side while also trying to reinforce the timing going from the ground. Here is what Jesse looked like on his first rep, set of :20, 3rd. round.

I would call this okay for Jesse. We know he's been working on this a lot since he came back from a 4-year hiatus this Summer, and it's my fault for not coaching this as much in his early years. Shins are not vertical by any means, but you can tell there is some semblance of hips loading back. For yesterday's workout, I can live with that.

Two reps later...

Not so much. Imagine if he needed to immediately push this rep over his head; which body shape would give him better leverage to do that?

Remember, the one thing we want to avoid is dead-end positions and movements. The squat position Jesse shows in the second picture is never good for anything. So keep working to reinforce the good shapes, and slowly but surely they will become the default.

Athlete of the Week: Jesse Junkin

We are officially at the halfway point of Summer 2018, our our Athlete of the Week this time is Jesse Junkin.

Jesse is coming off a 4-year hiatus from the Champions Club, where he spent his time working and not doing much of anything in the terms of physical fitness. He came back this Summer and I honestly was not expecting much in terms of consistency. But I have to say Jesse has been the biggest surprise to me. Aside from about a week and a half, he's been doing 5-7 days per week and it looks to be paying off.

The other tough thing for Jesse being gone for that long was the adjustment to new movement standards and such. Luckily he seems to be adapting very well and is patient. This week was a great example.

On Monday he finished with the second-best time at the 6:30 session while looking solid on the floor press. Tuesday was a great day for him, as that 6:30 session was packed and most people were left on their own to squat. I wanted to keep an eye on his squats, but from the empty bar all the way up to his max his form in the hips and kness never deteriorated. Thursday was another good one for Jesse, as he proved his double-under game was as strong as it was back in 2014. Then Friday he did 8 rounds with 55-lbs. on his cleans, never letting his knees come forward, and today he ran with the fast group at the hill, out-lasting one of our Mott track runners.

Our gym is tough to get along with. Every few years we change our mind on what is good form and what is not. This makes it hard for college kids and the like to keep up with everyone when they come visit. Jesse's first two weeks back were pretty rough from a conditioning perspective, and a technique perspective. The conditioning comes with attendance, the technique is part attendance and part patience. Jesse has been one of my favorite people to coach this Summer and now that he's back to his normal form, I'm excited to see where he finishes up and hopefully we can continue this through the school year.

Pic of the Week: Two Weeks Worth

I forgot to do a Pic of the Week last week, so we have a few worthy candidates.

Mr.Kroll playing soccer with Rachael and Robert after the 3:30 session. Robert was getting bullied.Jesse Junkin stopped in for about 40 seconds last Thursday, then disappearedErika and Kris before a winter dance at MottBubs off somewhere in the world doing a handstand.

Biff's softball team was given a "knowledge assignment" and she decided to make a joke out of the first question

Pics of the Week: Birthday, Squirrel, Marathon Goblin, and Shade

First up for the Pics of the Week, we have a Drop Box submit from Mrs. Carey, who threw a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Pip last weekend.

Next up, the far left of our graph, Jesse Junkin, showed up at the gym last Sunday for the about ten minutes to show off his new squirrel tattoo.

Third in line and also from last weekend, our favorite marathon goblin Matt Fecht ran in the Dream Cruise 5k and was the overall winner. He sent me a picture of his trophy and his dog got in the action as well.

Finally, Monday's workout was a scortcher and to make matters worse, we had the hero workout Hortman. By far the hottest session of the day was the 1:30 session, and after the workout the crew decided to head for the shade out front to cool off.