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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

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Saturday Highlights: Jurassic Park Theme Workout

Yesterday marked the return of our Jurassic Park Theme Workout - which debuted back in Summer 2015 - and had a total of 17 in attendance! Two weeks in a row of great Theme Workout attendance definitely makes me less of a cranky elf. We modified this one a bit; changed clean & jerks to just cleans, and did 2 reps before rotating instead of just 1. We also did the full minute on the second rotation. Due to the numbers, there were short transition times after the dinosaur attacks to get us organized.

The winning team was Murley and Fry!

Danielle and Cecilia were close in second place, followed by a few other teams. We even got a surprise guest appearance from Pat! Overall it turned out pretty well given the complexity of this workout compared to, say, 80s or Disney. Big ups to everyone that showed up! I'll keep you guys posted on when the next theme is.

Check the results here.

Check the photo gallery here.

Theme Workout Announcement: Jurassic Smash 2.0

This weekend will mark the return of our Jurassic Smash Theme Workout, which originated back in Summer 2015 and is coming up in honor of the new Jurassic World movie that came out. A group of our kids went to see it a little over a week ago:

You can see the format for the workout here. We might be making a change or two, or maybe not, but either way you can expect a good workout.

Due to some people having work, we're going to get started with the workout right at 10 am. The gym will be open before that (probably 9:30 or so) to get anything resembling a warmup if you so desire.

From the Vault: Jurassic Smash

In Summer 2015 we rolled out a new theme workout - Jurassic Smash - in honor of the first Jurassic World movie that was coming out at the time (and the corresponding Blizzard from DQ). Since the sequel will be coming out this summer (if it's not out already), you can probably expect us to bring back the Jurassic Smash workout at some point. It was definitely a tough one! Here's the highlights from Summer 2015 and the recap post to go along with it.

We still haven't decided on the new Theme Workout for this Summer, but we have a few ideas. Stay tuned!

From the Vault: Jurassic World 2015

As the post below mentioned, every Summer we bring out Theme Workouts on certain Saturdays for our group to do. Traditionally we do the 80's. Disney, Hawaiian/Shark Week, and Harry Potter to close out.

But tradition has deemed that the first theme workout of every Summer is a new one. Last year's, Finding Dory, was really hard and also very well put-together. But I think my favorite new theme came in 2015.

Jurassic World!

This was also a tough one, especially when adding in the dinosaur attacks. As of now, I have it down to 2 options for our first theme. You guys will see soon enough...


Summer Hype 16.5: Theme Workouts

On most weekends during the Champions Club Summer, we do Theme Workouts. If you have been with us, those two words generate excitement without explanation. But if you are new, here's some basic info.

Instead of normal team workouts that take place, we spice things up by adding in an overall theme for the exercises, reps, dress code, and even location. Traditional workouts are 80's, Disney, Shark Week, Hawaiian, and Harry Potter. We've also done Mario, Water Wars, Monster's Inc, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

On the first weekend of every Summer, we debut a new Theme Workout to the crowd. Last year's was Jurassic Park, and it will almost certainly be making a return this time around. Here's last year's highlights.

For those of you that work on weekends, now might be a good time to talk to your boss about that nagging cough you can't seem to get rid of, or tell your mom that cleaning the house can wait. You don't want to miss these ones.

Jurassic Park Theme Workout Video Recap

Thanks to everyone who came to our first theme workout of the summer! And to those who did not survive the dinosaur attacks, may your rest day be in peace.

Ricky and Aaron completed the workout with an impressive total reps. They thought they won for sure, but one team had yet to write their result on the board... This week, the winners were Erika and Jennifer!


Theme Workout Announcement: Summer Opener

Video announcement courtesy of Emma Wonsil.

Saturday at 11 am.

Sunday at 12 noon for the parents.