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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in lindsey (8)

Beast Mode: Linda at 9 am

Yesterday we took on one one of the most notorious workouts in all of CrossFit: "Linda." The full workout requires 3 separate bars (which is also why the workout is known as the 3 Bars of Death) and is a lot of volume at heavy weights. Due to equipment and strength levels, we modified this workout heavily, doing heavy(ish) deadlifts, slow push-ups, and dumbbell cleans. Our 9 am session looked good yesterday. Check them out:

As usual, we were looking for the form on the round of 1 to look the same as it did at the start of the workout, and I think they all did a great job of that.

Summer Signup/Payment Reminder

Hey kids just a few reminders for Summer 2018.

  1. You need to email me the session time you'll be attending. This helps me condense, plan, and recruit.
  2. Get your Summer payment of $225 in by tomorrow, or else the price goes up to $235. If you are part of a big family, then at least get a partial payment in please.
  3. It is looking like there won't be a 5:30 session, but there will still be a 4:30 and 6:30. The 5:30 will be replaced by another rookie session.
  4. Any new people coming in can either go through Fundamentals then jump in a regular group or do the Rookie session at 10 am/5:30 pm.
  5. Your May payment takes you through June 11, so even if you are not doing the Summer you're still covered for another week and some change.
  6. Lindsey signed up, so if anyone wants a refund I completely understand.

One Year Anniversary Slid Under the Radar

On May 8th of 2017, we had a New Kid join Fundamentals that would prove to be - as much as I hate to admit it - a very important addition to the Champions Club and an athlete who makes herself at home with any crowd at any session. Her name is Lindsey Eason.

Day 2 of FundamentalsLindsey is someone I've known from a distance for quite a long time; while Jesse, Jay, Jacob, and I would be locked in an intense season of Mario Baseball or an awful game of 21 in the driveway (some day I'll do an editorial that will capture the pure displeasure of watching a Jay-vs.-Jacob 1-on-1 game), Lindsey would be at the Junkin house hanging out with Josie and Kasey. Oddly enough, I always had the assumption that she was the odd duck. The only time Jesse talked to her was to remind her that she was talking, and that it needed to stop abruptly. Jay, of course, didn't talk then, either, but if he did I get the gist he would have said something similar. So when he told me that Lindsey wanted to try out CrossFit, I had the feeling it would be a one-and-done. I am glad to be wrong about that one.

In her New Graduate post I compared her to Katie Shakes with Jennifer's laugh. I think this is pretty accurate. Lindsey is strong, dude, and even though she'll try to tell us different we can't be fooled. However, she's also taken very well to our community. In fact, last Summer she spent time recovering from her ear/hearing surgery by hanging out at the gym and towling off the pull-up bar during the workouts so people wouldn't slip, or gathering weights and clamps for everyone. Without being asked. I don't care how much Taylor Swift and Broadway music she tries to play, it will be worth it to keep hr around.

Congratulations on your anniversary Lindsey! I know I can speak for a lot of other people in the gym in saying that I hope there's many more to come!

Athlete of the Week: Lindsey

Our Athlete of the Week for this past week is Lindsey Eason.

This was a tough choice, as Katie Shakes, Mrs. Fitz, and Conor all put in great weeks of work. But Lindsey, to me, was the most impressive considering how well she has recovered from her time off. In mid-July, Lindsey found out she was getting surgery on her ear earlier than expected. She was 90% deaf in her right ear pre-operation, and now she can hear perfectly! This was especially exciting news considering she had a few previous attempts at a surgery that did not have much of an improvement in hearing. The only downside is she was required to be a couch potato for a long time. I even consulted Coach T to see if there was any way around it and he said, "the best thing for her is to literally do NOTHING".

This week saw her return, for the first time, to impact stuff. And man did she do well. Monday she did all the box jumps to a 20-in. box, Tuesday she did 100 jump ropes per round, Thursday  she not only did the short parking lot sprint, but also showed great form on 95-lb. deadlifts, and yesterday was probably her best workout of the group; 24:13 on Michael while doing 400m runs. No pain, no discomfort (other than the abs/hamstrings), no problem!

Lindsey is now back at Saginaw Valley where she hopes to continue the workouts in some way - probably the new Campus Improv we are going to try. She has come a long way since she joined before the Summer, and even longer since her mid-Summer days of coming in just to cheer on a session and help any way she could without working out.

Great job this week Lindsey and stay fit at Saginaw!

Since the Summer extends for almost all of next week, we're gonne roll with one more AOTW award, so let's put in good work starting tomorrow!

New Graduate: Lindsey

Our first graduation of Summer 2017 comes from new kid Lindsey Eason. Yesterday at the 5:30pm session her and Kasey strolled in barely on time and began going through the warmup. After making Kasey do a rope climb, I wanted to check up on how much progress Lindsey made from Fundamentals. She got about two climbs up before she had to come down, but I had a feeling there was more in the tank.

So I waited until after the workout and put her on the spot in front of everyone. Here's how it turned out.

Great job Lindsey!

New Graduate: Lindsey

Yesterday morning Lindsey Eason finished her 8th and final Fundamentals session doing a Helen in 7:59 with 200m runs, 12k swings, and ring rows. She will now be joining the group with her sister, Kasey, and is primed to have a great Summer.

Lindsey is one of the most pleasant surprises I have seen go through Fundamentals in recent memory. Being the younger cousin of Jesse and Jay, I naturally heard a lot of teasing directed at her (and Kasey, obviously) about her athleticism. But Lindsey proved to be a very quick learner throughout the course of our Fundamentals sessions. On Day 1, she could barely do a 10 sec. hollow hold, and yesterday she did 4 sets of tabata rocks without breaking one bit. Running, unweighting, kipping, squats, and jump ropes all progressed very quickly. The only weak point I noticed was upper body pulling strength. But it's nothing a little consistent attendance won't fix.

Lindsey also seems to be having a good effect on her sister, seeing as Kasey's attendance has improved since Lindsey joined. Hopefully we'll be seeing both of them around a lot. Welcome to the Champions Club Lindsey!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Katie Shakes with Jennifer Banet's laugh.

New Kid on the Block: Lindsey

While Jay was back for a brief stint last week before going back to Grand Valley to finish up a summer class, he brought in his cousin, Lindsey Eason, to try out a session. As luck would have it, that session was the running/deadlift/back squat in the rain, and somehow she still decided to sign up.

Lindsey is the sister of 2015 Fundamentals graduate and part-timer Kasey Eason. Unlike Kasey, Jay, and Jesse, Lindsey decided against Grand Valley and chose Saginaw Valley where she just finished her sophomore year. As a high schooler at Lamphere she did cheerleading and soccer, as well as some side gymnastics work to help with cheer. So far, Lindsey has surprised me with her coordination and conditioning.

Earlier today she got her first ever double under and was able to cycle through regular jump ropes easily. And she's been through workouts that have given past Fundamentals peeps some trouble, coming out on the other end less fatigued that I assumed.

She picks back up with Day 3 tomorrow, but so far things are looking good for this college kid.