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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

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Campus Improv Eats - Maddy

So now that the kids are away from school, we get the opportunity to see what some of gthe food choices are like at home. I had a conversation with Maddy Wesner this morning after her workout and we dug into the nutrition side of things, and how she needs to keep balance. Here's the meal she had when she got home:

Here's the breakdown:

  • Protein - 1 cheese stick
  • Carbohydrate - grapes and strawberries
  • Fat - peanut butter

The verdict. Win. Yes the peanut butter is probably Jif. The cheesesticks came from a cow that was probably not grassfed and sprinkled with Tibetan holy water. And she might be a tad low on the protein. But this is a great start towards balance. In the camp of quality vs. quantity, I would love to have both. If I had to pick one for someone to start with, it would be quantity because of 1) it can be applied more realistically to situations kids will see such as lunch room, restaurant, friend's house, etc. and 2) it starts to build the habit of categorizing food.

Next time. Add one more cheese stick and you should be golden. Maybe a few extra grapes or strawberries too.

Double Feature at Mott

This week brings is the season opener for most girls basketball teams around the state. We are lucky enough to have two of our girls playing on the same night in the same gym right around the corner.

Today, freshman Madelyn Wesner is leading her Berkley JV team to Warren Mott at 5:30 pm. This is her first high school basketball game, so hopefully nerves don't get to her too much.

Then immediately after the JV game is done, Erika Banet is leading Mott's girls varsity at 7 pm against Berkley's varsity. Erika is a point guard and we'll hopefully get to see her run the show.

Game times are at 5:30 pm and 7 pm respectively. Both at Mott. I'm going to try to make it to a little bit of both. If you need a carpool or are in the area let me know.

Pic(s) of The Week: The Kids Cleaning Up

It's graduation and prom season, so we have a plethora of pictures showing the Champions Club kids in something...gasp..other than shorts and cut-offs. First we have Ricky "The Stallion" Carey with one of his many lady acquaintances before Bishop Foley's prom.

Then we move over to Warren Mott High School where we have several Champions Club athletes pictured after their graduation ceremonies. Here's classmates Alyssa Jabara and Elizabeth Banet.

And here's Elizabeth with her long-time arm candy pal Collin Skorupski.

Finally, we get to Stephenson High School's prom, where Jacqueline was nice enough to serve as JZ's date. It's always nice to see our kids doing charity (Ooooo burn).

For real though, you guys are awesome and we owe you a "Congrats grad!". Once you get done with all the ceremonies and parties we can't wait to see you for the summer of 2016.

One Year Anniversary is a Tall Drink of Water

On this day last year, Madelyn Wesner completed her first day of Fundamentals with Murley.

Madelyn was a consistent part of our 10 am crew this Summer and showed about as much improvement as any of our athletes in the gym and excelling just about every aspect of CrossFit relative to her age group. Aside from Aaron Sexton, Maddy might have the most potential out of anyone in the gym. And due to her consistent training, she was gaining body awareness and strength to go along with her already tall frame. Unfortunately she has not been around as much lately due to her basketball schedule and ride issues, but hopefully she can get things rolling in the spring again.

Hope to see you soon Maddy!

Beast Mode: Madelyn

Madelyn Wesner has quietly had one of the best Summers out of any 10 am kid in recent memory. This soon-to-be 8th grader got her conditioning on track about halfway through July, and now, has suddenly developed into one of our most consistent movers over the past month.

This morning at 9 am, she went through the deadlift ladder with the group and actually had the best form out of anyone. Here is her four sets on the way back up.

Great work Maddy!

(Almost) 360° View of Maddy's Deadlift

Since the 10 AM crew is learning on the fly, they haven't had a real chance to hit any max effort workouts. Murley decided to let them get a taste of max effort days this Friday and had them work up a little bit for 5 reps of a deadlift. Here's a couple of sets from Maddy from multiple views so you can check out the back angle, foot positioning AND how the knees were tracking.

What do you guys think? 

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