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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in moms club (17)

New Editorial Announcement

Last May proved to be a critical point for the Champions Club. We were dying to have a good Summer, when suddenly we were invaded by a ravenous group of parents who decided they wanted to train with us:

  • Mr. Anderson - May 2
  • Mrs. Anderson - May 2
  • Mrs. Kroll - May 7
  • Mr. Augustine - May 24
  • Mr. Warthman - May 25

Why no One Year Anniversary posts, you ask? Because they will all be included in my new editorial called Combating Adulthood. Furthermore, it will be featured as part of the Building a Champion series - which serves as the ongoing story of the Champions Club. Check out the previous installments here.

Building a Champion vol. 8: Combating Adulthood. Sunday, June 12 - some time after the Athlete of the Spring post.

The Forgotten Moms

We have done a few Mother's Day posts on the site before celebrating the unbelievable group of moms that work out with the young guns of the Champions Club (and there will be another one coming before the Summer). But I wanted to send this one out to all the moms who don't train with us:

  • Mrs. Kavanaugh
  • Mrs. Bielski
  • Mrs. Fiorini (who gives me the death stare when I don't call her "Liz")
  • Mrs. Wesner
  • Mama Sexton
  • Mrs. Trip
  • Mrs. Jabara
  • Mrs. Banet
  • Mrs. Warthman
  • Mrs. Gurney
  • Mrs. Bodway
  • Mrs. Asmar
  • Mrs. Zelenak
  • Mrs. Shakes
  • Mrs. Kimmel
  • Mrs. Augustyn
  • Mrs. Hopkins
  • Mrs. Campbell
  • Mrs. Hilliard
  • Mrs. Presley
  • Mrs. Kendall
  • Mrs. Schrieber
  • Queen Bee (aka Jamie aka Mrs. Laurencelle)
  • Mrs. Witman
  • Mrs. Fielder
  • Mrs. Bromm
  • Mrs. Higgins
  • Wendy (aka Mrs. Skorupski)

I know a lot of you sacrifice your time, your energy, your pay check, and your fitness to make sure your kids can make it to the Champions Club, and you should know that we all appreciate that and we consider you part of our family whether you are training with us or not.

But the invitation is always there:)

For real though, have a great Mother's Day and hopefully you can enjoy a peaceful and sunny Sunday with the family.

Mrs. Carey was the lone mom at the session today.

Murley's Rant: Find it in the dairy aisle...

... because this post is about to be cheesy.

I complain about things all the time. Especially when I have morning practice, then work, homework, afternoon practice, and then when all of that is done I have to go to the box for the night. Why do I complain? Because I'm just tired and like to hear myself talk. Ignore it and get on with your workout.

Compared to one person, though, my life is exceedingly easy. Yet, no matter what's going on in their life, and no matter how little sleep they've gotten over the past few days or weeks, you will never hear this person complain. Not only that, but they are always the cheeriest person in the gym.

That person is Mrs. Pip.

Mrs. Pip is my favorite person in the Champions Club. No one puts me in a good mood faster than when she power walks in from the parking lot and asks, "is there a session today?" I know we don't look super busy, but yes, we'll always have a session for you!

Yesterday, she waltzed in during the 6 o'clock session's grueling workout. She looked around and saw zombie-like people grunting and sweating profusely and struggling through box jumps and she just smiled. As soon as the Kavanaughs got changed and vacated the bathrooms, Mrs. Pip snuck in and started cleaning. Most people hit mobilities or just relax before their session, but Mrs. Pip starts cleaning things. From the minute she walks in the door. I had to stop her at 7 o'clock so that she could start her session. 

Mrs. Pip cleaning with Dejour over two years ago. She hasn't stopped since.

During the warmup, if I ask some people to do a handstand on the blue mat, I get a mixture of responses. If people like doing handstands, no problem. Most people who aren't the best at them protest, groan, or beg me not to make them do such a horrible awful thing. Mrs. Pip just said "okay!" and gave it her best shot. And it wasn't bad for someone who had skipped the much-needed pre-session mobility to clean the bathrooms.

Then the workout comes, and Anita and the Kavanaughs are looking like this may be their last day on earth. None of them had worked out here for awhile, Anita's hiatus being the longest. But Mrs. Pip just did her usual beast mode. The whole time she never looked tired. 

For those of you who have never worked out with Mrs. Pip, it goes something like this:

Me: "Fix the grip on the pull-ups, Mrs. Pip."

Mrs. Pip: "Sorry, I was just focusing on my elbows. Thank you."

Me: "Good landing on that box jump!"

Mrs. Pip: "Thank you!"

Anita: "These box jumps can stop any time now, really..."

Mrs. Pip: "Come on, ladies, you can do this! We're almost there! Keep up with me!"

Megan: "You're a beast Mrs. Pip! We can't keep up!"

Mrs. Pip: "Yeah, but I'm not using your heavy weights, you girls are kicking butt!"


Mrs. Pip might be from another planet because she's too perfect to be a human being.

Nothing phases her. Everything is a reason to smile. She is the most selfless person on the planet. So after the workout yesterday I had to write an appreciation post. Without you the Champions Club would be a dreary existence. Thank you so much for the example you set for me and for everyone who works out with you. Seriously, who doesn't love this gal?

Parents Session > Everything + Behind the Champion Announcement

Today the Champions Club decided to skip a team workout and run to a nearby park for some fun and games. While the kids session opted for some Ultimate Frisbee at 11, the parents decided to throw down with the pigskin. Mrs Carey learned football, Mr. Z worked on his Heismann pose, and Chris got sacked by Mr. Anderson. Here's some quick highlights.


Check out the complete photo gallery here.  


You've seen the Wonsils. You've seen the Careys. Now it's the Andersons time to shine. Look for Behind the Champion: The Couple Series Pt. 3 to be coming out later this week.

Champions Club Summer 2015 Mock Elections

All right kids and parents, after some discussion with the coaches, we have compiled a list of all the categories and candidates in this Summer's mock election.

Instead of filling out ballots on pieces of construction paper, the kind peeps at have made the process of embedded voting as easy as possible; just click on the name of the candidate you choose. The voting will be open from now until Saturday night at 11:59 pm. You can only vote once for each category. On Sunday, August 30, the results will be revealed. Take your time to think it over and make your vote count.

Champions Club Summer 2015 Mock Election Candidates

Best Beast Mode
Matt Fecht on Murph
matt squat
Elizabeth on Elizabeth
jacqueline elizabeth erika post elizabeth
Carter's Rope Climb Extravaganza
The Freaks Box Jump/Dumbbell Snatch
Please Specify:
Poll Maker


Best Accomplishment
Jay's Double Front Flip
Khalil's First Handstand Push-up
Faust's First Handstand Push-up
Lauren's First Handstand Push-up
Zach Hilliard's First Rope Climb
Poll Maker


Mr. Anderson
Mr. Augustine
Please Specify:
Poll Maker


Best Session
1:30 session
130 session freaks outside split jerk technique
10 am session
10 am full group shot
6 pm session
moms and dads walk in post wod
Poll Maker


Best New Theme Workout
Jurassic Park
jurassic smash theme group shot
90's Theme
emma toes to bar
Pirates of the Caribbean
murley joe zach h sydney jennifer megan kav pirate group
Poll Maker


Rookie of the Year
Mr. Anderson
Please Specify:
Poll Maker


Most Whiny
maria run
jz dodgeball throw 2
murley death face jz
Sabal's wife-type substance
hannah jump rope
Please Specify:


Best Dressed (Theme Workouts)
murley emma 3
jacob kyle the incredibles
carter joe the pirate mike morrow alexis couch stretch
Mr. Anderson
mr. anderson
Please Specify:


Most Popular
Joe Wonsil
Please Specify:
Poll Maker


Best Pandora
Andre' 3000
90's Pop
Bullet for my Valentine
Please Specify:
Poll Maker


Class Mom
Katie Shakes
Please Specify:
Poll Maker


Heaviest Breather
Mr. Z
Coach T
Sr. Blob
Please Specify:
Poll Maker


Most clueless parent
Sr. Blob
mr. warthman ropeclimb
Mrs. Pip
mrs. pip run thumbs up
Mr. Z
mr z
Mama V
mama v water bottle exploration 2


Most Likely to "Miscount"
alyssa jabara pistol
jz feet in ring row
faust push-up bad head position
carter burpee
Quiz Maker


Coach's Pet
Mr. Wosnil
Mike Morrow
Please Specify:
Poll Maker


Most Awkward
Mama V
Mr. Wonsil
Master P
Please Specify:
Quiz Maker


Comeback Kid
Poll Maker


Most Basic
Katie Bromm
katie bromm
Batie Kromm
katie bromm scared dodgeball
Poll Maker


Coach's Corner: The Anderson Matriarch

Yesterday at the 6 PM the parents hit some split jerk technique in the warmup but ended up doing push press for the workout. As coaches, we could worry more about positioning and less about timing like we did with the snatch last week. Crystal, Mama V, and Mrs. A were all at a rack together and they had one big focus point: elbows! They worked up in small increments and blocked each others elbows from coming out with two PVCs. After a couple sets with blocked movement, we removed the PVCs from either side of the elbows and saw how they looked with the training wheels off. Here's Mrs. A's last two sets.

Mic'd Up with Mr. Z

Have you ever wondered what Paul Zelenak thinks about the Ashley Madison scandal or man buns? If that's the case, your wait is over. We mic'd up Mr. Z yesterday during this WOD. Enjoy.