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Congratulations to Ashley Fry: Athlete of the Summer 2019

Back to normal fall schedule.


Entries in mr. z is the strongest guy in his household (24)

From the Vault: Lifts 4 Gifts

Aside from the fundraising and community building, Lifts 4 Gifts gives athletes a great opportunity to pr on their lifts. The Champions Club, in specific, doesn't really compete in any CrossFit events, so with Lifts 4 Gifts they get to experience a HYPE setting that gets the adrenaline going. Here's a few prs from the vault:

Mrs. Carey - 2015

Mr. Z - 2014

Brian the Trainer - 2011

Remember guys, Saturday at 9 am. Our gym.

A Fateful Week likes to throw a few wrenches at us from time to time. But the most memorable might have happened in October, 2007.

If it isn't enough to throw just about every benchmark workout in the books at us (Michael, Lynn, and Tabata Something Else came in days later), they gave us two 10k runs within three days. I was in the middle of my senior football season and I was picking-and-choosing workouts, so I only did Helen and Fran. But I remember everyone being up in arms over the 10k runs in such close proximity. In fact, Tony Leyland wrote a great CrossFit Journal article about it.

Why a 10k WOD

We didn't have quite the same thing happen this week, but we did have a 10k run last Thursday and a 5k run yesterday. If you are Mr. Z, then this is heaven. If you are Aly and Ryan on your first day back, you want to kill me (more than you already do).

If it was up to me, we would never do any runs over 800 meters and never do max effort days. But I know that leaves a lot exposed for our fitness. We are not very good at either end of the spectrum (long distance or heavy lifting) so it definitely makes us better.

A few performances stood out - Mr. Warthman and Rachael Kroll really killed yesterday's 1.5 mile run, and obviously Mr. Anderson's performance on Thursday was covered in the Beast Mode post. We are never going to specialize but the more we do these kinds of workouts the more comfortable we'll be. Just hope the other benchmarks don't creep around!

Beast Mode: Mr. Z vs. Mr. Carey

What better way to celebrate Easter than to see two of our favorite parents go head-to-head in a workout? It's been cool to see Mr. Carey and Mr. Z bring the trash talking in the gym up a few notches (when Mr. Anderson is thrown into the mix, it gets epic). Usually the workouts fall highly in favor of one or the other. But Friday's WOD did not include running, push-ups, push press, or anything overhead. It was simply med ball cleans and floor press; both Mr. Z and Mr. Carey did not appear to have an advantage in either one.

Here's how it turned out.

Coach's Corner: Parents Clean and Jerk

On Friday we did 3 rep max clean and jerk and the parents and they all got pr's. Mrs. Carey got 85 lbs, Mr. Z and his mindless shoulders did 115, and Mr. Carey topped out at 145 lbs. Here's how it looked:

At max weight we can always expect a slight deviation in form. But this also gives us a chance to see errors that could be corrected - both mobility and technique. Do you see anything?

Poll: You Rack a Disciprine

Last week we had a running conversation with the parents session about times they "overreacted" in their discipline of their children. There were a couple of really funny stories from Mr. Z, Mr. Carey, and perhaps the best from Mrs. Pip of all people. It's also cool to see how both the parents and the kids can laugh about it now, even though it seemed really serious at the time. So I thought it would be a cool topic to share on the site so long as it stays PG-13(ish).

What are your favorite disciplinary memories? School days count also.

Quote of the Week vol. 119: The Mr. Z Trifecta

Mr. Z: All right so who's seen the new Star Wars?

... nobody answers...

Mr. Z: I tell ya, I really got into that one.


20 minutes later:

Me: Mr. Z, what are you getting Mr. Carey for Christmas?

Mr. Z: What? Who?

Me: Mr. Carey.

Mr. Z: Well I was at Victoria's Secret, but they didn't have much for men there. 


3 minutes later:

Mr. Z (to Murley): I'll tell ya right now, my knees are going to come forward and I'm not too worried about it.

Me: That's another Quote of the Week for Z.

Mr. Z: Hey don't put that shit on the website.

Lifts 4 Gifts 2015 Recap + Mel Guest Appearance

Most of the time there is an obvious lack of preparation in any event happening within a 10 mile radius you can trace the root back to either myself or Jarrod being involved. But there are other times when this happens...

... and 50 people show up to a fundraiser "planned" for 30. It's just one of those things. But man was it sweet!

We raised over $700 dollars plus a bunch of toys today for the Madison Heights Goodfellows and Steve's Club Detroit. That is the most we have ever brought in and it is a direct reflection of this year's participation. In addition to the money raised we also saw pr's accross the board. Here's the official numbers.

Compare to:

Lifts 4 Gifts 2014

Lifts 4 Gifts 2013

Lifts 4 Gifts 2012

Lifts 4 Gifts 2011


I think there were some people who did not write their names on the board. If that is the case then please post your results to comments. If I messed up any of the numbers on the chart please do the same. Because of the circus going on around us I did not get a chance to snap as many pictures and videos as I did last year but even then the photo gallery will be up later tonight.

One of the videos I have, however, is from a very unlikely source. If you have followed our site then you know about Mel - who we initially thought might be Tupac but is actually just a home-gym CrossFitter from North Carolina who follows our site. Brian sparked the idea that he should Skype his lifts in. While he did not have the time to do them today, he did his Lifts 4 Gifts on Wednesday and also contributed to our donation. As luck would have it he sent me his attempts.

Again, thanks to everyone who participated today and Mel for reaching out all the way from the East Coast. Sorry about the lack of organization but at least it was for a good reason. I'll take underprepared with 50 people over perfectly prepared with 30 any day. It's cool to see two great gyms meet up and is hopefully something we will do more often (with someone other than Jarrod or myself in charge of logistics).