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Congratulations to Ashley Fry: Athlete of the Summer 2019

Back to normal fall schedule.


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One Year Anniversary is Hard of Hearing

Exactly one year ago yesterday, the infamous Mr. Zelenak graduated fundamentals.

Let's be honest, it seems like he's been around for a lot longer than that. It only took a few days with the group for Father Paul to begin his patented sarcasm, cheap shots, and dominance of running workouts. An instant bromance with Mr. Carey was formed and has boiled into a rivalry with both athletes taking any opportunity to throw the other under the bus at the expense of pure comedy.

But for real, I doubt we've ever had a parent catch on to our way of doing things as quickly as Mr. Z. He's been an integral part in the revival of our parents session and is also a fan-favorite among the kids - something his lowly son cannot say. 

Mr. Z, despite what I may say to your face, you are one of my favorite athletes to coach and I am grateful that you can call this place home. Thank you for sticking with us and hopefully this past year was the sign of many to come.

Sept. 8, 2014

November 23, 2014

December 13, 2014

February 8, 2015

August 24, 2015

And to celebrate his anniversary, the master marskman got his first dip this evening during the warmup of the 6 pm session.

Mic'd Up with Mr. Z

Have you ever wondered what Paul Zelenak thinks about the Ashley Madison scandal or man buns? If that's the case, your wait is over. We mic'd up Mr. Z yesterday during this WOD. Enjoy.


The Blob and The Sniper

These have been a long time coming, but I'd like to feature our two newest Athlete Profiles released earlier today:

Mr. Z

...and Carter the Blob

Both of them have had a great fall and winter of training and it's time they got rewarded for it in this sense. Keep up the good work.

Also, the rest of the profiles have been fully updated with our most recent videos and Filthy Fifty pr's. Be sure to check them out and share it. I'll try to get to theExercise and Demos page next weekend.

Sunday Highlights continued... Fathers vs. Sons

Dodgeball. King of the Hill. Smear the Queer. Free-for-all. Whatever you want to call it, what formed yesterday was classic sons trying to get back at their fathers. In this edition, we saw JZ and Ricky ambush their dads Mr. Z and Mr. Carey with the plastic Spiderman and Ninja Turtle dodgeballs. Here's how it went down.

Note: a poor innocent bystander was struck with an errant ball in the foot. If not for his steadfast toughness, this film may have never seen the light of day. Real credit should go to him.

Thanks to the moms kidnapping me on Sunday afternoon, I didn't type everything out I wanted to in the Sunday Highlights post. But I did want to add a note saying that it was very entertaining to watch everyone throw. It's a simple skill and every athlete should be able to do it. Accuracy is a different beast altogether, but the throwing motion is something that should be engrained in your nervous system.

What are your thoughts on the abundance of throwing that has been involved in our sessions lately? What about the workout yesterday?

If you found that you suck at throwing, then I may have some help. I got JZ on a Mic'd Up post teaching Sabal how to throw, and he gives good instruction that anyone can use. Look for it on Tuesday night.


Test/Retest: Mr. Z + First Archive Editorial Announcement

Mr. Z's 3 rep max Hang power clean from September 8. 65 pounds.


Mr. Z's 1 rep max clean from the 5 pm session today.

110 pounds! Keep kickin butt Mr. Z!

The editorial I will be releasing tomorrow is called It's Always Sunny In The Partyka Household. You can guess what it's about.

New Graduate: Mr. Z

Fresh out of Fundamentals, Mr. Zelenak got his first pull-up today before the 5:30 session. Murley called it fron the start: Mr. Z has been one of our most consistent athletes this fall and his improvement has ben obvious to everyone. And it has only been three weeks! Keep up the great work my man!

Coach's Corner: Mr. Z

Fresh out of Fundamentals, Mr. Zelenak is shaping up to be one of our most consistent athletes this fall. As coaches, we think highly of our Fundamentals program and progressions because we notice that athletes' learining curves typically happen over a matter of days - not weeks or months as they previously had. Complex movements like Olympic lifts are no exception. This is Mr. Z's second time doing the hang power clean in the week he's been out of Fundamentals. The first time was not pretty - mainly because he was in with a big group. But this time he appears to have figured out the timing of the movement rather well. Check out his final set at 75 pounds.

Naturally that led to an easy time picking up the split jerk (which he had never done previously). So now that he has the unweighting concept down, we'll fine-tune as we go along and begin the long journey towards improved mobility and range of motion.

Keep working Mr. Z!