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New Graduate: Mrs. Demonaco

This morning Mrs. Demonaco finished her 7th and final Fundamentals session. Since it was cold and icy, we opted for Fran instead of Helen, and she used 12-lb. dumbbells and ring rows, and her time was 6:09.

Over the course of our sessions, Mrs. Demonaco showed really good coordination and body control, which were highlighted the most with Pose running and Unweighting. The upper-body strength and conditioning definitely what need the most work, but her coordination coupled with her surprisingly good mobility should prove to accelerate her improvement rate. With her daughter, Emma, in our regular group and son, Adam, in the Babies session, I'm sure we can expect them to keep their mother up on her attendance. The Champions Club has always been known as a family atmosphere, and with Mrs. Demonaco now in the mix we are just reinforcing that.

Welcome to the Champions Club Mrs. Demonaco!

New Kid on the Block: Mrs. Demonaco

Our newest Fundamentals member is Pam Demonaco, the mother of recent Fundamentals graduate Emma Demonaco and new rope climber, Adam. Mrs. Demonaco talked to me on Wednesday about her interest in joining, and we promptly set up our first Fundamentals session for last Friday.

So far we are three days in and nothing but good reviews. She is not horribly inflexible, she has the coordination of a former athlete (volleyball and softball were her sports of choice), and, most importantly, she is doing a great job of putting her nursing background to the side once a session starts and comitting to being a student and learning new techniques. I will say, though, she was definitely shocked after Day 1 by how sore her arms were, so much so, in fact, that she tried to cancel Day 2. Thankfully she made it work and had a great session (double unders are coming soon...).

Like I said, so far, so good. So I'll check back in with you guys after Day 7.