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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in new pull-up bars (3)

Coming Soon... Summer 2017

We are officially past the middle of May (which might be the fastest month in the history of months), and that means the Champions Club Summer 2017 is only weeks away!

The Summer is worshipped around these parts and rightfully so. Most of it can be recounted in the Summer's Eve post before 2015, but if you've been around the block you know what's in store: theme workouts, lively sessions, 90-degree weather, new toys, new rookies, and the return of faces you haven't seen in a year. This spring has already gotten off to a great start with David Saporito coming back, as well as the speculated return of a certain handsome crew.

Either way, be on the lookout for the official signup and email coming soon. And in the meantime, be sure to put a bug in the ear of people you know need it!

Summer Hype 16.4

Each Summer we try to unveil something new to the gym. In 2014 Ryan finished my favorite addition so far: the garage door pull-up bars.

To the new folks, the story behind these is pretty epic. Despite seeming so simple, it was, without doubt, the most difficult project either of us ever took on - including inventing a 10-person GHD machine. The story can be recounted in the classic post, Band of Brothers.

Band of Brothers

It was last Sunday when one of my dreams came to fruition. The second Mrs. Pip took me by our building two years ago, I longed for the day I would see pull-up bars across the garage door. Thanks to Ryan's efforts last week, we made it possible.

The idea seemed simple enough, a Home Depot run, couple minutes screwing together the pipes, then do whatever Rye Guy tells me to do. Little did we know, these bars of death would prove to be the most aggrivating, enfuriating, and energy-draining additions we've ever made to the gym.

Stage 1: Screw the pipes together.

State 2: Attempt to drill the top pipe things into the top garage thing.

Stage 3: Realize that you can't drill into the top garage thing.

Stage 4: Back to Home Depot for better drilling things.

Stage 5: Get back and try drilling again.

Stage 6: The bars fall down.

Stage 7: I do my Atlas impersonation and hold up the bars for a solid 4 minutes while the meathead finally drills through the top garage thing. My shoulders and arms have been sore since.

Stage 8: Drill the remainder of the top holes.

Stage 9: Use up all of our drilling things trying to drill the LAST TWO FREAKING HOLES in the top thing.

Stage 10: Home Depot run.

Stage 11: Run into Pip and Ray while at Home Depot's Hot Dog stand.

Stage 12: Give up on the top ones and start drilling the side things.

Stage 12: Realize that the side garage things are equally as impossible to drill into as the top ones. Begin suicidal thoughts sequence.

Stage 13: Run out of drilling things again.

Stage 14: Improvise by using the screws as kamikaze men to attempt to penetrate the impenetrable fortress that was/is the side garage things.

Stage 15: Screw all of the side things in, then realize that there would not be any way to fill the top two holes without running back to Home Depot.

Stage 16: Quit.

Stage 17: Hold a moment of silence for our fallen soldiers, and the one who lived to tell their story.

Stage 18: Stare at the bars to bask in how cool they looked.

Stage 19: Do a workout to test them out.

Stage 20: Make a quick video.

Stage 21: Go to sleep for the first day of Summer the following morning.


You're welcome.