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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup - Saturday at 10 am!

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Does it Count: Triple Pull-up Edition

Yesterday we had quite a few New Graduates with Josie and Jen Ash's double unders, the entire 10 am session got their first rope climb, and in the afternoon we had three near pull-ups at the 4:30 session: Coach Casey (who is sometimes called ManCasey, Mrs. Tara (his loving and supportive wife), and Nick Bewick. Check it out!

Do they count? Is this just their way of showing their jealousy at Mr. Bennis and his lofty, resume'-worthy Athlete of the Week award? You guys make the call.

New Graduate: Bewick

Peer pressure is fantastic, and Nick Bewick has really been ducking his first rope climb for a minute. So at the 4:30 session, I put him on the spot and he showed off what he's been capable of for probably three months now. He got his first rope climb!

What would have been even sweeter is if I actually posted this when it happened. This video is from like the first or second day of Summer. I am ashamed.

But still, Nick you have been steady improving since Day 1. Keep it going and I will not forget about posting your first handstand or first pull-up.

Pics of the Week Have Some Catching Up To Do

We had a few really good submissions for Pics of the Week. First up is a creeper pic of Shannon's wrist. Why Shannon's wrist?

Because she's a witch, of course! Now we know why she goes fast.

Next up is a DropBox picture from Bewick. When he was in need of an extra plate to help with his shoulder mobility, he 3 year-old son helped him out.

And finally we have the All-Star crew who helped out at the Powerlifting meet on Saturday.

New Graduate: Bewick's First Push-up

Just a heads up kids: normal session times even if there is snow day tomorrow (Tuesday)

Just a heads up kids: normal session times even if there is snow day tomorrow (Tuesday)

Just a heads up kids: normal session times even if there is snow day tomorrow (Tuesday)

During Fundamentals towards the end of last month, Nick Bewick came in on Day 1 about as far away from a push-up as one would expect a 30-something year old manboy. But after the second day his brain was making the connection to his body on the correct movement pattern, and I though he actually was going to get his first push-up within a month. Welp, today was that day!

Like a first pull-up or rope climb, Nick's push-up was not the prettiest, but he went shoulders first, kept elbows in and didn't let his chest or legs hit.

Good job Nick!

New Graduate: Nick Bewick

Yesterday morning Nick Bewick finished his final day of Fundamentals with a great effort on Helen: 9:45 with a 200m run, 12k kettlebells, and ring rows.

Nick has been by far one of the most entertaining athletes to go through Fundamentals in recent memory. From his Star Wars shirts, to his sarcastic remarks, to his offerings of pounds of roasted coffee and raspberry cream pie, I have enjoyed every minute he's been in. I did his New Kid post pretty late in the process, but it became even more apparent yesterday that his skill and coordination were up to par based on how well he picked up on Unweighting with the Olympic lifts. On the other hand, his upper back is as stiff as a board, so that doesn't help with anything involving the shoulders. And with consistent attendance we should see a pretty quick increase in his strength and conditioning. Look for Nick at the 4:30 session coming right from across the street.

Congratulations Nick!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Tom Trastevere with a healthy amount of WSU coach Mike Leach

New Kid on the Block: Nick

A little late with this one, but about a week and a half ago, Erica brought in a co-worker from across the street at Henkel to check out the gym. His name is Nick Bewick, and after observing a session he decided to sign up for Fundamentals later that night.

So far Nick has made it through 5 Fundamentals sessions, and is scheduled to finish up this weekend. It's been very entertaining to coach him so far; his dry/sarcastic sense of humor makes me think he's going to fit in just fine. And yes, that picture above is his first day of Fundamentals in khakis.

Nick is a graduate of Shrine High School from the early 2000s and he signed up to help get his general fitness and health up where he wants it. So far the strength and endurance are the major limiting factors, but his coordination is not nearly as bad as he made me to believe. We'll find out for sure, seeing as his next sessions are running and Olympic lifts.

I'll check back in soon.