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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

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Pic of the Week: One Hour Later

One of the business mentoring things I follow say that you can judge a session by the ratio of people still in the gym 10 minutes after the session is over. Last week, we had a group stay over an hour after their session was over playing some game that seemed like a mix of Taboo and Charades.

Only in the Summer...

Lastly, this was the scene on the way to one of the 5:30 pm sessions last week form the Nevarez family:

Athlete of the Week: NuNu

The Summer is well over the halfway point, and the Athlete of the Week this time around goes to 10 am/5:30 pm rookie NuNu Diattara.

NuNu joined in the spring as a late addition to our Sunday middle school crew. The deadlift you are seeing above would have looked nothing like it did then, or even two weeks ago. Mainly because NuNu's attendance was very sporatic for the first half of the Summer. Now he's been to the gym for almost 14 consecutive days and his movement is starting to reflect that. The max effort deadlifts above was his highlight for sure, but he was also showing improvements in his clean form on Monday and Tuesday. Today, he was my partner for the Disney workout, and he managed to keep up with wallballs, kb swings, and bear crawls better than I was expecting.

Keep up the good work NuNu!

Athlete of the Week: Mateo

Mateo Pesaros is the grandson of Foley wrestling coach Berney Gonzales (who pretty much owns the Fieldhouse we used for Summer 2011.) On June 27, coach Berney and his wife signed up Mateo for the Summer rookie sessions, and after the second day I was wondering if this would be a good fit, as he's the youngest kid in the class. A litle less than a month later, Mateo is our 6th Athlete of the Week!

Our rookie crew is crazy right now. We have a mom who brings her 4 kids to the session with her, we have twin college athletes, a few Mott track kids, sisters from Clarkston, a tennis player from Utica, and, among others, two 5th graders. Mateo is one of them, and did not end last week on a particularly high note as far as workouts go. But Monday and Tuesday got off to great starts for the youngster, as his first time introduced to deadlifts looked like the picture above: straight spine and butt back. Then on Thursday and Friday he continued build on his momentum by showing good form on dumbbell snatches, L-hangs, kettlebell swings, and lunges.

If you were to ask me a week ago today is Mateo had a shot at Athlete of the Week, I would have said he might not even be in the session any more. But my how things change! This kid showed up Monday-Friday and picked up on movements I did not expect at all. And to top things off, he is the only rookie so far to give me sass - which is a definite must around here! This week Mateo was a blast to coach and I am excited to see what the rest of the Summer looks like for him.

Athlete of the Week: Dylan Colussi

Murley was campaining all week about getting this award, and Ashley Fry had a great start to the week, but the Athlete of the Week for the 4th week of Summer 2018 is Dylan Colussi.

Q: Who had the 5 best workouts this week?

A: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan.

With the rookie crew it's tough to gauge workouts based on times or rounds because most of them either 1) forget to count rounds/keep track of time or 2) are doing the workout for quality. This week they were challenged with the heat on multiple workouts, and Dylan's running and cleans is what stood out. He moved from 5 to 10-lb. dumbbells as the week progressed (starting with 5s on Monday's Hotshots and finishing with 10s on yesterday's Jurassic Workout) and is showing good Pose technique on runs up to 400 meters. On Tuesday, while the morning session did a modified squat test, Dylan worked on his back squat for the first time and ended up looking pretty good with the Then for good measure he did the 2-min dumbbell squat test after his lifts were done and beat his rival, Dakarai, by 40 reps.

Our rookie crew is slowly developing this Summer - similar to last year - and Dylan is one of the most consistent ones. This week was a great example of that. Keep it going youngster!

Beast Mode: Josh Howey

Wrestling is one of those sports that is definitely hard to follow from an outside perspective. The scoring system is obscure and subjective, the matches are held in the off-hours of basketball gyms, and it's way less glamorous than basketball or football. But there is no doubt that wrestlers are among the strongest and best conditioned athletes in all of sports.

Summer 10 am rookie Josh Howey plays football, basketball, and track with the seasons, but his main sport year-round is wrestling. It turns out he's pretty good. Last weekend he had a national-level tournament in Lansing, and he was on top of his game, so much so that he even received All-American honors.

This is sweet! Great job Josh, and I had no idea we had an All-American among our ranks! Keep working my man.

Athlete of the Week: Avery

We've put in a ton of great work so far this Summer, and it's still only halfway in the books! Our Athlete of the Week this time around is rookie Avery Maslowski.

Our 10 am rookie session is still developing, and I think it might finally come to fruition in late July/early August. But the one constant has been Avery. And the only thing more consistent than her attendance is her improvement in coordination. Since she came back after soccer season, it seems like her body awareness and strength is getting better by the minute. Just yesterday she managed to control her position on slow overhead squats as well as anyone, and coming from where she was in January, I was very impressed.

Backtrack to Thursday and her jump ropes were fluid; Tuesday her box jumps stayed feet together and back flat on deadlifts; and even today she beat Jennifer on a few hill sprints.

Avery could fall in the Katie Bromm complete athletic overhaul category by the time Summer is over, and I am just thankful I get a front row seat to watch it. I think I even heard her talk on Friday, but I could be wrong.

Either way, great job Avery and keep the momentum going for the rest of Summer!

New Graduate: Crawford

As promised we did handstand push-up progressions at the 6 pm session. Last time we did these with the 11 amers was over the Summer and Crawford landed on his neck. It was not pretty.

This evening, his progressions looked good so I had him go to the wall by himself. Here's how it looked.

Great job kiddo! More to come for sure.