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"The Games is the least important thing that happens in CrossFit. There is nothing less important than The Games."

- Coach Glassman

Entries in ryan the lego master (6)

Coming Soon... Summer 2017

We are officially past the middle of May (which might be the fastest month in the history of months), and that means the Champions Club Summer 2017 is only weeks away!

The Summer is worshipped around these parts and rightfully so. Most of it can be recounted in the Summer's Eve post before 2015, but if you've been around the block you know what's in store: theme workouts, lively sessions, 90-degree weather, new toys, new rookies, and the return of faces you haven't seen in a year. This spring has already gotten off to a great start with David Saporito coming back, as well as the speculated return of a certain handsome crew.

Either way, be on the lookout for the official signup and email coming soon. And in the meantime, be sure to put a bug in the ear of people you know need it!

Summer Hype 16.4

Each Summer we try to unveil something new to the gym. In 2014 Ryan finished my favorite addition so far: the garage door pull-up bars.

To the new folks, the story behind these is pretty epic. Despite seeming so simple, it was, without doubt, the most difficult project either of us ever took on - including inventing a 10-person GHD machine. The story can be recounted in the classic post, Band of Brothers.

Poll: New Equipment

If I recall correctly, we went the entire 2015 year without buying any new equipment. In 2014, Ryan made us new boxes (doubling as squat stands), a dip cage, new pull-up bars, and our Secret GHD machine. Those have all held up and now it may be time to re-up on some of our worn-down stuff or add to our collection.

What equipment do you guys think we need? And not just as a wishlist for your favorite things, but things that would make a session run more smooth.

I was thinking more rings and possibly more 45-lb. plates.

From the Vault Gives You A History Lesson

There are some names in the Champions Club that only float around in legend and folklore. But at one time, they were people, just like you. People who showed up a little less often but still embraced this high school cult called CrossFit. These videos are taken from what we refer to as The Fieldhouse Days. This was our second Summer in operation where we outgrew the Old Weight Room. Warning, the form is pretty sketchy compared to our standards today. Viewer discretion is advised.

First we have Renee Shelton; the freshman basketball prospect that was forced into running track - who also single-handedly won the Regional Championship for her team the 4x100 relay. She was Alyssa Jabara before there was such thing as Alyssa Jabara. This was one of Renee's 5 days in attendance at Summer 2011 and she did a 5 rep max front squat at 100 lbs (which was more than her bodyweight).

Next up is Ryan Van Bommel (or "Vom Bomb" as he was commonly referred to). Bommel was a sporatic atendee in the first Summer but really picked things up in the Summer 2011. Think of him as the Tyler Jabara that started too late. With the mobility of a tree trunk, Bommel worked hard on his squat and ended up hitting 145 in this video.

Lastly we have two of the OGs that stuck with us. Ryan Richard and Cap'n Jack Trastevere: Champions Club Athletes #1 and #2 respectively. This is them even less mobile than they are now.

Bye Bye Rye Guy

After two years sticking around at home and going to OCC, Champions Club OG Ryan Richard is leaving for Central Michigan today. Because he is a poop, his attendance this Summer has been sporadic and he didn't even come up to the gym to give his farewell. But that still doesn't mean that he doesn't deserve a post (even though he'll probably never read it).

Ryan is Champions Club member number 1: starting before we were the Champions Club and before we even knew what "members" were. He was just a kid who wandered around the weight room and tagged along with me and Brian during our workouts. He was our test dummy on every teaching point in the gym you can think of - which has helped our teaching more than you can imagine. Ryan still holds nearly every record in the gym and is the only person who I would be nervous working out against. Here are some Beast Modes compiled from his nearly 6 years of CrossFit.

Fran - July 7, 2011. Fieldhouse

1 RM Clean and Jerk (257.5 lbs) - December 2, 2011

Tribe Wars - April 14, 2012 - blatantly ignoring my request to move up in small increments in order to win the workout for the team


Many of you have seen him workout and have a good idea what he's capable of. But what you may not know is that his workouts are not even close to his biggest contribution to the Champions Club. Especially since we moved to this building, Ryan has literally built our gym. There would be no first pull-up, first dip, or Filthy Fifty as rx'd if Ryan did not lend his surprising expertise to us. He may not look like it (or spell like it), but he is actually one of the smartest kids I know. I have created a page for him off this site called Ryan Design that details his work and gives contact information to anyone who is interested. As of now, you have to go directly to the URL because the rest of the pages on the new Tab are still in the works. But it's easy to remember.

Enjoy college and be sure to come back to visit!

New Toys in the Works

Now that Rye Guy is back in action, we have the luxury of having his handyman skills at the ready. Yesterday, Ryan and I took care of our ongoing not-enough-squat-racks problem with a little bit of creativity. I present: the box racks - possibly the first of it's kind:

Mr. Carey got to test them out last night at the 7 pm session, and they seemed to work fine. Now that these are taken care of, we have a new project to work on that will help with a lot of workouts - especially two benchmarks I can think of. With Ryan's Lego-like knowledge and my ability to use the Champions Club card to buy materials, we should have some cool projects in place before the summer.