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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

Ever wonder about the best way to eliminate pimples? See here for details.


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Poll: Cheese-flavored Snacks

This argument started brewing after the 6:30 session tonight and I figured I'd carry it over to the site.

Cheez-Its or Goldfish?

Poll: Lunchroom Snack Exchange

This idea started with a conversation at the 5:30 pm session the other day. What lunchroom snack (purchased from the counter or brought with you from home) produced the most trade value during your school days?

Bars for Days

Coach West was my high school coach basketball coach, the guy I help with at Groves, and father of the two loudest runners the babies session has ever seen. In a distant part of the world - possibly outside the Little Caesars/Bishop Foley/CrossFit Gym barrier that makes up my known whereabouts - there is a someone named Mrs. West. A classy lady, she is the mother to Coach West. Mrs. West (not to be confused with the Mrs. West that married Coach West) is much nicer and more polite than her son, but the blame cannot be placed on her. Basketball officials have a tendency to bring out the worst in people.

Anyway, Mrs. West is the innovator behind a rich high school basketball tradition that, I like to believe, started my senior year in high school. Having the where-with-all to know that the team with the biggest number under their name on the scoreboard is declared the winner, she placed a wager, though unbeknownst to our team at first.

"What are these?" I asked with my jewfro before the practice after our first game.

"These," said Coach, "are lemon bars. My mom makes them for you guys if you score 20 points in the first quarter."

You remember playing U-7 soccer? Of course you don't, but you definitely remember the halftime and post-game snacks because of course. The halftime tradition of orange slices and grapes is as American as hotdogs and Harbaugh, and there is no need to tamper with it. After the game, however, we were usually left with Quaker granola bars and water in the parents' unwanted attempts to keep us healthy (I think my dad tried to make PBJ sandwiches for everyone one time). But every now and then one parent stepped up, went against the grain (literally), and brought a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies or Oreos. Seasoned by the mid-day sun and grass clippings, these heavenly snacks gave us just enough hope to make us want to show up at the next game.

Somewhere along the way, the post-game snack faded away, replaced by the post-game car ride home that has been discussed on here before. When Coach West unveiled the tin pan of lemon bars, it was very nostalgic and gave everyone a boost. The thought was generous, the timing was great, and they looked the part.

Then I ate one.

To this day, there may be no food of better taste, texture, and mouthfeel than those freaking lemon bars. They're also extremely healthy for you too; picked straight from Mrs. West lemon-bar plants in her backyard garden. When my playing days at Foley came to a close, I realized my supply of these glorious treats would be limited, so I made sure to make it back to as many games as possible in hopes that Coach's team would get 20 in the first quarter and I could sneak a few crumbs off the foil. (This didn't happen much at Groves, unfortunately).

Then as I sat alone in the gym last night, pondering why Crawford is almost 9 months in and still can't deadlift with a flat back, I received a text from Coach West. Are you at the gym? I will be driving by in 20min.Dessert will be dropped off shortly.

Shortly later...

Because I am a gracious and merciful lord, I managed to save a few wonder cubes for you measly gymgoers. If you have a good workout you may have half of a piece, once, and that is all. Note* the big corner piece on the bottom may be gone by the time you read this.

Pic of the Week: Chow Time

Nice work today at the 13.5 Open workout. Afterwards, Jamie and Mrs. Carey put on a clinic of incredible cooking and snackery.

We are spoiled!