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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer!

See schedule here.

Entries in summer 2017 (10)

New Graduate: Olivia

Another Berkley girl in the ranks! Olivia finished Fundamentals on Monday morning with a modified "Helen." She already fits in perfectly with the 9AM crew with her disdain for all things heavy and arm-related. Olivia will be training this summer to get her in shape for her fall soccer (and cross country we hope??) season.

Could she possibly be more sassy than Maria? You'll just have to find out. Come to the 9AM session and be the judge.

Summer Email Poll

This has definitely been a long time coming, but I finally got around to chopping up the Summer 2017 emails to be voted on by the fans. So without further ado, choose your favorite:

1. Alan Wisniewski, 3-star prospect

2. Jacob's profanity at the time change

3. David Sap is...

4. Lindsey tries to one-up her cousin in the foreign language department.

5. Murley hits "reply all"

6. Elle being Elle

7. Only Ashley Fry...

8. Only Pat...

9. Katie Shakes's meme

10. Faust being Faust

11. Juan Junkin returns...

Vote for your favorites to comments!

New Kid on the Block: Olivia

We have another sassy sophomore joining our ranks! Olivia Harbert is Maria's friend and Avery's soccer teammate (at least we think so?). She is also a sprinter in track. Her coach taught her some pretty solid mechanics in lunging, and she is pretty quick to pick up on everything except possibly jump ropes. Yesterday we wrapped up day 4 of fundamentals with a lot of push-ups, dips, handstands, presses... so say a prayer for her shoulders today!

Olivia will probably be joining a morning session starting next week, so be on the lookout and be sure to welcome her to the club!

Lego Workout Format

Brian the Trainer was kind enough to meet up with me yesterday and helped brainstorm the final details of tomorrow's Lego Theme Workout. Here's what we came up with:

Split group into teams of two.

There are four phases of Lego building:

  • Load-bearing (building a base)
  • Execution (following the directions)
  • Gift-wrapped (passing the set to someone else)
  • Out the door (letting your imagination run wild)

Each team gets four minutes at each phase of the workout to complete as many reps as possible. The more reps a team completes, the more Lego blocks from our stash they accumulate. After the final phase, each team will have 5 minutes to build the highest structure possible out of the Legos they have.

Winning team is solely determined by the highest Lego structure, not the reps completed.

You guys should know by now that any workout Brian is involved in creating is never this simple; there always needs to be rules in place to help Brian gain an advantage. So for this workout, there will be four "cards" available for teams to play on someone. They are:

  • Missing piece
  • Glued together
  • Angry sibling
  • Leg-oh! (don't step on the Lego)

Details will be revealed on the cards handed out during the workout.

Tomorrow. 9 am. This should be a good one!

Summer Schedule Modification

We are making a few slight adjustments to the schedule for the Summer 2017. First, we're keeping the 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30 pm sessions as they are. Not moving them back a half hour. Secondly, the 10 am session will not be starting until the following week (June 19) due to most schools not getting out until then. So next week will look like the following:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9 am

11 am

4:30 pm

5:30 pm

6:30 pm



9 am

5:30 pm


The weekend team workout times will be posted some time next week. First theme workout will be June 24. As is tradition, the first one is also a new one. Last year was Finding Dory; any guesses this time around?

Champions Club Summer 2017 Official Signup

"Summer at the Champions Club is a 3-month long family reunion."

- We Love to Hate the Shakes We Love

We have quite the family reunion shaping up this time around. Stirrings of old faces coming through have been buzzing since April and we will see if things come to fruition. In addition our regular, conistent crowd finally has school activities off their plate and are primed for 10 weeks of fitness. The Champions Club Summer 2017 is shaping up to be an epic one, indeed. I am excited!

Here's the general info you need:

What: Champions Club Summer 2017 CrossFit program

Where: 32301 Stephenson Hwy in Madison Heights

When: June 12 - August 31

How (much): $225 per athlete

How (often): Sessions available every day

Why: Because Kenny is staring at you:

As of now, we will have 6 sessions available for the masses. They are:

9 am

10 am (rookie crew)

11 am

4:30 pm

5:30 pm (parents primary session)

6:30 pm

Signup. Since our participation numbers are much greater in the Summer, we require all athletes to sign up for their primary session of choice via email. Not text. Not verbal agreement. Email. This serves as a receipt to say that you are committed for the Summer. By signing yourself up for a time slot, you also agree to be honest about the payment; we accept cash, checks, and now credit cards.

I also understand that you may have to jump around a bit due to work and such. This is okay. Just shoot me a text on that day letting me know your other options and we'll fit you in another session. The sessions listed above are also for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; aka our main workout days. The session times for Wednesday and the weekend are still TBD; you don't have to sign up for those unless there is a specific theme workout that calls for it.

Rookie Class of 2017. The rookie session is reserved for athletes either coming in brand new to the Champions Club, or ones who have yet to experience a Summer with us. Right now, the time will probably be 10 am, but it might move a half hour or hour later. We'll keep you posted. If you are brand new, this has to be the session for you. If you take Fundamentals (or have taken it), I would still prefer this session, but we are a little more flexible with jumping in another group.

Parents. In the past, the Summer 6 pm session has housed most of our parents crew. We've had plenty of kids jump in there as well, so don't feel limited if this is your best option. We've also had parents in other sessions as well. If the timing is right, we would prefer most of the parents hit this session as consistently as possible.

Misc. Nothing really out of the ordinary. We keep attendance records so please make sure to put your name on the board Mr. Z! Refer to Dinner Table Rule for idea about keeping conversation content to youngest/oldest person in your session. Theme Workouts will be returning with vengeance. First theme will be unveiled June 24. Look out for the babies session expanding.

So again, the session times are listed above. A link to this post was emailed to your inbox by the kind folks of Yahoo! Mail (if you were excluded from the list, it was probably a mistake/oversight on my part). Please respond to the email stating your primary session time; this can be done in as creative a way as possible, but preferably in the English language Jay. My email address is If there is a request for an additional time slot, let me know as well.

See you on the other side!

Memorial Weekend Schedule + Summer Email Vault

The session times for this weekend are as follows:


12 noon (team workout)

1 pm (babies)



9 am

5:30 pm



The Champions Club Summer 2017 Official Signup will be posted and emailed out on Tuesday. If you are new this time around, a tradition started with Connor Moore in 2013 to respond in a rather creative way...

This, of course, grew into some very eccentric and complicated messages from the past few years. Morrow, Arlene, Fry, and an unfortunate gentleman mysteriously named "Juan" Junkin who had a cat in his pants all chimed in with their replies.

And then, of course, there was Joe Wonsil, who replied not by email, but by YouTube.

Get your replies ready to go by Tuesday!