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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in the blobbings of carter the blob (21)

Quote of the Week vol. 207

"I don't know of an adaptation to nutrition that is unique to nutrition. I don't know of a positive adaptation to exercise that isn't also a feature of eating right. I can get you to eat right and make all this good stuff happen; you can eat wrong and I can introduce exercise into your life and make all this good stuff still happen. Together it's a tremendous force."

- Coach Glassman

Couch + CrossFit - Nutrition = CarterMy hope is to be steadily emphasizing the health/lifestyle improvements that come through the CrossFit program more than in the past. We have a lot of good athletes here who are good in spite of their lifestyle. Let's see if we can slowly bridge the gap.

Beast Mode: Troop 1710

Mr. Warthman has been working for a few months on setting up a CrossFit night for Carter's Scout Troop 1710, and last night it finally came to fruition. We had eleven people participate in total - both kids and parents.

We started off the day with our usual warmup of hollow rocks, push-ups and squats. Then after some mobility we did a team workout with burpees, push-ups, and squats in 1-minute intervals. We ended the night by practicing rope climbs for a few minutes.

I just wanted to thank Troop 1710 for stepping out of their comfort zone and taking the time to get a great workout at the Champions Club.

Carter the Crane

Every inch your head moves forward from the rest of your spine it adds 10 lbs. of pressure to your neck. This is just at a resting position. Every time we jump, we are reaching anywhere from 2x-3x our bodyweight when we land.

And this was Carter on double unders yesterday. 

Given a rough estimate, his head weighs 60-80 pounds at this moment. Mr. Z in the background is the model student in this case; his ears are roughly lined up with his shoulders.

So here's the quick back story. As I was waltzing around the warmup of the 6 pm session contemplating death and football officiating, I heard the whipping sound of smooth, unbroken double unders. Eight to be exact. I looked up expecting to see Shannon when I noticed this was coming from Carter the Blob. Reggie and I exchanged looks like, did he just do that? But our eyes did not deceive. Carter was just as surprised as we were.

When the workout started, I had Carter do 30 double unders every round. I did this because when we are learning a new skill, it's usually best to just do it and let the mistakes happen. But once I determine the main motor pattern is developed, then we begin to fine-tune. With Carter, head position will be the first thing to be fixed.

We always look at movements more than just a pass/fail; rep complete or incomplete. There are always fine details that will ultimately make said movement more efficient in the long haul. In Carter's case, keeping his head in line with the rest of his body will put less strain on his shoulders and also help his overall jumping position. The less moving pieces when jumping the longer it will last. This is the difference with out-of-shape Murley and out-of-shape JZ getting 11 and 10 rounds respectively and Cap'n Jack getting 8. Just remember there's always something to fine-tune.

So Carter, good work on doing double-unders for the first time during a workout. Now let's tighten them up. We'll start with your unbelievable slouched posture!

Sunday Highlights: Deck of Cards

For Mr. Wonsil's birthday workout before the Summer 2015, he brought in about 15 decks of cards and helped design a team workout assigning exercises to each suit. We brought it back for today's team workout, having each partner alternate cards.

We had a good turnout today. Check out the highlights below.

An Appropriate Time to Swear

"Wait... he's not kidding about the hill," said Reggie as he was plotting ways to commit a felony assault with the PVC pipe in his hand.

Knowing not to put my fate in the hands of a man with biceps bigger than my legs, I jetted out the door with Carter behind me finding every excuse and scenario possible to use the word "moist" in a sentence, followed by a clodhoppering Josh and Shannon - who came prepared with bundles of warm clothing.

The four of us loaded into my car and began pulling out of the driveway with the rest of the 6 pm session.

"I have a feeling they aren't too happy with me at the moment," I said more to myself than anyone in specific, then directed my attention to Josh. "Do your parents swear?"

Shannon cut in, "Arlene doesn't swear. She makes a point of it"

"Mom says the f-word sometimes," countered Josh in his post-pubescent voice. "For no reason."

I think it is safe to say she had plenty reason today. Any time a hill is involved, mild swearing gets a free pass. Any time a hill is involved at night time during the cold and rain, all swearing and middle fingers from Aaron Sexton(!) is appropriate.

Assault with these guns should never be appropriate.


So the workout today was supposed to be 5 minutes of running, 5 minutes of rest. Repeat for 3 rounds. As last night was winding down and I was walking home barefoot in a balmy 60 degrees at 9:40 pm, I noted how he hadn't done a hill workout on a weekday since the spring 2015 where we found out Robert Kroll had spent his childhood chasing down rabbits in the humid fields of Florida. I was all for it until about 4 am when I woke up to rain splattering me in the arm. I closed my bedroom window and the next thing I thought about - at 4 in the morning - was Reggie and Arlene. Reggie spends a full work day driving from building to building doing appraisals, then comes here, then goes back to work until 1 am only to repeat the next day. Arlene, on the other hand, has to share her work space with someone who speaks Canadian. Then I thought of Mrs. Kroll, the sole owner of the girls bathroom during the 8:30 session. Then I thought of Crawford and all the mileage he runs for Cross Country. Then I thought about Tim and his half marathon on Sunday.

After a half hour contemplating, I just said, "fuck it, let's see what happens." And I went back to bed.

Session after session went by with the groups lining up to do couch stretch right off the bat without the slightest clue what was coming next. All they had to go off was misleading whiteboard scores like Maddy 18:07 (210 lbs) and KShakes 17:36 (300 lbs) - death[skull and crossbones]. Each hour I doubted whether or not we should go. And every time Arlene's favorite four-letter word came into my head. Off we went.

"So Pip, ready for a cozy workout indoors?"


Now it's 8:55 pm and we had a great day of workouts. Instead of the 5 minutes, we did 45-second intervals on the hill. Get as far up as you could (kids start at 200m and parents at 100m), walk down then jog back, and repeat 5 times. Highlights included Sabal and Jack making it to the top on their first runs, Mrs. Kroll not dying, her daughter, Rachael, winning $20 by beating Jack on the last sprint, Crawford making a case to Shannon that he should be a middle-distance runner, and Mr. freaking Warthman going Rossman on his last three sprints - leaving Reggie and Mr. Carey in the dust puddles and duck poo.

By this freezeframe we declared war on adulthood in 2014. By this freezeframe...

Carter has an umbrella

...on October 20, 2016 we declared f-it to whatever crap comes our way. I was lucky to have rabid followers from Foley move with a 22-year old college dropout to a new location. I was lucky to have 6 adults willing to play in the snow. And I am lucky to have a group of athletes who get tricked into running a hill in miserable conditions unprepared and unaware then say, "I'm actually glad I did that" afterwards.

All 21 of you will be getting limited-edition Champions Club gear soon...

Quote of the Week vol. 160: Not PC Bro

Carter is practicing his muscle-up progressions on the high rings when the following conversation ensues:

Mr. Warthman: Carter, you should go out for the gymnastics club at school!

Carter: I'd be the only guy there, and the whole school would think I'm gay.

Mr. Warthman: What's new?


New Graduate: Carter for the Trifecta!

After the team workout this morning, Carter was messing around with Shakes and Tim when they challenged him to kick up to the wall in a handstand. The Blob has been with us for over three years and has never been able to accomplish this mostly due to the general blobness of his shoulders. But much to my surprise, he knocked it out very quickly.

Naturally, things escalated quickly and he was challenged to a handstand push-up. The following happened...

Keep the milestones coming Carter!