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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

Ever wonder about the best way to eliminate pimples? See here for details.


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CFJ Feature: The Problem

In this video, one of the Level-1 Seminar Coaches gives a solid, brief overview on how eating too much carbohydrates like grains and sugar are the root cause for chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Sometimes we (meaning I) get caught up so much in the micro world of our gym's little ticks - like feet together, unweighting, and theme workouts - that the big picture of what's happening gets overlooked. We're affecting a lot more than our muscles and joints when we do CrossFit.

Campus Improv Eats - Bewick For Dinner

This evening Nick Bewick sent me a picture of his post-4:30 pm-workout meal: the classic spaghetti and meatballs.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Protein: Meatballs. Balls of meat. Four fantastically round, gooed together, probably spicy, meat chunks.
  • Carbohydrate: The noodles. Pasta sauce.
  • Fat: I think the label he sent me said there was some fat in the sauce.

Win or loss: Loss. Look, I'm Italian and I absolutely love any and all forms of pasta. Olive Garden is glorious, and white bread is best used for spaghetti sandwiches. Unfortunately, noodles (even the "healthy" kind) are very dense in carbohydrate, making it very hard to balance out. I understand it can get tricky, because if you balled up the noodles, they'd probably cover asmuch area as the meatballs, and it would be easy to think you're even up on protein and carbohydrate. But in reality, for the picture above, there is about thiiiiiiisss much protein and thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss much carbohydrate. Change the noodles to broccoli and the carbohydrate content would probably be so low you would need to add more. And yes, this is post-workout, but I still prefer to use common sense; you can never go wrong with finding balance.

Next time. Two option here (assuming the spaghetti has to be eaten): my first preference is to count this as a cheat meal and just load up as much pasta on your plate as you can until you start growing spaghetti hair like those Play-Doh things. In other words, count your losses, enjoy the spaghetti, and just get back on track with the next meal. Number two would be to just cut the noodles not quite in half, but close to it, keep the same meet content, and add some nuts with the balls of meat (lol) to compensate for the noodles not holding you over for long. It's important to remember that you can still find balance in classic meals like hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, and spaghetti if you really want to.

Poll: Cheese-flavored Snacks

This argument started brewing after the 6:30 session tonight and I figured I'd carry it over to the site.

Cheez-Its or Goldfish?

Campus Improv Eats - Alyssa 10/5

Alyssa recently sent me this picture as her cafeteria food selection.

Here's the breakdown

  • Protein: turkey/chicken (hard to tell which one for sure)
  • Carbohydrate: rice, corn
  • Fat:

Okay let's get the first thing out of the way, everyone please donate to the Alyssa Jabara Needs a Jar of Peanuts fund by placing a nickle in the cup next time you're in the gym. All proceeds will go towards helping Alyssa Jabara buy a jar of peanuts. Starving college athletes, man. Pay the players!

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about the carbohydrate choice. The rice is considered a high-density carbohydrate - meaning there's more carbs per ounce or cup compared to other foods. Veggies, in particular are typically low-density; you can eat about 2 cups of green peppers and it would equal about 1/4 of a cup of rice. Obviously the peppers would fill you up more and last longer. The tricky thing about this is there are a few exceptions for veggies. Corn is one of them. 1/4 cup, same as rice.

In Alyssa's case, she possibly thought, "well, rice is not the best choice, but corn is a vegetable, so I can load up on that." Or maybe she wasn't thinking at all and was just hungry as can be. Either way, the chicken/turkey and the rice was probably very close to being balanced. The corn tipped it over the edge. If it was broccoli or celery instead of corn, then it would be a different story.

Win or loss: I gotta go with a loss on this. She was pretty far over on carbohydrate for this meal. There was also a mad Binno in the Fat column.

Next time: Pick rice or corn. And see the Alyssa Jabara Needs a Jar of Peanuts Fund.

Pic of the Week: Cake by the Crawford

Since the Summer, rookie Brendan Crawford has been doing a fantastic job getting on our good side by bringing in extra cake from his work. But yesterday he went above and beyond...

There's still some left, but it really broke me trying to cut into it.

Hard Routine Challenge for the New Year

Within the last few days I've been hearing a lot of talk how healthy lifestyles have gone in the crapper over the past two holiday weeks. Given that, I think it would be a good time to introduce the Hard Routine Challenge again starting when you read this and lasting for one week (Tuesday, January 10th).

The idea behind the Hard Routine can be found in this retro CrossFit Journal article. It started off as a Military pact that soldiers would make to help them stay focused and on task in a given period of time. Some in the CrossFit community have used it as a way to get their lifestyles back on track after a lapse of sorts - we've done this numerous times and you can see them by clicking the hard routine tag below. Here's our guidelines for this one:

  1. At least three CrossFit sessions
  2. At least 8 hours of attempted* sleep every night
  3. At least two meals per day estimating a balance of protein, carbohydrate, and fat
  4. 6 minutes of mobility**

Waffles would generally not count towards a balanced mealThese are some of the main points of emphasis we talk about at the gym that affects your workouts and sports. The reason I am keeping it short is because in the past there's been good participation early on, only to see it dwindle down over time.

All we need from you is one week. If you can manage, sign up to comments.

*I noted attempted sleep because sometimes we just lay in bed and toss and turn. The intention was there though.

**This mobility needs to be done outside of a session.

Pic of the Week: The Savvy Sailor

We know Mr. Z as the potty-mouthed, hearing impaired, mindless mobilizing teenage girl who works out with the dads at the parents session. But on Thursday everyone at the 5 and 6 pm session got to see his teddy bear side when the Mrs. came strolling in with a fresh steamy batch of chocolate chip/rice crispy cookies.

If this doesn't make it on the calendar...

The occasion? The big man turned 50 years old!

Happy birthday big guy! Thanks for calling this place home and hopefully we'll be around to celebrate many more.