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Build a Champion
Additional References

Mandatory Reading

After days of going back through old posts, we have finally created a page that could be used as a starting point for any newcomers, a reference to see where you stand, or a time capsule for the old kids feeling nostalgic. Updating the website as often as we do, it is easy for a great post, article, or video to get lost in the archives. While we are still working on a solution for this (and are close to having a really good one), here is a quick guide to posts that you need to get familiar with. We would call it "Recommended Reading," but to really appreciate what we have going at the Champions Club and to get the most out of our training, the folowing content is "Mandatory."

Crash Course in Champions Club Philosophy

The following editorials were instrumental in shaping how we operate. These posts serve as guidelines in our training and the way we act inside the gym and out. They cover justifying the price, creating frames, our approach to training, and our goals. These also contain many quotes that are referenced daily.

True in the Game - The Champions Club in 500 words

Pass It On

Movement Shapes pt. 5: Sports Illustrated

The In-Season Training Manifesto

The Champions Club Checklist

Summer 2013. A New Standard. 

Building a Champion series: The story of the Champions Club

For those interested enough to follow, the Champions Club has one of the most unique stories in all of CrossFit. A passionate group run by teens that transitioned from outcast school club to official CrossFit affiliate. Our story is chronicled in our continuing "Building a Champion" editorial series.

Building a Champion pt. 1: The Origin of the Champions Club

Building a Champion pt. 2: Back for the First Time

Building a Champion pt. 3: Curtain Call

Building a Champion pt. 4: Family Business

Building a Champion pt. 5: September 7 and the Events that Followed

Building a Champion pt. 6: A New Standard

Building a Champion pt. 7: The Summer of the Sumo Deadlift

Building a Champion pt. 8: Combating Adulthood

Building a Champion pt. 9: Reflections of a Dropout in Sparta (A Short Story)

*Bonus Editorial: Hey Mama

*Bonus Editorial: The Bell Curve: A Tribute to Jarrod

*Bonus Editorial: Behind the Champion vol. 7.2: The 11 Things I learned from Brian the Trainer 

September 7 and the events that followed...

Kids Corner

This section features content provided by our kids. We caught slack for some of the posts, while others were recognized by the best in the world. Either way, we'll always stand behind these editorials as they prove to be staples in our community. Remember, you are reading the work of teenagers.

Mobing it Up – by, Emma Wonsil

Champions Club 2012: A Year in Review – by, Nicole Murley

Why You Need A Study Break – by, Nicole Murley

Joke’s on You, We Still Alive – by, Emma Wonsil

A New Lifestyle – by Abby Lama

Who Says CrossFit Can’t be Sexy – by, Amy Potter and Jason Withorn

Who Says CrossFit Can't be Sexy pt. 2 - by, Jason Withorn

The Secret Food Advertising - by, Jacqueline Banet

Guest Post vol. 14: Probably the Only Email You've Gotten Since 'Nam - by, JZ


Classic Videos

Nasty Girls 2.0

New Kids on the Block: Champions Club Seniors

The Babies: Sunday Highlights 2017

Meghan Murley: Starr Struck

Champions Club Parents: King of the Hill Snowfight

The Freaks: 1:30 Session Box Jump/Dumbbell snatch WOD

9 am girls - Mr. Joshua Hero Workout