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Hey kids: Imagine if your mom could deadlift as much as your high school football team. With better form. Imagine having a dad who could do the same lifts that Olympic athletes do on TV. The moms and dads in the Champions Club are capable of these great things. And the best part is: They’re full-time parents on top of that! These are the unsung heroes of the fitness revolution. They promote a lifetime of optimal health for the entire family, and they are pretty dang good at it. We upgraded this webpage as a tribute to their dedication and leadership in the hopes that they may inspire other parents to set the same example for their children.

Come for the workouts. Stay for the chance to witness these formidable athletes at work (or watch them socialize. Both provide a different source of entertainment).


Introducing the Champions Club parents...

LAST UPDATED: December 15, 2015


Mama V

Name: Veronica Riha

Champions Club relatives: Emma (daughter), Joe (son), Mr. Wonsil (husband)

Occupation: Doctor (of biology)

Primary sport: Biology

Secondary sports: reading, nagging, recruiting for the Champions Club, giving "the talk" to the 6pm session


Strength Workouts:

CrossFit Total - 100/60/155 = 315  165/65/165 = 395 115/0/190 -305

Max Height Box Jump - 27 1/4"

Max reps pull-up

1 RM Back squat

1 RM Clean

1 RM Clean and jerk

1 RM Deadlift

1 RM Snatch


Benchmark Workouts:

Cindy - 13 + 5 + 10 (g/tire) 

Elizabeth - 8:36 (40/ parallettes)

Fight Gone Bad - 308 (6/15/plates) 286 (10/tire/35) 347 (10/15/15)

Filthy Fifty - 23:43

Fran - 5:13 (35/15 press/lg)  5:02 (25/g) 4:30 (25/g)

Grace - 4:22 (45)

Helen - 11:31 (12k/g^) 12:38 (g/12)  12:19 (12/g) 12:15 (g/12)

Karen - 7:01 (10)

Nasty Girls - 8:40 (45)

Barbara - 23:39 (G/mpu)

7 Minutes of Burpees - 68 

Kelly - 28:55 (plates/10)

Eva - 35:23 (8/ring) - 4 rounds 34:12 (800/8/ring) 

Angie - 24:15 (rows)


Workout Videos:

Jackie race to the finish

3 RM Deadlift

Team WOD Triplet photo finish

Tabata sit-ups

Tabata sit-ups rematch

Last Mom's Club WOD

The Chief

Mother's Day WOD

Wheel barrow walk

Snatch/OHS Technique work

Careys vs. Wonsils - Parents Team Workout


Parkour for Parents

Rope climb/Front squat/Burpee WOD

Death by Push-up Ladder

Clean/Burpee AMRAP

Buddy carry Team Workout

Clean Dynamic Effort

Inverted Burpee Chipper

CrossFit Hero Workout "Sisson"

3 RM Hang Clean - 65 lbs



Founder of the Mom's Club (See Hey Mama)

Inventor of the "Potato Chip Hangover"

First Kipping Pull-up

Kipping Pull-up Outtake

Christmas Shirts

Tic Tac Toe Relay

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